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A social network designed to let people offer what they can and receive what they need.

Babylon Bob - A Special Platform Game

A unique platform game with quirky characters, special atmosphere that will challenge anybody.

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT i9500 Unlocked Smartphone

One of the fastest and most powerful smartphones of its time, the galaxy s4 has the latest hardware with the latest software, just be ware of bloatware and unnecessary features that will consume your battery.

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android

The Keyboard replacement app for Android that learns your favorite words and phrases and develops an uncanny way to write what you think. Just beware of inputing passwords through it!

HTC A9192 Inspire 4G Unlocked Smartphone

A high quality though outdated phone, perfect for those want a rugged but quality call phone and don't mind carrying a smartphone that is a little heavier and cannot run the heaviest apps.

MomentCam - a Cartoon creation camera app

An app that automatically creates high quality cartoons of whoever the camera photographs. Just be aware that there are a limited number of cartoon posibilites and limited editing features to this camera app.

Photography and Camera Apps

A collection of reviews for the most inetersting camera apps for Android, from MomentCam to Pic Collage to Cymera, Line Camera and Pic Grid. Many more will be added shortly.

Battery Life Android Tips and Tricks

Important tips and tricks for extending battery life for Android and really all kinds of smartphones, dealing with charging cycles, monitoring apps, battery health tips and really everything we need to know about prolonging smartphone battery life.

Empty Fridge - Android Featured App

Empty Fridge by Chabislav - Android Featured App  

The reason we don't tired of location, reviewing and writing reports about apps is the endless variety, imagination and thought put into those apps. Of course, sometimes we happen to chance on a real star, an app for Android Smartphones that really shines, showing us that the app's maker really had imagination and flair or just created a REALLY useful app. Sometimes, it is one and the same.

First of all, we have to outline the problem and it is one that is actually very close to home and affects everyone, from bachelors to students to teenagers coming home from school to exhausted parents to elderly folk. The problem is, what do we do with the few ingredients and leftovers that are ALWAYS present in everyone's refrigerator?

The problem has been solved by an ingenious app called Empty Fridge, and we'll reveal how exactly it solves it.

The app's operation itself is laughable simple, which is a sign of a great app since a great app even with complicated algorithms does not have to possess an overly complex user interface. Anyway, with Empty Fridge we just have to input a list of ingredients (those that we have in our fridge, of course. That's the whole idea) and the app gives us a list of recipes.

After we receive the list of recipes, we choose one of the presented recipes from the list and then we can see the whole recipe, complete with directions, phases and every kind of instruction we might need in order to actually make the recipe.

Now, the benefits of Empty Fridge should be obvious to everyone. Instead of throwing away things we have in the fridge or (some might consider this even worse ...) just stockpile things and ingredients we don't know what to do with, Empty Fridge gives up a viable alternative in the form of a recipe that actually uses the things that we already have. 

During October 2014 Empty Fridge has received a major update, solving all of the known bugs, improving the user interface and the recipe finding algorithm to enable it to find more recipes with the things we need. Empty Fridge let's us save money and time by letting us reuse things we have, and that's what good Android Smartphones are for.

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Super Jet World - Android Featured App

Super Jet World by Elevated Vision - Android Featured App  

Let's face it, the amount of adventure most of us get to enjoy during the year is quite limited, mostly having to do with a reckless driver on the freeway. We get up, go to work, get home, go to sleep and then the recycle begins anew the next day. People with spouses and especially kids get to have a little more excitement in their lives but it is still not what one would call an adventure. 

Adventure consists of getting to new places, exploring them, battling or at least escaping the attention of various evil monsters. A large part of what adventure consists is not knowing what is coming next, what kind of crazy scenery we will find and what crazier beings are there to defend it and protest our arrival. 

Super Jet World is a kind of adventure, a simple action game that nevertheless manages to take us to fantastic places.

The game itself is quite intuitive and easy to learn. The player takes on the character of an old war vet who pilots a jet aircraft, controlling it simply through touch motions on the screen. The pilot must take his jet through some really wild environments while things become increasingly difficult as creatures, monsters and conditions themselves worsen by the minute.

We talked earlier about adventures and Super Jet World is a real adventure. The player gets to explore underground caverns, erupting volcanoes, unpredictable jungles and even outer space. Of course, every environment has its own dangers and specific native life, making exploring dangerous yet thrilling.

The makers of Super Jet World made a real effort to produce a fun and interesting game. On of their most interesting features is the ability to custom the jet our pilot is using, a feature not commonly seen on action games. The player can select colors, shapes and even the flag the jet flies behind it, all to suit the player's tastes and desires.

The game also has a plethora of other useful features like a catchy and slightly retro sounding music, a leadership board and the ability to allow the player to challenge his or her friends to a friendly competition and the game itself has several modes of play, from campaign to survival, making the player pilot the jet in increasingly difficult conditions, really testing the player's reflexes and piloting ability.

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Tapet - Wallpapers Reinvented - Android Featured App

Tapet - Wallpapers Reinvented by SharpRegion - Android Featured App  

Let's face it guys, we've all been there. We've all moved through the same process. First of all, we put a pic of something cool as our smartphone's wallpaper. Then, someone get's annoyed, be it spouse or sibling and then we are forced to put THEIR pic on the wallpaper. But after a time, it get's annoying. We see our loved ones every day at home, why should we see them on our smartphones' as well?

Then, we try switching pics, but then we run the risk of putting a pic of the spouse she or he doesn't like, or just the hassle of constantly switching the wallpaper pics because how long can anyone keep seeing the SAME pic on the wallpaper? Eventually, we get sick of seeing ANYONE's pic on the wallpaper so we return to the original pic the smartphone came with.

But, Tapet - Wallpapers Reinvented has found a great solution to this universal problem. Let us tell you how and why.

What does Tapet to? Well, quite simply it creates random wallpapers based on eye pleasing geometric designs based on shapes, contours and colors generated randomly by the app in an automatic way on scheduled intervals with several configurable options such as the colors, shapes and themes the app will use. 

So what does that give us? First of all, Tapet insures that we get a new and colorful wallpaper whenever we want it (actually, as frequently as we set the app to generate a new wallpaper). The app's algorithms insure that we will never see the same wallpaper twice and we will never be able to guess how the next wallpaper will look. No need to ever search for new pics for out wallpaper!

Tapet's algorithm insures that the wallpaper generated will be at the highest resolution supported by your device. The algorithms also insure that the user will never be bored by seeing the same wallpaper twice and constant updates install yet MORE themes for Tapet to use. Of course, since this is not an active live wallpaper, battery and CPU drain by Tapet are non existent. 

Withe many effects such as blur, saturation and more and with no need to go online to check for images or such things, Tapet will always surprise you with new wallpapers even if you are abroad with no penalty to your internet data package.

To sum things up, Tapet creates beautiful parallax wallpapers optimized for the device it is installed on with minimum drain on the smartphone and with the ability to constantly surpirse and please the user with eye catchy, geometric wallpapers.

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V-Star Mobile VoIP / SIP Phone - Android Featured App

V-Star Mobile VoIP / SIP Phone by VoX Communications - Android Featured App  

There are three important roles Android Smartphones play. They are mobile offices, mobile entertainment centers and of course, mobile communications center. Communications are in fact one of the smartphons' most important roles and it is actually the origin of the whole smartphone idea.

But communications have many sides to them and one of them is owning a phone number. Even in this day and age of the Internet, Skype and Whatsapp, still the phone number is our identification and one of the most important pieces of information contained within our smartphones.

We would like to introduce V-Star Moblie VoIP / SIP Phone app and explain what exactly makes this app so exciting.

The first thing that makes us here at Android Review Center so exciting is that V-Star is a VoIP app, which is an app that allows us to make and receive regular phone calls through the Internet. But, this has been done before. One of the unique things about V-Star is that is allows us to produce and receive a new and unique phone number.

What does that mean?Let's say we want to do some business on Craiglist, or just do a job interview without giving away any biographic details about us before time (because we don't want our current employer to know) or we login into a date site and wish to hide our phone number. With V-Star, we get the opportunity to receive a new phone number, use it for the purpose we needed it and then discard it.

This gives us an unparalleled level of privacy. In addition, V-Star also implements a VERY wide range of pricing subscriptions to make and receive calls, both domestic and international to help us select the best one for us, whether we want to pay by the minute, or buy a prepaid package, or go for the international option. Everything is possible.

To sum things up, V-Star is actually an app for everyone, to receive and use a new phone number on a very well designed app that hides our real phone number AND let's us select a pricing package for any conversations we need to make and pay for only what we use and what we select.

Here at Android Review Center, we love apps that save us money, and V-Star saves us money AND helps restore some amount of privacy in this digital world.

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Just Get 10 by Veewo Games - Android App Review

Just Get 10 by Veewo Games - Android App Review

Just Get 10 by Veewo Games - Android App Review. Puzzle games are fun, and in fact are one of the most popular game types for Android Smartphones. They are relatively easy to understand and learning how to play them takes very little time and then the challenge remains, which is a challenge to the mind and not how fast you can move your fingers.

The draw back to a lot of puzzles is the fact that there are SO many of them on Google Play, from shape matching to riddle solving to mathematical problems. In fact, it has become increasingly difficult to find a really original puzzle game, and there's a limit to how much one can play the same type of puzzles over and over.

This is why we were thrilled we were able to find quite an original puzzle game, Just Get 10 by Veewo Games. 

What is Just Get 10? On first glance it bears some resemblance to standard Bubble Shooter games. The player gets a board with numbered and colored tiles and then he or she must combine tiles with the same number that are added to create a tile with a bigger number. The player must keep doing it until he or she reaches the value of 10, or higher if her or she can manage this. 

So, we gave the game to our reviewers and sat back and waited for their reviews. First of all, it must be mentioned that some reviewers tried to get their kids to play the game, with surprising results. Kids loved the colorful game and older kids managed to advance quite nicely, solving some difficult boards faster than the adults. It's always nice to have kids play games that require thinking rather than just a click fest.

Adult reviewers were usually impressed with the visuals and the music that come with the game, citing a very pleasant experience playing it and solving the puzzles the game present. Most reported that the game was ideal for playing for a few moments at a time, then making a task switch and returning to the game in an hour to advance some more.   

Our reviewers felt the game was very good for enhancing basic math skills and for drilling those geometric skills, since the player must combine the right tiles in the right order to create the sums where they are needed or the player will be stuck and unable to advance.

The best advice our reviewers gave about playing Just Get 10 was to plan ahead. It is not enough to combine every tile you see in order to great the sums of numbers to advance. The player must plan ahead a few steps at least and figure out how he or she is going to keep adding numbers to get to 10. Without planning ahead, the player cannot have any chance of success.

In conclusion, our reviewers all pointed out the professional looking graphics and music of the game. combined with an innovative design and challenging gameplay, Just Get 10 is not only attractive to adults but also to kids. 

  • Score: 4.7. Great puzzle game. 
  • Description: A puzzle game where the player must combine numbered tiles to reach the sum of 10, or higher. 
  • Good Points: Very professional graphics and music. Innovative game design. Helps develop math and geometric skills. Fun and challenging.
  • Bad Points: None, really. We would have liked to see in future version some other shapes of boards, not only rectangular ones. Perhaps also a game of subtraction and not only addition. 
  • Experience: Learning to play the game was easy and straight forward. The first few boards were quite easy and then the game starts to be challenging, but nothing a moment or two of thought cannot solve.
  • Longevity: Adults usually kept this game installed for long, because they loved the challenge and the simple game design. Kids loved to play it, but with longer breaks between game periods.
  • Link to Google Play

Just Get 10 - Android Featured App

Just Get 10 by Veewo Games - Android Featured App  

Puzzles are among the games we really appreciate here at Android Review Center. Since Android Smartphones can and are used as mobile entertainment center, there's really nothing entertaining like a good puzzle, since the player can whip it out any free time he or she has and puzzle solving actually requires thinking and making the brain work, which is always a good thing.

However, finding an original puzzle is harder than it looks. There are tens of thousands if not more puzzles of different kinds on Google Play and it get's harder and harder to find a puzzle that is original, is interesting and challenging and is also fun.

However, we are quite pleased to introduce Just Get 10, an innovative puzzle game for Android from Veewo Games. 

So, what exactly is Just Get 10? Well, the game itself is quite simple though the difficulty level rises rapidly. In the game, the player is presented with a board filled with colorful numbers. The player must tap and join together numbers with the same color and the same value and then they combine to form a number with a higher value.

Then, the user must combine yet more numbers to work up the value and reach as high as possible, hopefully reach the value of ten, which is the goal of the game. Of course, the challenge comes from the physical layout of the number presented when the board is first displayed, because the player must think ahead to figure out how to combine numbers without blocking future progress.

Just Get 10 sports lovely music and sounds which make the gaming experience much more pleasant. The graphics are professional and colorful and look perfectly well on higher end smartphones and tabets' large displays. The game also supports leadership boards on Google Play and some sharing features which make gameplay even more fun.

For a quick challenge for those few minutes we want to relax or to train kids in spacial understanding and manipulation, not to mention planning ahead along with some basic math skills, Just Get 10 is one of the best and more enjoyable puzzle games we saw on Google Play.

Google Play Link

Swing Wizards by Earth Little - Android App Review

Swing Wizards by Earth Little - Android App Review

Swing Wizards by Earth Little - Android App Review. There are quite a lot of reasons to play Flappy Bird kind of games, including the various types of platform games. They are simple, do not require a long learning period, the player can have satisfaction immediately and not wait for a resource silo to fill up so the player can start building the forces that will be ready for combat in half an hour, real time ...

Of course, having a game that the kids can enjoy brings a lot of benefits with it. Although we at Android Review Center do not believe in giving the kids our smartphones ALL the time, still it could be useful to have a game that can give us ten minutes of quiet from the little monsters in times when we are waiting for a doctor, for example.

But a platform or Flappy Bird type of game must be good to be worth it. It should be relativity violence and adult content free to be given to kids and it must have some kind of interesting quality to provide fun to adults as well.

We took Swing Wizards by Earth Little and we wanted to find out, does it have what it takes to be a good arcade game for kids and adults?

We gave the game to our reviewers and made sure kids were included among our small army of people who test apps. 

It is not actually the first thing we are interested in but our reviewers were all unanimous in their reports. The graphics of Swing Wizards are really stunning. With careful attention to details, with colorful and lively background, the makers of Swing Wizards, Earth Little, brought to life their fantasy world in vibrant, living colors. 

What about gameplay? Swing Wizards is easy enough to play, as directing the flying characters is very easy, with just a few taps. However, the game is far from easy as the levels progress, so does the difficulty. Adults who persevered managed to get quite far but the kids really ruled the game.

It was interesting to notice that the kids were very definite in their selection of characters, boys picking the wizards and girls choosing the fairies, though the adults had no problem playing either character. Adult reviewers commented on the game's music while kids competed by collecting points and gaining medals.

The game proved to be very stable and its stunning graphics really require a high end big screen Android Smartphone or a tablet to really enjoy everything it has to offer. The kids mostly liked the leadership boards and took the competition seriously while adults mostly liked to relax with a beautifully drawn and animated game.

Like we said, the vast majority of adult reviewers liked this game, as it is simple to learn, presents a challenge and has very attractive graphics. Kids also loved the game, proving on the whole to possess quicker reflexes and be more interested in the leadership boards than the adults.

  • Score: 4.8. Great game. Some little nitpicks - see Bad Points section ...
  • Description: An arcade game where the player must fly a character through orcs swinging great iron balls. 
  • Good Points: Stunning graphics! Cute characters and orcs. Gently inreasing difficulty levels. Quick and responsive game.
  • Bad Points: Some nitpicks - We would have liked to see powerups and some magical effects (teleportation, immunity, shape changes etc).  
  • Experience: Everyone started going almost immediately. The game is intuitive and very easy to understand. Of course, advancing through the levels requires quick reflexes and the ability to plan ahead.
  • Longevity: Kids and adults with a craving for fantasy played this game for hours and hours. In addition, adults who love to relax now and then with a quick game also found this game appealing.
  • Link to Google Play

Swing Wizards - Android Featured App

Swing Wizards by Earth Little - Android Featured App  

It has been said that the only thing we receive when we arrive upon this world is innocence. We have to fight for everything else. We might want to add a little correction, that sometimes in this world we have to fight to keep our innocence. This is a rarely spoken truth ...

Unfortunately, quite a lot of games, apps and media available today (not only for Android Smartphones but in general) are items whose presence erodes or evaporates the little bit of innocence we have left, if we are talking about blatant sexual things or things with excessive violence. In other words, just look how many things we cannot show our small kids or let them play. 

On Android Review Center we are quite pleased to showcase from time to time apps that do act to keep our innocence and as a consequence are suitable for kids, though not limited to them. In this case, we would like to introduce Swing Wizards by Earth Little.

The gameplay for Swing Wizards is quite simple, though the game is far from being easy. The player gets to play one of four flying fairy tale characters, from wizards to several kinds of fairies. Then, the player must fly his character to safety and escape the orcs with their steel balls and the other obstacles in the game.

With some similarities to Flappy Bird, the game is all about reflexes, quick reactions and thinking ahead, planning the course of the flying character. Controlling the flying wizard or fairy is simple and intuitive but the difficulty gets harder as the game progresses.

The backgrounds, characters and the graphics in the game are something. It is clear a lot of effort has been invested in making a game that will look REALLY beautiful, if it's the castle or forest backgrounds, to the painstakingly drawn characters to the enemies themselves. Everything is a real eye candy.

Swing Wizards is the game of choice for adults who want to hone their reflexes and enjoy a fantasy game, with no guns, robots and bombers of any kinds. Of course, it is quite a safe game for kids with little to no violence, safe environments and simple gameplay that will nonetheless challenge the kids' hand to eye coordination.

Google Play Link

Currency converter app by Tiarsoft - Android Featured App

Currency converter app by Tiarsoft - Android Featured App  

We always say that Android smartphones' purpose is to serve as mobile communications center, mobile entertainment centers and of course, mobile office but actually here on Android Review Center we love the most the apps that save us money. What can we do? That's the kind of people we are.

Saving money takes lots of different forms and shapes, from free services to reduced prices international calls and messages (we introduced apps that do all those things here on Android Review Center). But this time we would like to delve into the subject of currency conversion apps and the saving they bring us.

Naturally, we would like to introduce Currency Converter App by Tiarsoft.

Okay, so what's the big deal with currency converters? First of all, for those dealing with the stock market and foreign exchanges, knowing from moment to moment the current relative value of different currencies is imperative. Of course, every one buying and selling things abroad, whether as a business or just shopping on Ebay must know the current exchange rates. Last but not least, all those traveling abroad must know the value of money.

Currency Converter App indeed shows the user the relative value of currency. The user can select a view where the value of one currency is translated into several others for ease of reference, and of course the user can configure what currency will be translated into which currencies.

In addition, Currency Converter App updates automatically (with a toggle that can be turned off if the user needs to) so whenever the user wants to see exchange rates, the app automatically displays current exchange rates, which is quite important, especially when dealing with international stocks that open and close on different hours.

Last but not least is a currency exchange graph, displaying the various changes in the exchange rate of a selected currency. Anyone who trades in foreign money or needs to exchange it, or just wants to wait to see when to buy something abroad will find this graph indispensable for saving money, since it becomes quite clear whether the value of a currency rises or plummets.

Currency Converter App is a quite complete currency exchange rate display app, with up to date displays of every currency, automatic updates and currency exchange rate graphs so the user can follow and understand the changes in the value of money. It goes on without saying that the app is fully customizable in its displays and the currencies it follows.

Google Play Link

Hide My IP - Android App Review

Hide My IP - Android App Review

Hide My IP - Android App Review. Every kind of device or computer that goes online has an IP address, a kind of virtual identifier that is usually unique to the device. There is quite a lot of information one can deduce about a device from its IP, starting from the device's country right, whether the device is surfing the net using a cellular data plan or through a WiFi connection.

Another thing that can be deduced is the device's exact locale, right down to a city or neighborhood, if the device uses WiFi connection. In fact, Google has an extensive map of existing WiFi hot spots, making it possible to narrow down the location to the specific bar or cafe your are sitting in while surfing the web.  

There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to hide or mask the IP he or she is surfing from, and in most free countries there is nothing wrong with changing your IP (take care: we are not lawyers and out opinion cannot be used a legal advice ...). 

Hide My IP is a highly regarded app that does exactly that. Is it any good?

Like we always do, we gave the app to our small host of reviewers and waited for their responses. 

First of all we were interested in ease of operation and the interface, since what Hide My IP does is quite complicated as it reroutes our data traffic to proxy servers across the world to hide our IP, and we were afraid of overly complicated user interface that will allow only professional and tech people to use the app.

However, we were pleasantly surprised to discover the app actually was VERY simple to operate. Just install it, run it, select the country and the proxy you wish to use and presto, you're ready to go. All the complicated stuff is performed where you cannot see it, which is fine by us.

But does this thing really work? Well, that answer to that is a resounding yes. We tried quite a lot of different websites that check your IP and they were all fooled by the app. Including Amazon,Pandora, Netflix, Hulu and more. They all worked like a charm. 

And what about the downsides? There were two things we were afraid off but the app handles both easily. The first thing is problems that might occur when we stop running the app or uninstall and the second thing is lags and delays because of rerouting our traffic.
On both accounts, the app worked beautifully. We detected no problem when the app was closed down and we resumed normal surfing and there was a small lag when using the app, but selecting fast proxies in the USA and Canada made the lags so small they were hard to notice.

It is the considered opinion of the vast majority of our reviewers that Hide My IP works beautifully, hiding the device's IP completely and it uses a simple user interface that allows everyone to use the app, not just tech savvy people. In addition, lagging and delays are VERY small.

  • Score: 4.5. Great app. It would be perfect when future updates will contain the feature to change your device's MAC address.
  • Description: A app that reroutes your device's data to a proxy, in effect hiding your device's IP address. 
  • Good Points: Easy to understand user interface. A lot of proxies and countries to choose from. Almost no delays in communication.
  • Bad Points: No option to change our MAC address.
  • Experience: The app is so easy to operate that everyone had it up and running in seconds. Choosing a good proxy is a little trickier but everyone found a proxy they were happy with in a manner of minutes.
  • Longevity: For those who love their privacy or wanting to use services like Pandora unavailable in their country, this app became a must for their smartphone.
  • Link to Google Play