Samsung Galaxy S DUOS S7562 Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Android Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy S DUOS S7562 Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Android Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy S DUOS S7562 Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Android Smartphone Review. The Samsung Galaxy S DUOS is a dual sim phone with all the standard goodies, starting from a 4 inch TFT screen, dual sim obviously though its a dual sim standby and not active, GPS, wifi and Bluetooth, Android 4.0 and Samsung's TouchWiz interface. It has a ingle core 1Ghz processor. It's not a flagship device and consequently it doesn't cost like a flagship device.

The Samsung Galaxy S DUOS is intended for those who are interested in using dual sims, want a smaller phone and do not need to run heavy duty apps that demand a lot of graphics, just the basic set.

So, what does the Galaxy S DUOS do right and what do you need to be careful of before buying?

Samsung Galaxy S DUOS S7562 Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Android Smartphone Review

The Samsung Galaxy S DUOS is two sim standby which is not the same as two sim active. In two sim active, the phone behaves as if you actually possess two independent sims which you can use to receive and send calls. In two sim standby, both sims are on standby and when a call is received on one of the sim, that sim becomes active and the other is put on standby. The Galaxy S DUOS has the feature of call forwarding from the standby sim to the active one, if set and paid for with your carrier. This allows you to receive calls even on the standby sim when talking on the active sim.

Aside from the dual sim feature, this smartphone's battery can last more than two days of heavy use and most of our testers were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the pictures captured by the rear camera. As long as no heavy apps are used, i.e. when using only basic apps such as calendar, notes etc. the smartphone responds well and runs the apps fairly fast. Users were also fairly impressed with the smartphone's good looks and sturdy construction, as well as the sound level - perfectly suitable for the elderly.

On the down side, the smartphone can be slow if loading relatively heavy apps (even Facebook app can be kind of slow) and we got some complaints about battery heating, locked phones and damaged screens . However, we got a lot of favorable opinions on the smartphone from around the world, especially when the smartphone is intended for the elderly.

Some Tips: Make sure the carrier you intend to use supports this phone. As usual, make sure the seller you purchase the smartphone from really delivers an unlocked smartphone and check what kind of warranty is provided. 3G cellular network data rates have occasionally been reported to be slow with the Galaxy S DUOS so make sure you use Wi-Fi for heavy duty Internet use. Make sure US carriers support this smartphone as problems have been reported about this issue.

Conclusion: A smartphone with hardware designed two generations ago. It is not really intended for the US market but to south America, Europe and Asia. Can be slow and not compatible with all carriers but its sound levels and overall simple design, coupled with low price make it ideal as a smartphone for the elderly, or those interested in a dual sim standby smartphone.


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