Android App Review - Photo Grid - Collage Maker by RoidApp

Android App Review - Photo Grid - Collage Maker by RoidApp

Photo Grid - Collage Maker by RoidApp. This is one of the best collage maker apps we had the pleasure of testing. Simple, intuitive, and fast - this app lets you pick your images, arrange them in one of a huge series of collages, crop and resize as you see fit (though the app now automatically crops the images to square shape for Instagram) and the you can go right ahead and post them wherever your like.

Most of our testers were very fond of this collage making app. Even the less tech oriented had no problem working with the many features of Photo Grid, mainly because of the simple and intuitive interface.   

Of course, shaking the smartphone to re-arrange the photos in the collage was reported as one of the most fun features of the app ... Kudos to Roidapp for this feature.   

We found we had almost everything we needed in this app. Picking the pics we wanted, editing them for the collage, picking the collage template we wanted out of a large variety and adding text, emoticons and everything else we wanted. Of course, sharing the collage through Instagram, Facebook and wherever else you want.

However, our testers did express a desire for a little larger variety of collage frames, stickers and backgrounds. There were now and then problems in logging in to Instragram and one tester reported that his hand shook, sometimes ruining a painstakingly arranged collage by mixing the pics again ...

  • Score: A 5 out of 5, because of its simplicity, great interface, shaking feature and the quick way it lets us produce a collage. It still needs some more collage frames and stickers but we're confident future updates will fix that.
  • Description: A collage making app with a simple interface that lets you quickly pick the images you want, arrange them on one of a predefined set of collage frames, edit and crop the images and then post the collage on Instagram etc.
  • Good Points: Very simple and intuitive interface lets everyone produce the collages they want very quickly. A shaking the smartphone feature that re-arranges the photos on a collage frame. Editing and cropping features for the images themselves.
  • Bad Points: Our testers reported several issues with logging on to Instagram and Facebook. Though rare, these instances were very annoying. In addition, Photo Grid needs more collage frames, backgrounds and stickers to successfully compete with the other collage makers on Google Play.
  • Experience: What we liked about this app is its simplicity. Everyone managed to produce a lovely collage within moments of downloading Photo Grid, even those testers who need to have everything explained to them in detail ...
  • Longevity: Excellent. Almost every tester kept this app installed, except those very few who HAD to have more collage frames NOW.
  • Google Play Link - Photo Grid - Collage Maker by RoidApp
  • Google Play Score: 4.6


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