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Will Flappy Bird Return ? Android Game News


Flappy Bird is one of the most downloaded free games on Android, and its creator Dong Nguyen claimed it is earning him fifty thousand dollars a day from people clicking ads on the game. The game existed for months before its sudden rise to popularity and then its sudden removal from both Apple App Store and Google Play.
Flappy Bird

The stated reason for its removal by its creator was its addictive nature. Flappy Bird was so difficult fans reportedly neglected aspects of their lives in order to play this difficult game, moms neglecting their babies and other reports of this kind circulated around the Internet. However, the Dong Nguyen has stated in an interview that he is considering returning the game to the App Store and Google Play, but this time with a built in warning urging people to take a break from the game from time to time.

Reportedly, Dong Nguyen is working on there other games right now. Checknaout, an action chess game, a cowboy shooting game and another game called Jetpack Kitty. At least one of these games is supposed to go online in a month or so.

For all those that need impossibly difficult games, Super Ball Juggling and Shuriken Block exist on Apple's App Store, and a simple port for Shuriken Block exists for Android.

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