Honey Heroes - A Special Puzzle Game

A great and imaginitaive game for young and adults alike. Solve the puzzles to let the bees get to the honey.

blabel messenger app

A beatifully designed messenger app with tons of features, starting from the common ones like media sharing to new ones such as pokes, media searching and location sharing.

Good.Co: Workplace Culture Fit

An app that gets to know the user through a quiz and then finds the workplaces, companies and people that he or she will most enjoy working with.

Four Year Trip

The COMPLETE college and university info tool, from basic data to enrollment forms, reviews, pics, fairs and everything that is needed to select a college AND everything that is needed for student life WHILE studying.

Baby Phonic Video Baby Monitor

An easy to operate and versatile app that will connect any two mobile devices through WiFi router to keep an eye and an ear on your baby.

Chocolate Raiders Candy Puzzle

A beautiful puzzle solving game invloving a lot of chocolate goodness, a small chocolate raiding monster and an evil chocolate king that refuses to share the chocolate goodness!

Round Clock Widget - Specially configurable Graphic Watch

A clock widget that can be configured with beautiful graphics to suit EVERYONE's tastes.

Vegas Wheel Slots - Jackpot

Play the most popular slot machines in Las Vegas right on your device! Vegas Wheel Slots brings you all your favorite slot machines in one place with an authentic and fun gameplay with an added spin the wheel bonus.

RavR - Social Raving 24_7 - Android App Featured

RavR - Social Raving 24/7 - Android App Featured   

Let's face it, people. We humans are social creatures and social interaction is one of the most important things for us. The nighttime scene is the pinnacle of social interactions for a growing number of people, teens and older. Android smartphones and mobile devices are slowly starting to be able to support our nighttime interactions.

We are introducing Ravr - Social Raving 24/7, a new app that has everything anyone interested and indeed living the nightlife scene needs. This app presents all the information needed to liven up the nighttime raving activities of anyone with any interests, even at daytime. 

What does this app do? Quite simple, it contains everything we need to know about the nightlife scene in order to be able to enjoy it the best we can. First and foremost, the app presents all the clubs and bar nearest to the user, and allows the user to see them on a map and even navigate to them. 

But the app has more, much more. All interesting evens, special parties and performances are also displayed by the app, allowing the user to select the most interesting and appealing activity to him or her, even taking into account things like special discounts and deals that are available ONLY to users of RavR - Social Raving 24/7.

But the app does more than merely show information. It also creates a community of like minded individuals who can share reviews, opinions and messages about places and events, to make sure the word about a good bar is spread around but a bad club will be shunned until everything needs fixing is fixed.

The app also supports the community by allowing chats and message exchange between nearby users of the app, all to bring people together and let them exchange information and experiences. 

This app is all about experiences and has everything everyone will ever need to make nightlife and good partying take a mighty step forward.    

Sweet Jar by ByPost - Android App Review

Sweet Jar by ByPost - Android App Review

To take thing in perspective, we on Android Review Center say that we love our smartphones and mobile devices because of their functionality, and we do get a LOT of functionality from the huge amount and variation of apps on google play. There are apps for everything you've ever thought of and a lot of things your HAVEN"T thought of, but that's just part of the fun. 

The apps can be very broadly defined as apps that help the smartphone become a mobile office, apps for mobile communications, apps for entertainment and last but not least, security and safety apps. But, as much as our engineering instincts want to have everything labeled neatly, there are the special apps, the ones that cannot be so easily categorized, and sometimes these are the best apps of all.

Meet Sweet Jar, an app by ByPost that does a special thing, connecting the real world with our world inside the smartphone. What does it do? Quite simply, the app blows life into jars of sweets on the smartphone's screen and makes them into real things. 

How does the app work? The user gets to select a jar and then he or she must fill it up with up to six variations of candy, from cola bottles to juicy lips, liquorice allsorts, gummy bears, fizzy vampire teeth and much more. Then, the user must pay real money (£6) and then the real jar with the selections of candy the user made appear on his or her doorstep in a few days.

So, what did the reviewers had to say about the app? 

Our reviewers liked the app a lot, even those who don't usually consume that much candy. The screens and graphics are really colorful and visually appealing, making it a joy to just browse through the options and see all Sweet Jar has to offer. This also makes working with the app very simple and intuitive, with no chance of mistakes.

Our reviewers also commented on the sheer variety of candy to select, citing hundreds of candy types, some mysterious and unknown but all intriguing with good pictures. Whatever candy type you like, our reviewers say you'll find it within Sweet Jar.

Last but not least, our reviewers reported that there was no hitch in the payment and the real world jar deliverance. The jars arrived before schedule on almost all occasions and they were wrapped so well that no one broke or was otherwise damaged by its journey. AND, people got exactly what they ordered, which means the app does exactly what it is supposed to.

Our reviewers sent in several tips and tricks. Now, reviewers commented that the candy jars made perfect presents to give when visiting or as prices, so the app is useful even if you DON'T like candy. Another trick is to select less than six types of candy if you know and want a specific kind.

Another tips is to be brave and select unknown types of candy. Live dangerously ... Some guys said that the jars make excellent gifts for the fair gender, even going so far to order the jars straight to the hotel room when going on vacation and making it wait there for the couple's arrival. This always got very positive reactions!

For the parents among us, our reviewers said the jars present perfect school and class party refreshment and even if you want to gift your kid with one, selecting candy types for jars is very easy and avoid temptations encountered when going to the mall ...

The app doesn't use paypal, only credit and debit cards which make it a little safer for our money and the price in general is not high, so reviewers recommended ordering jars in advance and just keeping them at home for when candy will be needed for guests or kids.

Sweet Jar is a great app, colorful and easy to use and the physical world component works really well.

  • Score: 4.8. A beautiful app that works really well.
  • Description: A candy selection app, that delivers real candy jars according to your picks.
  • Good Points: Nice design and graphics. Great concept. Good packaging for the jars to avoid mishaps. Huge variety of sweets to select.
  • Bad Points: Perhaps making a future update where with things that are a little healthier, like crackers, dark chocolate, nuts etc.
  • Experience: Very easy to operate and select. No one had any problem making this app work.
  • Longevity: Even for people who don't like sweets, this app and its sweet jars have quite a lot of uses.
  • Link to Google Play

Crazy Money Button - Android App Featured

Crazy Money Button by Michael Asaraf - Android App Featured   

It will come as no great surprise that we love Android smartphones and mobile devices. We think it's self explanatory but we do feel obliged to point out that the sheer functionality of these devices, being mobile offices, mobile entertainment offices, mobile communications centers and mobile security centers is at the heart of things.

In addition, we love following select studios and indie developers around and seeing what they are after. Even if one app or a game of a studio is a hit, it is no indication others will, but if an app or a game is good and of good quality, it IS a strong indication all of the other apps will be.

So, we will now bring another app by indi devloper Michael Asaraf whose game Next Business Tycoon we reviewed and enjoyed here. This time, we would like to present another game, called Crazy Money Button. What is interesting to note is that although Next Business Tycoon is a hugely complex and interesting strategy game, Crazy Money Button is a lightning quick casual game.

So, what is Crazy Money Button all about? The game is quite simple and requires faith in yourself and a certain amount of luck. The player gets a button and all he or she has to do is press it, receiving a number as a result. Wining is simplicity itself, all you have to do is hit a round number, the rounder the better.

The game has a money counter which is shared among players and a global ranking ladder so everyone can see how well (or bad ...) he or she did. In addition, the game also sports challenges which are a challenge in themselves not to just achieve but achieve faster than anyone else! Last but not least, real prizes will be handed out to the winners!

There is a place for heavy, complicated games and there is a place for quick casual games that raise your adrenalin level and let you play for a few minutes at a time, whenever you have a little free time. 

Crazy Money Button is original, well made and most important of all, fun to play.    

Fitness Against Friends - Android App Featured

Fitness Against Friends - Android App Featured   

We usually begin articles with the general classification of Android smartphone and mobile device roles and functions, stating that they are supposed to be mobile offices, security centers, mobile entertainment centers and more. However, in this article we would like to focus on something that we have been neglecting, and have little doubt almost everyone else has been neglecting.

We are talking about fitness. A lot of people will scoff at this point, citing modern living, clean eating (on rare cases!) and lack of time as the prime reasons we plan to do our fitness only when we'll retire but fitness is important to us, more important than any other time in history due to the comforts of modern life and the relative comfort of our modern jobs.

Lack of fitness will result in higher stress, more unhealthy things in our blood (cholesterol and sugar) and will dramatically raise the chance of unwelcome serious illnesses such as diabetes, heart related problems, even cancer and dementia. 

But enough with that. We all know we HAVE to stay fit. The question is, how do we do it?

And that's not really the question, as everyone who had ever tried to maintain a fitness training regime has found out. The problem is not How to get in shape, the problem is How to keep exercising when it's raining outside, with all new episodes of Dexter about to air and when we are just not in the mood for it.

Fitness Against Friends is an app that has the right idea about how to solve that motivation problem. The app makers have reached the correct solution to the problem, which is of course based around friends. Our friends, family and various acquaintances a a huge motivational force in our life and Fitness Against Friends harnesses this great power to help us train and stay fit.

The app lets the user create and maintain workout regimes and programs, and then the app lets the user compete with friends and family. The app will post notifications on the achievements of others in our group and help the user share his or her own achievements, spicing things up with some cleverly selected insults to keep the blood pumping and the fire in the eyes.

Fitness Against Friends will make you compete in a friendly way against your friends, and that's the strongest motivational force ever devised. A great app with a great idea that not only will make YOU stay in shape, but will also motivate your friends and family.

Do you see know why we love it?   

And for Apple users: iOS Link

Paper Aircraft by Cloud Bunny - Android App Featured

Paper Aircraft by Cloud Bunny - Android App Featured   

We on Android Review Center have quite a tough job. We are dedicated to finding and presenting the best apps on every subject, from entertainment to communications to security and even some mobile office app. Our job is tough because google play has more than a million apps, making finding the good ones quite difficult.

However, now and then we stumble upon a real gem, an app that really shines, if it is because of its beauty, functionality or other traits.

In the case of Paper Aircraft, it was all of the above and more. Read on to find out why ...

First of all, let's see what Paper Aircraft by Cloud Bunny does. The app is a repository for aircraft paper models, and not just any paper models but those without cutting the paper, just folding (which is a GIANT plus for anyone who ever tried to make an aircraft model). The app presents a selection of models and the user just needs to select one to receive folding instructions.

So, why did we love the app? First of all, the instructions for making the paper aircraft models are simple, detailed, colorful and self explanatory. Even people with two left hands can understand what they need to do and how to do it. Even some of our own staff here managed to make some very impressive aircraft that flew flawlessly.

Now, the models themselves are varied, beautiful and very practical. We spent some time making quite a few of the available models and the results were great airplanes that flew and glided perfectly! The variation in the models was also jaw dropping as the app contains models from spaceship to different kinds of gliders to other models with specific aerodynamic properties. 

The simple fact is that EVERYONE loves paper aircraft, making and flying them. We're not quite sure why but it's a given. Perhaps is has something to do with our childhood ... Of course, kids loved the the app, making the aircraft themselves or just flying the planes if they were little. In any case, it was great exercise for the kids and some well received rest for the parents.

To sum things up, Paper Aircraft is a must on anyone's mobile device, for making office life a little more bearable or making the kids play without destroying anything. With a simple and functional interface, a huge selection of models (You can pay a few measly dollars to get EVEN MORE models), this app has become our instant favorite.

Paper Aircraft books by the maker of the app: (look for paperback and kindle versions)

Digital Clock Widget - Android App Featured

Digital Clock Widget by Super Droid Studio - Android App Featured   

Let's face it, people. Although there are a LOT of uses for android smartphones and mobile devices with a huge number of apps that will do almost anything, the thing we use the most and the thing that runs most of the time is our homescreen watch widget, if we have any. Whenever we open an app, close an app, unlock our phone or lock it yet again, we always go through our homescreen.

Besides, the homescreen watch widget should be something that will help us do whatever task we need to do with our smartphone as quickly and as comfortably as possible. Since it is already taking up quite a lot of real estate on our smartphone's homescreen, it should be useful to run things and not only show us information.

But there are a LOT of watch widgets for Android smartphones, what should we choose for our our smartphone?

Well, we chose Digital Clock Widget by Super Droid Studio whose apps we've already covered in depth on Android Review Center before. Let's take a quick look and see why this app is one of the favorite ones with our reviewers.

First of all, design and beauty. Say what you will but a widget that is displayed so prominently on the smartphone's or mobile's homescreen should be eye pleasing and Digital Clock Widget has fifteen designs, all beautifully made. There's the bomb clock (our favorite!), the ship window, the old style digital clock design and many more. All lovely! 

The second thing is functionality. Digital Clock Widget has a very useful smart tool bar which is completely configurable. All and any apps can be configured to be launched straight from the widget, making operating the tons of apps and utilities on our mobile device so much easier and faster. It is a much more natural way to handle the smartphone. Try it and you'll see what we mean.

In addition, the widget has some smart setup options, which are both very useful and simple to use, from setting up the smart notification bar with any apps we want to selecting the exact way we want our watch to appear, with time, date and appearance settings. 

You cannot go wrong with this app, as it has both functionality and appearance and it really has the potential of transforming your smartphone's user experience. 

Why Smartwatch-Based Mobile Gaming Makes Sense

Five or so years ago, after years of domination by both games consoles and PCs, the way that people gamed underwent a massive change. Smartphones and tablets, with their processing, memory and graphical rendering capabilities, brought forth a new age in gaming, and soon the pastime was not merely the preserve of enthusiasts, geeks and teenagers. Mobile devices had suddenly brought gaming, kicking and screaming, firmly in to the mainstream. But a new device is peeking its head over the horizon of the mainstream; smartwatches. Will these new devices signal a new mobile gaming craze? The answer is yes, but not in the conventional sense.

Sony Smartwatch 2

According to industry pundits, games being produced for smartwatches won't be akin to conventional mobile games. Instead, new experiences, based around oft-touted but rarely realised notions such as augmented reality, could be the focus of innovation and development. Virtual treasure hunts, Pokemon-like adventures and the like could all become intriguing and popular ways to play over a mobile device. Geolocation software, built around the everyday world; it's something we've see talked about before but is a thing yet to take the public's imagination. The utter flop that was (or is?) the Google Glass was based around similar ideas, but the self-consciousness that accompanied the product proved a huge hurdle to surpass, but smartwatches may prove inconspicuous enough for the idea to work.

Lots of current games will indeed likely work with the new crop of smartwatches, however. If a title runs on android, and has display scaling built in to its design, you'll be able to at least try to play the game on the rather reduced screen size. Sites such as SlotoCash might even find this makes their games more accessible. Slot games only really need a few small buttons, plus the slot machine graphics themselves, and one could easily conceive this fitting in to a mini screen. The same goes for puzzle games that simply require small swipes from the player. Sudoku on a smartwatch sounds like the perfect panacea to a boring commute, that's for sure.

The likely syncing that will occur between watches and smartwatches will likely also become a big thing in the world of watch-based gaming. Players of RPGs, strategy games, sports titles and shooters via smartphones might, in the near future, be able to play around with their loadouts, characters and squads on scaled-down versions of their games whilst they're out and about.  

Will smartphones prove the next big thing in gaming? Only time will tell, and in the end it will be the public who dictates the success of the idea.

Wrath of Obama - Android App Featured

Wrath of Obama by Ankaar Productions - Android App Featured   

Innovation is the true key for success and apparently some game studios would go to any lengths and leave no stone un turned to make a truly innovative and refreshing game. Of course, as gamers and users of Android smartphones and mobile devices, this is what we love. 

The Wrath of Obama is truly an innovative game, actually making an alternate history version of the Earth where a Lenin demon creates hordes of communists undead and Obama and Putin unite to combat this new and unorthodox threat to humankind. 

The game itself has a really interesting and surprising plot, while the gameplay varies between several types of action game. The graphics are quite good, even great at times and the interface as a whole is very slick and easy to use.

To sum things up, this is a game for those looking for thrills, deep and surprising conspiracies and straight and furious action. Then again, you get to play not one but TWO of the most powerful men on earth ...

PatPat by Interfocus - Android App Featured

PatPat by Interfocus - Android App Featured   

The great thing about Android smartphones and mobile devices is the apps. There are already millions of apps on google play, all ready to be downloaded and run instantly on your mobile devices. These apps can be broadly divided into several types, from mobile office apps to mobile entertainment apps, gaming apps and last but not least, security apps.

But actually, the apps EVERYONE love the most are those that save us money. What can we do? We are all people with limited funds and everything that saves us money is welcomed. Of course, saving money is also fun, regardless of the amount saved but doubly so if the amount is substantial. 

Well, we decided to dedicate this article to one app that allows us to save substantial amounts of money in the are we need the most. Moms. As everyone who had a baby (or has had a baby born in the family or to a close friend) knows, babies (and moms!) are expensive. There is no end to the things you need to buy for them, starting from a carriage to diapers and bottles and the list goes on endlessly and VERY expensively.

This is where PatPat comes into play. This app helps moms do the shopping they need for the babies and themselves by presenting every day deals and sale events from quite a lot of manufacturers and online retailers. The user needs only to open the app to see which items are on sale and where, with savings reaching up to ninety percent, not including various giveaways.

The app also has a search function to help the user find sales on things he or she needs and notifications on especially interesting sales and events appear on the smartphones notifications bar. More useful features are the "pat" button which lets the user share the news of his or her purchase among the PatPat users (and receive credits for the share) and the ability to share on Facebook good purchases info, and receive credits as well.

PatPat is exactly what is needed to save money for purchases for the mom and baby. More than just an app that brings you news of sales, PatPat is a community of users, selecting together the good sales and products, all designed to help us find what we need and be able to purchase it as cheaply as possible.

Of course, this app is a must for any seller of baby and mom stuff, but's that for another article ...

Honey Heroes - Android App Review

Honey Heroes by Game Gurus - Android App Review

Today, the amount of games available for Android smartphones and mobile devices is truly staggering. There are literally millions of games from all types and genres, just waiting for you to download. So, the problem becomes not one of finding a good game but selecting from the multitude a game that is right for you and your needs.

Google play games for Android can be broadly divided into several types. Strategy games, simulators, arcade and action games. Of course, a very important type is puzzle and the various mind games. This review is of a puzzle game called Honey Heroes by Game Gurus. 

Honey Heroes is a puzzle game with several twists. First of all, it is very graphic intensive in contrast to most other puzzle games. In addition, the game is not a standard match 3 puzzle game but each level presents different puzzles and different requirements for finding a solution. A last difference is the fact that this game is VERY professional in its concept, design and implementation.

We've sent the game, like we always, do to our small horse of reviewers and sat back and waited for their input. One of the advantages of puzzle games that is represented well in Honey Heroes is that the game appeals to reviewers of all ages, professions and aptitudes. 

So, what did the reviewers say? 

First of all, most if not all the reviewers commented about the design and visual appeal of Honey Heroes. Like we wrote earlier, our reviewers were very impressed with the graphics and professionalism of the user interface and the visuals of the game, from the animation to the menus to the design of the characters themselves.

The game itself is both challenging and interesting. The various puzzle types are all different and require thought and concentration of the part of the players. The variety itself is very refreshing as playing through dozens of levels remains interesting and challenging, which is something not all puzzle games succeed in doing.

Our reviewers also liked the variety of characters and different heroes in the game, as the players play with bees, butterflies, dragonflies and more, all done beautifully with exquisite detail. Another thing our reviewers liked was the way the game is almost self explanatory. A new player can just start playing the game, without the need for long help documents and sessions. 

Our reviewers sent several tips. The most important of all is about the game and kids. The game is very suitable to kids, with cute characters, no violence and is actually beneficial as it makes them work the muscles in their head and like it at the same time!

Another thing our reviewers pointed out is about the puzzles and the powerups. Even though the powerups are important, it is best to save them for the harder levels where you'll really need them. Last but not least tip is to survey the puzzle carefully before starting to solve it, even though time is of the essence when solving the puzzles in the game. 

Android Review Center's conclusion is that Honey Heroes is one of the best puzzle game we and our reviewers saw. Beautifully designed, challenging and constantly intriguing and interesting, Honey Heroes is a puzzle game suitable to all ages.

  • Score: 4.8. A well designed and interesting puzzle game.
  • Description: A puzzle game with different puzzles, centered around honey and cute insets.
  • Good Points: Different and original puzzles. Great design, animation and menus. suitable to all ages. Can be played from different devices and even PC with the same account.
  • Bad Points: Couldn't really find one. Perhaps making it a little less cute would have appealed more to teen age boys.
  • Experience: The game is very easy to play, as it is almost self explanatory.
  • Longevity: As there are dozens of levels and puzzles and the game can be played from different devices, people will keep playing this game for long.
  • Link to Google Play

Galaxy Wars: Space Defense - Android App Featured

Galaxy Wars: Space Defense by Psycho Sandwich Studios - Android App Featured   

Android Review Center is a professional review site for articles and reviews about any and all apps and games for Android smartphones and mobile devices. Okay, how do you differentiate between the professional and amateur review sites? Well, it is quite simple, really. A professional site and article writers adhere to a strict set of rules when reviewing an app. 

In other words, it is not enough just saying we like an app or a game. We have to say WHY we like (or dislike it) and then use the same set of rules or guidelines when reviewing all apps.

Well, what about Galaxy Wars: Space Defense? It's got spectacular graphics but is it any good as a game?

Galaxy Wars: Space Defense is a space shooter, an action game where the player gets to pilot a ship (or space fighter, to be exact) and fight against hordes of enemies, all shooting back with missiles, beam weapons, mines and a lot more ... The game is has a 2D setting where the player looks from above on the unfolding action and pilots his or her fighter with finger swipes across the mobile device's screen.

This game has a lot of things going for it. Its graphics are amazing, crystal clear and vibrant, even in the midst of furious battles. The fighters the player use can be upgraded and the enemies along with the bosses are many and varied. 

Well, our rules for reviewing games and apps state that each app and game must be measured up against the goals its type of app or game aim for, and Galaxy Wars does great job. The game is simple to operate and the player gets right to business, to the combat. Control is simple and easy and even the various upgrades are simple and easy to operate.

Psych Sandwich Studios create an action game that is ideal for those who want quick and furious combat RIGHT NOW and those who want to test their minds by coming up with various strategies and not only their reflexes, though in this game both will be tested sorely.

A great action game, varied and colorful, Galaxy Wars takes a seat of honor among the space shooters on Google Play.

Ninja Dude - Anroid app Featured

Ninja Dude by head in the clouds - Anroid app Featured   

Here at Android Review Center we review apps and games for Android smartphones and mobile devices. In our five years in the business, we have come to develop a theory of our own of what makes a good game. There are more than a million apps and games on google play, but only a few can be really considered good. 
So, what makes a good game? First of all, let's consider the different game types because a good mutliplayer strategy game is very different to an arcade or action game. A good action game must be quick to setup and launch (because the player usually only has a few minutes to play and he or she won't want to waste precious time on setting up before the action!).

A good action game must be simple. It can have various elements but the concept and the things the player must do should be simple because players who play action games need to focus on the game itself and not hundreds of ways to configure your character. Last but certainly not least is the challenge. The game must be challenging to be interesting! 

So let's check out Ninja Dude, a new action game. The premise of the game is quite simple. The player plays a ninja, a character who has two punches and two kicks, one for each side of his body. Our ninja is attacked by various objects coming at him from various directions and the player must kick and punch them away before they hit the ninja.

First and foremost, the game is simple to launch and operate, ideal for those who want to have fun but only have three minutes to play ... The game is also quite simple to play (no upgrade options and different kicks and punches, just the bare basic). Last but not least (again), the game is quite hard to play.

At first the objects (donuts among other things ...) that hurtle towards the ninja come in slow and steady but the pace picks up rapidly as more and more objects fly together from different directions at once and the difficulty rises steeply quite fast.

Ninja Dude does everything right. Therefore, it is a really good action game.