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Android App Review - – Hotel Reservation by Ookla. A small and efficient app that measures a smartphone's cellular connection speed, including upload and download speed. In addition, it display a graph showing real time changes and saves results for comparison of tests performed on different times.

The app does what it\s supposed to do and our testers didn't really find any major problems. The graphics don't look too good and high resolution tablets and analyzing past results can be a little difficult, but for a free app, does exactly what it said it would. In addition, the speeds it shows are sometimes very vary greatly, which makes it difficult to understand real connection speeds.

To begin the test, you pick a server and then the app sends and receives information from it. Of course, if there is no server close by, the testing results may vary because of real time conditions in the cellular network itself and not something that is connected to the smartphone or the app.

  • Score: A 4.5 out of 5, because it does what it's supposed to do but with outdates graphics and results that are sometimes too varied.
  • Description: A cellular connection testing app that checks and shows the smartphone's or tablet's download and upload speeds over the cellular connection.
  • Good Points: Simple and intuitive, the app does exactly what it's supposed to do.
  • Bad Points: We would have liked better graphics and constant speed measurements.  As it is, the app sometimes reports greatly varied speeds. This may be to the cellular network balance issues but the end result is you sometimes can't know what speed you're working with.
  • Experience: Our testers found out this app works on almost every device, though on high resolution tablets the graphics are choppy and Ookla needs to update's interface a bit.
  • Longevity: Medium.
  • Google Play Link - by Ookla
  • Google Play Score: 4.5


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