Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 Unlocked

Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 Unlocked

Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 Unlocked. This is Samsung's flagship cellphone introduced last year, 2012. The successor of the immensely popular Galaxsy S2, it was hoped by Samsung that the Galaxy S3 would be as successful. This cellphone sports a quad 1.4 GigaHertz processor, a super AMOLED 4.8 Inch Gorrila glass touch screen with a resolution of 720 x 1280. Able to use 2G, 3G and 4G data networks, this phone comes with a huge amount of useful if battery consuming features, such as watching the user's eyes to check weather to dim the screen, direct file trasnfers via S Beam and NFC, an 8 MP camera and Sumsung's All Share to use your TV set as a screen for the phone.

Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 Unlocked

As the Samsung flagship of the time, the Galasy S III received state of the art hardware which is still very competitive today. Our reviewers were all very impressed with the smoothness and the responsiveness of this mobile phone, even a year after its introduction. There were really be no app or website or movie that will slow this beast down, whatever our reviewers tried.

Our reviewers found the design of the cellphone very appealing, with its smooth and rounded edges very comfortable and appealing to the holding hand. It's size did not produce a problem, as all our reviewers, even the women with the smaller hands, did not have trouble adjusting to the Galaxy S 3 after one day of owning it. The many features, such as S Voice, the eye detection thing and file transfer through beams were not very useful to all the reviewers, and some just turned them off a few days later. 

The Galaxy S3 camera with its 8MP sensor took beautiful pictures during the daytime, though at night and under difficult lightning conditions the pictures turn out less than perfect, just as is the case with most smartphones today. The camera also has a burst function, taking twenty pictures in very rapid succession and then choosing the best one to keep proved to be quite useful. Most reviewers had more than a quarter full battery even after a full day working and playing with the Galaxy S III.

And now for the downside.These large screen mobile phones (The Galaxy S4, The Notes etc) are fragile. Do not drop them and never use them without a screen protector and a case. Be very sure the seller your contact sells a new, unopened and unlocked factory phone becasue a few reviewers got burned on that account.

Some Tips: The Galaxy S3 uses a mini SIM, so make sure you talk with your carrier to get a replacement for your old SIM if it was regular sized. The many neat features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 consume quite a lot of battery juice, so make sure you turn them off if you find out you don't need them. A phone this large will be delicate and fragile even with its Gorilla Glass, so make sure you get a case and a screen protector with the cellphone. With international and unlocked phones, make sure you understand what the warranty is and how to activate it, if needed. As always, make sure the cellular nets in your area support the Galaxy S3.This smartphone can also be used as a USB master to read disks on key, a very useful feature.

Conclusion: One year ago, this was Samsung's flagship smartphone, the most powerful and the most advanced cellphone in the inventory. Today there are newer and more powerful phones but the Samsung Galaxy S III is stil one of the best smartphones around, able to easily run every app and with a ton of useful and powerful features, and is still a little cheaper than the frontline smartphones today. We highly recommend it.

  • Score: 5 out of 5. Powerful smartphone, easy to hold and fun to activate, all of its issues (including its fragility if you buy a case) are only secondary
  • Description: A powerful smartphone with a quad 1.4 GigaHertz processor, 4.8 Inch super AMOLED touch screen, 8 MP rear camera, running Android 4.1
  • Good Points: Good design with attractive rounded form. Powerful and fast, able to run any app and any combinations of apps easily. Has a notification LED for when the smartphone is locked. Excellent call and sound clarity combined with excellent screen, bright and clear. Several useful features such as watching the user's eyes to see if it can dim the screen, transfer of files through NFC and WiFi and more. Excellent battery that can easily last for a full day filled with surfing and heavy gaming.
  • Bad Points: Fragile. You must use a case and a screen protector. International warranty is more difficult to deal with than US warranty. Several vendors sell opened boxes with cellphones that were set to AT&T or other carriers and then were unlocked. Big and may take some time to get used to it, though all our users eventually came to love it.
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