Android App Review - Camera360 Ultimate by PinGuo Inc

Android App Review - Camera360 Ultimate by PinGuo Inc


Camera360 Ultimate by PinGuo Inc. This is arguably one of the best, the most popular and one of the most feature rich and stable camera and photo editing app out there on Google Play, and it's free, on top of everything. With tons of features, filters, magic colors, collage building and cloud storing, this is really an astounding app that really has almost everything needed for a comprehensive smartphone camera app.

With a clean and neat interface, the user can access almost every conceivable photography and photo editing parameter, from contrast to sharpness to saturation to magic color to exposure time to zoom. 

Additional effect such as scene pictures where a downloaded scene will the the background for a picture you take. Cool features include batch operations for doing the same thing for a group of pictures, say pictures taken on a single day. 

Camera 360 allows to apply effects to a picture during its taking and also afterwards, which really turns into a fast and effective photo editing app. Pictures enhanced with effects can be quite stunning, citing Magic Color, Black and White, LOMO, RETRO, HDR and ENHANCE. Of course, several modes of shooting pictures exist, from self portrait to quick shoot to special effects mode.

Camera 360 Cloud is another great option for saving those albums for those afraid to lose their smartphone during a trip or just running out of place on their SD cards. Naturally, it's also a great sharing feature.

Unfortunately, apparently an app of such complexity must contain bugs and problems. We've had several testers reporting of crashes and freezes, and even some problems with pic management - old pictures stuck inside the Camera 360 folders and the app can't remove them and even rarely, an old picture will appear to be edited instead of the picture that had been selected. We've also had issues with too bright scenes - the Camera 360 light meters seems to take a long time to recover.

  • Score:4.5 out of 5. It would have been a perfect 5 if not for the few bugs and problems, rare but irritating. We hope a future update will make us give this Camera 360 a well earned 5 out of 5.
  • Description: A camera and photo editing app which lets you pick a filter, camera mode and edit the photo during or after taking it, creating collages, pictures in preloaded scenes or adding special photo effects.
  • Good Points:One of the best camera and photo editing apps, rich with features such as camera modes (we liked quick shot in particular), special effects (magic color is another favorite), filters and a useful cloud option.
  • Bad Points: A few rare but irritating bugs. Old pics that cannot be erased or that pop up when you want to edit a newer pictures. Several crashes. Adjusting to a too bright scene seems to take too long. Auto save feature that disappeared during the last update.
  • Experience:Every tester could use the app within moments after installing, which in our book makes for a good app. The special filters and effects were also very easy to use and even the testers with the least understanding in photography managed to produce outstanding pictures, which explains why this app is so good and why is it so popular.
  • Longevity:Excellent. Most if not all of our testers continued using this app, for the filters and special effects if not for the camera modes. Almost none uninstalled it.
  • Google Play Link - Camera360 Ultimate by PinGuo Inc
  • Google Play Score: 4.4


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