Android App Review - My Piano by Borce Trajkovski

Android App Review - My Piano by Borce Trajkovski


My Piano by Borce Trajkovski. This is a simple yet feature rich piano app for the serious player who must have a piano app handy (musicians and such) but the main use our testers have found for it is as a past time from the kids - kids love it, the various sound effects and can spend a lot of time exploring the different sounds and effects.
My Piano app can show up to two octaves at the same time, can play as several instruments and load up new sound effects. It has volume controls, recording features, very nice animations for pressed keys and various quality controls - in total, producing a very life like piano simulation, with excellent sound quality. And for the more serious minded users, this app can also serve as a MIDI controller over WiFi.

A few of our testers commented that they would have liked more than the two octaves available and one complained that she was afraid to give it to her kids because you cannot control what adds appear during play. 

  • Score: A very strong 4.5 out of 5 stars. Would have been perfect if there was an option for more than two octaves and a paid version of the app that would have made the ads go away.
  • Description: A fairly sophisticated piano app that lets the user play using several instrument sounds, record new samples, record pieces played on the app itself and has extensive MIDI features.
  • Good Points: Simple and easy to use. Has MIDI features and several playable instrument samples. Can record pieces played on the app.
  • Bad Points: Some testers wanted more than two octaves while others disliked the ads, preferring a paid version (that still doesn't exist) which would make the ads go away.
  • Experience:Most of the testers reported that almost as soon as they installed the app, their small kids (if the testers had any ...) took to it almost immediately. There were very few problems and almost no crashes or freezes of any kind.
  • Longevity: Almost all the testers with little kids kept the app installed. The testers with some musical inclination also kept the app, as it allows them to whip out the smartphone and play a tune any time they want.
  • Google Play Link - My Piano by Borce Trajkovski
  • Google Play Score: 4.4


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