3d Anaglyph Experience + Xtras - Android App Review

3d Anaglyph Experience + Xtras - Android App Review

3d Anaglyph Experience + Xtras - Android App Review. As of now, 3D displays are not readily available and the few smartphones that boast 3D displays do so with a lot of limitations, starting from expensive glasses to very fragile screens and incompatible apps. 

Enter 3d Anaglyph Experience, the app to allow you to get all your 3D experience you want right there on your current smartphone, right now and even on 2D images you have already taken.

Too good to be true? Viewing even 2D images as true 3D? Let's see what our reviewers had to say about this. 

Okay, so our reviewers tested the main app, the 3D viewing app. Truth be told, this app does need special glasses but they come real cheap at amazon.com and 3d Anaglyph Experience even has a tutorial for making these glasses at home. So, the glasses weren't really an issue.

Now, for the 3D viewing experience itself. For our moderate surprise, the app does a very decent, even a very good job of presenting 3D images. Our reviewers were mostly very enthusiastic about the images. Most reported that scenery, nature and structures are presented extremely well on the 3d Anaglyph Experience app but people are seen slightly less in 3D, i.e. the 3D effect is less recognizable on portraits (though a minority of reviewers reported the human portraits and images were every bit as good as the structure and nature). 

Now, for the extras, the 3D images making app which comes as an addition for the 3d Anaglyph Experience app. They work very well together, with it converting every kind and type of image to 3D. This gives the whole thing a much better usability because now you have the ability to convert every one of your images to a 3D anaglyph and see it in 3D.

Experience showed that to make good 3D anaglyphs you have to think a little bit differently, pay more attention to contour lines and put in more depth in your photos, i.e. take pictures where you pay attention to the surface close at hand, the middle distance surface and the far surface.  

Our reviewers found varied uses for the app. First and foremost, teach kids about 3D and perspective, which is something that is never to early to learn. Then, a lot of uses in house decorating suggest themselves. Finally, having that ten or twenty percent of the images made during a trip and converting them into 3D create a very special and memorable way to remember that special trip or excursion.

Our conclusion is that 3d Anaglyph Experience app is very usable, very simple and even our most tech challenged reviewers had no trouble using it. It creates great results and the slide show functionality adds even more to this very interesting app.

  • Score: 4.7. A very original and usable app that brings 3D experience right to your smartphone!
  • Description: An app that allows you to convert and view every image from your gallery or your camera on your smartphone in 3D.
  • Good Points: Very professional and slick design. Simple and easy to use. Great results!
  • Bad Points: None, really. Perhaps will add full 3D in a future update ...
  • Experience: Working with the app was very easy, and reviewers learnt to make the images that are viewable best on 3D.
  • Longevity: Very good. People learn to use it in trip images, home and nature picts to bring out the best in 3D display.
  • Google Play Link - 3d Anaglyph Experience + Xtras - Android App Review
  • Google Play Score: 3.8


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