blabel messenger app

A beatifully designed messenger app with tons of features, starting from the common ones like media sharing to new ones such as pokes, media searching and location sharing.

Good.Co: Workplace Culture Fit

An app that gets to know the user through a quiz and then finds the workplaces, companies and people that he or she will most enjoy working with.

Four Year Trip

The COMPLETE college and university info tool, from basic data to enrollment forms, reviews, pics, fairs and everything that is needed to select a college AND everything that is needed for student life WHILE studying.

Baby Phonic Video Baby Monitor

An easy to operate and versatile app that will connect any two mobile devices through WiFi router to keep an eye and an ear on your baby.

Chocolate Raiders Candy Puzzle

A beautiful puzzle solving game invloving a lot of chocolate goodness, a small chocolate raiding monster and an evil chocolate king that refuses to share the chocolate goodness!

Round Clock Widget - Specially configurable Graphic Watch

A clock widget that can be configured with beautiful graphics to suit EVERYONE's tastes.

Babylon Bob - A Special Platform Game

A unique platform game with quirky characters, special atmosphere that will challenge anybody.

Vegas Wheel Slots - Jackpot

Play the most popular slot machines in Las Vegas right on your device! Vegas Wheel Slots brings you all your favorite slot machines in one place with an authentic and fun gameplay with an added spin the wheel bonus.

blabel by Vetrya - Android App Review

blabel by Vetrya - Android App Review

Since the old days of ICQ and the advent of the android smartphone (yeah, yeah. the other kind too) instant messenger and online chatting has become one of the most important and popular apps in use everywhere and by everyone. In fact, a lot of people now use chatting and messaging more than they use old fashioned talking. 

Why is that? Well, there are several reasons and most of them revolve around the way people think and behave in the 21st century. First of all, we don't have as much free time as we used to. Everyone is hurrying to class, to work, to gym, to Thursday's night poker game. Everyone is busy, and instant messaging is the perfect solution to sending short message without the hassle of a long conversion.

There are more reasons why messenger apps are so popular, one of them being groups. The ability to send and receive messages from a group really revolutionized the way people communicate, as now creating a group, communicating with it and sharing stuff has become the normal way to communicate.

Last but not least is the ability to share stuff aside from messages. Today, most messenger apps will allow us to share pics, videos, songs and almost everything else. In effect, this means we can now share not only messages and texts, but we can now actually share moments and pieces of our lives.

But, since there are so many messenger apps, the questions begs to be asked, which is the best one ? Which one should we use?

Well, a very good candidate to answer that question is blabel, by Vetrya studios. 

We made our small army of reviewers download the app and start using it, and then we just waited for their opinions and remarks.

First of all, and something that came from the vast majority of reviewers, was the design. Apparently the design has been made in Italy and it shows. Everything in the interface is soothing and pleasant, from the colors to the shape of the buttons to the different background the user can select. Everything gives a very pleasant feeling when using blabel, which is something quite unique among other messenger apps. 

In addition, our younger reviewers especially loves the song searching and private messaging features with self destruct messages though we didn't ask what exactly they did with them ... Our older (and more serious minded reviewers) loved the way locations can be shared among people and groups.

Our reviewers who fell between those two groups loved the way people can use the app with the same account on several devices and even on the web. This opened a whole new world to those who could use the app comfortably even while at work and even when they switched devices, from tablet to smartphone to laptop.

Tips our reviewers sent were mostly about use and functionality. Switching and upgrading devices with blabel is MUCH easier than with other messenger services, just remember to format your old device so people won't be able to hack your account. Pokes are also a great feature our reviewers loved, though when using them for the first time with someone, make sure they understand what exactly they are.

So sum things app, blabel is an exciting new messenger app with security, encryption, self destructing messages, locations and media searching features, in addition to poke functionality. In other words, it can do everything other messenger apps can do, and then some, and everything in blabel is also beautifully designed. 

  • Score: 4.7. A beautiful messenger app with tons of features.
  • Description: A messenger app with security, self destructing messages, location and media sharing, chatting and group management.
  • Good Points: Self destructing messages. Pokes. Media and location searching and sharing. Beautiful design. 
  • Bad Points: None really. As a new messenger app, not everyone has it installed yet. 
  • Experience: The app is very easy to use and no one had any trouble starting to work with it. The multifunction main button took some getting used to.
  • Longevity: People installed this app for good, as even migrating from smartphone to smartphone became SO easy with blabel.
  • Link to Google Play

blabel by Vetrya - Android App Featured

blabel by Vetrya - Android App Featured   

Android smartphones (and the other kinds too ...) have several main functions or features. They serve as mobile offices, mobile entertainment centers, mobile security centers and last but certainly not least, mobile communications centers. That last feature is important because let us not forget that smartphones have evolved from phones, and communications was the main if not only function phones served.

But we must not forget another important thing. We are in the 21st century now and talking on the phone is so ... 20th century. Now we text, and instant chat, and share movies and songs and files. Communications now is so much more than 'just' talking. We share feelings, moments, pictures. Actually, we now share pieces of slices of our lives.

This is what instant messenger apps are all about. But, Google Play has so many instant messenger apps, from Whatapp to Wechat to Tango to the current Facebook messenger app. Where is the innovation? Where is the instant messenger app that does more than the others?

Well, we would like to introduce babel, an Italian designed and American produced messenger app.

blabel has all the functionality a good messenger app should have. People can send text messages, chat, send media files from pics to videos. In addition, the app supports sending voice messages from device to device and all the obvious group functionality, from group creation, deletion and so on and so forth.

However, blabel has some very interesting additions that make us forsee good things for this relatively new messenger app. First of, the design and UI. It is quite clear where the Italians have pitched in their ideas and outlook as blabel is perhaps one of the better looking and better designed apps we have seen lately, with buttons, menus and background blending in to give a great user experience.

But the app really shines when we come to consider its special features. First and foremost, blabel allows us to hook several devices into the same account and that can make life SO great, as we can chat with friends and don't miss on conversation even if we are now surfing the Internet on our tablet while our smartphone is charging.

blabel also supports web interface (i.e. chatting right from our desktop!), self destruction messages and pokes, searching and sending songs and a lot more, with everything packaged into a beautiful, easy to use interface.

Did we already say we see great things in the future for this app?

Wolf Online by 1Games - Android App Featured

Wolf Online by 1Games - Android App Featured   

Did you ever hear the call of the wild? Did you ever want to throw away the shackles of civilization and connect to your own wild, untamed side? Did you ever want to nurture a pack of wild beasts, every bit as savage as you are (on the inside, of course ...) ?

With Wolf Online, you can do all this.

Wolf online is not only the ideal hunting game, but is really lets you rip and glorify in savage hunting, fighting and conquering. You get to select to play as one out of three types of wolf in a wild and savage setting. You have to survive and thrive in hostile conditions, hunt for food, fight other predators and defend yourself from enemy wolf tribes.

Of course, the interesting part of the game comes from the fact that you not only have to care for yourself but for your pack as well, calling them to help you fight large and dangerous play. Online playing is a major theme in the game, whether it is to fight other players or join forces to bring down huge prey.

Wolf Online has that special quality that calls to the player, letting him or her immerse himself or herself in a fantasy setting that is just as interesting as the real world, though with much more teeth and fantastic monsters!

Keep Inside - Android App Review

Keep Inside by Emre Rothzerg - Android App Review

Games come in many types and flavors but they can be broadly divided into two types, complex and simple ones. Complex games require a lot of preparation, time and energy while simple games just require that the user whips out his or her smartphone and start tapping away.

Every game type has its own advantages and benefits. Complex games really allow the user to submerge himself or herself into a vast world, whether it is a strategic or simulation game while the simple game allows the user to relax whenever he or she have a few moments to spare. Of course, both game types have their own merits and fans, and people can love both types of games.

Keep inside is a good example of a simple game. Just a reminder, simple does not mean easy ... The goal in Keep Inside is to keep a dot or a ball inside the large circle and the user has two simple controls to move a section of the circle to prevent the ball from leaving the circle. Sounds simple? It is. 

So, let's see what our reviewers had to say about Keep Inside.

Fist of all, our reviewers enjoyed playing with a game that was simple, that doesn't require weeks to learn to use all the different options, and powerups and upgrades. With Keep Inside, you launch the game and start playing. You learn to play it in five minutes.

Our reviewers also commented about the difficulty curve, saying it was just right. The game starts out easy and gradually becomes more difficult, allowing the player to gradually get accustomed and hone his or her reflexes before he or she really have to start working.

Another thing the vast majority of out users enjoyed very much was the graphics and UI. Keeping it simple, the studio that made Keep Inside made the game very easy to operate and made sure the graphics were both high quality and simple, creating a game that was ideal for a few moments of relaxation without having to encounter anything complex.

Our reviewers had several tips for players. First of all, plan ahead, think not only where the ball will be when it bounces off the 'bat' but where it's going and be there with the 'bat' before it arrives. Planning ahead is the only way to win.

Another thing our reviewers recommended was concentration. The game really is a game of concentration, so make sure you can concentrate on the game while playing. Of course, trying to keep your concentration while in a distraction rich environment is also a great exercise, just be aware that it will detract from your score. 

Last but not least was the tip to try to play it on a tablet or large screen mobile device, to see exactly how the game and the ball behaves there. 'Training' on a large screen device might completely change the way you play on a regular sized screen display.

  • Score: 4.6. A good solid game and a great example for a simple, high quality app.
  • Description: A game where the user must keep a ball inside a circle by using a 'bat' to keep it inside.
  • Good Points: Very simple game and design. Very addictive. Launches and plays really fast. 
  • Bad Points: We would have liked to have more shapes and scenarios in future game updates.
  • Experience: All reviewers enjoyed the game and none had any problem understanding how to play and how to win.
  • Longevity: People who loved the simple concept and who need a three minute break now and then kept this game installed for a long time.
  • Link to Google Play

Good.Co: Workplace Culture Fit - Android App Review

Good.Co: Workplace Culture Fit - Android App Review

We, at Android Review Center, love apps that are original and if possible, apps that really make our lives better. Android Smartphones have the potential to transform our lives and we constantly try to find the apps (and games, to a lesser extent) that take a step in that direction.

One of the most important things in an adult's life is his or her job. A good job will insure we earn enough money to have the lifestyle we are interested in and a good job with good working conditions will let us enjoy it, which is more important than it seems, because a job we love is a job that doesn't make us sad or gloomy and doesn't cast a shadow over our lives.

But a good job is one that we enjoy going to, a job that makes us jump out of bed each morning and not pull the blanket over out heads .... A large part of that is corporate life, the people and activities that surround the job, as well as what we actually do at the job. In fact, there has never been an app or a service that can help us choose the job with the corporate life for us.
Until now.

Enter Good.Co Workplace Culture Fit, an app that tries to do just that, find the workplace that we will like the most.

Our reviewers took the app with a grain of salt, as the task the app has taken upon itself to fulfil is quite daunting. Nevertheless, our reviewers, only working adults this time, launched themselves into the app and their reports started flowing it.

First of all came the quizzes. The app will find the right place for you to work only if it gets to know you, and the app learns its user by putting him or her through quite a long quiz. Even though the quiz wasn't short, none of our reviewers complained because the questions were quite interesting and everyone understood that the answers determine the quality of company matches the app will provide.

The app also takes a look at the user's LinkedIn network, all to get to know the user better.

The results the app gave were quite interesting for several reasons. First of all, some reviewers really got to thinking about the career choices when the app presented them with companies they never thought were for them. In addition, some of the insights the app offered were interesting enough and sometimes even prompted change in the reviewer's job without leaving for another workplace.

Last but certainly not least, the app also has a social networking function which is just as important because it helps the user find like minded people that already work in the same workplace, sometimes without the user even knowing about them. Creating new connections with nearby people who share some of the same views of things is quite important.

All in all, the app is really easy to use, with professional simple menus and workflow that are easy enough for everyone to use, even older people who sometimes have trouble with more complicated app UI. 

The tips our reviewers gave were quite simple. Answer the quiz as accurately as possible, even taking a moment to consider now and then. Look at the app's workplace suggestions and think why it offered you them. It might cause you to change things in your job and the way you do things without leaving your current job. Last, don't neglect the social network component and go talk to people the app suggested might be thinking the same about many subjects. You can meet some great people that way.

  • Score: 4.8. The app tackles a daunting task and does it beautifully.
  • Description: An app that makes you answer a quiz and then offers jobs and companies that might be suitable for you, and people that share the same opinions.
  • Good Points: Simple and professional interface with very clear workflows. A quiz that is not too long yet quite comprehensive. Good results from the app. 
  • Bad Points: We would have liked the social networking component enlarged, perhaps creating a network for workplaces.
  • Experience: All reviewers started to work with the app almost immediately without a hitch. The results the app gave were quite interesting, prompting thought and consideration by those receiving them.
  • Longevity: People liked to keep the app installed because it gives interesting insights about yourselves and doing the quiz every few months can give a good indication about your satisfaction from your job.
  • Link to Google Play

Bubble Shooter by Super Droid Studio - Android App Featured

Bubble Shooter by Super Droid Studio - Android App Featured   

Who hasn't spend hours and hours bursting bubbles with the classic, trusty bubble shooter game? From desktops to old IPACS to even older mobile devices, all carried this game and there's no one who hand't played it and shouted with joy when ten or more bubbles burst at the same time.

Now, finally, a great version of the game had hit Google Play. It has all the elements everyone loved from the original game. A great many levels, challenging starting points, multiple colors and the bubble shooter itself, that you can carefully aim to shoot your bubble at the correct place. 

On the smartphone, this is an ideal game for those looking for a few quiet minutes, or to keep their brains busy, or just have the kids develop their thinking skills in a game that is completely lacking in violence.

Motorbike Rideout - Android App Featured

Motorbike Rideout by Rideout Applications - Android App Featured   

For people who aren't into motorbikes, there's nothing special about that vehicle. It's just a car with two wheels less than a car, no protection from the elements and much less safety. However, for those that ARE into motorbikes, a motorbike is much more than just a vehicle.

In fact there is in every country a truly international society of motorbike riders. For them, a motorbike is a way of life, even if they get to ride their bike a few hours every weekend. For those people, a motorbike is a way to keep and maintain their freedom and identity.

This is where Motorbike Rideout comes into play, an app to bring all the power and technology of Android Smartphones to that mystic society of motorbike. In simple words, Motorbike Rideout is a social network made especially for riders.

What does the app do? First and foremost, it creates a social network of bikers, a place where anyone can find, meet and hangout with other riders, because there may be a whole group of riders right in your neighborhood which you never met and never knew existed ... 

After that, the app manages events, rideous, and bike club activities. A person can enter, search and find events according to location, time, destination and see exactly who is attending, what is their plan, the route and every kind of information about the events. Of course, clubs who want to keep their events private can do so easily. 

In addition, the app has an important real time component that shows your location and the location of any other riders on the map, on a predefined radius. Perfect of ad hoc hooking, or to manage a large scale riding event (and finding the ones who drifted behind or took a wrong turn), Motorbike Rideout is the perfect app to manage an event on real time.

With a lot of countries already support, and more and more countries and languages being added all the time, this app is perfect for those who need and want to more motorbike riding and organization into the 21st century.

Google Play Link

4 Year Trip - Android App Review

4 Year Trip by Droiple - Android App Review

When you think about the major milestones of your life, one of the most important ones is selecting the right college or university. Getting good education and learning the right profession is makes the difference between many ways of life, not only earning enough money but choosing HOW we earn our money.

But selecting a college or university is not that simple, as any who has ever attended one knows. Judging a higher education school only by its credentials is not enough. You must select the college or university you need not only according to its credentials but according to student life in the establishment as well.

Why does student life become a factor in the selection process of a college or university? Because making connections is an important step in developing careers and group learning, student groups and the student life in general play an important part of how well one can really study in a college, as well as have fun (which is really also important for learning).

4 Year Trip is an app that is supposed to do just that, help us select the best college for us for our higher education and help us keep abreast of important information during studies.

We gave the app for reviewing for those of our team that are actually studying in colleges and universities, as well as those that are about to learn there AND those that graduated not long ago, in order to get as many opinions as possible.

First off all, the app really does contain a lot of info on a lot of schools. Credentials, pictures, contact info, website links are just part of the data the app presents about each school. Of course, the most important thing is the user reviewers and opinions of the schools from people who actually study there.

Another thing all of our reviewers liked was the wealth of information presented about student life, from fairs to events and even things like scholarships and 'how to do' instructions, from enrolling to changing courses.

The main tip our reviewers gave about this app is about continuous use. More information about additional schools is added all the time, on a daily basis, so checking in daily will insure you don't miss anything people add. 

In addition, the app makers (studio Droiple) reward people for checking in, posting and adding info and reviews, so doing that will help others AND insure you get some nifty prizes.

Keep in mind that the app also serves as a great billboard for special school offers and special offers from businesses to students, so like we said earlier, the usefulness of this app does not end after enrolling. 

4 Year Tip is the tool every student needs, dispensing information, pics and reviews about colleges and universities, as well as information that every student will need AFTER enrolling, such as fair, scholarships, special offers, study groups and much more.

  • Score: 4.6. All the relevant college and university data in one app.
  • Description: An info dispensing app about higher education schools, from reviews to pictures to scholarship information to special offers to fair information.
  • Good Points: A huge depository of data. Reward system for posting information. Easy access for every piece of data. Slick and professional design.
  • Bad Points: We would have liked the app to be expanded to include high school data AND workplace information data, for the things which precede and follow higher education ...
  • Experience: Everyone started using the app easily and without a hitch. The easy to use interface made finding data a quick process. Posting took a little more time but the rewards made it worth our reviewers' time.
  • Longevity: All those who went through colleges or were about to enter a college kept the app installed as it is a great college and student life data repository.
  • Link to Google Play

ZyShopper by ZyShopper Inc - Android App Featured

ZyShopper by ZyShopper Inc - Android App Featured   

Online shopping has grown strong and popular these past ten years. Starting with, other retailers have gone online, creating a huge number of online retailers offering everything there is to buy online, from dogs to pianos to cellphones to everything and anything else.  

And that is what had made online shopping a problem, making a growing number of people renounce online shopping all together. The problem is in the selection process. The sheer number of items on offering and the sheer number of varieties, along with the huge number of online stores makes shopping into a grueling, painful affair.

It has become VERY difficult to find things that you like. Okay, if you know you want Ciero Adidas shoes, there's no problem. You just search it, see the various options and select the shop that is cheapest, most reliable and has the best reviews. BUT, what if you want shoes that are LIKE Ceiro? Then, you have a problem.

Shopping is not only for getting groceries for our salad. Shopping is an emotional thing, we need to find and buy things that we like, but finding things that we like can be a long and arduous process because no amount of searching can find shoes that are similar to Ciero that will be liked by us.

And this is what ZyShopper has come to solve. 

ZyShopper is all about emotional shopping. It presents a limited number of products from each online store and lets us easily and naturally browse them, looking at each one, finding more pics if we want them and letting us tag the products we like with a heart sign. The app also lets us move to the next store, again presenting us a limited number of products. 

So, what the deal with ZyShopper? The app learns the things we like, measuring how much time we spend with each product, how many pics we viewed of each product, which did we mark with a heart sign and which stores we browsed and for how long. Then, the app will present us with things we like, based on OUR preferences.

ZyShopper really has the potential to revolutionize shopping, turning it into a pleasant experience, light and graphical that automatically brings us the things we like the most from the stores that we need. In our opinion, this app will take online shopping towards the next level, towards the personalized, emotion and preference based shopping.

Google Play Link