MomentCam 魔漫相机 - Android App Review

  MomentCam 魔漫相机 - Android App Review

MomentCam 魔漫相机 - Android App Review . A very interesting camera app that transforms pics of people into stylized cartoons. The newest version of MomentCam (in English!) can access images from your SD card, transform them into several types of cartoons with limited editing capabilities and let's you share your newly created cartoon images on Facebook and Twitter.

With a simple interface, a very stable app and a nice collection of templates and designs, MomentCam does exactly what it said it would do - turn pictures into funny and cute cartoons with minimal user input and no fuss. Out of the cartoon making apps on Google Play, MomentCam is one of the easiest to use and give some of the best results we've seen so far.

MomentCam 魔漫相机 - Android App Review
MomentCam 魔漫相机 - Android App Review

Most of our reviewers loved MomentCam. Producing cartoons is  very easy, even for the non technical people and the results are usually fun and interesting. Creating cartoons and anime type images from existing pictures gives great results. 

MomentCam 魔漫相机 - Android App Review
MomentCam 魔漫相机 - Android App Review
Of course, there are a few problems. Some of the reviewers would have wanted more colors and cartoons options while others would have preferred other designs that do not mate a large head to a small body. We understand this is a cartoon, but still, other types of cartoons exist.

Others would have preferred to have more options for editing faces, since this app DOES concentrate on the face. A few remarks they would have liked to be able to add more faces to a cartoon, like a couple in love designs or similar templates ...

MomentCam 魔漫相机 - Android App Review  cartoon
MomentCam 魔漫相机 - Android App Review  cartoon

  • Score: A 4.5. The app does exactly what it's supposed to but we would have liked to have a few more options in it ...
  • Description: A cartoon creation app that lets you create a cartoon by combining the image of a face with a predefined template. 
  • Good Points: Simple interface. Good, interesting (and funny) results.
  • Bad Points: A few bugs, hopefully fixed in current versions, like the inability to create more than ten cartoons (in a few cases) or the inability to edit images from the SD card (happened to a reviewer or two). Not a lot of editing tools and not a lot of cartoon templates to choose from.
  • Experience: The time from installing to first successful use is very short - everyone learnt to use it pretty fast and then images of cartoons flew all over the place. 
  • Longevity: about one month to several months of heavy use and then only occasionally since currently the number of cartoon templates is pretty limited. Most reviewers left the app installed and then used it only occasionally after the first review period.
  • Google Play Link - MomentCam 魔漫相机 - Android App Review
  • Google Play Score: 4.2


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