Poweramp Full Version by Max MP - Android App Review

Poweramp Full Version by Max MP - Android App Review

Poweramp Full Version by Max MP - Android App Review. One of the best, the most popular and feature reach music players for Android, Poweramp really turns any smartphone into a quality music player with support for a lot of music formats and great equalizer features.

The thing that makes this music player app for the android really shine is the music quality. Poweramp manages to bring great music quality to the smartphone, playing tunes with better quality than the native music player. Poweramp scans the music files on the smartphone, converts it to its own formats and then plays them, though some of our reviewers complained that on one hand it takes and converts ringtones and on the other hand to manually tell it which folders to convert can be a chore. It does leave you with the task of rescanning new music but for the better quality music - most reviewers thought it was well worth it.

Okay, so Pweramp does have an amazing replay quality and a lot of equalizer features, including the ability to change equalizer settings on each song. What problems, if any does this app have? Does it work on all kinds of smartphones? Does it need specific brands of smartphones to run its quality sound mechanism?

Poweramp Full Version by Max MP - Android App Review
Poweramp Full Version by Max MP - Android App Review

One of our reviewers reported some static from his HTC One when the smartphone picks up WiFi networks. Another had some problem with the license key since the app needs to verify periodically that it has not been pirated. Another annoying trait is that sometimes songs do not display the right time till they end - but we're not sure if this isn't a problem that happens across all or most music players.

Of course, on the good side it has 10 band equalizer, ability to play with great quality music, in fact some of our reviewers hooked their smartphones into the stereo systems and enjoyed their music to the full. Another great feature is the metadata sending through Bluetooth to display playing song in cars. And of course, it is able to play any music format we tried.

Our conclusion is that this is a very good and solid music player app, with great quality sound and a lot of features. We would have liked to have some bugs repaired and a little more attention from support.


  • Score: 4.5. Great features and great audio quality, just a few small bugs here and there detract from the perfect score.
  • Description: A music player with extensive equalizer features.
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  • Google Play Score: 4.7


  1. Hey there. I've tried them ALL. Really. This audiophile tried POWERAMP. Search over. Case closed. *****&1/2 stars. Perfect? Who & what is? But compared to all the others IT IS. This product can only get more awesome... Not better, because it already is. Nuff said. Give it a test drive & you'll buy. Its well worth it. :)

  2. Great player BUT beware. If your wifi is enabled, YOU WILL GET COMMERCIALS IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR PRIVATE PLAYLIST. Nothing like a BP commercial in the middle of your favorite album. Thanks Poweramp!!!