Android App Review - ES File Explorer File Manager by ES APP Group

Android App Review - ES File Explorer File Manager by ES APP Group 

ES File Explorer File Manager by ES APP Group. This app is an amazingly comprehensive file manager combined with task manager, combined with cloud storage manager, file player for movies and music and can work by remote through Wifi. Truly one of the best file managers we tested, this is one app that our testers really loved. 

With this app, you get almost every tool, management and remote service you will ever need. This is really a must have app that solves the sometimes tricky file management on Android devices, especially the transfer of files to and from your home PC.

One of the best things is the tons of features ES File Explore File Manager provide. Our testers liked in particular the search function, a really useful feature that allows finding of files hidden away by the Android operating system in some remote folders.

Most testers also lauded the cloud and pc files syncing options, complete with a simple menu, this app makes those pesky Android file transfer issues a thing of the past. Of course, since it's got Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud storage services installed, you don't really have to have them installed as well, saving a lot of room on your smartphone's ram.

Of course, our testers reported some issues, like some of the menus refusing to appear on landscape mode on 7" tablets, some of the file transfers to cloud services being interrupted, especially when the smartphone locks down and we would have liked an option to be able to play music while still continuing to browse files. There were also some complaints of force closure with the new update when trying to see file details.

All in all, the issues are really small and the overwhelming opinion of our testers was that this is one of the best, if not the best file manager they ever worked with.

  • Score: A very warm 5 out of 5. One of the most comprehensive file managers on Google Play.
  • Description: A file explorer and file manager with extensive features such as remote file transfer to PCs, cloud services and media playing services. One of the best file explorer and file managers on Google Play.
  • Good Points: Tons of options - from cloud services to remote file transfer to simple UI for local file manger and explorer.
  • Bad Points: Some small problems of stability with the latest update and a very few of out testers encountered some problems in transferring files to and from cloud services.
  • Experience: Since installing this app, the vast majority of our testers enjoyed working with ES File Explorer File Manager that most of them turned it into their main file manager for Android and removed their cloud services apps since this app provides everything that is needed.
  • Longevity: Excellent. Almost none of our testers reported he or she will uninstall it ever after the reviewing period was over.
  • Google Play Link - ES File Explorer File Manager by ES APP Group
  • Google Play Score: 4.7


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