Tappy Bulbs by Texo Design - Android App Review

Tappy Bulbs by Texo Design - Android App Review

Tappy Bulbs by Texo Design - Android App Review. Sometimes the simple things are really the hardest things to accomplish and the simplest apps can provide hours and hours of fun. But the question must be asked, is Tappy Bulbs one of these apps?

Tappy Bulbs by Texo Design is a deceptively simple game. The gamer is presented with a screenfull of lit light bulbs and all he or she has to do is tap them to turn them off. Tappy Bulbs ups the ante by introducing unlit bulbs, and highly dangerous sockets that you can guess what tapping them does.

So, is Tappy Bulbs a game to be downloaded and installed? 

So, we gave Tappy Bulbs to our small army of experienced and mobile users and gamers (some young, some old, all share our passion for all things mobile) and told them to tap away and turn off those pesky annoying lit light bulbs.

First and foremost, we got a quick round of applause from all those parents of children aged 2 and older. Apparently, all parents are united in the quest to seek out and turn off the lights their children left off. Tappy Bulbs was their sweet revenge! Finally the parents can sit down and turn off as many lit light bulbs as they want!

But more seriously, all our reviewers had no problem installing and running this game (yeah. You'd be amazed at what problems some of our reviewers get with some smart ass apps.) and all grasped the fundamentals easily and started playing. The first few levels were a breeze and then it started getting harder. 

All of our reviewers found this game to be very addictive and very fun. You learn some basic strategies early on, such as anticipating the light bulbs' movements and you refine them as you go on. We were all very impressed with the app's professional design, sleek interface and high quality graphics. Wish more apps were like this ...

So, what are the app's disadvantages? We didn't really found any. Perhaps in a future update Texo Design would add different shaped screens and shapes for the light bulbs to move in, but's that in the future.

Our conclusion is that Tappy Bulbs is perfect for those two minutes you spend for the bus or that boring lecture you have to attend. Just whip out your Android smartphone and start tapping. As a side note, it's very useful in keeping kids occupied, which is always an important task ...

  • Score: 4.8. Very addictive. Very fun. Very challenging. Would have preferred some variety in light bulbs shapes and screen shapes ...
  • Description: A simple tapping game where you have to turn off moving lit light bulbs while taking care not to touch the light sockets.
  • Good Points: Very nice interface. Professional looking graphics. Very addictive and fun. Keeps kids occupied for long periods ...
  • Bad Points: Have found none. Perhaps a little more variety in future updates would be nice.
  • Experience: Our reviewers found this game to be fun and addictive. Those that gave it to their kids have sworn this app has become their favorite app on Google Play.
  • Longevity: Most if not all of our reviewers have kept this installed. Those with kids swore they were never removing it from their smartphones. 
  • Google Play Link - Color Capture & Identifier - Android App Review
  • Google Play Score: 4.8


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