Android App Review - WhatsApp Messenger

Android App - WhatsApp Messenger

WhatApp Messenger is one of the more popular messengers today. Thanks to a slim and attractive interface, a number of finely tuned features and a loyal fan base this messengers is the first choice of messengers to millions around the world. Based around identification stemming from the smartphone's actual phone number, there is no anonymous accounts which make this app eminently safe for children. In other words, no adult content.
The useful features WhatApp has range from group conversation, automatic connection with anyone of your contacts who installed the app, notifications for received and read messages, ability to share files and pictures and location reports and even a brand new ability to easily record a voice message to be automatically sent to the selected contact. 

One of the best things about WhatsApp is its simple and attractive interface. Our testers from nannies to teens had no problem whatsoever in mastering.

There are a very few small problems, with messages that take half an hour to travel to a smartphone one mile away or read notifications to messages that haven't even been opened, but the collective opinion of our testers is that these are small things indeed.

  • Score: This App gets a very solid 5 out of 5.
  • Description: An instant messaging app, this hugely popular Android and iOS app rightfully desrves being one of the best instant messaging apps currently available. It uses your smartphone's number to uniquely identify you and your friends and then, with a very simple yet clever interface it allows you to communicate easily with everyone. You can send images, create groups, receive notifications for read messages and online availability of your friends, it is literally an app that never leaves your smartphone once installed.
  • Good Points: Very simple and intuitive interface, Message read notifications, Setting up groups, sending files and pictures easily, Works across platforms, The easiest way of sending images to and from an iPhone, Can easily connect to anyone of the contacts in the smartphone that have a phone number, Does not consume much of your web/data plan. Of course, WhatsApp Messenger is free and is supposed to remain free. That remains to be seen ...
  • Bad Points: There really aren't any worth speaking off. Perhaps the only one is that WhatsApp cannot be installed on desktops or tablets, probably because it needs the phone number for unique identification, though it could have used the MAC address to identify the tablet or desktop.
  • Experience: Installation was easy and simple. There were a few upgrades over the time of use but nothing that made the app un usable. We've been using it every day for hundreds of messages, images and what not. There have been no crashes and almost no problems, except for (very rarely) messages that take half an hour to reach their recipient.
  • Longevity: Excellent. We've been using it everyday for more than a year and have no intention of ever uninstalling it.
  • Google Play Link: WhatsApp Messenger
  • Google Play Score: 4.5


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