Babylon Bob - A Special Platform Game

A unique platform game with quirky characters, special atmosphere that will challenge anybody.

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT i9500 Unlocked Smartphone

One of the fastest and most powerful smartphones of its time, the galaxy s4 has the latest hardware with the latest software, just be ware of bloatware and unnecessary features that will consume your battery.

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android

The Keyboard replacement app for Android that learns your favorite words and phrases and develops an uncanny way to write what you think. Just beware of inputing passwords through it!

HTC A9192 Inspire 4G Unlocked Smartphone

A high quality though outdated phone, perfect for those want a rugged but quality call phone and don't mind carrying a smartphone that is a little heavier and cannot run the heaviest apps.

MomentCam - a Cartoon creation camera app

An app that automatically creates high quality cartoons of whoever the camera photographs. Just be aware that there are a limited number of cartoon posibilites and limited editing features to this camera app.

Photography and Camera Apps

A collection of reviews for the most inetersting camera apps for Android, from MomentCam to Pic Collage to Cymera, Line Camera and Pic Grid. Many more will be added shortly.

Battery Life Android Tips and Tricks

Important tips and tricks for extending battery life for Android and really all kinds of smartphones, dealing with charging cycles, monitoring apps, battery health tips and really everything we need to know about prolonging smartphone battery life.

NBA 1-on-1 Challenge Game by Black Eagle Apps - Featured Android App

NBA 1-on-1 Challenge Game by Black Eagle Apps - Featured Android App 

It is no wonder sports and sport games for android smartphones are so popular. Sports are our modern day gladiator games, where the players pit each other's skills, talent, hard work and sheer might one against the other. Of course, everything that has to do with the NBA and it's larger than life players is filled with that inner zest, the fight for winning. 

NBA 1-on-1 Challenge Game combines three things that are everything an app needs in order to be a great app. First and foremost, it is centered around the NBA and some of its greatest players ever, such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Steph Curry and more.

The second thing is the game engine, and NBA 1-on-1 has the game engine from Flappy Bird and everything that makes that game engine so much fun to play. The difficulty, the keen hand to eye coordination and the lightning quick reflexes needed to play the game (Actually, some of the exact skills needed by good NBA players ...).

Last but not least is the social networking features, with the ability to see your scores on score boards and compete against fans all around the world. Being a super athlete is of course not much fun if you cannot brag about your results and your prowess across the Internet and your defeated rivals ...

From the mouth of one of our reviewers:
"NBA 1-on-1 Champion game seems like another flappy birds clone at first, but the game creators have taken the basic flappy birds game mechanic and added several addicting new layers. You play as NBA characters and take on the rest of the NBA in this exciting, addicting flappy birds 2.0 game. Other NBA superstars of today and some all-time legends such will randomly challenge you to a game of 1-on-1. Beat their score to unlock them and play as them. Almost all of the major NBA superstars of today are included: Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Tim Duncan and more. It was also cool to see the creators included some all-time legends from the past such as Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal. It’s significantly harder to beat these better players and I imagine it’d take quite a while to unlock all the characters in the game. The game mechanic is pretty addicting and I found myself playing for hours without realizing it. My only complaint is the coin sound effect can get a little tedious, and the world-wide high scores are really high – good luck getting in the top 10. Overall this is a pretty solid, addicting NBA sports game."

In conclusion, NBA 1-on-1 Challenge Game is a fast and furious game with the added bonus of being to play 1-on-1 against famous NBA players, reach their scores and then unlock their characters. New on Google Play, this game has everything a game needs in order to be great and the reviewers of the players that downloaded, along with its current score of 4.6, represent these facts exactly.

Link to Google Play

KeyZag Keyboard Microth Inc - Featured Android App

KeyZag Keyboard by Microth Inc - Featured Android App 

Today, more than six years after the full scale introduction of the smartphone and the Android operating system from Google, there is almost nothing that cannot be done on a smartphone. Reading and writing emails, chatting, playing, navigating and the list goes on and on. In fact, we are really one step away from a real mobile office and entertainment system. 

However, this step is currently a major hurdle. Being able to comfortably write on the smartphone. 

We all knows the problems inherent in writing on our Android smartphone. Typos. Embarrassing autocorrect mistakes. Typing a long piece of text today is usually a difficult job, even on larger smartphones with larger screens such as Samsung's Note 3 or even Sony Xperia Z Ultra. All these try to solve the typing problem, but little headway has been made so far.

This is where the KeyZag Keyboard app comes to the rescue. KeyZag has some truly innovative ideas that go a long way into making typing a lot easier on our smartphones. The keyboard itself is floating, and changes its size perfectly to fit any orientation. the keys and symbols are contained within circles, which are the largest and most easy to reach shape contained within a defined area. Symbols are reachable by swipe gestures and the app remembers your most often mistakes and corrects them automatically, the right way.

Another vital feature of Keyzag is its extensive language support.
Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Hindi alphabets are all supported.

In conclusion, until holographic floating keyboards and direct mind to smartphone interfaces are invented, KeyZag keyboard app goes a really long way to make typing on the smartphone a real easy and natural task.

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Babylon Bob - Featured Android App

Babylon Bob - Featured Android App 

Platform games are ideal stress relievers and great to pass the five minutes you have to wait till the bus comes or the toddler finishes whatever he or she has to do in the toilet. But since there are so many platform games for android smartphones, how can you choose the among to find the ones that are worth playing?
We would like to present Babylon Bob, a game we reviewed (see link at the end of this article) and loved. The story and the game are quite simple. A cop sees three kids performing a suspected felony and launches a furious pursuit through the city, having to dodge obstacles, jump over them and chase the three teens wherever they run, even if they launch away in tiny airplanes.

Babylon Bob is so fun to play because it's graphics are unusual, quirky and strange, attractive and cute. You have to see the game to understand. In addition, the game is fairly difficult, so better bring your skills and hone your hand to eye coordination before you try to challenge Babylon Bob. Last but not least is the absence of violence. No guns, explosions, weapons or bodies of any sort. Makes this an ideal game for kids to play to give their parents some well earned rest.

In conclusion, an instant classic platform game with twisted, funny graphics and challenging game play make Babylon Bob a game to try.

Link to Full Review

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Alpha Man Project by Zil Communications - Featured Android App

Alpha Man Project by Zil Communications - Featured Android App 

Man up! Real men aren't born. They're built. The Alpha Man Project Podcast is about building you into the best, most badass version of yourself. Learn how to get in the best shape of your life and how to eat to build muscle and burn fat. Learn how to attract the right women and how to hold on to your balls in a relationship. Learn how to make more money to afford to live life like you envision. Education on health, fitness, nutrition, relationships, business, self-help and more. Join Ted Ryce every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as he inspires you to live life on your own terms. It's time for greatness. It's time to become the Alpha Man!

The Alpha Man Project app is the easiest way and the most convenient way to access the show and all its episodes. With this app, the user can watch any of the episodes, organize them into interest lists and always be updated with the latest information and episodes from the show.

The Alpha Man Project has direct streaming feature which allows the user to watch an episode, pause it and then then return to it whenever he or she can. The app also features access to bonus material such PDF files and wallpapers and episode extras. Last but not least, the app allows the user all the possible ways to contact the show, from email to direct calling to Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to become a better version of yourself, Alpha Man Project is the right podcast for you.

Link to Google Play

Babylon Bob by Dream Baked - Android App Review

Babylon Bob by Dream Baked - Android App Review

Babylon Bob by Dream Baked - Android App Review. Today's Google Play offers a large number of platform games, where a hero has to jump between platforms, while chasing or avoiding enemies while avoiding obstacles and traps. Almost any kind of platform game has already been done and copied a dozen times. So, why should we take a look at another platform game?

Actually, that's exactly WHY we're looking at another platform game, to see what makes this game, Babylon Bob, different than all the other platform games on Google Play.

So, what is Babylon Bob? It's a platform game where you play an English copper whose in a hot pursuit after a trio of miscreants, the muffin kids, into town. Babylon Bob (a bobby is an English police constable) has to chase the kids while avoiding obstacles, jumping high and sometimes very high, use existing obstacles to surmount higher and tougher obstacles and even ride and fly through the skies on the whistle, as strange as it seems.

We gave the app to our reviewers and sat back to wait for their reports. 

The first thing all reviewers pointed out was the style and graphics of the game. We talked about what makes Babylon Bob different than other platform games and the style is definitely one of them. This game is almost insanely cure. From the speech, the animation, the characters, the course that Babylon Bob has to follow. All of this was designed by a genius to make it so cute you cannot put the game down. Seriously.

The other thing was the difficulty of the game. This game is not easy and could test anyone's set of skills, no matter how much they practiced playing other games and other platform games. You have to plan meticously when and how high you jump, not only to clear the immediate obstacle coming up but also all the others behind it. Plan in advance, look ahead and jump to clear all the obstacles, if you have to perform a low jump to clear the first obstacle, than jump onto the second one and jump high to clear a platform. Be prepared for a challenge although all reviewers had reported that with a little practice you can easily make some headway.

The last but not least thing is the violence in the game. Actually, the lack of violence. In the age of exploding birds and sword wielding games, Babylon Bob is a game lacking in violence. The cop is unarmed and the culprits are just kids, with no guns, bombs, missiles, tanks or blades anywhere in the game. Many reviewers reported this was great and it set a much nicer and more attractive atmosphere.  

Of course, the game has the online sharing facilities to publish your high scores and compete with friends and the Babylon Bob communities, with bonuses and hidden levels becoming available here and there.

In conclusion, Babylon Bob is a rare game indeed. It's aimed at teens and adults with some spare moments, has a great and weapon free atmosphere and it can really challenge even the avid game player with some rapid hand eye coordination.

  • Score: 5.0. Nothing really we would have tried to improve. We liked it!
  • Description: A platform game with quirky atmosphere and interesting HD graphics. 
  • Good Points: Difficult. A real challenge. Very interesting and different graphics in HD. No weapons, explosions etc. Quick and fun.
  • Bad Points: Haven't really found any. Perhaps an option to slow down the game for the coordination challenged people would have helped.
  • Experience: Our reviewers just loved the game, with its carefully planned animation and it's unique world. 
  • Longevity: For those who loved the animation, the challenge and the sheer uniqueness of this game, it became a must. 
  • Google Play Link

BuilDota2 Lite (for Dota 2) by A.G.A.T - Featured Android App

BuilDota2 Lite (for Dota 2) by A.G.A.T - Featured Android App 

Dota 2, or Defense of The Ancients is one of the most popular games today, with at least ten million players playing it online around the globe. The sheer complexity of the game with over one hundred hero characters to play and hundreds of special abilities and items to enhance the heroes' skill, is what makes it so fun. 

And also so frustrating because, unless you already devoted a considerable amount of energy and time to play Dota 2, you won't really know what your hero will be when he will be stronger, what skills to invest in and what special items to hoard to make your hero the strongest and the most interesting for YOU to play.

Enter BuilDota2 Lite by A.G.A.T which was made just with this purpose in mind, to let the player see how his or her character will evolve, or what character to select to be able to enjoy the game as much as possible.
BuilDota2 Lite allows you the unique option to selecting a hero, trying out different item and skill combinations and finding out how his complete stats will be under a combination. BuilDota2 Lite allows the player to tinker with his combinations in order to see how to let his character evolve to become what the play wishes for, instead of blindly trying out things. 

Of course, knowing in advance what hero to select, items to hoard and skills to develop will allow the player to reach the hero he wanted in the shortest and easiest way possible, allowing the Dota 2 player to concentrate on the most important thing, the carnage.

To sum it up, BuilDota2 Lite with its always updated hero info, item combination selection, hero evolution slider, Dota 2 like interface and actual hero animation and sounds is the thing that separates the casual Dota 2 players from the serious, professional ones. There's just no other way to look at this.

Link to Google Play

StitMe by Boolean Tech Ireland Limited - Featured Android App

StitMe by Boolean Tech Ireland Limited - Featured Android App 

Privacy has never been a bigger issue. Just google Snowden and see what you come up with. Of course, this affects us small people and not only big companies. Just remember how many annoying spam calls and telemarketing calls you receive weekly and understand how important privacy is. There are other considerations as well. You DON'T want your phone number to circle around. It's basic truth.

StitMe provides a private number from which you make your calls through the app. This way, whoever receives the call, whoever or whatever they are, cannot ever call you back because they only have the StitMe number which cannot be used to get back to you. In addition, StitMe provides a message service with a built it kill switch that allows you to delete messages on BOTH ends of the conversation in order to kill any evidence of the conversation.

StitMe provides real privacy, something we know Facebook, Yahoo!, Whatsapp and Snapchat already failed to deliver. StitMe has a very simple interface which is easy to use. This app is a real privacy app and the security and privacy it guarantees cannot be ignored in this day and age. Whether you want to protect yourself from spam calls and telemarketing, or have some issues with a private investigator on your trail, StitMe is an app you cannot ignore.

Link to Google Play

StitMe by Boolean Tech Ireland Limited - Android App Review

StitMe by Boolean Tech Ireland Limited - Android App Review

StitMe by Boolean Tech Ireland Limited - Android App Review. Today's Android smartphones are a great helper to our everyday lives. They can do so many things, you'd need a whole website just to list some of them (actually, that's what Android Review Center is for ...). Android smartphones hold your contact lists, your email correspondence, your calender, your browsing history and the list goes on and on. That's exactly what makes smartphones so great. They are your mobile office, your entertainment center and your gaming center.

And all of this creates a huge problem. Your smartphone's number is your ID and your home office. Imagine everyone person just entering your office whenever THEY want. Imagine messages and SMS's you sent being used years later against you. Imagine call history being used against you. In our present time, our privacy is being severely threatened, and it's a matter that concerns EVERY ONE of us, not just the privacy nuts. 

So, here came Boolean Tech Ireland Limited and gave us StitMe, an app that is supposed to make sure our number and messages always remain private. That's a tall promise. Do they deliver?

So, how does StitMe work? StitMe had an ingenious idea that insures that whatever we do, our privacy is preserved. Whenever we want to make a call, we are given a StitMe number and we do the call through them. This way, anyone who received a call from us doesn't see our number, but only the StitMe number which cannot be used to reach us. This makes sure that, provided we use StitMe, our number will remain absolutely private.

The same way, when we send a message, it is send from a StitMe number which again protects our number and privacy and not only that, it also deletes the message after a certain time has elapsed.

We did not subject the app to cryptographic tests or privacy analysis, we just gave it to our reviewers to try it out and here are the results.

First and foremost, this app works. All our reviewers reported they received StitMe numbers and they made calls without a hitch, always with a very high quality audio, sometimes more so than their usual carrier. The receivers saw the StitMe numbers and none had anyway of calling back our reviewers. 

The messaging system also operated perfectly, with the kill switch of the messages and the conversations deleting the messages, exactly as promised. StitMe delivers exactly what it said it would.

Our reviewers also reported that using the StitMe interface was very easy as the Boolean Tech Ireland obviously put a lot of effort in putting together an interface that was simple and functional and not without grace. Totally professional. 

Our own privacy nuts had to point out that although the messages are being deleted from the recipient device, the receiver can take a screenshot of his smartphone and save it, so make sure what info you send in the messages. In addition, there may be ways to record the conversations themselves, so be aware of that and don't divulge info you don't need to, even if your number remains private. Last but not least, if you're buying a new sim from a carrier, make sure your number is not listed in cellular number directories some carriers keep to insure your number remains private.

In conclusion, StitMe delivers exactly what it promises, i.e. making sure your number remains private and deleting messages sent with StitMe whenever you want or after a certain time. The interface is very simple and attractive and the app is easy enough to use. Just make sure the service is supported in your area, as the app still doesn't support every carrier everywhere.

  • Score: 4.5. Great app that does what it say. It will get a 5.0 when it supports every carrier everywhere.
  • Description: A privacy app that makes sure your number remains private and your messages can be deleted after a time on both sender and receiver's smartphones. 
  • Good Points: Really professional interface. Privacy guarantee. Simple operation.
  • Bad Points: Doesn't support every location yet. Still subject to call recording and message saving (don't get us wrong. Nothing can protect you from that but still, we must point it out).
  • Experience: Our users found working with it quite simple. Of course, since making calls to family does not require private number, our reviewers also found that switching from one type of calling to another very simple.
  • Longevity: Anyone who cares for his privacy made it a part of his permanent app collection. Those who hate spam calls and telemarketers also kept this on.
  • Google Play Link

Spelltorn, Clash of Fates RPG by 2XL Games - Android App Review

Spelltorn, Clash of Fates RPG by 2XL Games - Android App Review

Spelltorn, Clash of Fates RPG by 2XL Games - Android App Review. There are some things that are harder to do in our age of instant gratification. One of those is a good role playing game, or RPG. You need a good and interesting story. You need to have good and attractive characters. You need well designed graphics that will help the players immerse themselves in the RPG's world. Finally, you need a sophisticated system of battles, level progression, item gathering and crafting and more.

Not to undermine a game like Angry Birds or Flappy Birds, but making a good RPG is a much more complex endeavor. In fact, in our very humble opinion, in our time and age, only people who crave RPGs and are players themselves make RPG. You don't make those kind of apps to become rich.
Enough with the chatter. We would like to introduce the RPG SpellTorn, Clash of Fates by veteran android and apple game maker, 2XL Games.

The story behind SpellTorn, Clash of Fates is both simple yet promising. The continent of Masara was torn asunder four hundred years ago by the wars of the mages, who in their wraths and battle rage unleashed their most horrible magics, and freed the fire dragon from his long captivity. It is your role now to quest in Masara and seek glory.

This app is a fill RPG with a twist. The player gets to choose characters such as mages, accumulate power in the form of resources, items and skills and quest through the land of Masara, battling enemies and gathering friends. Now, one of the interesting things about Spelltorn, Clash of Fates is the way the story branches, which means that your choices along the way determine how the story unfolds.

So, we gave this app to our reviewers with mixed feelings, as not everyone plays games on their android smartphone and even among those that do, many don't like long protracted games. Instant gratification, anyone?
However, we were surprised to find out many of our reviewers did end up playing this game. First and foremost, they loved the graphic. It doesn't give the impression of being high tech CGI animation but more classic animation, as befits a classic roleplaying game.

Others loved the sharing and online abilities of the game that has features of building guilds along with online friends, working together to strengthen the guilds and fighting other guilds on Masara. The online features of the game were a love feature by almost every reviewer.

Last and not least, is the turn based combat which is again not something geared for quick reaction and instant gratification but it forces you to think, plan and carefully use your strengths against the weakness of your enemies, and the continent of Masara has no shortness of enemies ...

In conclusion, the vast majority of our reviewers were of the opinion that Spelltorn, Clash of Fates is a classic RPG, with attractive graphics that convey exactly the right kind of atmosphere, with online sharing and playing and turn based tactical combat. Of course, the branching story allows one to restart the game and play it out according to different choices in another way. 

  • Score: 4.5. A real classic RPG. We only took half a point not because the game was bad, but because less and less people want complex stories and evolving games our days. Their loss.
  • Description: An RPG where the player plays a character and builds it and its guild up while it quests over Masara. 
  • Good Points: Very well exceuted grahics. Branching story. Online sharing and playing. Turn based tactical combat.
  • Bad Points: None really, except there is no mode for those who want instant, rapid, real time combat.
  • Experience: We were surprised to discover that even reviewers who had no previous experience with RPGs took the time to learn and experience the game.
  • Longevity: Long. People did enjoy the game for a long time, trying out different choices to get different story branching.
  • Google Play Link

WhenDidI - Event Logger by eWorld Tech - Android App Review

WhenDidI - Event Logger by eWorld Tech - Android App Review

WhenDidI - Event Logger by eWorld Tech - Android App Review. Android smartphones (some may argue that even Apple smartphones ...) are there to make our lives better. Modern life has a lot of good things going for it but also quite a number of bad things. One of the bad things is the SHEER amount of things one has to remember. Events. Doing shopping. Doing laundry. Feeding the baby. Paying the bills. And the list goes on and on.

But the evil thing is that just remembering those events isn't enough any more. How much do we actually spend on shopping for food every month? How much do we drink at parties? How much money do we spend on paying bills every month? How much did the baby eat? How are we going with our aerobic weekly training? Modern life forces us not only to remember things but to remember amounts as well, if we want to lead good, balanced and calculated lives, of course.
WhenDidI - Event Logger by eWorld Tech claims to be able to not only organize our lives, but also to be able to organize the AMOUNTS by which we live our lives. Does it really do what it promises to?

More then one app on Google Play organizes events, notifications and reminders. WhenDidI has that functionality, of course, but it also manages quantitative measurements. Even event can have some kind of 'amount' added to it, calories or time or money or pints of alcohol and then WhenDidI can analyze the measurements to display that information to the user.

WhenDidI has graphs of measurements, statistics and summaries, all to allow the user to analyze the events he had registered over time. How much did you drink during May? How much time did you spend training? How much calories did you lose at workouts the whole year? WhenDidI shows all that information.

Is any of this useful? Do people really need that kind of thing? We gave the app to our small host of reviewers and told them to have a go at WhenDidl and return with their impressions.

First and foremost, our reviewers reported that the app needs some getting used to. The menus and screens are simple enough and the operations is quite intuitive, but still, the sheer amount of features WhenDidI delivers means people have to put in a little time to understand and master all those features. 

Then, people really started pouring in their reports. One lady took the time and organizes all her home shopping, finding out that she actually spend hundreds of dollars per month more than she thought, prompting her to go the distance to a larger supermarket a little farther from home, but the info presented by WhenDidI assured her it was worth the price of gas.

Another man put his diet on WhenDidI, including meals and snacks and workout and managed to understand where most of his calories where coming from and better adjust his meals and their times. 

We had two mothers who calculated how much their babies ate and came up with a schedule of when to go to the shop to buy more baby food, which is quite an undertaking with a two or three months old baby.

In conclusion, WhenDidI has implemented a great idea, of not only managing events but managing a user defined amount in those events, allowing people to better understand and control their lives. In that respect, WhenDidI did a great job. One last reviewer reported she put on her app the total time spent by her teenager son playing video games and doing his homework. The resulting graphs were frightening but enlightening. 

  • Score: 4.6. Great idea with many applications.
  • Description: An event logger that allows managing amounts in events. 
  • Good Points: Simple and professional interface. A lot of methods to display results, graphs and statistics. Online sync to avoid losing data. A host of other features.
  • Bad Points: The sheer complexity of the app along with its many many features takes some getting used to and learning.
  • Experience: Everyone started working with the app right from the start, though using the more complex features took some more time.
  • Longevity: Those who took the time to enter events with their amounts will not leave this app, since there is no other app of this level that can do what WhenDidl does.
  • Google Play Link - Free Version
  • Google Play Link - Paid Version

GuessUp by playsimple studios - Featured Android App

GuessUp by playsimple studios - Featured Android App 

Guessing games have always been fun. It's fun to try to fathom what the riddle's creator had in mind, it's fun straining your mind to come up with an answer which many times is something different than what you initially thought the answer would be ... Of course, straining that muscle that's called intuition is not only fun but has real life application, in creating a better and faster mind. Try it if you don't believe it.

So, we've had a go at a very special guessing game called GuessUp by playsimple studios. Does it do what it's supposed to do?!?

GuessUp is a guessing game that uses emoji to display its riddles. You earn coins by guessing right and you can share riddles with your friends and ask their help in solving the harder riddles. GuessUp has a huge variety of riddles and guessing games to solve, more than 1000 in fact, and every one is a visual treat. The game also allows you to purchase hints, to try to help you solve the more difficult riddles and games.

Our modern life takes place at breakneck speed, as we are always rushing to work, rushing in work, rushing back, running at home to do the chores, etc. GuessUp presents a real fun opportunity to lay back for one minutes, call up the next riddle, solve it and then plunge right back into the rat game. Almost endless number of puzzles, extremely cute graphics, surprises, hints and a feature that allows you to seek help from friends make up on of the most interesting guessing games for Android Smartphones.

Link to Google Play

MarketWall by Stockwall - Featured Android App

MarketWall by Stockwall - Featured Android App  

To be successful investor on the stock market you need three things. Timely information. Detailed information that includes history. A decision algorithm that will tell you what to do. The third thing is a little out of the scope of this article but we would like to present an android app for smartphones and tablets that is supposed to deliver the first two things we mentioned, i.e. Detailed timely information.

So, is it any good ?!?

The app we're talking about is MarketWall by Stockwall. MarketWall presents information to the user about securities, stocks, shares and market indices. MarketWall presents all the information from most major international markets in the United States, Europe and Asia. MarketWall also has a powerful chart display feature that presents detail information that includes trends and history that allows the user to not only see what a particular stock or share did, but what it is going to do, according to its trends.

In fact, the graphs, charts and stock graphics are the most beautiful and helpful thing about MarketWall and they all the user to get everything kind of information he or she needs, shows him how this particular graph behaved in the past and what it is likely to do in the future. In other words, MarketWall shows everything the stock investor needs to know in order to be successful, and this is what we call a realll useful app.

Link to Google Play

OCR Instantly Pro by TheSimplest.Net - Featured Android App

OCR Instantly Pro by TheSimplest.Net - Featured Android App  

OCR is something we may need rarely, depending on our current occupation, but when we need it, we need it urgently. What exactly is it? OCR is a process by which an image of a document, paper from a book or really anything that has text in it, is scanned and converted into digital format where the words have been "understood" by the OCR process and are now searchable and editable. The applications are many, starting from students who need to index and search a study text, to lawyers who need to have an editable copy of a text to us, and finally us simple folks who may need a searchable PDF file of a receipt, document or anything else. 

The question that begs to be asked is, what does OCR Instantly have that that other OCR Instantly has that other similar android apps don't ?!?

OCR Instantly has several features that makes it one of the best OCR apps around. First and foremost is the ability to copy the digital text created to the clipboard and share it with other apps, such as word processing apps etc. OCR Instantly also allows us to share our newly created file with friends (or study groups). It supports multiple languages and even has built in support for translation by Google Translate. OCR Instantly makes the OCR process into a simple once by a carefully designed user interface and also has some unique features such as noise reduction and even scanning right from the TV.

The advantage OCR Instantly has compared to other OCR apps lies in its simple design and operation, allowing everyone to work with the app and not only specialists. Another advantage stems from the thought TheSimplest.Net put in what happens AFTER the OCR process, in processing, searching and storing the resulting digital format text. OCR Instantly also enjoys from a great number of advanced features, such as translation, local OCR engine to speed up the OCR process, noise reduction and image enhancement, all designed to make the OCR process as fast and as simple as possible for the user.

OCR Instantly remains one of the best, if not THE best OCR android apps we've ever come across. 

Link to Google Play

OCR Instantly by - Android App Review

OCR Instantly by - Android App Review

OCR Instantly by - Android App Review. Smartphones, and android smartphones in particular are there to help make our lives better. Apps and utils are the main tools in helping us in small and big ways, like chat apps, navigation, flashlights and many more kinds of apps, many of which can be seen here on Android Review Center.

OCR, optical character recognition, is one of those important things android smartphones can do make our lives better. We need them o photocopy and search a document, a contract, a study text or a recreational short story. An OCR app takes an image of a document containing words and turns it into a real document (in various formats) in which the words are accessible for search, editing and everything else.   
OCR Instantly is an OCR app with several very handy features that is claimed to be fast, efficient and simple to operate. Does it stand up to its own hype?

Our reviewers were more than glad to try out this app. The older ones do happen to come across a document they want to store as digital content and the younger ones, mostly students, also have uses for the app as a helping aid to their study. 

Reports we received from our reviewers highlighted several very useful features OCR Instantly has that became instant favorites with our people. Perhaps the most handy feature was the ability to copy the resulting text into the clipboard for use in other apps. Sometimes it can be frustrating with current Android versions to highlight, copy and paste a large amount of text and the ability to do it with OCR Instantly made sharing the text, posting it on social networks or just saving it inside a note, email or Whatsapp message very useful. 

Another feature our reviewers praised was the ability to create several formats of digital data, especially PDF files. That can in very useful to students who sometimes had to scan a lot of written material to find that one quote containing the molecule they were looking for. Of course, sharing a PDF file among the study group was easy and straight forward. 

The fact the OCR engine itself is inside the app prevents unnecessary dependence on cellular connectivity and central servers that might be down the moment you need them. The speed of the OCR process itself was fairly impressive.

In fact, we just outlined only a few of the features as the OCR Instantly app has a LOT of features to help users, starting from the ability to scan multi column text such as newspapers, can scan text directly from the TV screen though only some of our reviewers said they used it during lectures when written material was presented on a screen or one particular reviewer who scanned and saved a TV commercial and then forced the company to adhere to the things promised in the commercial. 

Some subtle features such as noise reduction and the ability to inhibit some characters that appear by mistake made working with the app much easier and faster than similar apps we got to try. It should be mentioned that the operation of the app is VERY simple, just scan the text and press the OCR button.

In conclusion, OCR Instantly is a very sophisticated app that comes with a very welcome and simple user interface. Even people who are anything but tech savvy had no problem working with the app and converting any text they wanted, the app enhancing images and removing noise to make the OCR more accurate.

  • Score: 4.75. Great app. 
  • Description: An OCR app that turns images of text into reusable digital text. 
  • Good Points: Simple interface. TV scan. Noise reduction and image enhancement. Text sharing and clipboard copying from within the app. Column and paragraph support. Many other features as well.
  • Bad Points: None, really. This is not a bad point, just making sure people understand that the full features are only available on the paid version.
  • Experience: Almost no one had trouble working with the app from the start. A few of our reviewers did had problems with scanning and sharing text but it turns out they didn't bother reading the very simple instructions.
  • Longevity: Those who needed it paid for the full version and kept using it. For them, this app became a permanent feature on their smartphones.
  • Google Play Link - Free Version
  • Google Play Link - Paid Version

School NoteScan - Scanner App - Featured Android App

School NoteScan - Scanner App - Featured Android App  

Studying is all about condensing a large amount of information and fishing those little pieces of information that are the most important because they summarize the entire subject at hand and may even be the center pieces of the test, the main things the final test will revolve around.

This is where School NoteScan - Scanner App comes to help the student. It is a scanner app that scans the relevant material and then automatically creates managed notes of everything YOU highlighted. This small revolution in the way we study allows us to highlight relevant and pertinent places on our text books, scan them, choose the most important notes, bookmark, store and share them.

In other words, this app can help us store and concentrate on the most important bits of our study material, to help us achieve better results studying faster and easier using these Super Notes.

Link to Google Play

Go Break-Puzzle Sets - Android App Review

Go Break-Puzzle Sets - Android App Review

Go Break-Puzzle Sets - Android App Review. Puzzles are among the few things common to kids and adults alike. Maybe because everyone loves a challenge. Maybe because everyone loves to think and to solve riddles. Maybe because we get to feel good about ourselves in a good way, as we solve and un-riddle another puzzle.

Go Break-Puzzles Sets is an app offering quite a lot of puzzles, of differing types and differing skill levels, from simple puzzles to master type difficulty puzzles. It has math puzzles, crosswords and many more types of puzzles, all designed to let us test our mind and mettle against those riddles.
So, what did our reviewers say? Did they like these puzzles? Who turned out to be an unlikely recipient of some unexpected puzzles?

Our reviewers at Android Review Center downloaded and started playing around with Go Break-Puzzle Sets. We got the first reports from those reviewers which tried out the math section. The simple section was simple enough and was dealt with quickly, while the later sections were more difficult and required thought. In fact, the hard sections required real courage and only a few tried their hands at the master sections, solving Fibonacci series. 

Other reviewers tried their hands at the color puzzles, and though quite simple at first, they quickly became more difficult. Our reviewers lauded the originality of these puzzles as they hadn't had the opportunity to try these kinds of puzzles before.

The crosswords puzzles were also very entertaining, according to our reviewers and some of them required real skill and thought, even for those of our reviewers who had experience in crossword puzzles for Android Smartphones.

Our reviewers liked the interface, which clearly had a lot of design effort put into it. Everything is done one quite beautiful backgrounds, usually space and star oriented with the puzzles themselves taking pleasing shapes such as round balls or computer designed and decorated frames to create very attractive puzzles.

Now, we did promise we would talk about the unlikely recipient of these puzzles, and those were the kids. Kids loves those puzzles, and according to their age, spent quite a lot of time with them which is a good thing because puzzles are good for mental and cognitive development and kids don't usually have the patience to stick with puzzles long enough to solve them. But with Go Break-Puzzles sets, the sheer beauty of the puzzles' design and the fact there were so many kinds of puzzles enabled kids, even small ones, to stick with the puzzles.

In conclusion, Go Break-Puzzle sets is a very attractive puzzle app and we can prove it by the sheer amount of reviewers who stuck with it. The app is very well designed and the puzzles themselves are very original, with some new kinds of puzzles rarely if ever seen on other puzzle apps. Last but not least is the fact kids tented to like this app, which makes for much healthier occupation for them then completing another level in Candy Crush Saga ....

  • Score: 5.0. Nothing really we wanted to change or add.
  • Description: A collection of puzzles of various types and increasing difficulty. 
  • Good Points: A lot of types of puzzles, some very original. Varying degrees of difficulty. Beautiful design and background.
  • Bad Points: None, really. Waiting for some new types of puzzles in future updates.
  • Experience: Started to work on the puzzles right after installing. No trouble with interface or stability.
  • Longevity: Varying. People with kids or who love a mental challenge would leave this forever on their android smartphones ...
  • Google Play Link  

All Songs Lyrics - Featured Android App

All Songs Lyrics - Featured Android App  

Like all things in life, music fans can be divided into two. The casual ones, who just happen to hear a song here and there on their radios or smartphones, and the more serious lovers of music. Of course, sometimes the distinction blurs and sometimes a casual lover becomes serious for a specific artist or song. All Songs Lyrics is the perfect app for android smartphones for both casual and serious music lovers. 

How can one app serve both kinds of music fans ?!?

Easily. All Songs Lyrics brings together all the relevant information and media for songs and music artists. A user can search for a song, and can hear the song itself, browse through the song's lyrics and even watch the song's music video. The app also has a very useful feature of finding the music of an artist, the entire song collection that belongs to that artist. The app itself is light and simple, and simply directs the user to Youtube after it finds the relevant media.

All Songs Lyrics is very useful to any music fan. The most important feature is the ability to find all the songs by an artist, and hear them immediately since the way we experience music is expanding our enjoyment of songs by an artist whose work we love. Then the mere fact we have the lyrics of thousands of songs at our disposal is very useful, from status posts to signatures to party breakers, its always useful to have a library of lyrics at our disposal. 

A must to every music fan, All Songs Lyrics brings a new experience to the music enthusiast. 

Link to Google Play