Android Smartphone Review - HTC One (Sprint)

Android Smartphone Review - HTC One (Sprint)

Android Smartphone Review - HTC One (Sprint). One of the most lauded smartphones today, the HTC One has an aluminum metal body, runs Android 4.1, is powered by a quad 1.7 Gigahertz processor with 32 GB storage and 2 GB RAM, comes complete with HTC Sense, HTC's envelope that wraps Android, a 4.7 Inch full HD touch screen (1080 x 1920), HTC's own UltraPixel camera, a 2300 MAh battery and tons of HTC specific features like live TV streaming and cloud backup ability. It supports 3G cellular networks and can even work on Sprint 4G LTE network, where available.  

Android Smartphone Review - HTC One (Sprint)

The thing all our reviewers commented on was the design and manufacture of the HTC One. All our reviewers loved the aluminium construction and the way it blends with the plastic. Perhaps it does not look as sophisticated as other smartphones out there, but it does give you a sense of security that you bought a mobile phone which is well secured, well constructed, easy to hold and will not be dented and scraped from every little touch, though it is still highly recommended to buy a case and a screen protector. 

The HTC One's processing power is impressive. Reviews reported that whatever apps they run, there was never any lag or hesitation or delay in the smarpthone's responses. It really is a powerful computing device. The battery usually lasts the day, though heavy use will wear it down sooner and then a charger will come in handy. The camera takes good pictures, though a larger resolution would have made more reviewers like it. The fact that there are several photo modes and built in filters is a good thing, because then you don't have to use an app for basic photo editing and filter running.

Most if not all reviewers were very impressed with the HTC One's sound quality with its speakers. HTC's BoomSound really does a good job and creates a sound comparable if not outright better than any other smartphone today. In addition, many of our reviewers were very impressed with the picture quality the HTC's One camera produces in low light conditions, which are far better than other smartphones' pictures.

And now for the downside. There are places where the HTC One will not pick up the 4G LTE cellular network. This is a known issue and Sprint is addressing it. There were some Dead on Arrival phones, that came with dead speakers or unable to detect the SIM card. Warranty is a must in these cases ... The battery is not so big at 2300 MAh so if running heavy apps or media you might run out of juice too quickly compared to other front line smartphones. Of course, you cannot add an SD card so you're stuck with 32GB storage, minus what the OS needs.

Some Tips: Be aware that the HTC One cannot receive an SD card for storage expansion, which means you are left with some 28 GB of storage (after the OS storage is subtracted) for media, apps etc. Make sure that is enough for your needs. Make sure what kind of network Sprint has in your area to see if you'll be able to use the cellphone's 4G LTE cellular network. Even though the HTC One's metal back is more durable than other large screen smartphones, we would not recommend using it without a case and a screen protector. Contact Sprint before buying to make sure you'll get 4G LTE network in your area. BlinkFeed can be annoying to some, but you can just change the home page of the browser and get rid of it, if you want.

Conclusion: The HTC One is no doubt one of the best smartphones today. Going another direction from the Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones, HTC produced a great smartphone. Great speakers and sound system, a very good camera that tackles the shoot in the partial darkness problem though with a smaller pixel count, a sturdy metal back and with a slightly heavier and thicker body. Our reviewers were unanimous in voting this smartphone as one of the best out there today. With slightly different cons and pros to the Samsung line, HTC produced a great phone which gives users a wholly different experience from the Samsung line. It all goes down to this - go down to the shop and play with this smartphone a while to choose, which is a great advice when choosing any smartphone. If you pay attention to our tips section, you won't be disappointed.

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  • Score: 4.5 out of 5. We took back half a point from what is otherwise a great smartphone because Sprint does not provide 4G LTE service everywhere and the camera, even though it takes great pictures in low light conditions, these images come in lesser resolutions than other smartphones in good light conditions.
  • Description: HTC One is HTC's flagship smartphone, and a very impressive flagship it is. A quad core 1.7 Gigahertz processor, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage, a 4.7 Inch full HD touch screen. It runs Android 4.1 and comes with HTC Sense, complete with features to control your TV, automatically backup and sync your contacts with cloud storage and even has 4G LTE cellular connectivity, where available. 
  • Good Points: Metal back and unique design. Great HTC features such as cloud backup and sync. Great sound quality with the BoomSound feature. An extremely fast quad core processor with 2 GB RAM that can run every conceivable app today and the near future.
  • Bad Points: A few faulty mobile phones that had problems with their screens or recognizing their SIM cards. A little thicker and heavier than other modern smartphones. Cannot accept an SD card for storage expansion - Storage is fixed at 32 GB. 
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