Smartphone Battery Saving Tips and Tricks - Android Tips and Tricks

Smartphone Battery Saving Tips and Tricks - Android Tips and Tricks


Out smartphone has become much more than just an appliance used for making tools. It's a calendar and task management tool, an information display tool, a media center, a gaming hub and even a document editor to be used as a real mobile office.

Smartphone Battery Saving Tips and Tricks - Android Tips and Tricks

However, what really limits our smartphone's usability is its battery life. Even our newest smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S5 come with a 2800 mAh batteries which may run out during the day, depends on the usage.

So, aside from carrying a spare battery (for those smartphones that allow battery switching), and using battery cases (for those smartphones that have such devices made for them), how do we make our battery last longer?

Here are a few tips and tricks, relevant to Android and all other mobile OS smarpthones.

Don't let your battery (and smartphone for that matter) overheat. Excessive heat may damage the battery's chemical composition and damage your smarpthone's circuits. Make sure you don't leave you smartphone inside your car exposed to the sun. Don't charge it in a closed space and if possible remove the case before charging, thus letting heat dissipate.

Don't use your 3G or 4G cellular data network when you don't have all the reception bars. If reception is poor, your smartphone has to make an effort to transmit, using a lot more power and draining the battery much faster. When inside underground parking lots, in elevators or distant places with poor reception - think twice about surfing the web there.

A large part of the drain on the battery comes from the screen, especially in the newest large screen smartphones. That means you have two options to try to conserve battery. The first one is to reduce brightness. Fiddle with the settings and find out for yourself how bright you really need your smartphone's display to be. You might find out you can manage with a much darker display. The second thing is the sleep function. Play with it and make sure your smartphone won't stay active for ten minutes in your pocket before going to standby.

Use an official supplier provided charger. This may prolong your battery's life as other manufacturers' chargers may be less suitable for your battery than the official one.

Find out which features are turned on that you don't really need. Samsung's eye and voice command features may be cool but if you don't need them they may be a real superfluous battery drainer. Find out which apps are constantly running on your smartphone and get rid of those you don't need or use. Have you downloaded a calendar app, placed a widget on one of your home screens but you don't ever use it? Uninstall it.

Charging cycles are something that really affects battery life and health. If at all possible, do not let the battery drain completely before charging. Charge it during the day if possible, even if it's only thirty or fifty percent empty. Do not charge for the whole night, two or three hours max are usually enough. Finally, if the battery do drains our completely, charge it as soon as possible to prevent damage to the battery.

Last but not least is the battery meter. There are many battery health monitoring apps for Android on Google Play. Use them to monitor your battery's health and change the battery if the app display shows your battery's health is poor. You can use several complete recharge and drain cycles in extreme cases but these may also cause your battery to completely die. Your call ...


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