Android App Review - Candy Crush Saga

Android App - Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Sage is one of the most popular games on Android right now, and Facebook is filled with cries of "How do I get past level 99?" or "Awesome! I finished level 199!". A candy crushing puzzle, you go through a world where the puzzles are made off candy, just waiting there to be crushed.

A very addictive game, Candy Crush Sage promises hours of fun but also some frustrating levels if the necessary upgrades and power ups are not bought with real money. Changing levels with tons of colorful, sweet candy to crush, the Candy Crush addiction is here.

  • Score: 4.5 For an enjoyable and addictive if a little repetitive game.
  • Description: This is a puzzle solving game with fun and cheery graphics, if a little over too 'fruity', tons of levels and special items that can help solve the more difficult levels and generally make the game a little more interesting. The feature of buying stuff in mid game can be turned off, which may be a good feature for some who find it irritating. In general, Candy Crush Saga is a fairly addictive game for those who have kids, some spare time in boring meetings or on public transportation and are not afraid of cheerful music and bright colors. Of course, this is a must for all lovers of candy!
  • Good Points: Very addictive and fun, lots of levels, probably one of the best puzzle games out there - quite challenging on the higher levels.
  • Bad Points: Sometimes it's difficult getting past some levels (upwards of level 180) without paying for power ups, there are rare instance of the game not loading and spending lives, the update policy seems a bit strange and there are rare instances of freezing up - especially when trying to get things sent by friends.
  • Experience: Installed it about two weeks ago and played it extensively. The game does seem to have some problem receiving tickets from friends and it did freeze once and did a forced closure two or three times. Our testers were fairly addicted and one even paid to have higher levels open up. They all think this is a great free game, just needs to have the several kinks and bugs fixed.
  • Longevity: Fair - Been playing it for two weeks now but will probably uninstall it in another two weeks or so.
  • Google Play Link - Candy Crush Saga
  • Google Play Score: 4.4

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