Android App Review - LINE camera by LINE Corporation

Android App Review - LINE camera by LINE Corporation

Android App Review -  LINE camera by LINE Corporation. This is a camera and photo editing app that allows the user to edit the photos taken by the app (or other camera apps, for that matter) and edit them by adding framers, stickers, text and graphics from a large collection of predefined objects. A very popular app, the user can share images created, enhanced and edited by the app to facebook and other social networks. Of course, the app has many useful features and many users (including some of our testers) have actually replaced their stock image taking app with this app, using it in preference to the native camera app. A fun app, and one that our testers profoundly loved.


  • Score: 4.5. Just short a few features from a perfect 5, nevertheless we loved it!
  • Description: An image taking and editing app, the Line Camera allows taking pics and editing them, passing them through filters and adding stamps, text and fun graphics objects from a large predefined collection.
  • Good Points: Pictures taken with Line Camera are sometimes even better than those taken by the Android native camera app. Editing and filtering pics is mostly easy and adding graphics to an image is also fairly easy.
  • Bad Points: There were a few rare cases where the app froze, even forcing us to shutdown and restart the smartphone. We would have enjoyed an even larger variety of graphical objects to add to pictures and some of our testers thought that the app's ram requirements and processing time were too long between images. And of course, we're waiting to be able to add the same effects to videos and not just photos ...
  • Experience: Installing and working with the app was easy and fun. A few testers reported some problems after an update but they sorted themselves out. It seems most of our testers loved this app more than other apps (like Camera360 Ultimate) but it mostly comes down to individual preferences.
  • Longevity: Most of the testers would keep using this app, a few even started using it in lieu of their native Android camera app. One thought it slowed down his smartphone and uninstalled it after the testing period.
  • Google Play Link - LINE camera by LINE Corporation
  • Google Play Score: 4.5


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