Android App Review - TripAdvisor Hotels Flights

Android App Review - TripAdvisor Hotels Flights


TripAdvisor Hotels Flights app. TripAdvisor Hotels Flights by TripAdvisor. A hotels, restaurants, entertainment and flights traveling app, TripAdvisor contains an incredible wealth of information about any, every and all things needed for a trip. Plan your trip, find the necessary flights, inquire about hotels' room availability, locate nearby restaurants, consult forums for specific questions and, last but not least, find attractions and things to do in the locations and dates of your trip.

Our testers turned this app into a must have, a veritable inexhaustible wealth of information to any and every trip.

However, this app is missing some things to make it our testers' sole trip app.

TripAdvisor allows the user to find hotels, near the smartphone's location if location services are enabled or near a specific location. The results are presented in a list or on a map of the area and a huge wealth of information about every hotel is presented, from reviews to tips to images of the hotel or accommodation rooms.

TripAdvisor also holds a vast database of attractions, restaurants and things to do, all sorted according to the type of establishment.

From TripAdvisor, after selected a desired attraction or accommodation, you are directed to sending an inquiry through phone or email.

Like we mentioned before, our testers liked this app a lot, as it has everything one needs for planning a trip. However, what would have made it really perfect is the ability to reserve hotels and other types of things right from the app. As it is, the app either sends an email, directs you to call by phone to make your inquiry or sends you to a third part reservation app, such as Expedia for Swiss Air reservations, for example.

  • Score: 4.5 out 5. Almost perfect, just lacking the ability to reserve and manage reservations directly from the app.
  • Description: A database of hotels, accommodation, restaurants, attractions, flights and forums accessible right from the app, complete with pics, reviews, tips and contact points for inquiries.
  • Good Points: TripAdvisor has everything needed to plan a trip, an almost complete set of restaurants, hotels, flights and attractions. In principle, a user needs only this app in order to find flights on the desired dates, hotels rooms, places to dine and attractions.
  • Bad Points: The app lacks the ability to reserve and manage reservations from the app itself. That would have made it almost perfect. A few testers will older smartphones complained it was a little slow. In some cases the distances were off, directing testers to nearby attractions or restaurants dozens of miles away from their hotels. In addition, there's no way to save things on the smartphone so you have to buy a local sim or use the app only when you have WiFi connection.
  • Experience: In general, in almost all cases, once a tester installed this app, it stayed on his or smartphone for good. Even if the particular tester had no need of hotels or restaurant information, the attraction section or the forums or the flight section proved very useful.
  • Longevity: Almost all the testers kept the TripAdvisr app installed, except for a very few with older and weaker smartphones who uninstalled it, regretfully,
  • Google Play Link - TripAdvisor Hotels Flights
  • Google Play Score: 4.5


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