Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S IV S4 GT-I9500 Factory Unlocked

Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S IV S4 GT-I9500 Factory Unlocked

Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S IV S4 GT-I9500 Factory Unlocked. The Galaxy S4 currently is Samsung's flagship smartphone (contested by the Note 3?) and it has an incredible amount of features, starting from the lighting fast processor to the ability to scroll down pages, using only your eyes or gestures. With its huge 5 Inch super AMOLED touch screen in full HD resolution, its large battery, array of connection options and advanced Android OS, IR to remotely control any TV and the list of features goes on and on.

Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S IV S4 GT-I9500 Factory Unlocked

Most of our reviewers reported that even with all the high consumption features (such as eye, movement and voice detection) left on, the smartphone's battery will still usually last the day, needing to recharge only at night. The screen is great as is the 13 MP camera, though you would need to buy an expansion mini SD card to make sure you have enough place for your photos and videos. Media playback and indeed the entire Galaxy S4 experience was very smooth and rapid, with no lag detected anywhere. The quad processor and the 2GB processor RAM insure that.

Our more game-oriented reviewers tried running heavy graphic intensive apps such as car racing and the Galaxy S4 performance was phenomenal. Everything was always smooth and fast, with no type of lag or hesitation what so ever, regardless of which apps were running at the time. It must be said that all our reviewers admired the huge and bright screen, the great 13 MP camera and the over all smoothness of its device, both its design and the power of its hardware. On a side note, the screen is perfectly viewable in bright day light when it is cranked to full brightness.

The Air View and Air Gesture features certainly work, allowing a user in certain Samsung application to see a magnified view of everything a fingers hovers above and with Air Gesture the user can browse, move page down and control several Samsung applications. Though these features work, the consensus among our reviewers was that these features were more for display and showing off, rather than doing real work.

And now for the downside. This smartphone is fragile. Do not drop it, especially if it doesn't have a case and a screen protector. Some of the Galaxy S4 sold have an international warranty which cannot be serviced in the USA. Make sure before you buy the phone where you can get service, if the need arises. The five Inch screen make for a big smartphone. Though most of our reviewers did not have trouble with it, make sure the size is not too big for you.

Some Tips: Be aware that the GT-I9500 model comes with an octal processor and does not support 4G LTE while the GT-I9505 comes with a quad processor and does support the 4G LTE cellular network. Anyway, always check with your preferred carrier to see if it support your smartphone before buying it. There were a few issues with the Galaxy S4 heating up but a firmware update apparently fixed it. If it happens, just update your firmware version over Wifi. Though the battery is large and powerful, it is still a good idea to turn off features such as Air Gesture and Air View to conserve battery power, if you don't use those features of course. You must buy a case and a screen protector since a smartphone this thin with such a large screen is fragile. 

Conclusion:The phone itself is great, with a screen, camera, speakers and overall performance at least on par with any other smartphone being sold today, if not actually far better. Lightning fast performance, rounded and appealing design, a great screen and enough power and storage to easily run any app today and any conceivable app for the next few years. Just watch our Some Tips section for things to watch out for ...

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