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A social network designed to let people offer what they can and receive what they need.

Babylon Bob - A Special Platform Game

A unique platform game with quirky characters, special atmosphere that will challenge anybody.

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT i9500 Unlocked Smartphone

One of the fastest and most powerful smartphones of its time, the galaxy s4 has the latest hardware with the latest software, just be ware of bloatware and unnecessary features that will consume your battery.

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android

The Keyboard replacement app for Android that learns your favorite words and phrases and develops an uncanny way to write what you think. Just beware of inputing passwords through it!

HTC A9192 Inspire 4G Unlocked Smartphone

A high quality though outdated phone, perfect for those want a rugged but quality call phone and don't mind carrying a smartphone that is a little heavier and cannot run the heaviest apps.

MomentCam - a Cartoon creation camera app

An app that automatically creates high quality cartoons of whoever the camera photographs. Just be aware that there are a limited number of cartoon posibilites and limited editing features to this camera app.

Photography and Camera Apps

A collection of reviews for the most inetersting camera apps for Android, from MomentCam to Pic Collage to Cymera, Line Camera and Pic Grid. Many more will be added shortly.

Battery Life Android Tips and Tricks

Important tips and tricks for extending battery life for Android and really all kinds of smartphones, dealing with charging cycles, monitoring apps, battery health tips and really everything we need to know about prolonging smartphone battery life.

Satisfi - Android Featured App

Satisfi - Android Featured App 

The customer is always right. This is not just a proverb, but for smart businesses it is a way of life for a lot of reasons. A business who hears what its customers say is a business who can learn what problems it has and what it needs to repair in order to improve. A business who listens to its customers is a business who has a better chance of thriving.
A customer who reviews a business is also a smart customer for several reasons. First of all, if you care enough about a business to write a review about it, then you have a chance of your review been read, acted upon and then your experience as a customer will improve. Secondly, the mere fact of writing a review and pointing out problems and things to fix usually makes a customer feel good about himself or herself. This is another reason why smart businesses would listen carefully to what customers say and implement a way for customers to be heard.

These are part of the reasons why we are glad to introduce Satifi, an app that allows a customer to communicate anonymously with the senior management or owner of a business. 

Satisfi is a very simple app to operate. A user who has a message or review to communicate to the management or owners of a business just has to open the app, input his current position and select the business he or she wants to communicate with. Of course, Satisfi pledges to keep the user's identity completely anonymous and not reveal it to the business being messaged.

Anonymity is one of the most important features Satisfi has to offer because it protects the customer or person who had communicated with the business. A business has to receive completely truthful reviews and messages in order to learn and benefit from them and the fact that Satisfi guarantees that anonymity insures that the reviews and messages being sent will really be truthful. Of course, the app can also be used by a business to receive truthful messages from its employees and not only customers. 

The interface of Satisfi is as simple as possible because in our modern day and age, an overly complicated interface would make customers think twice if they want to invest the time and write a message. After selecting the business the user wants to message, a simple option menu opens up where common problems and things usually messaged are displayed.

Satisfi is a app that was needed and we are glad someone thought of the idea and developed it. A world wide distribution of this can really help make our customer experiences that much better.

Link to Google Play

Satisfi - Android App Review

Satisfi - Android App Review

Satisfi - Android App Review. Every one of us is a customer. There's no one who doesn't need to buy a product or service from time to time, except those people who wear loincloths and swing through trees and even they need to buy their loincloths or to buy the tools to make one, at the very least. 

Some of us are also product and service providers, sellers of goods, in addition to being customers ourselves. Whichever role we play at the moment, we always aim to make our customer and seller experience better. Satisfi is an app that aims to make that happen, and we don't need anything except our Android smartphones (or the other kind ...)

How does Satisfi work? It works on the simple principle that receiving reviews and comments from customers is the thing that can make the seller provide a better experience and products.

Of course, to make this process true and free of constraints it is totally anonymous. Everyone of us has that lurking fear that if we tell the seller at the coffee shop how to improve his service, he'll just leave us something nasty in our coffee but if it's an anonymous tip, he won't know who gave it and will not be able to retaliate, even if he's that kind of person. He'll have to improve his service.

We launched our reviewers which all downloaded the app and started working. In fact, they all just went on about their lives with the app resting installed on their smartphones, waiting for the right moment to be used.

Actually, the app provides two different kinds of service, for customers and sellers. We concentrated on the customer side of things.

Our reviewers were very happy with the speed and ease of using Satisfi. It is quite evident that if customers will have to navigate and wrestle with complex screens and menus to leave a review, they just won't do it. But Satisfi is simple and quick to operate. Our reviewers liked the way you enter your location, select the business you want to review and presto, review away.

Our reviewers all commented that the app presents a lot of useful menu items to select for every kind of business establishment, from the waitresses behavior at a restaurant to various delivery problems with a delivery service.  

Of course, our more meticulous reviewers were happy to receive a comments section at the second stage of entering a review, where they could leave a free review, not limited to preloaded menu items. Not all reviewers used this option but it is nice to have.

Another very useful feature is the ability to post the review as a social media status update. However, our reviewers found it necessary to hide their identity when giving bad reviews, which means that the reviewers will appear only on Satisfi's social media accounts. However, the reviewers had no problem with good reviewers appearing on their private social media accounts.

We received several tips from our reviewers. First of all, if a business doesn't appear on the app's business list, you can always invite it to join. For the sellers and service providers, we can only urge them to join the service (it costs some money ...) as this can be a great way to receive honest reviews about your service. If not, check the app's social media accounts for reviews about your business.

Last and not least, the app makers promise a monetary award for anyone who gets a business to join the program. A classic win-win situation.

In conclusion, Satisfi is an app that revolves around the win-win situation, where customers can leave reviewers about a service provider and the service provider can receive them and improve his service.

  • Score: 4.7. It would receive a 5 when more businesses join.
  • Description: A review app that anonymously sends reviews to businesses being reviewed
  • Good Points: A great and necessary idea! Very simple and quick to operate. Anonymous reviews. Getting money when businesses join after you invite them to.
  • Bad Points: Still not so many businesses joined everywhere.
  • Experience: The vast majority found using Satisfi to be quick and simple, even adopting the habit to leave a review whenever they use a new business. 
  • Longevity: Most reviewers would keep this app installed because it imrpoves THEIR customer experience using businesses.
  • Google Play Link

Free Resume Creator - Android Featured App

Free Resume Creator by - Android Featured App 

We all know the economy is in a complex state, not to say precarious. We as working people know how important it is to get a job and maintain it, but it sometimes becomes a necessity to apply for a new job, if we got fired from our last or just want to upgrade our position or we just finished school and want to start working.  

Now, if we want to apply to vacant job position, our first move it to send a resume. A resume is one of the most important things human resources look at before calling a person to a work interview. A resume is the first glimpse a human resources person gets of a person, and it will decide for the person if he or she will be called for an interview and continue the process of recruiting the person, or terminating the process right there and then.

So, the problem becomes writing a resume that will be good enough to let  the person applying for the job opening to continue to process. This is why we want to introduce Free Resume Creator. 

What makes a good resume? Remember, a human resources person may see dozens if not hundreds of resumes for every job opening. What will make a human resources person decide to continue the process rather than throwing the resume in the trash can? A resume has to be very clear, one page length. If an HR person has to search for the info in the resume, he or she will rather throw it away and turn to another, clearer, more organized and easier to read resume. 
Free Resume Creator let the user input the important and RELEVANT into needed for a resume. Remember, the resume must compete with hundreds of other resumes. The app requests only the things that need to be in the resume, and limits you in advance to the amount of space available, not to create a too cluttered resume. The app leads the user from step to step and prompts him or her to enter exactly what the human resources person is looking for. 

What is important is the end result and Free Resume Creator produces a PDF file (ready for printing) which is exactly what the HR people are looking for. Lovely to look at, has all the right things, is pre-formatted to show all the important things and avoid displaying irrelevant information, the resume created is optimized to make the Human Resources person scan the resume quickly (they like resumes which are easy to read), see the important things and let the process continue.

Wokring with Free Resume Creator is fast and easy, without too many screens and options and is optimized to let us concentrate on the important things, the info we input.

Link to Google Play

Oii by Insaneye - Android Featured App

Oii by Insaneye - Android Featured App 

We like apps that do two things. Make our lives easier and are original, bring something new and exciting to that new world that is the Google Play with its millions of apps, games and various utilities. Whatever app we review and test, we never forget that our Android smartphones are there to make our lives better and easier, and not just to entertain us.

Before we delve into Oii, a very original instant messaging app, let's take a moment to go over the instant messaging apps out there today. Starting with Whatsapp, Snapchat, even the Facebook Messenger, the chatting apps are there to let us chat, exchange messages with our friends, families and work colleagues. 

Some instant messaging apps like WhatsApp sport the record feature, which means instead of tapping the smartphone to type a message, we press the record button, say out loud whatever we meant to say and then the app sends our recorded voice to our recipient. This has the advantage of letting us just say aloud whatever we wanted to say but of course it's unusable when in crowd, a meeting and countless other places and occasions. 

We want to introduce Oii, a brand new instant messaging app that brings a very useful and original twist into the instant messaging world.

So, what exactly is Oii? Oii is a simple instant messaging app that lets the user create pre-recorded messages and then send them to contacts and groups using Oii the user manages on his smartphone, be it Apple or Android. For instance, a user can record the "I Love You" message and send it whenever the need arises to his or her loved one or a user can record in advance the message "The meeting starts in five minutes!" and send it to his coworkers.

Oii is designed to be quick and simple to operate. Adding users and managing groups, recording and editing existing messages and sending messages (i.e. Oiis) to contacts is easy and fast. The interface is very professional and the menus and screens have been optimized to do what the app promises to do, help the user send a pre-recorded message quickly and simply.

All right, but what use is it? Why limit ourselves to a set of pre-recorded messages? Well, if you consider carefully the messages you type, you will notice that a great many messages repeat themselves. I'm in a meeting. Coming home in an hour. Already on my way. Ready. Is anybody going out to launch? My battery is almost drained. Love you. Do you homework. I'm waiting outside. What's for dinner? Wanna to out to a movie? Already seen that. 

You get the idea. Oii let's us quickly send the most common messages we use which is very useful to keep in touch with someone and remind him or her that we care, respond quickly when in a meeting or when driving (though we do not recommend using smartphones when driving! The risk is not worth it!) and in general automate a large percentage of our messaging, saving our time and energy which is the way smartphones should be used.

In conclusion, Oii is quite a ground breaking instant messaging app that let's us message and respond quickly while using the messages we use the most, making communication that much easier and simpler.

Link to Google Play

Navi Bunny - Android Featured App

Navi Bunny by Apps and Smiles - Android Featured App 

Navi Bunny - Android Featured App looks at first just like another Flappy Bird clone but actually, nothing is farther than the truth. Indeed, this IS a game where a small flappy creature has to fly to reach its destination and avoid several kinds of obstacles and travel through different worlds, avoiding different obstacles being placed in its way.

First of all we may want to spend a moment thinking about what makes Flappy Bird kinds of games so fun. First of all, they are simple and easy to play. A lot of android smartphone users still have relatively small screens, smaller than 4.5 inch. A screen this size makes playing big, sophisticated games tricky because everything has too be so small but a Flappy Bird kind of game is easy to play because of its simplicity and is relatively large size of icons and images.

A lot of people use their smartphones just to relax and have fun when they have a few spare moments which makes Flappy Bird kinds of birds ideal because they are simple to learn, do not require a lot of thought (the goal is to relax, right?) and they still offer a challenge. There ARE android games with a lot of complexity, depth and processes that require a lot of thought, concentration and energy from the player. They are great fun but are not very useful if you want to relax two minutes before your important presentation ... 

That is why we want to show case Navi Bunny, a Flappy Bird kind of game with several interesting twists.

So, what is Navi Bunny? This game is a Flappy Bird twist where the character is not a bird but a bunny with a jet pack. Control and movement is fairly simple and straight forward, as it the game itself. Our bunny must fly through pillars and escape being crushed by obstacles obscuring his way while moving through several different worlds. 

Navi Bunny has several things that make the app well worth playing. First and foremost, Navi herself and the game in general are VERY cute. That's not a feature important for everyone, but for those that crave cuteness, Navi Bunny and the entire app are extremely cute. In addition, the game has a very nice progression of difficulty. It is not impossibly difficult right at the start but it starts fairly easily and then the difficulty mounts in a way that makes playing the game fun and challenging instead of being of just frustrating. 

Another very helpful feature of Navi Bunny is the speed of its setup and launch. It is a very fast app and it launches and plays very fast. Not only this is very pleasurable (you don't have to wait for a long launch and setup) but it is very useful since playing casual games is perfect for utilizing a few spare moments if not half of this time is spent by waiting for the game to start running.

Last but not least is the stability of Navi Bunny. It is not the rule, but sometimes apps by new and small development studios are buggy and unstable but Navi Bunny appears to be rock solid, even when the characters reaches other worlds and advanced levels.

In conclusion, Navi Bunny is a cute game, runs fast and is a very stable app, perfect for the casual game in a few spare moments we happen to have.

Link to Google Play

Web PC Suite - File Transfer - Android Featured App

Web PC Suite - File Transfer by GeekSoft - Android Featured App 

Web PC Suite - File Transfer - Android Featured App.  Anyone who uses his Android (or even Apple!) smartphone for anything more than just making calls will come, sooner or later, to the problem of transferring files between a desktop computer and his or her smartphone. That's universal. Whatever you do, work, or play, you'll need to transfer files.

We may need to transfer files for work purposes. We may want to download our music library to our new and shiny smartphone. We may need to transfer our photos from our last trip to Nevada Falls or from the last visit with the grand kids. We may need to transfer videos we made on the smartphone for the desktop to prepare them for editing. We may need to transfer a great pic we found to the smartphone to serve as homescreen wallpaper.

So, what are our options? None of them are really good, as matter of fact. The simplest is to plug in a USB cable and connect the PC to the smartphone through it. The drawback is we don't always have the cable with us and anyway, it is a clumsy solution that makes the smartphone's operating system to unmount the internal smartphone storage anyway. We can use email to send files back and forth but this solution is even more clumsy and not practical with large files. We can also use cloud storage as an intermediary but this solution is also clumsy and may be expensive in terms of our data package. 

We would like to introduce a solution from GeekSoft called Web PC Suite which was made just to solve this problem, of connecting PCs to smartphones.

What exactly does Web PC Suite do? Quite simply, Web PC Suite sets up a connection through WiFi between the desktop in question and the smartphone. Then, the app lets you organize and transfer files of any size between the desktop and the mobile device, if they both reside on the same WiFi network. Web PC Suite has a lot of nifty features and one of them is working with any kind of desktop with any kind of operating system, simply and easily, just because Web PC Suite does not need any kind of installment on the desktop side. The desktop just has to browse to a given address with its browser and then through the web interface, Web PC Suite works its charm.

Well, what features does Web PC Suite have that make it special? We already mentioned the way the desktop that connects to the mobile does not need any software install and everything is done through a web interface. In addition, the files transferred and the connection itself are encrypted, so there's no problem sending your files through the air on WiFi. Because of the web interface, Web PC Suite can work with any kind of desktop, be it Windows, Apple or the various brands of Linux.

In addition to this app providing a full file manager functionality in which the user can freely browse, organize and move his files, Web PC Suite does not have any file size limitation, a fairly common problem when wanting to upload a video file from your mobile to your desktop. 

This app's interface has been carefully designed to provide everything that is needed in a file manager and transfer utility. Media files can be directly consumed through the web interface and text files can be easily read. Features such as multiple select, drag and drop and everything else we need is provided right there by Web PC Suite.

Web PC Suite gives a complete solution to the problem of synchronizing files between a mobile device and a desktop through the WiFi network. This is one of the apps we love, because it is designed to solve every facet of the problem of file transfer and to make life easier for the users.

Link to Google Play

File Expert with Clouds by GeekSoft - Android Featured App

File Expert with Clouds by GeekSoft - Android Featured App 

Android smartphones, as lovable and easy to use as they (mostly) are, have several important functions. Mobile gaming center. Mobile office. Mobile entertainment center. Mobile communications center (this does not only mean the ability to make calls but also the ability to send and receive messages and SMSs, send and receive emails and media files, online chat and of course, video conferencing). The reason we mention is that for three of these uses (i.e. office, entertainment and communications) we have to use files. 

We use files for documents to read and write, videos, music and pictures to consume (i.e. watch ...) and various other media files to communicate, if it's a video of the grand kids to granny or the presentation with annotations to the boss. In all these cases, we work and store files. It it inescapable. And this is where our problem starts. 
We have media files. We have work files. We have media files for work. We have media files for our own entertainment. We have files that we sent to received, if its a PDF copy of a bill receipt to the page views of our site. To make matters worse, we can store our files on local smartphone drives. Or on expansion SD cards. Or we can access several types of cloud storage. To make matters even WORSE, we can store some files on our tablet, others on our home computer, a few on our work laptop and we must not forget the files we left on our old smartphone before we upgraded.

Anyone feeling dizzy yet? Great. Because this is the perfect time to introduce File Expert with Clouds by GeekSoft.

What exactly does File Expert with Clouds do? First of all, File Expert allows you to manage all your files in an easy and convenient way. The app can transfer files from your smartphone memory to the SD card, between devices by using all kinds of interface protocols starting from WiFi to Bluetooth to NFC. The app can also link to cloud storage and it allows you to backup and retrieve files from cloud storage.

But there are other apps that do that. What is the distinction of File Expert? The interface. File Expert allows you to organize your files in tabs and categories, starting from videos and pics to other categories the user can add as he or she see fit, starting from grocery lists to income tax documents. Everything goes. Of course, this makes managing, finding and using your files much easier, no matter where they are.

Another thing File Expert specializes in is searching. Now matter how well we organize our files, there is always the possibility that a file will go missing. File Expert's search feature allows the user to search folders, storage types and devices, including cloud storage to find your files. This is a VERY important feature to anyone, whether they want to find a particular song or last year summery presentation for the boss. 

The features we liked the most was Quick Connect, that allows you to connect to a friends mobile device to upload and download files and the ability to see pictures as thumbnails, which is a very useful feature most android file explorers lack.

So, to sum things upp, GeekSoft has made an almost complete file explorer, one that allows the user complete control, transfer and indexing capabilities to his or her files, including the all important feature of searching when even the folder and category system fails. In our opinion, File Expert is a must for all serious mobile users.

Link to Google Play

OopsyTube - Funny Video App - Android Featured App

OopsyTube - Funny Video App by Alan Magliocca - Android Featured App 

We must face it. After all is said and done, what we most love on our Android smartphones is the fact they connect us to the Internet. And the thing we like the most on the Internet is funny movies and it's not an accident these are the most popular posts on social networks, the ones about funny videos. From news bloopers, to sport bloopers, to funny cats and babies, we really can't have enough of them. After all, what use is the Internet if we can't have a good laugh now and then? 

But the problem we come to is this. Although there are tools for taking videos and sharing them, there really isn't a good tool that allows us to take a video, edit it a little bit and share it on social networks, simply and quickly. 
So, here comes OopsyTube - Funny Video App that promises to do just that. 

What exactly OopsyTube - Funny Video App do? This app allows the user to take videos, edit them by changing their colors, adding text and emoticons and post them on social networks, such as FAcebook and Twitter, simply and easily, directly from the app. In addition, the app manages a list of contacts of user of OopsyTube and in effect, sets up a community of people that all have in common the desire to upload, share and view funny videos.

The great thing about What exactly OopsyTube is the quick and simple way everything it does can be performed. Taking videos is quick and easy, adding text and emoticons is again a very simple and quick task and after logging on to your social networks through the app, OopsyTube can share the videos across your selected audience.

Like we said, the good thing about this app is the simple way it works and the way we can take a video, add text and emoticons and then share it. Let's face it, in our day and age our time has become the most precious commodity we have and we must value above all else apps that seek to conserve our time and not waste it. The way OopsyTube is setup serves just this purpose, taking and uploading our funny video fast and simply, so it takes us very little time to do it.

So, what do we have here? An app that not only makes taking funny videos and sharing them quick and simple, it also sets up a community of people who are all interested in one things, to have fun in life and enjoy funny movies. 

Link to Google Play

Ringtext Messenger by ringlabs - Featured Android App

Ringtext Messenger by ringlabs - Featured Android App 

We love our Android smartphones. There's really no need to explain why but we'll do point out that for us, our smartphones are mobile communications centers, mobile offices, mobile media centers and of course, mobile entertainment centers. We love showcasing Android apps on Android Review Center but what we love THE MOST is apps that enable us to SAVE MONEY.

And when we get right down to it, saving money is the thing we love the most. What can we say? We're human.
And the app we want you to know about is called Ringtext Messenger and we'll explain how it works, in other words how it can save us money. 

What does Ringtext Messenger by ringlabs do? For all apparent purposes, Ringtext is just another messenger app. It has the standard features of contact managing, conversation managing, sending and receiving messages. It seems just like another messenger app but it isn't. 

The special thing about Ringtext Messenger is that it doesn't use your data package. Unlike any other messenger app, Ringtext Messenger doesn't even need you to have a data package or connection. It doesn't need you to have a valid WiFi connection. It doesn't need you to have 4G, 3G or any other type of mobile Internet connection. All it needs is for you to have calling capability, i.e. Just be able to make normal calls.

So, how does Ringtext Messenger work? How can it send messages across the world without any type of data connection and with no charge whatsoever? Ringtext Messenger uses  technologies called CLI and Missed Calls to work its magic. Missed calls are free around the world. What does it mean? If somebody calls you and you hangup on them without answering, no one has to pay anything. With these missed calls, a message can be transferred (like a taxi driver using it to inform you he's arrived and waiting for you or the number of missed calls can mean the number of pizzas ordered, for example). Ringtext Messenger uses this technology and offers free worldwide messaging service.

Ringtext Messenger is really an innovative app but what use is it in our Internet connected modern world? Well, not everyone always has Internet connection. The older people might have a smartphone but a really small or non existent data package. You might want to give your kids a free way to communicate but you don't want them surfing the Internet so you don't buy them a data package. When abroad, data connection may be very expensive or it might not exist all together. And even our modern sophisticated user might go through his data package for this month and eat it all up to early. It happens.

So, what do we have here? Ringtext Messenger is a messenger app that uses Missed Calls to offer free world wide messaging and chat services. Apart from being really innovative, Ringtext Messenger offers services that might be crucial to some of us. 

Link to Google Play

ehelp community by Francisco Yanez - Android App Review

ehelp community by Francisco Yanez - Android App Review

ehelp community by Francisco Yanez - Android App Review. We on Android Review Center review apps (and smartphones). That is what we do. The people who contribute to this effort love tech, love smartphones and mobile computing and love everything that has to do with apps, which are really a new world all to themselves.

But as much as we love this world of computing, it must be pointed out that it is motivated by money and profits. That is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just an observation. App developers want to return their investment and make a profit. Studios want a return on the capital they invested in making apps. That is the natural order of things, since people put in time and effort and if they won't see a return to their investment, the whole model of app development would crash down, to everyone's loss.

This is why we were so pleasantly surprised when we came to know of ehelp community by Francisco Yanez. This app is not about making money, it is about taking advantage of android smartphone's ability to be in touch and connects people who want to help one another.


So, how does this app work? How can someone help another and how can someone be helped by one another with this app?

ehelp community is actually quite simple to operate, always an important feature in an android app. After a simple login, the user is presented with several options. The user can describe what he needs, in terms of services or material things. The user can also specify how can he help, by providing a service or goods. 

A user can also specify what goods or services he wants to trade, if he or she doesn't want to give things away for free. In addition, ehelp community also has a section where people can post their kickstarter campaigns and petition for help from the ehelp community. Last but not least, users can also post special deals and specials, starting from coupons to sales.

So, like we always do, we launched our small army of reviewers at this app and waited for their reports, which weren't long in coming. 

First and foremost our users commented on the interface. It is quite apparent a lot of thought had gone into interface design. Every thing is simple to operate and the mix of azure, blue and green colors create a very pleasant user experience. This seems like a small thing but sometimes the popularity of an app can soar or plummet because of its interface. According to our reviewers, ehelp community's interface was very pleasant and restful.

The app itself was very easy to use. Adding good and services was straight forward since the app has categories for each item, free text and location so no reviewer had any problem adding anything he or she wanted to the community.  

Our reviewers suggested several things to take into consideration when adding stuff or browsing stuff other people added. First and foremost, check the location. If the user is interesting in goods or a service that has to be transferred physically, the location is very important. Next, read all the description of an item and on the other hand, describe what you are offering with as much detail as possible to prevent any confusion. That saves a lot of time. Lastly, check the profile of a person offering an item. There is quite a lot of info to be gained by this.

ehelp community also has another nifty feature which is posting kickstarter campaigns. This is very helpful to anyone raising money on kickstarter as the entire community can join together to support a worthy goal.

Last but not least is the daily special section, which is a great place for businesses to leave coupons or info about sales they are conducting and which the ehelp community might be interested in.

A tip from one of our reviewers has to do with trading vs. giving away items and services. A good selection is quite important, as to avoid giving away for free something valuable that would later cause you regret. However, our reviewer said that sometimes just giving away items has its own benefits, mainly the feeling that you're really helping someone out, and not in order to make a profit.

In conclusion, ehelp community is something more than just an app. It is a whole community geared towards helping people, instead of just providing for them the right ads, like some social networks we know ... We expect great things from ehelp community, not least among them the ability to enable people to show their kinder self.

  • Score: 4.5. A great idea for a electronic help community. Would get a 5.0 when more people join.
  • Description: An electronic help community where everyone offers goods or services to whoever needs it and can receive or trade things in return
  • Good Points: A beautiful interface. A unique idea (a rare thing in our time and age!). A helpful social network and not one who is out to sell your info to advertisers.
  • Bad Points: Still new so not many users yet.
  • Experience: The reviewers who tried it out found it very easy to use. The trick is to use locale search to find people offering and receiving things near you. 
  • Longevity: This is a very special type of social network and its longevity should be very long.
  • Google Play Link

Mad Libs Epic by EPicenter - Featured Android App

Mad Libs Epic by EPicenter - Featured Android App 

Words games apps for android smartphones are a dime a dozen. There are literally thousands of them on Google Play, and for good reason. They are fun, distracting, helping us to make a much needed break from work, play or just changing diapers. Whatever it is we do, they help us make our brain work, relax and solve word puzzles, helping our linguistic skills come along.

But the problem is that the sheer number of word games makes us at Android Review Center sigh with exasperation. What, another word game? Well, this article is indeed about another word game, but it really has quite a lot of new and different thing to make it a really exciting game.

Mad Libs Epic by EPicenter is a casual word game, meaning that you can play and have fun even if you have just two minutes to kill before the next meeting. Instead of just inputing long sentences and then mad libbing them, Mad Libs Epic works by switching the words inside a number of novels, movie reviews and even songs, making the word puzzles that much more exciting because the context in which the libbing takes place is much more interesting.

Another great feature of Mad Libs Epic is that the text of the puzzles is constantly being updated as EPicenter is committed to keep the game attractive by changing and adding novels reviews and songs, all to be included in the word puzzles. 

We must also make our readers aware that the game has a paid version, for all those who are willing to part with a few measly dollars to do away with the ads and reward the developers for their time and effort, not for humanitarian causes but to allow them to see a return on their investment in making this game and making sure they make updates and more games.

In conclusion, Mad Libs Epic is a very interesting word game that makes things interesting by mad libbing movie reviews, parts of novels and famous songs, all to create interesting and attractive challenges for the players. Mad Libs Epic can be played when the player has a few dull moments and the side benefits, in addition to sheer fun, include training our linguistic skills, always an important goal.

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Stress Reliever - Letting Go by Dolor Söderbom - Featured Android App

Stress Reliever - Letting Go by Dolor Söderbom - Featured Android App 

Stress is something that must be relieved. We know this for a fact. Stress is a contributing factor for a wide range of diseases, from heart diseases to hypertension to strokes and the list goes on and on. In fact, stress is one of the main ills of our modern society.

But the question is, how do we fight it effectively? Classical methods exist for stress relief, starting from taichi to yoga to zen meditation. The drawback to these methods is the amount of time, energy and effort required to learn them and the protracted period of time till they start to really relieve stress.

We can use android smartphones to try to fight stress, but the normal methods, games and media consumption aren't really that effective because generally games do not act as stress relief and consuming media, such as relaxing music or even movies can only act as momentary stress relief that doesn't translate to better handling stress later on, when we return to work or to our stress causing situation.

We would like to introduce Stress Reliever - Letting Go, an app designed to use our constant personal helper - our own android smartphone. Stress Reliever - Letting Gois fairly simple, though the principles it is based on are anything but. To useStress Reliever - Letting Go , one simply has to activate it and listen to the silken voice of Tod MacLaren as he outlines the hypnotherapeutic techniques.

Is it effective? Does Stress Reliever - Letting Go really work? To make Stress Reliever - Letting Go work, the idea is to listen to the app for half an hour every day for a month. Whether it is because of the hypnotherapeutic techniques of Hypnotherapist Dolor Söderbom, or because of the magical voice of Tod MacLaren or just because taking a break from the rat race is enough to work wonders, we discovered the app works for those willing to try it.

To sum things up, trying the hypnotherapeutic techniques of Dolor Söderbom is as simple as downloading Stress Reliever - Letting Go app and giving it a go. And taking into consideration the benefits of stress and tension relief, it is well worth a try.

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