Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB (AT&T)

Android Smartphone Review -  Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB (AT&T

Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB (AT&T). The older brother of the Samsung Galaxy s4, the Galaxy S3 is a generation back. Sporting a dual core 1.5 Gigahertz processor and 2 GB RAM, nevertheless the smartphone has 4G LTE connectivity, a great 4.8 Inch AMOLED touch screen with 720 x 1280 resolution and has all the goodies expected from what was a state of the art smartphone only one year ago.

Android Smartphone Review - Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB (AT&T)

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 has a great screen, with the quality, crisp quality and precise display our reviewers came to expect from a Samsung state of the art mobile phone. After some use, our Reviewers reported that with medium use, the battery lasts the day, though if you run heavy graphic intensive games or apps, be prepared to deal with a battery that runs out of power before the end of the day.

Since this cell phone is no longer state of the art, our reviewers tested some heavy apps and games with complex graphics and the S III performed almost flawlessly. The S4 and the Note II are faster but working with the S3 is no problem and of course, it's much cheaper.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII comes with a ton of features. An AT&T service can turn the smartphone into a hotspot, providing adjunct devices with WiFi Internet connectivity through the smartphone's data plan. 8 MP camera which is still quite good and has a special snap shot mode for taking a number of images with almost no lag. The smartphone follows your eyes and dims and brightens the display if and and when the user looks at the screen.

AT&T 4G LTE cellular coverage is pretty extensive and call and data transfer qualities are good, as far as our reviewers saw. Even in places with borderline cellular coverage, dropped calls were almost never an issue. 

And now for the several issues our reviewers found. Google Wallet is not enabled on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy SIII. The screen colors are a bit strong, which may irritate some color sensitive people or visual media artists. There are some defective phones out there with GPS malfunctioning and even a few screen cracks.

Some Tips and Tricks: The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with quite a lot of AT&T apps that almost none of our reviewers used. However, deleting them or hiding them from view is fairly easily done. IF you experience problems with GPS - use GPS Test or some other app to test reception and if the problem persists, send the phone to be replaced. As is the case with all new smartphones, get a case and a screen protector because the phone is delicate. Order through a large retailer like Amazon that will be able to replace your phone if a problem arises.

Conclusion: Even though the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III hit the shelves more than a year and a half ago, it is still one of the best smartphones out there. Sure, there are phones with large screens and better resolution, even faster and better processor but the Galaxy S III will be cheaper and will still be able to run every app on Google Play today with no problem.So, if you want a fast smartphone with a great screen and want to pay less for it, AT&T's Galasy S3 is a very viable option.

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  • Score: 4.5 out of 5. You get a great phone, one that is just short of being state of the art, and AT&T really hasn't done much to disable features, except for Google Wallet.
  • Description: A smartphone that is just short of being state of the art, with a 4.8 Inch AMOLED touch screen, a 8 MP rear camera and 2MP front camera, 1.5 GHertz dual core processor with 2GB internal RAM and 16 GB storage RAM, with 4G LTE connectivity along with Bluetooth, WiFi etc.
  • Good Points:Cheaper price than the latest phones like Galasy S4. Great screen of considerable size with a good resolution 720 x 1280 and precise if strong colors. Can still easily run every app today, even ones that are graphic intensive. Cool features like AT&T hot-spot service and dimming the screen if the user doesn't look at the cell phone.
  • Bad Points: The device is quite fragile so PLEASE do not drop it from any height and make sure you get a case and a screen protector. Be aware this is still a one and a half year old phone, which theoretically means you will have to upgrade sooner rather than later. No Google Wallet for the AT&T Samsun Galaxy S III. A few faulty batches which means you have the tiny chance of getting a smartphone with a faulty GPS or cracked screen so make sure you buy through a big retailer that will swap you device more easily, if the need arises.
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