Android Game Review - Nova Defense by EGSTUDIO

Android Game Review - Nova Defense by EGSTUDIO

Android Game Review - Nova Defense by EGSTUDIO. This game became an instant favorite among our testers. A truly unique and beautiful tower defense game with boss fights and player controlled characters, soldiers and mechs, this game really shines out among all the tower defense games out there today, with only one minor flaw and another thing that we would have liked to see.

It only has a 3.9 on Google Play but we give it a 4.9 easily! Though at first sight it looks like a conventional tower defense game, Nova Defense has some things that really make it stand out among the crowd, with really unique game play and features that turn it into another kind of game all together, a game not found on Android's google play. Having heroes that gain XP and advance in levels through each map is unheard off in tower defense games.

Still, almost perfect as it is, a few small things could still be improved ...

Android Game Review - Nova Defense by EGSTUDIO
Android Game Review - Nova Defense by EGSTUDIO

A full 3D graphics game with TONS of enemies, towers and upgrades, we came to like this game right at the start. The game has the standard defense towers, from mortars to lasers to machine guns and the standard but very varied enemies from various types of infantry to tanks to walking creatures to flying crafts and creatures and finally huge titans.

Everything is done in full 3D with beautiful colors, precise rendering and enhanced animation to provide great graphics even on 10 inch tablets. Everything looks great, from the creatures to the terrain to the towers to the explosions.

However, the most interesting thing is the fact that the player gets movable units of his own. One type of tower manufactures moving units, infantry of several types or even mechs and the player gets to designate where the units are directed, in close proximity to the tower. This means we get another type of defense, one that is composed of movable units and not just completely static towers. The infantry we get and especially the mechs are very tough and its fun to finally pit units of our own against the endless hordes of enemies pouring in, the bane of every android tower defense game ...

  • Score: A very solid 4.5. If would have been perfect if it had a SAVE option and all the heroes could be reached by finishing levels and not by buying with real dollars.
  • Description: A tower defense game with a huge number of enemies, and towers that can build units you can control yourself.
  • Good Points: Great graphics beat any tower defense game on Android. Units you can control yourself. A hero that can gain experience and grows in strength during the game.
  • Bad Points: So far, the only minor flaw is that you cannot save a game, so your only option is to press pause and then switch tasks. This works but drains your battery faster. In addition, we would have liked a "fast forward" button for running things faster when waiting for the enemy to come to us ...
  • Experience: Great game that most of our reviewers finished and then started again in Hero (harder mode). The few that uninstalled it were those that did not have the time for protracted game play and the lack of SAVE button annoyed them.
  • Longevity:Excellent. See Experience.
  • Google Play Link - Android Game Review - Nova Defense by EGSTUDIO
  • Google Play Score: 3.9


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