Digital Clock Widget - Featured Android App

Digital Clock Widget - Featured Android App


Digital Clock Widget is a digital widget app for your Android smartphone's homepage. Fully configurable with quite a number of styles, this very interesting and easy to use app also adds a configurable smart tool bar and an interactive notification bar.

Digital Clock Widget combines functionality with great design. A number of very attractive styles exit for the clocks, from futuristic digital clocks to sign post like clocks to ship port hole clocks, even a dynamite stick clock bomb exists ... In addition, the smart tool bar provides instant access to our favorite apps at a tap of a finger.

The Digital Clock Widget app is a must for every type of smartphone or tablet, as its design allows it to be perfectly at home on all types of devices and screen sizes. Probably one of the most well designed and professional clock widget on Google Play, this app supports full HD displays to provide a great user interface.

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