Video Player for Android

An extremely usefull and easy to use media player for android that can play ANY kind of video and music file formats.

Argon Rain by Szymon Lis

Play this game and you will see how to be a modern light emitting diode (LED) trapped in a reactive ion etcher.

Family Orbit

Keep your family safe with this seciruty app that monitors locations, status and allows private message and media sharing.

Neon 2 Cars Racing

A racing game with stunning visuals, unique music and cars moving in breakneck speeds.

Donkey Ollie

A great illustrated ebook for kids and parents of all ages.

Candy Cookie Hero Jam

A sweet match 3 puzzle game with coockies, candy, endless number of levels and totally deviod of violence.

Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot is the best binary trading app today, with fund limits, no opened browser requirement and a LOT of broker options.

Penguin Run, Cartoon

A simple, fun and addicting arcade game. Help the penguins reach the fish in the artcic circle!

IMYPATH - Android App Featured Review

IMYPATH by MARK ALONZO ALEXANDER - Android App Featured Review    

Android smartphones (and probably the other kinds too...) have revolutionized the way we view communication. Once, only twenty years ago, communications was only by voice and on rare (and very expensive!) cases by video chat. Our days, the growing power of the mobile devices, along with the growing data transfer rates have brought into life the mobile social network apps.

Let's face it. Social networking has become one of the main ways of communications of this age and day. Sharing files, videos, songs and other media has become something of a way of life. And we are talking more than mere hobby here. Finding jobs, spouses, connecting with distant family and staying in touch with friends has all become something we all do with the help of social networking.

But Google Play is filled to the brink with social network apps. Facebook and Google Plus all have social network apps and there are many other kids as well. The question to be asked is, do we really need ANOTHER social networking app?

In other words, what does IMYPATH possess that other social networking apps do not?

Let's start with what needs to be fixed with current social network apps. In two words, information overload. However carefully you select your friends, groups and information sources, in a short while your feed will drown under a flood of irrelevant posts that you care nothing about. This information overload is exactly what IMYPATH wants to fix. IMYPATH brings to the front the category system, and by using categories the user can decide what information he or she needs, thus stopping the information overload problem.

With IMYPATH, everything revolves around information control. The user chooses what he or she is interested in out of a wide selection of categories and the app delivers posts and information relevant only to the category or categories that the user has chosen. The user can also create custom categories and everything he or she does, posts and sees is categorized according to the selection he or she has made.

Of course, the app has all the functionality one would expect to see from a social networking app, from sharing media to private messages to status sharing and more and more things, all done with a streamlined interface that helps makes sure that the user won't drown under that overwhelming flood of information that other social network apps suffer from.

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Pixel Jump! Endless Arcade Hop - Android App Featured Review

Pixel Jump! Endless Arcade Hop by Fruity Bits Games - Android App Featured Review    

There is a special place in our hearts for arcade games, even the seemingly simple and repetitive ones. First of all, they are a lot of fun to play. Secondly, where the big, tough, complicated games like Boom Beach or Clash of Clans demand absolute attention or you'll lose the dragons you waited two weeks to build, arcade games just require a little bit of attention and a quick finger. No commitment. 

Pixel Jump! Endless Arcade Hop, aside from it's less than friendly name, is a perfect example of an arcade game that is simply fun to play, no strings attached and no need for a grand master plan that takes two months to build up your landing boat so it will be able to carry the Scorcher .... 

This game can be played anytime, for however long you have, and is always entertaining. The hero is a penguin who has to jump across some frozen landscapes in order to reach his home while taking care to avoid critters and other obstacles along the way.  

The makers of this game, the Fruity Bits Games studio has chosen to go with the pixel - characters graphics. Now, some love this while others hate it but in Pixel Jump! it seems the choice is well warranted, as it makes the game somehow simpler yet more addictive and attractive. In other words, it's very cute.

We love supporting small independent studios (both to have new and innovative games out there and make the big studios sweat and try even harder to put out good games) but in this case we think the game is really worth a try, as the combination of nice graphics, simple yet challenging gameplay and attractive music creates a game that is fun to play.

We should also mention that the studio promises to deliver future updates with more creatures, varied landscapes and other changes that should make the game even more fun to play.

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Video Player for Android - Android App Featured Review

Video Player for Android by android player - Android App Featured Review    

Out of all the things android smartphones and mobile devices are called upon to do, perhaps the most important of all is being a mobile entertainment center and this of course entails playing movies and music, naturally. In fact, every android installation comes with its own music and movies players. 

However, they are rarely good enough. Sometimes they are clumsy to operate and fail to play all kinds and formats of movies (.flac files being a notable example). They have trouble finding and location all music and video files on the device and of course, at least two different apps are needed. 

These are some of the problems Video Player for Android comes to solve. First of all, the makers of the app made a special effort to make it very simple to operate. The app presents a very clear tree of all the folders and media files on the device, making finding, choosing and playing a file exceedingly easy.   

In addition, the app uses hardware acceleration to make use of the smartphones graphical processing unit to play media files, which results in smooth playing of even heavy, high definition videos and a considerable savings of battery power. 

Last but certainly not least is the fact the app can play every conceivable media file format that you can find, even hard to get and rate formats. If you can download it into the smartphone or mobile device, Video Player will be able to play it. No question about it.

Video Player can play movie AND audio files, can play every kind of media file and presents a very easy to use interface, making it one of the most successful, easy to use and useful apps to have on your android smartphone.

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Casino Slots™ by Sixby - Android App Featured Review

Casino Slots™ by Sixby - Android App Featured Review    

There's nothing like gambling to get the blood flowing and the Adrenalin levels high. When money is on the line, and the fate of the game depends on the throw of the dice or the turn of the slots, then you can feel truly alive. 

Casino Slots by Sixby is a great example of casino slots for the android smartphones and mobile devices. Beautiful, fast and easy to operate, this gambling game is just perfect for anyone who wants to get his gambling fix and feel truly alive.

The game itself is beautifully designed, with totally professional interfaces with vivid colors and several kinds of slot machines, each with meticulously drawn pictures, designed to provide a truly unique gaming experience.   

The game features several different kids of slot machines and twenty pay lines on every machine. The game also features a progressive advancement system that aims towards the final jackpot at the end. Last but not least, there is a daily bonus game spin. 

Our conclusion is that Casino Slots is a beautiful game designed for people who want to have fun. With gorgeous interface, multi pay lines in every slot machine and daily bonus game for everyone, this is one of the best gambling app we have seen here on Android Review Center.

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iKnowTennis! - Android App Featured Review

iKnowTennis! by Wild Creek , Barbara Wyatt App Developer - Android App Featured Review    

Knowing the rules of tennis is quite a bit more complicated than it seems. To REALLY know the rules you have to know a bit more than just to hit the ball with the racket at the right time and at the right direction. There are rules about ball falling, rallies, points to be earned at various positions and more.

iKnowTennis! is the app everyone needs to really know and understand the various rules and etiquette of tennis. Small, fast and very well designed, this app can make anyone a tennis rules master.

The app has a repository of rules everyone can browse and learn but the funnest and most memorable way is through various types of quiz where the user of the app must answer questions about Tennis rules, divided into subjects if desired. 

That way, the user learns and tests his or her knowledge as the competition with himself or herself will make everyone work harder and really memorize the answer. Selecting the quiz topics makes it even more memorable for the player.

Out of all the ways to learn, taking quizzes to prove your knowledge and compete against your self make a way that makes things stick in one's memory. iKnowTennis! is very useful for ANYONE who wants to learn about tennis.

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Workout Bunnies - Update - Android App Featured Review

Workout Bunnies - Update - Android App Featured Review      

We wrote about Workout Bunnies before, here and here. We made no secret of the fact we loved the app. It is a well known fact that our modern life makes it very difficult to stay in shape and we welcome any app that helps people to become fit.

For those who don't remember, Workout Bunnies is a social network that revolves around training, exercises and getting in shape regimes. Users can exchange workout programs, find and socialize with people who make the same training exercises as they do and even contact experts for advice, all in the app.

Well, we wanted to go back to the people using the app and find out how they were doing. Since the whole purpose of the app was to help people to keep practicing, it is only natural to ask them did they in fact keep practicing ...

One of the reviewers who tried out Workout Bunnies has looked for and selected swimming as his training regime. He had found a community of swimmers on the app and they started having 'swimming' meetings every Saturday, every time at another gym. Now they are preparing for their first lake crossing.

Another reviewer had always wanted to do suspension training with TRX. She not only setup a community of people doing TRX training but she also managed to locate a private TRX instructor and now the group meets twice a week with the instructor and do 45 minutes workouts, at the group's homes.

These are but examples but they are a good indication of the whole. Workout Bunnies seems to have found a much needed niche and filled it nicely, creating a very useful app that really brings a positive change to the lives of the people using it.

The most important test for the app, longevity, i.e how much time people keep the app installed on their smartphone has been passed by the app with flying colors. 

We will keep our readers posted about updates and more news about Workout Bunnies.

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Music Organizer Player - Android App Featured Review

Music Organizer Player by Muzigrid - Android App Featured Review    

Music Organizer is an app that comes to solve a problem many of us have, organizing AND listening to the music we have on our Android smartphone and mobile devices. There are mp3 players that will play music from folders or create a playlist out of all the folders on a smartphone, but Music Organizer takes all of this to a new level.

The app lets us automatically create playlists from folders, and then lets us select which playlists we want to hear at the moment, allowing us to mix folders, playlists and single mp3 files any way we like.

In addition, the app allows us to search the web for an icon for each playlist, creating an intuitive and easy to operate interface to our playlists and the music we have on our smartphone that no other app possesses.

But Music Organizer doesn't stop here ... It is also a great car audio player with the ability to switch songs even when our smartphone's lock screen is activated, just by touching the power button. No more dangerous fumbling with the smartphone while we're driving!

Last but not least, Music Organizer also lets us adjust the way we hear music and has all the functions of a music equalizer.

To sum things up, Music Organizer lets the player create, store, play, repeat and mix playlists from all the music that he or she has store on his or her smartphone, creating an intuitive interface to music player that on other app has.

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New Basketball Coach Evolution - Android App Featured Review

New Basketball Coach Evolution by Creations Fanswerin - Android App Featured Review    

We at Android Review Center have always divided games into strategy, RPG, arcade and various war games, with sports taking a slot inside the arcade genre. However, in New Basketball Coach Evolution we see a completely different (and smarter) approach to sports.

Actually, what this game does is turn sports (basketball to be exact) into a strategy game. The game takes the role of basketball coach, creates a skill, stamina and player stats system (which is based on what we all see on every basketball game anyway) and lets the app player manage the team.  

This makes a complex and challenging game though very fun to play. The player must decide who is going to play, manage the team and the game, assign roles and take a good care of his or her players, reserve players and a lot of other factors.

Of course, the real challenge comes in the games, because than the coach gets to see how his managed system of players, roles, workout regimes and more all come to the fore and create a wining team. Or not ...

Besides the obvious challenge and skill required to manage the team, the mere fact of getting to play the coach in overall control of the group is quite an experience, not only for basketball fans. It makes you appreciate real life coaches a lot more.

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