Android App Review - LINE: Free Calls & Messages by Line Corporation

Android App Review -  LINE: Free Calls & Messages by Line Corporation

Android App Review -   LINE: Free Calls & Messages by Line Corporation. This is one of the best and most popular calls and messenger apps on Android, and not without good reason. A simple and slick interface, good features and it has that all important quality, the 'Cute' quality.

With Line you can place calls (all over the world) for free all over the internet (just make sure you have a large or unlimited data plan), send messages with stickers, emoticons, pictures and even location reports to you contacts. Of course, more stickers are available for download online.

There really aren't major negative issues with this messenger. Audio and video quality is generally good, at least if you have a fast enough internet connection via cellular or wifi. There isn't a status indicator for you contact like there is in WhatsApp and no logout function for when you DON'T want to receive any calls ... We would have liked some indicator of missed calls, the notifications in general are sometimes buggy and if a contact uninstalled this app, he still appears as if he can receive messages ...

Other than that, it really is one of the best Android messengers out there, making it easy to communicate by voice, video, sms or chat and share images between contacts.

Of course, one of the dominating factors in using Android messengers is finding our what others are using ... But Line is one of the best options out there right now.

  • Score: A very solid 4.5 out of 5. Just short of perfect.
  • Description: A video chat, messenger and file sharing Android app that enables a user to communicate with his or her contacts over an internet connection. One of the most popular Android messenger app, its simple and attractive interface was liked by most of our testers.
  • Good Points: Very attractive interface that all of our testers (from teens to grandmothers) loved. The app works like a charm (in most cases) even when communicating across continents, if the internet connection is good enough. Cute and plentiful stickers. Easy sharing of files, images and even location reports between users.
  • Bad Points: Wouldn't be much of a review without them ... A very few of our testers encountered some problems with notifications, with missed calls and messages that needed an hour to finally understand they've been read ... Some missing features of contact management - deleting contacts and status updates.
  • Experience: Line messenger worked very well on all the smartphones we tried (mainly Samsung and LG brands). Our testers loved the simple interface and cute stickers which some other messengers app do not possess. A few testers found some problems with downloading videos sent by Line messengers but in general, all our testers agreed this was a very professional and stable app.
  • Longevity: All of our testers kept this app installed on their smartphones and at least half made it their major messenger app, running a close second after WhatApp.
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  • Google Play Score: 4.2


  1. Line Chat is really a nice apps. When we use voice call it clear and audible. But getting connected in audio call is not always happening. Here Skype is much ahead. I feel Skype is far ahead in video and audio call, same like Photo4tune is good for Photo sharing and chatting.

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