Android Media Apps

ASA - All Songs App
The most comprehensive song database on google play.

Learn English in context
This app will deliver automatically to your smartphone any and all news pieces that any investor NEEDS to know.

Learn English in context
THE English teaching app that will show you how to speak it in real life situations.

OCR Instantly

Star Wars Collecting Database - Android App Review
The ultimate database app for every collector of Star Wars items.

OCR Instantly

Movie TV Tech Geeks News by Curt Johnson - Android App Review
A magazine app with a wealth of articles, analysis and news about almost every interesting topic.

OCR Instantly

Gem Wear KeyPoints - Android App Review
A smartwatch compatible media selection and display app

OCR Instantly

OCR Instantly by - Android App Review
A sophisticated OCR program with simple interface and a host of useful features.
android game app review - tower defense - nova defense by egstudio

All Songs Lyrics - Android App Review
A database app with lyrics, music and videos for thousands of songs and artists.


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