Cloud Music Mp3 - Featured Android App

Cloud Music Mp3 - Featured Android App


SoundCloud is a huge music repository for makers, bands artists and what not. As such, finding and playing the music you want right there on your Android smartphone is pretty complicated. This is where Cloud Music Mp3.  

Cloud Music Mp3 has a number of nifty features that help you find, organize the music you want from SoundCloud. Cloud Music Mp3 can search SoundCloud, display info including cover art, play music even when offline, organize your music according to type, artists and more and can even make the music you hear become your ringtone.

Cloud Music Mp3's interface is sheer simplicity itself, making everything accessible immediately and possessing a very shallow learning curve. Anyone can understand everything about running Cloud Music Mp3 in under three minutes. And that's exactly what this Android app is for - providing a simple and attractive mobile interface for SoundCloud.

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