Digital Clock Widget by Hainan Mobile Studio - Android App Review

Digital Clock Widget by Hainan Mobile Studio - Android App Review

Digital Clock Widget by Hainan Mobile Studio - Android App Review. And now for something a little different. This app is by definition not an app we actually run, but a widget that runs in the background of our Android smartphone's homepage and shows us the time. Actually, it does a lot more than that but more on this later.

You might be asking yourself, what's so interesting about a digital clock widget? Why should I download it and clutter by smartphone's homepage with this app? We wondered the same thing and this review will hopefully answer these questions and maybe some more.

So, we gave Digital Clock Widget to our reviewers and asked their opinions. First and foremost, most were very favorably impressed with the variety of digital clocks options and background available. It turns out everyone has found a digital clock skin he or she found most attractive and stayed with it. We think the most popular was the ship or submarine porthole digital clock.

The second thing, and one that was perhaps even more important than the clock itself was its smart toolbar. Even though Android lets users customize the apps and icons appearing on the smartphone's homepages, the Digital Clock Widget smart toolbar was an instant success. People customized it and added all sorts of things, from their favorite games to the homepages of their favorite sites.

Our reviewers also liked the smart notification bar shortcuts that come with Digital Clock Widget. The common opinion was that this was also something that made working with Android much easier and presented all needed info much quicker and in a way that made it more accessible.  

So, what are the app's disadvantages? Our reviewers had a hard time finding any disadvantages. When pressed, a very few said that they would have liked to have even more styles, though even they couldn't really point out what they would have added.

It must be pointed out that the general consensus was that Digital Clock Widget is a very professional app with next to zero amount of bugs, very professional design and spectacular displays. Tweaking and configuring was also very easy and straightforward, something sorely lacking in other apps we had the misfortune of testing.

Our conclusion is that Digital Clock Widget is one of those apps that lurk in the background and make Android an even better experience by presenting info, time and app shortcuts in an interesting and attractive format, from great homepage clock styles to smart tool bars and notification bars.

  • Score: 5.0. It does exactly what it says it does with little fuss and a lot of style.
  • Description: A digital clock widget that displays the time in various formats and styles on the homepage and add smart tool bars and notification bars.
  • Good Points: Very clear and well defined interface. Professional design. Smart tool bars. An interesting array of styles.
  • Bad Points: None, really. Hoping for some more clock styles in future updates.
  • Experience: Installing this app was a breeze, as is configuring it. We found out our reviewers all configured and used their smart tool bars differently, some filled the slots with games while other chose other options.
  • Longevity: Very good since this is a very useful app and widget. Some of our reviewers selected a different style clock every morning while other picked one and remained with it ... 
  • Google Play Link - Digital Clock Widget by Hainan Mobile Studio - Android App Review
  • Google Play Score: 5.0


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