Round Clock Widget - Specially configurable Graphic Watch

A clock widget that can be configured with beautiful graphics to suit EVERYONE's tastes.

ehelp community - A Special Kind of Social Network

A social network designed to let people offer what they can and receive what they need.

Babylon Bob - A Special Platform Game

A unique platform game with quirky characters, special atmosphere that will challenge anybody.

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT i9500 Unlocked Smartphone

One of the fastest and most powerful smartphones of its time, the galaxy s4 has the latest hardware with the latest software, just be ware of bloatware and unnecessary features that will consume your battery.

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android

The Keyboard replacement app for Android that learns your favorite words and phrases and develops an uncanny way to write what you think. Just beware of inputing passwords through it!

HTC A9192 Inspire 4G Unlocked Smartphone

A high quality though outdated phone, perfect for those want a rugged but quality call phone and don't mind carrying a smartphone that is a little heavier and cannot run the heaviest apps.

MomentCam - a Cartoon creation camera app

An app that automatically creates high quality cartoons of whoever the camera photographs. Just be aware that there are a limited number of cartoon posibilites and limited editing features to this camera app.

Photography and Camera Apps

A collection of reviews for the most inetersting camera apps for Android, from MomentCam to Pic Collage to Cymera, Line Camera and Pic Grid. Many more will be added shortly.

Battery Life Android Tips and Tricks

Important tips and tricks for extending battery life for Android and really all kinds of smartphones, dealing with charging cycles, monitoring apps, battery health tips and really everything we need to know about prolonging smartphone battery life.

Cut-Fall-Crush by app-artist - Android App Featured

Cut-Fall-Crush by app-artist - Android App Featured   

Google Play has millions of apps by now, which is just a sign of how much Android Smartphones have proliferated and enhanced every aspect of our lives, from communications to working to consuming media to playing games. Of course, that huge number of apps (with hundreds more being uploaded into Google Play every day) poses a problem of its own.

That problem comes from originality, or lack thereof. With so many apps out there, it is the sad truth that only a small proportion represent truly new and unique ideas. A large part of the apps are just copied ideas from other apps and even though they may have introduced improvements on the original idea, still sheer originality is priceless.

That is why we are excited to introduce Cut-Fall-Crush, an app with a very original idea and even more original graphics.

What is Cut-Fall-Crush all about? The game itself is quite simple, though mastering it at any level is another thing altogether. The player gets o select a shape out of a possible selection of four and then he or she needs to cut the swinging rope at the right time and try to hit shapes of the same color to crush them while avoiding the laser beam.

The game is much harder than it looks because the shapes move and tumble when hit and the player must guess and estimate which piece will end up where to make sure all the right pieces will eventually be hit. In addition, a laser beam crosses the screen and the player must time all swings as to avoid his or her pendulum from being destroyed by the beam. 

One of the great things about this game is its original graphics. All the displays and UI are designed in a luminous neon sign form, filling the screen with color limited to the contour lines of the shapes and objects being displayed on the screen. In fact, the graphics are very reminiscent of the unique visual style of Tron, both the original and the sequel.

Cut-Fall-Crush requires a keen mind and the ability to strategically plan ahead to make sure the pieces roll where they are supposed to, not to mention the difficulty arising from the pendulum's momentum and motion. For those who want a mental challenge and enjoy otherworldly, beautiful graphics, Cut-Fall-Crush is perfect.

Google Play Link

Super Penguin Hop - Android App Featured

Super Penguin Hop by Viekas - Android App Featured   

Arcade and platform games are among the games we love the most here on Android Review Center. It is true that Android Smartphones should be used as mobile offices and mobile communications centers but their third role as entertainment centers is just as important and arcade games are (or at least, should be) very entertaining.

What's so fun about arcade games? Well, first and foremost is their simplicity. You can't ALWAYS play complex strategic games where you have to advance 9 levels and wait two months before you can field a decent army, or a virus infection game that makes you learn enough medical vocabulary to shame a Center for Disease Control professor to shame.

Well, does Super Penguin Hop have what it takes to make it a good arcade game?

Super Penguin Hop is quite a simple game, though it has its subtle and interesting complexities. The character the player gets to play is a cute penguin running for its life while being chased by a voracious seal. Yeah, seals are not always cute. Try googling Leopard Seal. Anyway, our penguin must jump over and through obstacles while staying out of the jaws of the pursuing seal.

Movement is by flapping the penguin's wings by a simple touch on the screen, though as penguins are not renowned flyers to say the least, the player must watch his or her energy bar. Now, the bird can jump through ice packs but not stone blocks and the player must carefully guide the penguin through to safety. 

The game has several strong points. Its music is retro and fun! You'll start humming it too after a few minutes of playing the game. The characters and the game's environment are also simple retro style graphics but the studio has put enough details into each to make every player feel for his penguin and fear its pursuers. 

So, everyone on the lookout for that quick game that can be played for a few moments to relax, is both simple and challenging, and has very engaging retro style graphics and music, he or she cannot pass up an opportunity to test a great arcade game. Just be careful of the seal's ravenous jaws!

Google Play Link

Borjikos Adventure by GIZGIZA - Android App Review

Borjikos Adventure by GIZGIZA - Android App Review

Borjikos Adventure GIZGIZA - Android App Review. It seems to us that almost all the games out there on Google Play can be put into two categories. Kids games and destructive games. So, if a game isn't for kids, than it is a game meant for destruction, either of the enemy clan or the evil invading aliens or whatever. Even if there's no enemy per se, still the player character will die a gruesome death if it won't jump at the right moment.

There are so few games with little to no destruction in them. Even Minecraft has it's own type of violence. Of course, there are the gambling type games but they CAN be destructive to the player's bank account ... Anyway, we were more than thrilled to stumble upon Borjiko's Adventure, a game with no destruction, death, falling down or any kind of violence whatsoever. 

But really, can a game with no violence be fun to play?

First of all, what is this game all about? The game revolves around Borjiko, a kind of alien or monster who innocently enough travels around the world and in each place he arrives to he has to play a match 3 puzzle where he has to assemble the necessary ingredients to prepare on of the location's national or traditional food, selecting ingredients out of a large existing pool of things to use.   

Whenever our lovable monster solves a puzzle, he / she / it receives stars and with those stars Borjiko unlocks new countries that he can fly to and try to find the ingredients to those new places' national foods. Of course, each new country appears with its own distinct graphics and maps.

So we launched our small army of people who review apps to give this app a try. We noticed something interesting right then and there as we found out more people than usual were happy to try this particular game. Gameers, naturally, but also people interested in cooking.

First thing we found out was that people actually found this game to be pretty interesting and engaging, even though it appears to be quite simple. People were quite happy trying to find out the ingredients and even more happy to discover special and unique dishes of different locales. 

The reviewers were also quite happy and liked the game's graphics which are a blend of accurate drawings done in a cartoonist style creating a very pleasant atmosphere to the game while still maintaining accuracy as to the dishes and ingredients.

We also got a lot of favorable reviews that mentioned the sheer number of locales, places, ingredients and dishes. This creates an almost inexhaustible game that gave reviewers a fun game that never runs out, even as updates keep adding more and more.

And now for some tips and tricks. When going over ingredients of dishes from a specific country, try finding out the common ingredients used there. They are used in almost ALL the dishes there. Examples include cheeses in some places and sea food in others.

Another interesting thing we found out was that the game actually gave some people incentive to go out and research the recipes for dishes they saw and liked on the game, making them learn more about the country and the dish in question.

Last but not least, this made for some very interesting talks as to the dishes and the places they come from. It sounds kinda of stupid, but talking about dishes is ALWAYS interesting and people always want to learn more about them. You just don't have to tell them you learned all that information from a game ...

Our reviewers liked the game, its graphics and its quite original concept and many reported it had some interesting and beneficial side effects, which we outlined above. 

  • Score: 4.75. Almost perfect but we want the recipes put into the game as well!
  • Description: A match 3 type puzzle where the player must match ingredients in national dishes of different places and countries.
  • Good Points: Very nice and pleasant graphics. Huge amount of ingredients and dishes. Interesting and quite unique concept.
  • Bad Points: None really, except we would have wanted to have the recipes available along with the dishes inside the game.
  • Experience: The game is easily playable and there is no learning time, per se. It does get more difficult at advanced levels but that's where the fun lays.
  • Longevity: Since the game is about food, and there are almost endless number of ingredients and dishes, this game is here to last.
  • Link to Google Play

Feed The Alien - Android App Featured

Feed The Alien by Pinfloy Mobile Games - Android App Featured   

The wonderful and fun part about games for Android Smartphones is that with such a big pool of app makers, the variety and imagination seen right there on Google Play is astounding, as if it affords us a glimpse into the very pool of human ingenuity. Therefore, we at Android Review Center love above else games and apps which are inventive and unique.

Now, we know and love alien games but one way or another, they usually have one very specific point of view, that of the murderous aliens attacking humanity while us poor humans must use every available means to defend ourselves. Consequently, most of aliens depicted on these games are usually blood thirsty monsters of some kind.

This is why it brings us real pleasure to introduce Feed the Alien, a game that definitely goes in other directions than most other games.

Feed the Alien is quite a simple game, though mastering it and playing it well are quite difficult. In the game, we are presented with one alien, quite a cute one eyed green bugger that is really harmless. However, our green skinned alien is hungry and out job is to send the alien food to prevent it starving.

But throwing food is not quite as simple as it sound. We the players must aim the food to reach the immediate proximity of our hungry alien or he won't be able to reach the food. In addition, we must overcome obstacles, monsters and other hardships while sending the food flying towards the alien. This is not as simple as it sounds!

The game makes, Pinfloy Mobile Games have made a real effort to make a game that is both pleasing to the eyes and addictive, with cute and professional graphics coupled to fun gameplay that requires both good fingers and some thought to puzzle through the harder levels.

Feed the Alien also has a large number of interesting features, starting from galactic credits that with sufficient number can buy more lives to special foods with special effects. This game is a non violent game (quite rare these days!) and is the first chapter in a game series that should be interesting to follow.

Google Play Link

IU News and Talk by ROJS Media - Android Featured App

IU News and Talk by ROJS Media - Android Featured App  

Our times hold an inescapable contradiction. On one hand, information is free and accessible for everyone on the Internet while on the other hand, main stream media outlets and news services provide most of the coverage of important political matters, coloring things their way.

This mean we have an urgent need for a political news and analyzer service that is free from the point of view taken by the establishment, someone that doesn't let political interests and narrow financial bias dictate how and what news to broadcast and how to analyze it.

IU News and Talk is an app that is aims to do just that.

That app presents podcasts of interviews, news items, analysis and commentary made with a progressive left themed discussing politics from a common sense point of view, freed from the chains of major news media services.

The app itself is very easy to use with everything arranged logically so that any user can find his or her way in the app in a very short time, navigating between the podcasts, the interviews and the political news items without a hitch and finding the items her or she needs or finds the most interesting.

To sum things up, IU News and Talk performs a vital community service by reporting on political matters freely and directly, without being biased or 'bought' or having an agenda like the news agencies have. For anyone who wants to experience and learn about the political situation from a source that is raw and honest, IU News and Talk is indispensable.

Just a few examples from the app of how IU News gets to the source and presents it directly to its audience:

Podcast 1 Host Monica RW interviewing Former Candidate for U.S. Senate Chris Wahmoff:

Podcast 2-Host Monica RW interview Former Candidate for the Michigan Senate Sheri Pollesch (D):

Podcast 3- Host Monica RW with Past President NAACP President Ben Jealous:

Bob and IU News- Host Monica RW with Past President UAW Bob King:

HR-589 - Host Monica RW with Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA):

Google Play Link

Round Clock Widget TAS - Android Featured App

Round Clock Widget TAS - Tiny Apps Studio - Android Featured App  

People, let's face it. Watches are a thing of the past. Almost NO ONE over the age of thirty five or forty wear a watch. It's that simple and there are MANY reasons for that. First of all, our Android Smartphone is capable of showing us the time, so why would we need another (Expensive!) device on our person to guard and protect?

There is also the monetary problem. i.e. We spend hundreds of our hard earned money on a good smartphone and then we have to spend MORE money on a watch? And now we have to put it on in the morning, remember to take it off before showering, remember to switch the battery etc etc.

Our Android Smartphones already have a clock widget, so why do we have to trouble ourselves with ANOTHER clock widget?

First of all, let's see what Round Clock Widget TAS by Tiny Apps Studio has to offer. In fact, this is a prime example of an app that appears to be simple but has quite a lot of sophisticated functionality. Let's start with the look. The widget display the time in twenty different styles, each with its own tweaks and special look.

In addition, the app shows a simple animation for the seconds timer which is more important than people realize because with this animation, a user can just glance at at the widget and in an instant know what time it is, down to the second, just by looking at the animation.

Another very useful feature Round Clock Widget TAS app has it language customization. The app configures its time and date display to match the preferred language on the device it is installed on, and there ARE marked differenced between time and date displays in different parts of the world.

So, with very easy to setup settings, beautiful clock styles and matching fonts, automatic customization for different languages, second and time animation and almost two dozens styles of clocks, it has hopefully become VERY clear why this app should be on everybody's smartphone instead of the default Android clock widget. 

Google Play Link

Don't Touch the Branches - Android Featured App

Don't Touch the Branches by Dinger Apps - Android Featured App  

Flappy Bird has certainly set a new trend in Android Smartphone gaming. A simple game, almost stupidly simple, yet fun and addictive and leading millions of people downloading that game. It's not really difficult understanding why Flappy Bird was so successful.

It was very simple, and people like simplicity. They also like complicated sometimes, just see the massively multi player strategy games out there but people will return to simplicity again and again. Flappy bird was also tough. You needed quite a lot of time to figure our just how to play the game to win.

So, does Don't Touch the Branches by Dinger Apps have what it takes to be as good a game as Flappy Bird?

What Don't Touch the Branches is all about? Well, the game is deceptively simple. You have to pilot a falling leaf as it fall downs (the tree of life? The tree of eternity? The tree who holds the nine realms together?) the tree and be careful of the many branches of the tree, who span out to catch the leaf.

Now, that is quite unusual. We usually get to pilot a space ship, a helicopter, even jet pack powered characters, but the leaf just glides down, which makes things even more difficult since the player can only make the leaf veer to the left or the right, or just make it stay there. Floating has never been this difficult ...

The game also has a retro style look and feel and also simple retro style music which is both reminiscent of time gone by as it is soothing and relaxing in a strange way. The fact that the player has to do just two simple things, move the leaf right or left also makes for a very relaxing game.

With simple gameplay, very enjoyable music and interface and the soothing way the leaf glides down the tree, Don't Touch The Branches is actually one of the most fun, relaxing and pleasant games to play, whenever you have five minutes to kill or just want to relax after a full day's work. 

Google Play Link

Tower Rush Lite by Wonder Gum - Android Featured App

Tower Rush Lite by Wonder Gum - Android Featured App  

Tower defense games are one of the most popular strategy and action games for Android Smartphones for some very good reasons. First of all, the screen size. Even with a phablet it's not easy playing an RTS like the good old command and conquer and commanding hundreds of different units. With tower defense games, the player selects the location of his towers and the game takes care of itself.

However, there are hundreds if not thousands of tower defense games for Android on Google Play, each with its own twist and special qualities, from games like Battle Towers to Four Days, to Magic Towers. Even Defender 2 is a kind of tower defense game, again with its own twist and changes.

So, what does Tower Rush Life brings to the fold that hasn't been done before?

First of all, the look and feel of the game. Tower Rush Lite revolves around towers that must be placed to protect a portal from invading monsters and the monsters are a real treat! Every creature is carefully and lovingly animated to produce a great create, moving and acting and charging and fighting, everything done in detailed 3D.

The fun doesn't stop there as the game's scenery and maps are all carefully designed to be challenging yet fun and all carry a special feeling to them, a dark and mystical touch that perfectly befits a game where the player must fight the monsters to keep the portal safe. Atmosphere is what breaks or makes a game and Tower Rush Lite has it in abundance.

Wonder Gum, the studio behind this game, haven't forgotten the sounds and music, which make up an important part. Every creature comes with its own set of sounds for fighting, moving, getting wounded and of course snarling and roaring in anger. The music of the game is also a great part of what makes it so special as it fits perfectly with the tone of the game.

Last but not least, is the strategic element of the game. The game gets progressively harder and the must not only plan carefully what towers he or she places, but also what upgrades he or she will opt for, because these strategic decisions are what can win or lost a map.

In conclusion, Tower Rush Lite has very unique look and feel to it and a complex strategic element to it that makes playing it so fun. 

Google Play Link Product Search APP - Android App Review Product Search APP - Android App Review Product Search APP - Android App Review. Android Smartphones are there to provide us three very important services. They can be our mobile office, our mobile communications centers and mobile entertainment centers. However, all of this pales when an app that allows us to save real money comes along.

Let's face it. We all buy things in one of two main ways and we don't really have a tool to allow us to be sure we are buying the right thing at the right price. Of course, this is a shame because one of the great things brought to us by progress is internet shopping where EVERYTHING is available for sale somewhere, we just have to find it.

To solve these problems, we took out Factory.Com app for a spin. Did it really solve our shopping problems?

First of all, we have to make something clear. Even though we use a lighter tone, shopping is a serious business. Each of us spends hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year for shopping and a good tool that will allow us substantial savings on our buying can net us hundreds of dollars of savings each year. This is not a laughing matter. 

What does Factory.Com app really do? This app has two (or actually three, but we'll talk about it a bit later ...) modes of operation. First of all, it allows us to scan a barcode of a product and then automatically runs a search of selected online retailers for the same product. In addition, it allows us to search manually and compare the different retailers' price of the same product. Thirdly, the manual search allows us to find out new products, and not only compare products we already know. 

We gave the app to our reviews and told them to get on with their business, and use the app before doing any kind of shopping. We were really quite surprised with some of the results.    

Reviewers who used the barcode scanning feature found out what all of us already knew, that online shopping was really cheaper. The app immediately gave results, displaying the same product on ebay and and the price comparisons were readily apparent. Reviewers said they actually changed their minds about doing some of their purchases because of the app, preferring to buy online.  

The reviewers who tried the searching function found it very easy to use and very useful as it immediately gave listings of the same products on a lot of online retailers. Again, our reviewers were surprised at how much money they saved just by running app on their smartphones.

Actually, the thing that surprises us was how quickly everyone, including the older reviewers took to this app. Everyone wants to save money, even if they have to use an app that is frankly very easy to use.

And now for some tips and tricks. When walking into a shop, scanning a product and showing the results to the owner of the shop, you can sometimes get a discount or a special offer as the owner tries to match the price to give you incentives to buy from him. 

In addition, reviewers were able to use the search function to find out about new products they didn't know (like a newer version of a Samsung tablet that just arrived) and not only save prices. Finally, searching with a little less detail can net you identical products with a different model number which sometimes denote the same product.

In conclusion, our reviewers were all very impressed with this app as it gave them real savings and allowed them to conduct their shopping much better than before. 

  • Score: 5.0. Almost perfect shopping helper tool. 
  • Description: A retailer comparison app that shows you the same product (whose name is taken from barcode scanning or entered manually) on several retailers and allows you to compare prices.
  • Good Points: Very easy to use, search, sort and filter results. Good display of results. Very streamlined and professional interface. 
  • Bad Points: We haven't really found any worth talking about. We just hope that the next updates of the app will allow us to buy products directly through the app.
  • Experience: The app is really easy to use and no one had any trouble working with it, young and old. Searching for products was a bit trickier and takes some practice, as does running a search through google.
  • Longevity: Virtually no one uninstalled this app as no other app is so good at finding discounts for the products we need, though some reviewers used the app more than others, depending on their shopping habits.
  • Link to Google Play