Android Smartphone Review - HTC A9192 Inspire 4G Unlocked Phone

Android Smartphone Review - HTC A9192 Inspire 4G Unlocked Phone

Android Smartphone Review - HTC A9192 Inspire 4G Unlocked Phone. This smartphone is more than two years old today, but is still a very viable option for those who want a smartphone but don't want to pay the cost of modern smartphones. With the HTC Inspire, you get a smartphone with Android 2.2, a 4G data net with GSM carriers like AT&T, an 4.3 Inch super LCD screen and a 8 MP rear camera. Running all of this is a single core 1.0 Gigahertz processor.

Android Smartphone Review - HTC A9192 Inspire 4G Unlocked Phone

This phone, despite its age, was mostly lauded by our reviewers. The screen, though not really up to the level of more modern mobile phones, is still pretty big and quite clear and bright. The battery is quite good as well, and more than a few reviewers commented they could charge it after two days of working, which is something no modern smartphone is really capable off. The camera, again not really on par with the best and most modern smartphones today, still produces very good pictures, though night photography is a problem, much like in every type of smarpthone.

Our reviewers found the call and audio quality of the HTC Inspire quite good, even when compared to other modern smartphones. Of course, those few reviewers that rooted the mobile phone and installed their own ROM found the phone worked much better without the pre installed HTC apps and got a much better battery life but rooting a smartphone is definitely not for every user. Some of the reviewers liked HTC Sense, the envelope around the Android OS that HTC provided. 

What most reviewers commented on was the microphone quality. The HTC Inspire has a dual microphone which is great at reducing if not eliminating background noises. Talking with the cellphone in crowded places was much easier and clearer with this phone, even when compared to modern smartphones.

Of course, if we did not mention it already, the price of the HTC Inspire today, about one hunderd fifty bucks, makes this a very attractive phones, about a quarter of the price for a fully modern smartphone, and if you know what you're getting, it can be a really good deal.

And now for the downside. Remember this is not the latest smartphone hardware. The processor was good for its time but now things will run a little slower. It's also a little big and heavy for its screen size, so make sure you understand what you are buying before you do. For some carriers, the smartphone will only work with 2G data net, so make sure you check prior to buying to make sure you get decent data speeds. Like in all smartphones, there were a few instances of these phones coming dead on arrival or dying within a week, or they just stopped recognizing the SIM card. 

Some Tips: Be aware that this cellphone will not run on CDMA carrier like Verizon and Sprint. As always, make sure you find out with your carrier if they can support this phone on their cellular net.To make best use of the processor, and to get good reaction times, make sure you don't use may apps and widgets together, as they will slow this smartphone down. One app at the time, this is the rule here. As is the case with all non contract phones, make sure you buy from a large retailer and make sure you understand what warranty you get and how to activate it.

Conclusion: Two years ago this was a premium smartphone. Today, it is a bit old and behind the times but the price is great, a quarter of the price compared to state of the art smartphones. You get an older version of Android with a smartphone that is a little heavier and slower than modern smartphones today. If you can live with this, if you just need the phone to call people and use one app at a time, if you make sure where you buy this smartphone, check the warranty and make sure your carrier supports it, this could be a great smartphone for you. Of course, if you're looking for a cheap smartphone for a grandparent or a kid, this could also be a great choice.


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