Android App Review - Moovit- Real-time Transit Info by Moovit

Android App Review - Moovit- Real-time Transit Info by Moovit


Moovit- Real-time Transit Info by Moovit app. A very interesting app, one that has two aims. The first is to help commuters get to their destinations using public transportation, buses and trains in particular. The second is using real time data from commuters who travel among the various public transportation lines to update real time information such as arrival times.

As Moovit ads more places to its growing databases of cities, it is a becoming an invaluable tool for the public transportation commuter.

The app itself is fairly simple and has features for searching transportation lines for various destinations, shows estimated times of arrival and displays alternate routes for reaching desired destinations. In addition, the app displays walking segments, if any, that are neccessary for reaching our destinations and shows final destination times.  

One of the most interesting and useful things the app shows is the time the next bus or train reaches the stations, something which is also useful and also relaxing, int its way, since you know how much more time you have to wait. The routes the app displays are on detailed maps, along with lists of stops and schedules.

 Our testers liked this app a lot. Finding out how to reach a destination from a certain starting point in a busy and complex metropolitan is a heavy task in itself, a task Moovit handles well, and the fact the app shows the bus or train arrival times in their stations makes the whole commuting experience much nicer.  

There are a few problems, though. Terminology is not compatible with all countries, for now, though we're sure it will be fixed soon. A few rare freezes also happened. Very few testers thought the interface was a bit complicated but they were really a minority.

However, what we would have liked is an option that when commuting, the app would turn on and off the GPS automatically every few minutes to save battery life instead of leaving it on to drain the smartphone's power ...

Don't get us wrong, though. We really think this is a great that does something very important - makes life easier for us.

  • Score: A strong 4.5 out of 5. It's almost perfect, but some little issues took out half a star.
  • Description: A public transportation navigation app with real time arrival updates. With the Moovit app, one can find public transportation routes from any source to any destination in the supported metropolitans (check Google Play for the complete list) and receive real time updates about buses and trains arrival time at their respective stops.
  • Good Points: It takes care of a commuter public transportation needs completely - from discovering what buses go where and even planning walking segments, if they exist. It has real time updates of arrival times of buses and trains, which makes planning easier and waiting more bearable.
  • Bad Points: A few of the testers reported a very few instanced where the walking segments proved too long, though we suspect this was a user error and not a bug in the app. In addition, some people thought the interface was a little too complicated - maybe putting in more explanations and help may help solve things. Finally, we really think that if a mechanism can be found where the app turns on the GPS for a few seconds once every few minutes to conserve the smartphone's battery - then the real time updates will be more numerous since more people would leave the app running and not afraid it will drain their batteries.
  • Experience: All the testers (who commute by public transportation, that is) thought the idea behind the app was great. A few experienced some problems who mostly disappeared after a period of use.
  • Longevity:For testers who commute by public transportation - excellent. All those testers said they will keep the app to find the most convenient public transportation route if not the real time arrival time estimates.
  • Google Play Link - Moovit- Real-time Transit Info by Moovit
  • Google Play Score: 4.2


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