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Android Manual - How To Track App Data Usage

Android How To Manual How to track app data usage manual? Today's smartphone is online twenty four seven and apps can go online all the time to check for updates, new data, report on their users activities and more. It has become increasingly important to find out what apps and going online, sometimes without their users knowledge, and how much of the smartphone's data plan they are using.
The solution to that comes from a number of apps, each capable of monitoring an android smartphone data usage and apps, which allows the user to find out which of the installed apps consumes data from the data plan and how much.
One example of a data usage monitoring app is Onavo Count by Onavo. Another is My Data Manager by Mobidia Technology. Both of these apps monitor the installed apps and provide a comprehensive history and analysis of app data and web usage stats.
We recommend using these apps to monitor your smartphone's data usage - vital to those with limited data plans and also important to those who want to know exactly what app goes online.


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