Android Game App Review - Scrap Metal Mech ( 3D PvP ) by Wolf Mobile Design

Android Game App Review - Scrap Metal Mech ( 3D PvP ) by Wolf Mobile Design


Scrap Metal Mech ( 3D PvP ) by Wolf Mobile Design. Well, it is a game but it's not complete, yet. But it is really worth downloading and it would really be a shame if Wolf Mobile Design won't complete the marvelous work they started here.

This is a gladiator like game where the players pit their mechs one against the other. You can pick weapons and types of mechs (the higher level they are, the tougher and stronger they are) and go on to fight other players in one on one spectacular battles. 

Of course, some players choose to spend a few real bucks to buy some decent equipment at first and then go online to fight others. We usually frown on this practice but if this will help ensure the game gets finished and fleshed out, it's worth it.

So, for a quick tournament of mech metal, of rockets against shields and online mech on mech, this is your game. We'll just have to wait and see when improvements and updates arrive.

  • Score: 4.5 out of 5. The game is great as it is, it only needs fleshing out - Single player missions and campaign and so on. Hope this arrives soon ...
  • Description: A gladiatorial mech game where giant robots fight each other in a player vs player online mode, which is the only mode. Game earned cash (and real world cash!) will buy you upgrades, in higher level mechs who are tougher and better.
  • Good Points: Great play with good graphics and non stop player vs player action. A lot of upgrades to mechs, from speed to weapons to better mechs. 
  • Bad Points: Aside from very rare cases of crashes and freezes, there really aren't that many bad points to report. At the beginning it may be a little difficult making kills and purchasing more advanced weaponry. In addition, the very nature of the game as it is annoyed a few of our testers who would have preferred to practice in solo mission in one player campaign mode.  
  • Experience: Most if not all of our testers loved this game, even those who weren't mechwarrior fans before. It may be still difficult at times to find players to play against but we hope more people download the game. In addition, at the start of the game it is a bit hard to advance  but all of our testers eventually managed to advance, even without paying.
  • Longevity: Most players will keep this game installed, except some die hard Candy Crush Sage fans.
  • Google Play Link - Scrap Metal Mech ( 3D PvP ) by Wolf Mobile Design
  • Google Play Score: 4.2

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