Will iTunes be available on Android ? Android App News

Android App News - Will iTunes be available on Android ?


Persistent rumors are circulating about Apple making its iTunes music and media streaming services available to Android users. Till now, these services were only available for iPhone, iPad and Mac users but the current rumors suggest Apple is considering making these services available through apps for Android users.

Of course this makes sense since Apple will be able to bill Android users who will consume media through these media streaming services. There are other media and music streaming services already available for Android, from Spotify to Pandora (radio streaming) and Google's own Google Play Music.

However, one of Apple's strong suits is it's being a closed farm, with media, devices, apps and contents all being compatible only with Apple's products. This is one of the things which Apple uses in order to try to preserve its market share of devices such as tablets and iPhones.

No doubt we the users will benefit from iTunes availability on Android but it remains to be seen what Apple will decide. On a side note, we would also benefit from Apple remaining a strong company which keeps making Google and Samsung and all other Android manufacturers strive to provide us with the best apps, operating system updates and devices they are able to produce.


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