Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S III Mini I8190 8GB Unlocked

Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S III Mini I8190 8GB Unlocked

Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S III Mini I8190 8GB Unlocked. The little brother of the Samsung Galaxsy S III, the Galaxy S III Mini offers a very interesting alternative to those who do not want the quickest, largest and most complicated (and expensive!) cell phone on offer today. With a 4 Inch Super AMOLED touch screen, dual core 1.0 GHertz processor, excellent call quality and Android 4.1, this phone is ideal for those who want to pay less, are not interested in the latest heavy duty graphic intensive app and want a mobile phone that is smaller, fits into almost any pocket but still can play any media, surf the web with 3G data speeds, run most apps reasonably and has excellent call quality. Did we talk about the price?

Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S III Mini I8190 8GB Unlocked

The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini has been created for those that are interested in the mid range phone, trading off performance and specs to get a smaller smartphone and one that is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the alternatives. However, most of our reviewers did not feel at all as if the phone really lacked something. The screen is 480 x 800 but no reviewers complained of this low pixel density and the rear camera is only 5MP, but most of our reviewers were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the pictures the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini produced. Remember, there's more to a cell phone's mobile camera quality than just the pixel count.

Our reviewers liked the fact the phone used a regular sized SIM and when they took advantage of an SD card, the 8 GB RAM the phone originally had almost seemed like no limitation, though apps still have to use that 8 GB area (acutally closer to 4 GB available) to install themselves in. We also got a a very favorable opinion on the speakers and the call quality of this phone, quite unexpected on something that was supposed to be the smaller brother of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The battery as well was lauded, as it allowed reviewers to use with their phone throughout the day, only needing to charge it at night.

And now for the downside. The phone comes with International Warranty, so make sure you find out with your seller what that means and how that will affect you. We've had reviewers who hadn't bothered to check with their carriers in advance so got no 3G data net, only EDGE on their location. Some reviewers got their phones preset to the French or Spanish (though to change to English, just press settings, search for the A - Language and Keyboard and then press English). There were a few instances of defective phones, either dead by arrival or that died in three months, though not really more cases than any kind of smartphone.

Some Tips: Though not quite delicate as its bigger brothers, the Samsung Galaxy SIII and Galaxy S4, it is still quite fragile. Make sure you buy a case and a screen protector and use them with the Galaxy S III Mini from the start. This phone is GSM, so make sure your prefered carrier (if any) is not CDMA, like Verizon Wireless. In addition, check with your carrier to see if in your designated area you will have full 3G data speeds. The phone also comes preloaded with a tons of apps, most of which you don't need. Make sure you disable or even install as many of them as possible to make sure your smartphone is not bogged down with these apps.

Conclusion:This is a great phone, depends on what you need and want. If you want to play the latest games, use graphic heavy apps and consume huge amounts of media, this phone may not be for you, as you would need a phone with a larger screen, more powerful processor and a larger battery. However, if you need a phone which is not too large, perfect for making calls and you do not need the latest apps and games - this phone is perfect. Just check our Tips Section.

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