Android App Review - Google Maps

Android App Review - Google Maps

Android App Review -  Google Maps. Probably the most popular navigation app in the world, and not only because it comes with every Android smartphone and tablet. Every navigation app knows how to get you to your destination but all strive to bring the user something new. Waze tried to make driving a social experience, by sharing traffic information from all the other drivers using Waze on the roads. What makes Google Map special is its comprehensive database of businesses, establishments and points of interest along the road.

Google Maps has really everything in it, every kind of hotel, restaurant, pub and almost everything else you would want. Google leverages its huge database and the result is actually having the whole internet available to you via navigation with Google Maps.

Of course, Google Map comes rich with features, such as navigating and directions for walking or public transportation in addition to driving, like we mentioned before searching for almost anything be it close or far away, getting several courses and picking the best one for you, using Street View to actually see pictures of any place you're getting at. Of course, there is the ability to download maps at the start of the drive (when you're in WiFi range) and then use them for you navigation. The list features goes on and on, including voice activation and navigation.

Even though some of our testers didn't like the new update (while others simply adored it), there have been some crashes of the app while navigating and some features have been hidden away in the new update. Other than that, this is one of the best and most useful navigating app for Android right now.

  • Score: We gave it 4.5 out of 5, an almost perfect score because some of our testers had problems with the new update, mainly with crashes and losing save data and waypoints, not to mention hidden features.
  • Description: A navigation app with incredibly rich features, from voice activation to free text locale searching to picture available of virtually any place to offline maps to more and more features ... This is a app worthy of the giant that is Google.
  • Good Points: Free text searching for locales is very important and useful, such as looking for the nearest convenience store. Street View is also very useful as it allows you to see what your destination looks before you reach it.
  • Bad Points: Some of our testers disliked the new app update, claiming the old interface and maps were better. There are reported crashes here and there, common to most navigation apps.
  • Experience: Our testers used the app extensively, some using the walking and public transportation routes the app gives. All were quite enthusiastic about the more special features like Street View and Google's extensive database (find a nearby pizza, will you?!?)
  • Longevity: Of course, it is installed on every Android machine, but most of our testers still continue to use the app, though most not exclusively.
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  • Google Play Score: 4.5


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