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HTC A9192 Inspire 4G Unlocked Smartphone

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MomentCam - a Cartoon creation camera app

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Battery Life Android Tips and Tricks

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Falling Birds Lite - Android App Review

Falling Birds Lite by Upfront Applications - Android App Review

Falling Birds Lite by Upfront Applications - Android App Review. One of the most popular game genres for Android Smartphones are arcade games, because of their simplicity, instant play features and challenge, not to mention their need of quick fingers and good eye to hand coordination. The problem is, there are thousands of arcade games on Google Play.

A good arcade game should offer several things to make it stand out among the thousands of games out there on Google Play. It should be challenging. It should be have a different story and background. It should enable instant play and resume functions. It should allow hours of play and not be too short.

We at Android Review Center would like to showcase Falling Birds. But, is it any good?

Falling Birds is an arcade game (there's free game with ads and a paid version without the ads that costs a measly dollar) where the play must catch, well, birds that are falling into a cage and rescue them from a cage by tapping on them. There are four types of birds, from the basic green, to the fat red that saves every bird, the blue bird that freezes the screen and the sneaky yellow that puts all the birds into the cage.

Falling Birds has 99 levels to complete with steadily rising challenge level as the speed of the falling birds increase. The game also has an endless more for those seeking a true challenge and the ability to save and publish high scores to Twitter and Facebook to show your friends just how quick you are. 

We gave the game for our reviews to try out, making sure young and old, educated and blue collar, men and women got the game to get a wide range of opinions.

First off all, the reviewers reported Falling Birds is a high quality game, much more so than its Google Play score would suggest (further examination shows that the bad reviews came from the early period of the game, before updates solved the bugs and issued reported by the bad reviews). It is stable, works as advertised and generally causes no problems, crashes or freezes of the smartphone. 

Reviewers liked the simplicity of the game, that was balanced just right between being too simple and being challenging. In fact, most reviewers said the game became challenging quite fast, though younger people were challenged at level 20 + while older found the game challenging at levels 10 +.

Interestingly, both younger and older people liked the game, though playing styles were different. While younger people relied on their speed and nimble finger, older people played a smarter game, trying to plan ahead and take advantage of the different types of birds.

And now for some tips and tricks. Since Falling Birds is simple but quick, try to loosed up during playing, letting your instincts guide your fingers. It works better that way. But, the different birds should be utilized, taking notice of a red bird and waiting for it to fall before tapping it, to let it carry to safety as many birds as possible.

The blue birds are also useful for two main things. First of all is getting a few seconds of rest for the eyes and fingers. The second reason is planning ahead, taking a fast inventory of what birds are now falling on the screen and seeing in what order it is best to tap them, or judge the correct time to use the red bird.

Finally, keep in mind always the yellow bird, as a tap on it can ruin a well played level just before the finish line ... Endless mode is also useful, not only for fun playing but to warm up a little bit before tackling a particularly difficult level, making sure your fingers, eyes and concentration are up to the task.

Falling Birds is a prime example of arcade games, a game that will appeal to games of every level and every age. Our reviewers loved it and recommend to give it a try (you can try to free version, and then, if you want, buy the ad-less version for uninterupted play.

  • Score: 4.6. A very good arcade game, one that was fun reviewing.
  • Description: An arcade game where birds are falling into a cage and the player must tap them to get them to fly to freedom.
  • Good Points: Simple game.Nice graphics and very nice soundtrack. Challenging and a little strategic touch with the four kinds of birds.
  • Bad Points: Nothing important that comes to mind. One or two reviewers would have liked to have even more kinds of different birds with additional abilities.
  • Experience: The game can be played almost immediately as it is very apparent what must be done. Learning to use the different birds properly takes a little more time.
  • Longevity: Avid games will surely keep is installed on their smartphones, as anyone who needs a casual game for the times of leisure.
  • Link to Google Play

Falling Birds Lite - Android App Featured

Falling Birds Lite by Upfront Applications - Android App Featured   

Android Smartphones can be used as mobile offices, mobile communications centers, mobile security and health centers but most importantly, they can be used as mobile entertainment centers. With screens that become larger and larger each year (now 5.5 Inch has become the standard), bigger resolution and high quality speakers, games have become one of the most important apps on smartphones. 

Games come in many types and flavors, but they can be broadly divided into the time and attention needed to play them. There exist the huge, complicated games that need a lot of time (at least half an hour of playing per session) to properly enjoy while at the other end of the scale exist the arcade games, games that are ideal for people that want to fill the small empty times in their lives with some rapid action fun, for instance those that have to wait for public transportation or students.

An interesting example for those arcade games is Falling Birds by Upfront Applications.

First, let's explore the game itself. As an arcade game, Falling Birds should provide lots of quicker and furious action, and it delivers. The game's premise is quite simple. Birds are falling down, waiting to be saved by a quick tap of the finger on them. A cage is waiting at the bottom and the user must save the birds by tapping them before they enter the cage.

Now, to make things more interesting and challenging, there are four types of birds with different coloration and behavior when touched. The green birds just fly away when tap but the red fat birds take with them all the birds on the screen whenever tapped. The blue birds make every other bird freeze for a limited time and the yellow bird are menaces, not to be touched under any occasion,  

Falling Birds comes with a lot of features, all designed to make playing the game more interesting and challenging. The player can select arcade or endless more for more intensive action, there are a huge number of levers to be passed and the game remembers your state if the game is interrupted, letting the player resume the game after the interruption has gone.

Finally, when all is said and done, arcade is all about challenge, speed and lightning fast reflexes and Falling Birds delivers on all three with a solid, challenging and content full game that provides many hours of gaming, passing through the levels or risking it all to play on Endless more.

Google Play Link

Gif-O-Tron - Meme GIF Machine - Android App Featured

Gif-O-Tron - Meme GIF Machine by Gakkle - Android App Featured   

We now live in a new age, in the Internet age. This tells us more than we think at first glance. To get understand what we mean, all anyone has to do is open a social network post that has gone viral and check out the comments. What is to be found there will shock and amaze anyone who is not familiar with this age.

We are talking about the memes, of course. Today, the Internet and the connectivity of the people by social networks and chatting and instant messaging apps have actually created a new language which is quite expressive and graphical. Today, responses and comments can and are made by pics and memes, adding a whole new dimension of expression.

We introduct Gif-O-Tron, a meme database and editor app that is supports a user who wants to express himself or herself with a meme on Android Smartphones. 

First and foremost, Gif-O-Tron is a meme database, a huge collection of memes of all kinds, types and shapes. The user of this app is bound to find anything as the collection is really quite large and is updated automatically over the Internet. In addition, the memes are divided into sections such as WTF, OMG etc.

The interface of Gif-O-Tron is professional and well designed to allow easy finding of any memes the user searches and then easy integration into whatever social network or communications app the user wants. It is a great way to express yourself, whatever meaning or feeling you want to project.

We must not forget to mention that the sheer diversity of the memes and their nature makes browsing through them just for fun a truly funny experience, as the strange profile pics, celebrity mug shots and pet captured images are truly an experience in humor by themselves.

To be part of the scene today, one must talk the lingo. In other words, if you don't have the correct meme and can insert it NOW into the desired comment, someone else will beat you to it or the original post will lost its appeal and audience. Gif-O-Tron is a neat solution to this problem, bringing and using the right meme at the right time.

Google Play Link

Butt and Legs Workouts Level 1 - Android App Featured

Butt and Legs Workouts Level 1 - Android App Featured   

It is perhaps with some happiness that we at Android Review Center are forced to admit we were wrong. We always thought and wrote that Android smartphones are here to serve as mobile communications centers, mobile entertainment centers and mobile officers but actually we were wrong. 

There is something we overlooked.

In addition to what we wrote above, android smartphones serve at least one more function which is just as important, a function which lately is getting more and more attention. i.e, they serve as security and health enhancers for their users. There is really little difference between security and health, because you actually cannot have one without the other for long.

In this article we would like to concentrate on one particular health app, Butt and Legs Workouts Level 1, which is part of a series of toning and fitness apps. 

Toning and fitness are more important than people usually think, and we'll tell you why. First of all, a fit person is more healthy, his cardio-vascular health is better and his immune system is stronger. Toning is also important because, done right, it burns off excess fat which is actually a health hazard. Finally, looking good and fit also has a profound effect on our morale, something which is often overlooked but is just as important for our health. 

And we should not forget that looking good is important both for health and social reasons. Even aesthetic reasons. Now, this app is just what we need in order to get fit and tone our muscles. First off all, it has a plan of workouts which allows anyone to start training, regardless of his or her previous conditions. 

Very well done videos serve to illustrate how the workouts should be done in order to maximize effectiveness and also for motivation, since we SEE the instructor on our screen doing the workouts exactly the way WE should be doing it, the correct way and the correct time. It has great motivational value as there is a video for any kind of workout.

Last but not least are the app's nutrition tips which are indispensable for anyone trying not only to get fit and tone his or her body, but to stay that way for good. 

To sum things app, Butt and Legs Workouts is a fitness and workouts app that has everything in it, from workout plans and exercises to videos showing exactly how the workouts should be done to dietary advice to help us get the body we want and keep it. We must not forget that this app and the series to which it belongs are important not only to our looks but also to our health as well.

Google Play Link

Fill-it in Number Puzzles FREE by Alfredo Baratta - Android App Featured

Fill-it in Number Puzzles FREE by Alfredo Baratta - Android App Featured   

Android Smartphones have long passed the time when they, and cellular devices in general, have been used only for communications. i.e., making calls. Today, each smartphone is a computer in itself (with a good chance that people own android smartphones more powerful than the desktop computers they have at home) but something haven't been upgraded all this time.

We, the users.

We use our smartphones to play and have fun, and that's all good, but our thinking caps become smaller and smaller all the time. In other words, we think less or exercise our mental muscles less and less, at the same time using smartphones that get smarter and most connected. This is why we were delighted to find Fill-it in Number Puzzles, a game that is great fun but also lets us practice our thinking. 

Let's get a closer look at this game and see how it wors.

Fill-it in Number Puzzles is quite simple to run and play, but it's a real challenge to solve correctly, especially on larger and more difficult puzzles. On its face, the game is a fit in puzzle where the user gets to select number out of an existing group in order to complete rows and columns, according to different rules.

The game is challenging both because the user must guess the rules to be used in a specific puzzle and because he or she get a limited time in which to do it, getting a timer that counts down to zero, adding to the pressure. Of course, this all serves to keep the mind sharp, juggling numbers, inventories and timeouts all at the same time on some large puzzles.

Of course, the fun part comes from cracking difficult puzzles that necessitate using your MIND, not your nimble fingers or luck. Take it from us, the pleasure that comes from solving a game by thinking is much stronger than just swiping fingers across the screen. We must not forget that the way the game is setup, it let's us whip the smartphone out and play or continue a saved game whenever we have several spare minutes.

So, now you can understand why we like Fill-it in Number Puzzles. It is an original puzzle game, is a game that actually makes you think, is fun to play, get's challenging as you advance in the puzzles and is simple and intuitive to run and play, without making the game itself easy. 

Google Play Link

WAY GPS Tracker Family Locator - Android App Featured

WAY GPS Tracker Family Locator by - Android App Featured   

We at Android Review Center always say that android smartphones are there to serve as mobile communication centers, mobile offices and mobile entertainment centers but there really is another function that smartphones serve which is just as important and is being looked at more and more lately.

That important function is security.There is nothing as important to us as our close family and their security is of the utmost importance. Security really starts with information about the location and whereabouts of our loved ones and again android smartphones come to our rescue, using the right app of course. 

The app in question is WAY GPS Tracker Family Locator and it serves a simple role. After being downloaded and activated on a target smartphone whose owner consented, the app starts transmitting the smartphone's location continually while making sure the battery is not drained too quickly. The location transmission is totally automatic and continual.

Then, the user who manages the app, i. e. Usually the father and or the mother of the family can login into password protected graphical database and see the location of the tracked smartphones, thus seeing exactly where family members are and knowing they are all right.

The app has several very useful features that serve to help maintain the family's security. First and foremost, the user can see all the registered smartphones' locations together, keeping an eye on all the family. The locations are presented on a detailed map, which is a very useful thing. In addition, the user can designate an area and get a notification once a tracked smartphone enters or leaves the area.

Of course, since location transmission works through the cellular data plan (WiFi if available), there is no need for the monitoring user to be physically close to the family members being monitored, as the monitoring user can sit half a world away and still be able to track the locations of his or her loved ones.

Family and our loved ones are the most important things we have, and their security must be always at the forefront of our thoughts, especially in these turbulent times. WAY GPS Tracker Family Locator offers an excellent security function that no one should be without.

Google Play Link

ehelp community by Francisco Yanez - Android App Featured - Update

ehelp community by Francisco Yanez - Android App Featured - Update   

We've already wrote a review about ehelp community on Android Review Center but we have a habit of looking backwards are revisiting some of the apps we like the most and that give the most to their users, in the hopes that the reader of this site might find those apps helpful for them as well. After all, this is the reason Android Review Center exists.

Now, the app in question is ehelp community which is after all another type of social networking app, the likes of which we have seen far too many lately. What makes ehlelp community special? Well, for this we must understand what social networks are. 

Let's take some of the biggest social networks existing today, established networks with almost a billion users. It doesn't cost anything to use the network but this is because we the users are actually the PRODUCT, being sold to advertisers with all our private data, such as what we are interested in.

ehelp community is something else, a social network with a purpose and one that will not take advantage of the user and try to integrate with his or her email, blog and cloud storage like other social networks have tried to do.

ehelp community is free and will remain so, and not at the expense of the app selling your info to advertisers or tying in other unrelated services to the network.

Of course, the most important thing in ehelp community is posting whatever you intend to give or trade and the app provides extensive features to make that as exact and precise is possible. The user gets to select the category of his post, from clothes to electronics to jobs and then he or she can fill in the details, starting from location and then specifying exactly the thing or service to be given or traded.

On the other hand, users searching for things may do so using location (which is vital for a global community spanning the world) to category to specific keywords to find whatever they need. This is exactly where ehelp community holds the greatest potential, in maintaining a world spanning and ever growing group of people that are all dedicated to helping others and themselves at the same time.

There is no other social network that is really dedicated to doing good like ehelp community is. The app and the network behind it are based on the age old understanding that doing good for others is doing good for oneself, not only in the abstract metaphorical way but also in the real physical sense, trading and communicating instead of buying things and just throwing them away.

Of course, part of it is the connection to the business side of things, in a good way as various businesses are encouraged to provide coupons and discounts for the community, gaining popularity and a loyal group of customers in exchange.

ehelp community website.

Google Play Link

Mahabharat Warriors - Android App Featured

Mahabharat Warriors by Anoman Studio - Android App Featured   

Strategy games can be found on Google Play by the dozens, of all kinds and types, starting from simple puzzle solvers to tower defense games to complex massive multiplayer online strategy games. This is why here on Android Review Center we make a real effort to find those games that are different.

The principles of many strategy games are so similar, they almost seem to have been made by a single studio just with changes to the pics of the units ...There is usually a main tower to be defended, basic and advanced units to be constructed and some strategic decisions to be taken during battles.

This is why we are glad to introduce Mahabharat Warriors, a game that really goes in different and interesting directions.

The first thing that is different to the other games in the genre and that really breaks the mold is the game setting itself. As can deduced from the name of the game, the settings, soldiers and enemies are all taken to a greater or lesser extent from the major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, giving the game a really different look and feel.

The game itself pits the player against hordes of enemies who try to breach the player's defenses and destroy the towers he or she must defend. The player can recruit a squad of soldiers, divided into several classes, from swordmen to archers and artillerymen. 

The player then must use his or her resources to upgrade his or her squad, buy new and exciting special abilities and otherwise make good investment choices, choices that will decide the player's squad fate against the mythical enemies who approach and their terrible bosses.

Mahabharat Warriors is a sophisticated strategy game with a very original and seldom seen setting, ancient India. With a lot of upgrades, soldier types, interesting and unique enemies, Mahabharat Warriors provides a gameplay experience not felt on other, more common strategy games.

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