Ice Breakrr - Featured Android App

Ice Breakrr - Featured Android App


We all know how awkward it is to come to a social or work gathering and hang around, not knowing anyone and being unsure how to start a conversation with everyone. Actually, with anyone.Just one ... The Ice Breakrr app does just that, helping us during those awkward times.

Ice Breakrr is designed to provide us with everything we need to break the ice in a new place. Diving into our social accounts (with our permission, of course), Ice Breakrr will show on a map all the other active Ice Breakrr apps around us, present a list of possible contacts and will provide valuable cues and info on how to break the ice with our selected contact. 

Slick interface, beautifully and professionally designed screens and menus and a simple and fast operation makes this app easy and fun to use, just a few clicks needed to do what we wanted and Ice Breakrr provides, break the ice.

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