Android App Review - Tiny Flashlight + LED

Android App Review - Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight + LED. A small but very useful app that does exactly what its name suggests - turns your smartphone into a flashlight, and a fairly powerful one at that. When activated, the app appears in one of several possible skins but the one we found most useful was the one where a large light button appears, along with a live counter showing battery strength, which the powerful LED flashlight consumers rather fast.

The app has some very useful features, such as the power indicator and the large operating button when you run it. In addition, to conserve battery it will exit by itself unless you tell it not to. In addition, there is another interesting and useful feature to turn the light on by just shaking the smartphone without unlocking it.

However, it does have some problems. Sometimes, it does turn the power on by itself. An irritating feature is the way it appears in the notification bar and begs you to close it. A rare occurrence is that the flashlight refuses to turn the light on.

Other than those small problems, this is a must for those who need to turn their smartphone into a flashlight, which actually all of us need one time or another. 

  • Score: 4.5 Out of 5. An almost perfect app.
  • Description: A flash light app that turns the smartphone's into a fairly powerful flash light. 
  • Good Points: The app can be activated by shaking the app without unlocking the smartphone, there are various skins for the app which make activation easier, The app reports current battery status which gives an indication how much longer the flashlight can still operate.
  • Bad Points: Shaking the smartphone to activate the flashlight doesn't always work - you sometimes have to shake it repeatedly in various ways till the app activates, It would have been great to have a time indicator when the flashlight works in addition to the battery status indicator - to know how much more time the flash light can still work. 
  • Experience: All of our testers reported that having the smartphone turn into a flashlight helped them immensely on at least one occasion. None of the testers reported being put off by the several small problems in the app.
  • Longevity: Excellent. The app has been installed for more than a year and none of our testers have uninstalled it, nor have an intention to uninstall. This app stays on the smartphone - at least till Google put out an Android version that have some of these capabilities built-in.
  • Google Play Link - Tiny Flashlight + LED
  • Google Play Score: 4.6


  1. After reading your review of tiny flashlight, I found out that tapping my smartphone gently will turn the flashlight on and of, even if the smartphone‘s locked. Thanks