Titanium Backup Pro by Titanium Track - Android App Review

Titanium Backup Pro by Titanium Track - Android App Review

Titanium Backup Pro by Titanium Track - Android App Review. Titanium Backup Pro is really feature rich, spanning every kind of backup and synchronization any user would ever want. Titanium backup can backup specific apps, can synchronize backup times according to any schedule, can help migrate app databases between devices, can backup app and phone databases such as contacts and emails to cloud drives, can encrypt databases and apps, can freeze apps and even manage multi user app backups to enable multiple users to use the same apps or games.

The vast majority of our reviewers were VERY impressed with this app, from the variety of tools to the general stability of Titanium Backup and all the backup features, even some very needed but rarely available features to freeze bloatware apps that come installed with your smartphone and no one every uses but you cannot remove them without rooting your smartphone, which is something not many users do.

So, what problems if any does Titanium Backup have ? What did our reviewers say? Is Titanium Backup only for power user and does it always work ?

Titanium Backup Pro by Titanium Track - Android App Review
Titanium Backup Pro by Titanium Track - Android App Review

A few reviewers reported some rare problems, here and there. Sometimes, some settings of some apps cannot be restored while other times backups failed to load after moving between Titanium Backup updates. A very few reviews also reported that the app is fairly complex to use and has a steep learning curve, which is only to be expected from an app that really has so many options.

One reviewer encountered a problem in loading imported messages from a backup while another had trouble loading system backup from an external SD card. Another has a problem, again with the SD card that Titanium Backup kept unmounting and then complained of lack of space. In other rare cases, backup make with Titanium Backup and loaded on other devices failed to make the apps backuped work.

In conclusion, Titanium Backup is a fully professional backup app with tons of features It does have a small number of bugs and a steep learning curve.

  • Score: 4,5 out of 5. It is a little complicated to use, which puts some users off.
  • Description: A very feature rich backup and app control utility which lets you backup everything from system settings, app settings, messages and almost everything else and load it on your or other devices.
  • Good Points: Extensive backup features. Ability to freeze and stop apps (such as bloatware) from loading.
  • Bad Points: Some few bugs. Complicated and a little backward looking UI.
  • Experience: Our reviewers, the ones that got over the not too pretty UI were pretty enthusiastic about it. Power users especially used it extensively. Less tech savvy users abandoned it, though those that stuck with it were very pleased with it, fianlly.   
  • Longevity: For those that got over the complicated UI - even years ...
  • Google Play Link - Titanium Backup Pro by Titanium Track - Android App Review
  • Google Play Score: 4.8


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