Android App Review - Kik Messenger by Kik Interactive

Android App Review - Kik Messenger by Kik Interactive

Android App Review -  Kik Messenger by Kik Interactive. A messenger that does not use the smartphone's number but allows you to create and use a Kik account, which we're not sure is a good or bad thing ... It does allow one more freedom but apps like Whatsapp that use the smartphone's number for identification insure the user's identity and prevent impersonation, with the drawback that if you change your phone number (for instance, changing carrier sometimes forces you to change your number) you'll lose you Whatsapp conversations. Kik does possess a simple and intuitive interface while still having features such as pic sending, user status updating and group conversations.

Kik Messenger app is advertised to be faster than any other messenger. Our testers have indeed confirmed the app is fast, though they're not sure its the fastest messenger app they ever used .. All together, a good and simple app to use and we can heartily recommend it. The only thing is, just like in any other messenger, is to find out what messenger your contacts are using and use it too ... Just one more thing. Since the Kik accounts can be annonymous, you can never be sure who you're talking to, just like in Internet chat rooms, with all their advantages and drawbacks because of anonymity, adult possible and the like. Just search for Kik 'sexting'.

  • Score. 4.5 out of 5. We took half a point away because of the user account management. In our opinion, using the smartphone's number to ID contacts is better. Still, if it doesn't matter to you, this app is great. 
  • Description. 
  • Good Points. A very simple and intuitive interface. Having a Kik account and not having the messenger app use the smartphone's number has its advantages ... Kik messenger app has all the necessary features - text and pic messages, notifications, group conversations and more.
  • Bad Points. Our testers disliked the colors that came with the update. Boring, they called it ... Setting up an account and using it can be difficult at times, as is having to locate your friends (since you usually know their phone numbers anyway).
  • Experience. 
  • Longevity. Most of our testers liked Kik app, but eventually some returned to Whatsapp Messenger, citing simplicity, ease of contact locating and an interface that a little more appealing.
  • Google Play. Google Play Link - Kik Messenger by Kik Interactive
  • Google Play Score 4.4 

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