Get all the information you need to invest intelligently in a real time, condensed and very clear way.

Hit The Square - An addictive Arcade Game

A simple yet challenging arcade game. Hit that moving square with your shot but aim carefully because a miss is a disaster!

Star Wars Collecting Database

The ultimate Star Wars item database for collectors and fans alike.


Throw away your old carton and plastic ID cards for the ID card of the 21th century, fully customizable right on your smartphone.

Bubble Frenzy

Bubble Frenzy is the best and most addictive bubble shooter game in google play! Bring this popular shooting game that's full of bubble blast mania fun to your phone now!

Looks Good On Me

An instant social network app that lets you easily and simply get the opinions of your friends if that item you are trying on looks good on you!

Movie TV Tech Geeks News

The most informed, up to date, deep and comprehensive database of everything regarding movies, TV, sports and Tech. News, artciles, in depth analysis and much more.

Honey Heroes - A Special Puzzle Game

A great and imaginitaive game for young and adults alike. Solve the puzzles to let the bees get to the honey.

Monsters Fall by Loop Ends - Android App Featured Review

Monsters Fall by Loop Ends - Android App Featured Review   

When looking at the cold, hard facts you can easily see that games in google play for Android smartphones and mobile devices usually fall into three or four main categories, with strategy games, RPG games, simulators of various kinds and of course, arcades. 

In this article we would like to focus on a relatively new comer to the google play website, the game Monsters Fall by a very innovative South America studio, Loop Ends. The premise of the game is quite simple. Monsters are falling down and the player must help them roll down the levels, avoiding the pitfalls and retrieving the various presents and items along the way.

So far we've haven't said anything special, though actually trying the save the monsters instead of fighting them is actually quite refreshing. However, we have seen various forms of platform games for years and we haven't told you yet what makes Monsters Fall stand out among its peers on google play.

First of all, the controls. We HAVE seen platform games controlled by accelerometers in the past but Monsters Fall does it really well. The games runs incredibly smoothly with the tilt controls and moving our monsters by tilting the device creates a whole new gaming experience.

The graphics and the music are all very well designed by professionals. This creates a very slick and pleasing game that is at least one level above its peers in the arcade scene. Everything from the items to be caught to the traps to be avoided are made with this in mind.

But actually the most pleasing aspect of Monsters Fall is its cuteness. We understand people are now shaking their heads while reading this but the games is REALLY REALLY cute, with a cartoonish feel to it and monsters that you want to save and hug. 

Monsters Fall comes close to be an ideal arcade game, from violence free gameplay to very cute monsters to a sleek design with engaging music. The game is great for casual play and can even be given to kids to hone in their coordination and planning skills.

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Receiptish - Receipt Generator - Android App Featured Review

Receiptish - Receipt Generator by Digital Babies - Android App Featured Review   

If you're the CEO of Amazon or Starbucks, you probably don't need to read this article. However, most of us may find this article and the app it reviews VERY interesting. The problem we try to address the is the problem of receipts, a problem that face small and medium businesses and even independent service providers. 

A service provider must provide a receipt upon reception of payment but the very nature of the services provides may preclude the carrying of a 'mobile' cashier machine. But think of the yoga instructor or the doctor making a house visit or even the graphic designer that must provide a receipt but don't have the means to do it instantly, forcing them to send the receipt by mail later.

But small businesses and even medium ones have problems, as cashier machines are sometimes complicated to operate and the people that need to make them work need extensive training in them or on PC desktop receipt generating software which is usually complicated and bulky. 

This means that quite a lot of people need a simple solution to receipt generation, one that will be mobile and very simple to operate. Enter Receiptish, a very useful app that allows the user to customize, generate send and store receipts, all done right on the user's smartphone.

First of all, the user gets to customize the receipt he or she needs by uploading a logo, deciding what information (such as the business that generated the receipt, for what service, types of currency etc) the receipt will present and even (on the premium version of the app) choose among several types of receipt to generate.

Then the user can generate the receipt, easily and very fast after entering the client's details. The app store the receipt and can also send it by email. Of course, the app calculates taxes and discounts automatically and it's so usable it can actually replace the old and worn receipt book.

All in all, Receiptish is a great solution to anyone who wants the enjoy all the benefits 21st century android smartphones and mobile devices can bring to a business, making things much more flexible, rapid, simple to operate and mobie.

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Azonator by Lenube - Android App Featured Review

Azonator by Lenube - Android App Featured Review   

There is a reason we do what we do, review and write articles about apps for Android Smartphones and mobile devices. We say that we love the functionality, the usability, the way we can use our smartphones as mobile offices, mobile entertainment centers, mobile communications centers and ever security centers.

But actually, we lie.

What we really LOVE about our smartphones is the way they help us save money. It's not always the amount save, though sometimes using the right app can net us savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars but it is the principle of the thing. What good is it to be hooked up to the entire Internet all the time if we cannot save money with it?

And here comes along Azonator be Lenube, an app that the first thing we should say about it is that it has a cool name, in sharp contrast to a LOT of other apps we reviewed that were very good but had crappy names. We know, that's not the most important thing in the world but still!

Anyway, what Azonator does is simplicity itself. All the user has to do is run the app, search for the item he or she is interested in (by using the product's name or specific keywords) and the app presents a list of matches, with the sales appearing next to them, with prices and present-ages (of the full price).

The user can sort the results and can also filter them, instructing the app to find sales of 75 present, for instance. After the desired product is found, the user can go to the product's page on amazon's site or even perform the purchase direct from the app.

Of course, the savings here can be HUGE. Azonator can easily find you that retailer or seller that sells on amazon and has a sale RIGHT NOW. Just think how much can you save if you buy a five hundred dollar smartphone or a thousand dollar TV and Azonator finds you a 50 percent discount sale.

Azonator has definitely made it to our list of apps that should NEVER be deleted from our smartphones.

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Born2Invest - Android App Review

Born2Invest - Android App Review   

There are people out there who make money investing. In fact, one of the only ways to make a substantial amount of money is by investing, except being a top model, businessman or a movie star. Just ask Warren Buffett about it. 

Of course, another advantage of investing for us little people (you know, the regular Joe with a wife, 3 kids, a job and a montage) is that you can do it while still keeping your regular day job, at least until you make enough money to retire comfortably to some island and consume drinks with little umbrellas in them.

But if you stop and think about it, you will realize you know some people who spend money and invest but how many of them have been able to retire to those islands? The answer is probably zero. Investing and making money is not as easy as it seems at first.

Investing is not easy but it SHOULD be. All you have to do is buy a lot of stocks that people will want to buy real bad AFTER you bought them. How difficult can this be? Well, it's very difficult and the problem is information. Actually, the key is information.

To invest well you have to know what is going on around the world, with emphasis on news that will affect stocks. From economic news to political news to technology news, every piece of information may affect the way investors all around the world act. To be a good investor, you have to know the news in advance, almost the instant they take place.

This is why Born2Invest is such an important tool for beginner and advanced investors. The app displays news items and information in real time from a lot of news sources that have impact on stocks and investing. In other words, this app will make sure you stay in the forefront of news and happenings around the worlds as you get a feed on important news the moment they take place.

Born2Invest provides a short rundown of each news items, carefully screened for items that will be relevant to investors, from real estate to mining and precious metal availability. Then, after you have the information Born2Invest has provided you with, all you have to do is buy and sell the right stocks. 

Our reviewers liked the app a lot. The news articles are short and concise yet still the app makers and news publishes manage to cram inside all the relevant information. In addition, the spread of the news items seemed really international, with items coming from all across the globe.

Our reviewers also liked the real time aspect of the app. Timing is critical in investing and the app makers manage to consistently beat or at least publish items at the same time as major online news papers which is really nice because a news paper has a lot of times and Born2Invest has news items relevant to investing only ...

There are two main pieces of advice and tips that our reviewers offered. The first one is about investing. The app is a valuable tool for investors but you still need to learn to invest, something which is outside the scope of the app.

The second tip is that the app is very useful and not only for investors because knowing what transpires abroad in a way which is not time consuming is always helpful.


  • Score: 4.7. An accurate news items service for investors.
  • Description: This app presents the user with various world wide news items that an investor needs to know, from oil prices to political developments.
  • Good Points: Very condensed news items. Carefully selected articles that impact investment policies. Very sleek and functional user interface.
  • Bad Points: None, really. Perhaps a screening feature for every user, though that would demands hundreds of editors to select the news items ... 
  • Experience: Installing the app and start using it was very easy and straight forward. Finding the relevant news items for a specific investment policy was also very easy after a short learning period.
  • Longevity: For all those that invest or actually want to know what is REALLY happening in our world, Born2Invest is indispensable.
  • Link to Google Play

Super Penguins Rescue World by Volkan Kutlubay - Android App Featured Review

Super Penguins Rescue World by Volkan Kutlubay - Android App Featured Review   

There is something special about arcades. They are simple games, they do not require hours of preparation and waiting to get your armies ready and they can be played instantly, whenever the player has a few spare moments he or she wants to have fun with.

Of course, one of the things that are important to any game is the back story, the characters and the humor in the game, if it exists. It is quite sad to see how many games are made today without any shred of humor. Humor adds so much to a game!

Well, we would like to introduce Super Penguins Rescue World which is a great example of an arcade game, if you'll ignore its overly long and complicated name ... Anyway, the game's premise is quite simple. Penguins are raining down (literally!) from the sky and the player who controls the king penguin with his power boat must rescue them before the shark (called Steven?!?) eats them whole. 

Why do why like it? First of all, the humor in the game, from the camels and the zombies in the background to the smirking shark to the expressions on the penguins' faces when they fall from the sky. In addition, the game has simple controls (just move the boat right and left and leave a mine) AND it is almost totally violence free.

This means that the game is also suitable to kids and might be quite fun for them AND beneficial. To play the game the player must have more than quick fingers. The player must also think and plan ahead, and decide where the boat should be when the penguins fall in advance.

So, a funny game with great graphics, no violence, required thinking and quick fingers, simple to operate and does not require waiting times for your forces to build up like other games require .... We think Super Penguins Rescue World is one of the best examples of arcade games we had the pleasure of reviewing here on Android Review Center, and don't forget the added bonus that the kids can play it and actually learn and improve some skills. 

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Hit The Square - Android App Featured Review

Hit The Square by gatoware - Android App Featured Review   

There are literally millions of games on google play for android smartphones and mobile devices. This is the beauty of this new age of mobile computing and gaming experiences but at the same time it is also a nightmare for the average Joe who just wants to have a few minutes of fun playing with this smartphone.

The problem of course is finding and choosing from those millions of game the ones that are good. It will come as no surprise when we tell you there are good number of games and apps that will be deleted immediately after installing. We've all been there and done that.

So, how do we choose a good game, a game that we will like playing? First of all, be must choose the type of game. Broadly, games can be divided into sports games, strategy games and arcade games. We will narrow our search to arcade games for this article.

So, what is a good arcade game? A good arcade game should have an element of hand to eye coordination. It should also have an element of thinking and planning ahead. Last but not least is the ability to whip our your smartphone and play the arcade game at a moment's notice, whenever you have some free moments without hours of preparation in advance to have your armies ready ...

So finally we come to the main point of the article which is the game Hit The Square by gatoware, a game which is a great example for an arcade game. The game appears deceptively simple, with the user having to shoot one shot to hit a square moving forwards and backwards on the board. Of course, this is not so simple as the shot does not travel terribly fast and the squares move at different places and different speeds.  

We love this game because its simple with simple graphics. It can be played in an instant whenever you have a free moment. It requires a good steady finger to launch the shot the right moment and a goodly amount of thinking to calculate exactly WHEN the fire the shot.

In other words, Hit the Square is an ideal example for an arcade game. 

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✪ SLIDE PUZZLE ✪ - HARD LEVEL by 11Sheep - Android App Featured Review

✪ SLIDE PUZZLE ✪ - HARD LEVEL by 11Sheep - Android App Featured Review   

To many people, people with kids that is, or even aunts and uncles, keeping the kids occupied is a pain in the XXXX. Kids have short attention spans, always seem to be on a caffeine high and never seem to sit in the same place for more than a minute.  

So, what to do with them? What can you do? You can bring a friend over for the child, or get him or her to play outside or even get him or her to paint for a total of three minutes in one of the numerous coloring books that never seemed so orphaned. And then, there's your Android smartphone and mobile device.  

Android smartphones and mobile devices are among the best gaming platforms ever developed. Their screens get better and better and there are millions of games available for download on Google Play, most of them for free. But the question remains, how do you select a good game for a kid?

Look no further because we have an answer right here for you. Slide Puzzle is a game optimized for kids on very many levels. First of all, it is completely violence free. We cannot stress how important that is. The second thing is the game uses colors and music that are optimized for kids, pleasant for them but not irritating for us adults.

But the main thing is the game itself. In a sliding puzzle game, a piece is missing and all the rest are mixed up, so the player must move one piece at a time to figure out how to return the puzzle to its arranged state. This is a thinking and problem solving game that has many levels to keep things interesting and many difficulty sets to keep the kids challenged.

In summary, Slide Puzzle keeps the kids occupied with solving problems and developing their minds and their skills and not the reflexes of their fingers, which does no contribute as much. Being violence free, this game is a great example for an educational game that the kids will love and will be challenged by it while the adults can take a few minutes of well deserved rest.

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