World Cup Tracker 2014 - Featured Android App

World Cup Tracker 2014 - Featured Android App


The problem with World Cup 2014 is staying up to date with all the matches, results and all the other things are are going on at the same time. Even the most avid fan cannot watch ALL the games and no one can remember all the results, the match ups and all the huge amount of information that floats around. This is just where World Cup Tracker 2014 comes in.

 World Cup Tracker 2014 is the swiss knife of the World Cup 2014 information craze. This is an app that holds ALL the information fans need, and we do mean ALL the information. Match schedules and reminders so you'll be able to plan your own viewing schedule accordingly. Match results and tree graphics. Team and group information and much more.

Every thing is presented in clear and precise graphics to make all the information available in one glance. Of course, World Cup 2014 has the tree map diagram, a handy tool to see a lot of match results very clearly and very fast. The top scorer list lets us see an up to date info on what team and players are now on the top, as well as judge the ability of your own home team.

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