3D Image Converter - Featured Android App

3D Image Converter - Featured Android App



Sometimes the most complicated things can seem simple and just entertaining. One of the great benefits of android smartphones are their cameras, with ever increasing resolution and overall image quality. But, for now, all those cameras take only 2D flat images, no matter how gorgeous they may seem. And we always need the 3D perspective. To understand the contours of a building, a structure or just for fun. 

Enter 3D Image Converter. A simple android app but what it does is actually quite complex and sophisticated, though all the complexity is nicely hidden away. 3D Image Converter takes your 2D images and creates 3D glyphs of these images, in red or cyan colors.


This app is very simple and easy to use. The glyphs it creates are very clear and precise, even though the app has at its base only the 2D image, from the camera or the gallery of your android smartphone. This can be very useful, from explaining 3D concepts to kids, to help organizing or decorating homes to just simple fun and entertainment.

In conclusion, 3D Image Converter is one very interesting app, which is also completely free. For anyone wanting a feel of 3D and converting his or her pics to 3D, this is a must.

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