Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB - Android Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB - Android Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB - Android Smartphone Review. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the newest flagship smartphone from the largest manufacturer of  smartphones today. With a 5.1 Inch SUPER AMOLED display sporting FULL HD resolution, the latest quad core processor,  16 MP camera with LED flash, 2 gigabyte RAM and all the goodies, the Galaxy S5 is one of the best, most powerful and feature filled smartphones out there today, able to compete on favorable terms with every other flagship smartphone today.

This is not a smartphone for your elderly aunt or a user who wants a simple smartphone to make calls and occasionally surf the internet. The Galaxy S5 will run every app existing today blindingly fast, its camera is superfast and has 4K video recording capability and its other nifty features such as fingerprint scanner, 128 gigabyte miniSD slot, heart rate sensor and more ...

So, is the Galaxy S5 the ultimate smartphone? Does it have problems and cons?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB - Android Smartphone Review

Getting right down to it, the Galaxy S5 is one of the most powerful Android smartphones today. We tried running a lot of heavy graphic apps, heavy word processing apps and also we tried running a lot of apps at the same time. Nevertheless, the Galaxy S5 didn't slow down even once. It's 128 Gigabyte miniSD expansion slot takes the smartphone the other way compared to Google's smartphone that force you to use cloud storing. With 128 Gigabyte storage, exclusive of the onboard storage, it is quite unlikely you'll run out of storage space, unless you need to carry dozens of feature films. Of course, being a USB host allows you to hook up USB devices and storage, increasing available storage even more. A nifty feature, that.

The screen is absolutely gorgeous. It is full HD, though its pixel density is slightly lower than the Galaxy S4, but the colors, the brightness and the contrast are absolutely stunning, even when the same pictures are viewed on other high end smartphones side to side. Samsung's screens were always great and the Galaxy S5 has one of the best screens today.

The Galaxy S5 camera is also quite spectacular. Its 16 MP picture size is very welcome but the most well received feature is its phase detection autofocus, a feature usually found only on full sized cameras. This allows the smartphone to autofocus really fast, making taking a picture noticeably faster than other smartphones. This brings Android devices a lot closer to finally replacing conventional cameras.

The battery is good if not spectacular. At 2800 mAh it will probably not run down during the day, unless a lot of heavy, graphic intensive apps are used. Even under heavy use, the battery holds up pretty well.

The fingerprint scanner is pretty good and will recognize a finger correctly about eighty to nighty percent of the time in our experience. It should be mentioned that the scanner is activated by swiping the finger across the scanner. In our experience, the scanner works well unless the fingers are covered by sweat, water or other liquids.
And now for the downside. .

Some Tips: Make sure which carrier you're going to use and make sure the smartphone is compatible. Some versions of the Galaxy S5 support only 3G while some US carriers support LTE. Make sure the seller you buy the smartphone from gives you warranty and support. Some Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones are cheaper but only because the vendor does not give warranty. Buying directly through Amazon usually insures safe sell. Last but not least, read the manual and turn off unneeded features to conserve battery power. 

Conclusion: The Samsung Galaxy S5 is Samsung's current high end smartphone. You really can't do wrong buying it. Great screen, fast camera and blindingly fast hardware that can really run every app on Google Play today and for the foreseeable future. Just make sure you check the tips section before buying.   


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