Android Game App Review - Robo Defense by Lupis Lab Software

Android Game App Review - Robo Defense by Lupis Lab Software


Robo Defense by Lupis Lab Software. Robo defense is a Tower Defense game with a twist. On several levels with different architecture, you have to stop a veritable horde of robotic enemies from escaping the level while they travel from their entrance point to the exit, marching in endless lines of robots, armored robots, armored cars, tanks and several types of aircraft.

You have to practice your defensive architecture by placing defensive towers in strategic locations. Machine guns, mortars, rocket towers, mines and more all serve to try to halt the endless robot stream in an explosion and action filled game.

We liked this game a lot. An addictive game that requires strategic thinking at the same time, the game appealed to the martial side of the of our testers as did the basic game design that didn't force you to touch the screen like crazy but plan and plant your towers carefully and then watch the mayhem they wreck on the tiny stream of machines.

The game has various upgrades you reach as you amass money by killing the robots, upgrades which allow you strengthen the power of your weapons or open up new possibilities like teleport mines.

The game is not free beyond several sample levels but after buying it you don't have to spend money on any upgrades or things like that.

Bottom line, this game, though not strictly free, nevertheless was an instant favorite among our testers.

  • Score: 5 out of 5, by an almost unanimous vote.
  • Description:A tower defense game where you have to strategically place different kinds of weapon towers to spot endless streams of robots, wheeled machines and aircraft as they try to cross the level and flee. Select rocket towers, artillery, flamers and other weapons to mow down the enemy hordes. Several available levels with increasing difficulty levels, you can play the same level again on a much harder enemy difficulty setting or even set up random levels.
  • Good Points: Catching and attractive graphics, nice to look at while not too flamboyant. A great selection of interesting weapons allow different strategies for different level architecture and affect different types of enemies differently. Thought provoking and addictive game play though not too repetitive. After buying the game, you don't have to spend another cent to finish the hardest levels.
  • Bad Points: Our testers didn't actually report any significant issues. A very rare crash. A few would have wanted a little more diversity in the levels.
  • Experience: Actually, quite a lot of our testers reported that after playing the free game they shelled out the few bucks needed for the full version. Then, with differing amount of enthusiasm among the testers, they went on playing the game for a long time, years in some cases. In short, most of our testers liked this game a lot.
  • Longevity: Excellent. Most of our testers keep this game installed, some for years already. 
  • Google Play Link - Robo Defense by Lupis Lab Software
  • Google Play Score: 4.6


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