Android App Review - Jotre Calendar by Jotre Inc.

Android App - Jotre Calendar by Jotre Inc.

Jotre Calendar by Jotre Inc. A simple yet feature rich calendar and task manager. With colorful graphics and icons, great widgets to show you upcoming events in the near future and synchronization with Google Calendar, Jotre Calendar app has almost everything a calendar should have. An instant favorite among our testers, the great majority have kept it even after the testing period was over.

The testers have generally loved this app. It's simple and effective and its widgets allow every user to select the area they want on their home screen Jotre is to occupy, thus one look at the home screen provides the user with instant information about upcoming events.

You can configure almost everything on Jotre Calendar. The color of the cells, the text, the icons, whether the language and the time changes when you go abroad, literarly hundreds of different options. 

Some of our testers have actually turned Jotre into their main event and task manager app, using it to synchronize everything in their lives. The sync option with Google Calendar insures that all your events will be saved on a major company's hard drives and you can access them easily from you PC, or sync it with Microsoft Outlook, if your tastes take you there.

The only things our testers found difficult was setting up the app, since the bewildering amount of options confused some of our users, as some of them even had trouble understanding the different widgets and how to place them on the home screen. We understand these are less tech savvy people, but still ...
Yet, this is a great app and rightfully deserves our max score.

  • Score:5 out of 5. Even though some small problems exists, this is one of the best apps that we reviewed here on Android App Review Center.
  • Description: This is a calendar app that allows you  to place, see and manage your calendar, including tasks and appointments in a visual way. One of the things which makes this app special is its widgets which allows the user to see a week, or two weeks or almost any time frame ahead right on your home screen and see what appointments are due and when. Another great thing is the ability to sync with Google Calendar, which brings the old dream a step closer to reality - the ability to sync your appointments and tasks from your desktop Outlook to Google Calendar to your smartphone. In addition, the usual Google Calendar notification pops up whenever an appointment is over due.
  • Good Points: The ability to sync tasks and appointments with Google Calendar, The widgets you can place on your home screen to see right away what appointments lurk in the near future, Almost fully customizable look, You can set a default for the appointment reminder that will be used for all the reminders of the appointments you set.
  • Bad Points: There is no way to customize the size of the text fonts on the widget which sometimes makes reading and finding out what appointments you have today a bit tough, From experience, some people find it difficult the understand how to install the widgets on the home screen, the Google Calendar notification is a little ugly - we would have preferred a Jotre specific notification instead.
  • Experience: We've been working with this app for almost a month now and have no intention of uninstalling it. It really is a very good interface for Google Calendar and it makes managing appointments and tasks easy and simple. We're certainly going to stay with this app for the foreseeable future.
  • Longevity: Excellent. This is one to keep and even convince the odd friend here and there to install it.
  • Google Play Link - Jotre Calendar by Jotre Inc.
  • Google Play Score: 4.4


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