Android App Review - Pic Collage by Cardinal Blue Software

Android App Review - Pic Collage by Cardinal Blue Software

Android App Review -  Pic Collage by Cardinal Blue Software. This is a collage building app that places its emphasis on simple and intuitive interface. With just a few touches you can pick photos from the smartphone's photo gallery or the internet, retouch them, collect them together and add frames, stickers text and many other effects. If you stick to the frames and stickers available, you can create awesome collages simply and easily, of any size and with many effects.

Put pictures in heart shaped frames, combine many sizes together, create cartoon like collages - almost everything is possible with Pic Collage. Just add the pictures, pick backgrounds, add frames and graphical objects and you're set. Really simple and easy. All of our testers liked this app, which is really one of the best collage makers we tested. The only caveat is the app's simplicity. For the serious photo editing user, this app will not suffice. 

However, to create great collages simply and effectively, this app is among the best of its kind. Just tap the photos, pick a background, arrange the photos and you're all set to go. Just don't try to do too complicated things.

  • Score: A conditional 4.5 out of 5. A very good, simple to use and fun app for those who want a fast and simple photo editing and collage making up.
  • Description: A collage creation app with simple photo editing capabilities  Users can simply and easily pick photos for a collage, use a large variety of frames, crop and resize images to any size and add fun graphical objects atop the images.
  • Good Points: Very simple to use. Allows quick and simple photo editing and collage building. Has a lot of graphical objects that can be added and more can be freely downloaded. Has a large number of good and interesting frames and backgrounds for the collage building. There were very few if any bugs detected. It is a very stable app and only once or twice we discovered a problem in editing a number of photos starting from the fifth or so.
  • Bad Points: Simplicity is the main thing for Pic Collage so some of the options available in other pic editing apps are missing, such as picture enhancements  transparent text and sophisticated filters. Of course, it is not a camera app which some would have preferred  Some of our testers thought the photo limit of 15 pics was too restricting while others thought the app's space requirement from the smartphone was excessive. Some of the stickers were lost between app updates which irritated testers that were used to using them.
  • Experience: In our experience, it takes about one hour to really start using the neat features this app has to offer. In other words, users can learn to use it very fast as it has a very simple and intuitive interface. Only after a few days of working with it, a few of our testers expressed a desire for more sophisticated capabilities.
  • Longevity: Most of our testers loved this app and would continue using it. Only a very few who wanted more sophisticated photo editing capabilities uninstalled it and installed other photo editing apps, with filters and image enhancing features.
  • Google Play Link - Pic Collage by Cardinal Blue Software
  • Google Play Score: 4.5


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