Android App Review - Battery by MacroPinch

Android App Review - Battery by MacroPinch


Battery by MacroPinch app. A simple but very useful app that works on a very large variety of Android devices - from smartphones to tablets. The battery app monitors the battery, displays in the notification bar and a widget the current power percent and the smartphone's or tablets working time left before the battery is drained.

We liked this app a lot. Simple yet effective, it only has one problem which is probably unavoidable.

The battery app also has advanced battery monitoring features which allow you to monitor to battery's health. If a smartphone develops a tendency to drain its battery quickly, you can use the app's advanced features to see if its healthy and use to app the open Android's power monitoring app which shows you which app is using how much power, in case something in the smartphone is draining the power too quickly. 

Some of our testers were confused by Battery app's feature which shows how much time there is before the battery is drained. What confused these testers is the fact that the app shows time remaining according to current power consumption. So, if you have a heavy game running over WiFi, the battery app will indicate the battery will drain quickly. If you turn off the game and then check the battery app again, it will show a much longer battery draining time. 

Aside from that time indication which may be confusing, the app was very much liked by our testers. Useful and simple, it became indispensable in an instant.

  • Score: A 5 out of 5, because it does exactly what it says it does, simply and easily.
  • Description: A battery monitoring app that displays the battery's remaining power by percentage and also shows how much time there is before the batter runs out of power. Has notification bar and widgets display.
  • Good Points: Very simple to understand and use. Has widgets and notification bar displays. Has time remaining display in addition to percentage of power used.
  • Bad Points: The time displayed till the battery runs out depends on current power usage, i.e. which apps are running, whether WiFi and GPS are turned on, etc. So, checking on different times may show wildly different results, which confused some of our testers.
  • Experience: All our testers found the app very useful, whichever Android version they had. All turned the notification bar display on (which makes you ask, why was it turned off as default after installing) and went right on using it.
  • Longevity: Almost all kept the battery app installed on their smartphone or tablet for good.
  • Google Play Link - Battery by MacroPinch
  • Google Play Score: 4.7


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