Battle Towers by GIGL - Android Game Review

  Battle Towers By GIGL- Android Game Review

Battle Towers by GIGL - Android Game Review. This is quite a different take on tower defense android games and is actually somewhere in the middle between tower defense games and real time strategy games. 

Features include a host of single player scenarios to play, two sides - the good humans and the evil orcs and two types of money - gold and diamonds which later can be used to purchase structures, unit types or in game food.

The game itself is quite simple. Each of the two combatants (human in multiplayer mode or computer in single player mode) start with their own base and then use a pre alocated number of sites to expand their base. Then, combat begins.

A short update: Several weeks of playing the game reveals that advancing beyond a certain point becomes increasingly difficult. We are talking about the single player mode. A map would confront you with huge hordes of enemies and the player has to survive against overwhelming odds, when the player's own reinforcements coming in much later. This means you have to wait a day to get the money to start the map with a LOT of food or use real money to buy in game resources to produce the orcs and knights you need in order to survive. You have been warned ....

Battle Towers by GIGL - Android Game Review
Battle Towers by GIGL - Android Game Review

Actually, combat takes place all the time. Each player builds and expands an army composed of three types of units (cheap food soldiers - goblins and mercenaries, medium soldiers like orcs and knights and finally the juggernauts - paladins and mutants that are very expensive).

Combat is fairly simple. All your units and roused to combat by pressing a single button and each player can designated targets or let the army pick their own. Units can have some special abilities like deflection by shield or extra damage to buildings. Usually combat is short and fierce but the most interesting feature is that when dead, units leave souls behind who drift back to the player's base and there resurrect. So, combat become less a matter of strategy and more a matter of logistics.

What makes the game complicated is the choice of buildings and spells that can boost units' stats and abilities or shield and repair buildings.

Of course, multiplayer games are usually short and furious affairs with frantic players issuing commands to their armies as fast as their fingers can manage.
Battle Towers by GIGL - Android Game Review
Battle Towers by GIGL - Android Game Review

Our reviewers generally liked Battle Towers. It's quite simple to understand and play but still has layers of depth and sophistication that let the great players distinguish themselves from the average ones. Even single player play is quite fun and interesting, though in time it becomes increasingly tough and may require real money purchasing of resources to strengthen your list of available food, units or buildings.

In conclusion, this is quite a good game, though our reviewers would have liked a little more variety of units and buildings. Even so, this game provides many hours of fun playing and single mode and multiplayer.
  • Score: 4.5. Would have been 5 if in game saving was possible and a little more units would be available.
  • Description: An RTS / Tower defense hybrid where you build your base and launch your armies against the enemy's armies. You can play as orc or human and select three types of increasingly expensive and powerful units. 
  • Good Points: Simple yet has a strategic element. Some variety of units, spells and buildings. Good multiplayer experience. Almost no bugs experienced.
  • Bad Points: A larger variey of units would have made the game better. Also lacking an in game saving feature.
  • Experience: Learning the game takes no time at all, allowing the players to concentrate on the strategic elements. We found that playing orcs was much more difficult than playing humans as their better units and buildings are more expensive and harder to get.
  • Longevity: Medium, which is quite good for a tower defense game.
  • Google Play Link - Battle Towers by GIGL - Android Game Review
  • Google Play Score: 4.4


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