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Samsung Galaxy S4 GT i9500 Unlocked Smartphone

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Swiftkey Keyboard for Android

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HTC A9192 Inspire 4G Unlocked Smartphone

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MomentCam - a Cartoon creation camera app

An app that automatically creates high quality cartoons of whoever the camera photographs. Just be aware that there are a limited number of cartoon posibilites and limited editing features to this camera app.

Photography and Camera Apps

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Battery Life Android Tips and Tricks

Important tips and tricks for extending battery life for Android and really all kinds of smartphones, dealing with charging cycles, monitoring apps, battery health tips and really everything we need to know about prolonging smartphone battery life.

Web PC Suite - File Transfer - Android Featured App

Web PC Suite - File Transfer by GeekSoft - Android Featured App 

Web PC Suite - File Transfer - Android Featured App.  Anyone who uses his Android (or even Apple!) smartphone for anything more than just making calls will come, sooner or later, to the problem of transferring files between a desktop computer and his or her smartphone. That's universal. Whatever you do, work, or play, you'll need to transfer files.

We may need to transfer files for work purposes. We may want to download our music library to our new and shiny smartphone. We may need to transfer our photos from our last trip to Nevada Falls or from the last visit with the grand kids. We may need to transfer videos we made on the smartphone for the desktop to prepare them for editing. We may need to transfer a great pic we found to the smartphone to serve as homescreen wallpaper.

So, what are our options? None of them are really good, as matter of fact. The simplest is to plug in a USB cable and connect the PC to the smartphone through it. The drawback is we don't always have the cable with us and anyway, it is a clumsy solution that makes the smartphone's operating system to unmount the internal smartphone storage anyway. We can use email to send files back and forth but this solution is even more clumsy and not practical with large files. We can also use cloud storage as an intermediary but this solution is also clumsy and may be expensive in terms of our data package. 

We would like to introduce a solution from GeekSoft called Web PC Suite which was made just to solve this problem, of connecting PCs to smartphones.

What exactly does Web PC Suite do? Quite simply, Web PC Suite sets up a connection through WiFi between the desktop in question and the smartphone. Then, the app lets you organize and transfer files of any size between the desktop and the mobile device, if they both reside on the same WiFi network. Web PC Suite has a lot of nifty features and one of them is working with any kind of desktop with any kind of operating system, simply and easily, just because Web PC Suite does not need any kind of installment on the desktop side. The desktop just has to browse to a given address with its browser and then through the web interface, Web PC Suite works its charm.

Well, what features does Web PC Suite have that make it special? We already mentioned the way the desktop that connects to the mobile does not need any software install and everything is done through a web interface. In addition, the files transferred and the connection itself are encrypted, so there's no problem sending your files through the air on WiFi. Because of the web interface, Web PC Suite can work with any kind of desktop, be it Windows, Apple or the various brands of Linux.

In addition to this app providing a full file manager functionality in which the user can freely browse, organize and move his files, Web PC Suite does not have any file size limitation, a fairly common problem when wanting to upload a video file from your mobile to your desktop. 

This app's interface has been carefully designed to provide everything that is needed in a file manager and transfer utility. Media files can be directly consumed through the web interface and text files can be easily read. Features such as multiple select, drag and drop and everything else we need is provided right there by Web PC Suite.

Web PC Suite gives a complete solution to the problem of synchronizing files between a mobile device and a desktop through the WiFi network. This is one of the apps we love, because it is designed to solve every facet of the problem of file transfer and to make life easier for the users.

Link to Google Play

File Expert with Clouds by GeekSoft - Android Featured App

File Expert with Clouds by GeekSoft - Android Featured App 

Android smartphones, as lovable and easy to use as they (mostly) are, have several important functions. Mobile gaming center. Mobile office. Mobile entertainment center. Mobile communications center (this does not only mean the ability to make calls but also the ability to send and receive messages and SMSs, send and receive emails and media files, online chat and of course, video conferencing). The reason we mention is that for three of these uses (i.e. office, entertainment and communications) we have to use files. 

We use files for documents to read and write, videos, music and pictures to consume (i.e. watch ...) and various other media files to communicate, if it's a video of the grand kids to granny or the presentation with annotations to the boss. In all these cases, we work and store files. It it inescapable. And this is where our problem starts. 
We have media files. We have work files. We have media files for work. We have media files for our own entertainment. We have files that we sent to received, if its a PDF copy of a bill receipt to the page views of our site. To make matters worse, we can store our files on local smartphone drives. Or on expansion SD cards. Or we can access several types of cloud storage. To make matters even WORSE, we can store some files on our tablet, others on our home computer, a few on our work laptop and we must not forget the files we left on our old smartphone before we upgraded.

Anyone feeling dizzy yet? Great. Because this is the perfect time to introduce File Expert with Clouds by GeekSoft.

What exactly does File Expert with Clouds do? First of all, File Expert allows you to manage all your files in an easy and convenient way. The app can transfer files from your smartphone memory to the SD card, between devices by using all kinds of interface protocols starting from WiFi to Bluetooth to NFC. The app can also link to cloud storage and it allows you to backup and retrieve files from cloud storage.

But there are other apps that do that. What is the distinction of File Expert? The interface. File Expert allows you to organize your files in tabs and categories, starting from videos and pics to other categories the user can add as he or she see fit, starting from grocery lists to income tax documents. Everything goes. Of course, this makes managing, finding and using your files much easier, no matter where they are.

Another thing File Expert specializes in is searching. Now matter how well we organize our files, there is always the possibility that a file will go missing. File Expert's search feature allows the user to search folders, storage types and devices, including cloud storage to find your files. This is a VERY important feature to anyone, whether they want to find a particular song or last year summery presentation for the boss. 

The features we liked the most was Quick Connect, that allows you to connect to a friends mobile device to upload and download files and the ability to see pictures as thumbnails, which is a very useful feature most android file explorers lack.

So, to sum things upp, GeekSoft has made an almost complete file explorer, one that allows the user complete control, transfer and indexing capabilities to his or her files, including the all important feature of searching when even the folder and category system fails. In our opinion, File Expert is a must for all serious mobile users.

Link to Google Play

Magic Mirror - Android Featured App

Magic Mirror by Kinner Tech Limited - Android Featured App 

We on Android App Review are serious people. Really. Making reviews. Judging apps. Looking for those apps that bring added value. Trying to sift through all the millions of apps and games on Google Play to find and present to our readers those apps that are really worth it.

We believe Android Smartphones are there to serve as mobile entertainment centers, mobile offices and of course, mobile communications centers. But we tend to forget that sometimes we just wanna have fun. We are only human, after all, and fun is important. That is something that we (and most other people) tend to forget.

And a more fun app we were hard pressed to find, so we would like to present Magic Mirror by Alex Kinner from Kinner Tech Limited.

You all know the story, don't you? There have been several Disney movies of the same subject. The wicked queen goes to her magic mirror on the wall, preens before it and asks, 'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?' and the mirror replies 'You are!', unless of course it replies someone else is fairer ...

And now we have it on our Android Smartphones. The Magic Mirror app does exactly what the magic mirror in the story does. i.e. You take a picture of yourself and then ask the mirror how fair you are. Then, the app presents a very clear scale from minger to super model to make you understand exactly where you stand.

First of all, this app is really fun. Going to party? The conversation around the family dinner table is kinda lame? You have some friend (or spouce, use at your own discretion) that you need to badger? Just take a picture of them with Magic Mirror and inform them exactly how fair they are. It's an app, it cannot lie ...

But the fun only beings here. Are you prettier with sunglasses or without? Should you wear contact lenses or glasses on dates? Does that hat or scarf really upgrades your looks? Now with Magic Mirror you have a really objective opinion on yourself, always hilarious ...

Google Play Link

iFeel Free - Android Featured App

iFeel Free by Riccardo Chiarini - Android Featured App 

Modern life has a lot of great things. Android smartphones. XBMC. 3D movies. Cuisine ethnic restaurants. Instant communication. Safe and fast ravel all over the world (well, over most of the world). In fact, more than any other time in history, the world is our oyster. But this comes with a price. Stress, the need for fast responses for work and being available twenty four hours a day for our boss. 

When we look back a year, or even five years, our experiences, trips and good times along with the bad flash back so fast we cannot even remember them. This is an outcome of our instant gratification society and even our so fast changing work conditions. In other words, life flashes so fast in front of us, especially now in our modern life, we can't even remember what we did last week, let alone on our honeymoon in Paris.

To help us get a grip on modern life and get in touch a little with our own self, Riccardo Chiarini made iFeel Free, an app that helps us cope with our lightning fast way of life.

What does iFeel Free do? It is a kind of diary, with lovely interface and quick and simple operation. The user just has to open the app and input his location and his doing on any point in time. Of course, the interesting thing and the thing that makes it more than just a diary is the fact the the user is also encouraged to input his mood and feelings into the app, along with a suitable emoticon.

iFeel is more than just a diary. First of all, on the technical side, it backups all our info to protect us from the loss of our smartphone, for example. Then, the app can help us analyze periods of time, starting from locations where we recorded entries for the app and even contains graphs of emotions, showing us when and how did we feel relative to time.

What do we gain from that? What is the benefit of iFeel? Well, the benefits are enormous. Just think of using iFeel to look back on the entries you made on a trip, in two minutes you can relive your trip, the locations, the highlights and your actions and emotions. iFeel also provides a feeling graph, allowing you to see exactly what you felt during a selected period, showing you exactly what was your emotional state during that time.

iFeel is a rare app that lets us take back control of our emotional life, letting us reflect on our emotional state during selected periods of time. Then, it is up to us to decide what to do with the information, whether to make sure we get back with the spouse we dumped (because NOW we see how happy we were with her) or start looking for a new job because with iFeel we can actually understand how miserable it makes us.

Google Play Link

Easy Call and Texts Logger - Android Featured App

Easy Call and Texts Logger by PS97 - Android Featured App 

Let's face it, even when we own a flagship android smartphone like LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3 or even a Samsung Galaxy S5 or Alpha, still the most precious thing we have in life is our family. Really. Even tech geeks like us at Android Review Center must acknowledge this. And in our family, there is nothing that is more dear to us than our children. This is a fact.

The main thing we need to do is protect our children from danger but this is easier said than done. To get the children'd cooperation will be next to impossible, not to mention the broad range of dangers preying on our children. Anyone who has a kid will know immediately what we are talking about. In addition, anyone who has an elderly parent will also understand the problems. 

This is why Easy Call and Texts Logger can be such a help for all those seeking to safeguard their loved ones. Of course, the app has many other uses but we'll start with them.

What does Easy Call and Texts Logger does? Well, it's a monitoring app that must be installed (legally) on the target phone. Once there, the user of the app can monitor almost everything that goes on on the target's smartphones, in fact the app monitors a huge range of things on the target's phone.

So, what can we learn about the target's phone? Just to be clear, we are writing here about the full features opened to those who buy the paid version of the app. First and foremost, the app monitors the target's phone location, both a real time location report, call locations report (i.e. from where calls have been made) and displays previous monitored locations of the smartphone to help the user understand the path of the target smartphone.

In addition, the app supports a host of other features. It logs and displays calls made, text messages sent and received (quite a nifty feature is watching deleted calls and messages). The app also helps in finding lost smartphones, can monitor various app usages and monitor call expenses. In addition, the app has an elderly monitoring system.  

So, what uses can the app serve? With location and call monitoring, we can keep track and locate our family, whether if someone gets lost on a trip abroad if an elderly person wanders off. We can monitor calls and text messages, to help keep tabs on our young ones and make sure they do not mingle with crowds we don't want them to reach. Of course, the app can also help a lot in a business environment, from keeping tabs on delivery truck drivers to making sure employees don't abuse their work time and their work given smartphones, if any.

Easy Call and Texts Logger is a staggeringly useful app, with uses limited only by the imagination. The fact that it can be installed in a "hidden" mode (make sure you have legal access to the target smartphone) makes it doubly useful.

Google Play Link
Easy Logger Website

Call Plus - Calls to REAL phones by Webaoo - Android Featured App

Call+ Calls to REAL phones by Webaoo - Android Featured App 

Here at Android Review Center, we believe that Android smartphones are best used for three broad purposes. Mobile office, mobile entertainment and media center and mobile communications center. Of course, things to be desired are money savings and innovation (mainly because we love seeing new and exciting things come for Android).

One of the main problems existing today in the cellular world stems from the advent of so many cellular and telephony providers across the different countries. Of course, diversity is good and competition is even better but think of the small business man who has to make a number of international calls to different countries. Each country, each provider and each cellular carrier will charge differently. There is no simple way to limit or control the chargers.

Enter Call+, a new innovative app that goes a long way towards solving the problems caused by making international calls.

Call+ is a calling app that allows the user to make regular phone calls to international numbers in the supported countries. It must be pointed out that the receiving phones are NOT obligated to run Call+. The user with the smartphone can use Call+ to call phones on land lines and smartphones, all depending on the target countries.

Call+ has several innovative features that make using it easy and quick. First of all, when paying for calls in Call+, the user does not pay per call or even per country. The pay is global, paying for the desired number of days and then the user can call every number supported in a supported country, regardless of call times and legnths.

Another great thing that comes with Call+ is the fact that it is a brand new app and the development studio is offering some great incentives to build an initial user base, such as 1 free day for the first ten thousand users registering and more free days to users buying calling packages. In other words, now is the time to take advantage of the Call+ promotion packages.

Just to make things clear, there are other apps such as Skype that offer calls to landlines and smartphones, but the thing that Call+ brings is the ability to make unlimited calls to more than eighty supported countries with just a subscription payment.

So, Call+ innovates the international call scene by bringing with it unlimited calls to a huge number of countries, to landlines and cellular phones that do not need to have the app installed, all payable by a subscription payment and not per call charges.

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Stress Reliever - Letting Go by Dolor Söderbom - Android App Review - Update

Stress Reliever - Letting Go by Dolor Söderbom - Android App Review - Update

About a month ago we wrote a review of Stress Reliver - Letting Go by Dolor Soderbom, here. Now, more than a month later, we would like to do something we hardly ever did on Android Review Center and come back to our reviewers, the same people who tried out the app. It is now almost two months since they started using this app.

Why do we think Letting Go is so important we dedicate another article to it? Well, the answer is quite simple. Letting Go by Dolor Soderbom is an app that is supposed to fight stress, i.e. help reduce stress and tension of the app user, and we actually think this is vitally important.

Stress is a actually an epidemic in the modern Western World. Almost everyone suffers from it, starting from the clerk at the bottom of the hierarchy who just has to answer calls to the CEO at the very top of the organization. The clerk will be worried about his or her job security, performance and his or her ability to pay the rent next month while the CEO will be worried sick, just making sure his or her company delivers the kind of performance the stock holders demand.

Station, wealth and job are no guarantee against stress. It is actually quite the opposite, with people ranking near the top of the hierarchy usually actually suffer more from stress.

And stress can kill. Just ask any doctor what is the connection between stress and illness such as hypertension, overweight and consumption of drugs and alcohol. All of these kill, especially if they are done without moderation, as the result of stress. Heart problems and strokes, heaven forbid, can also be the result of too much stress.

So, how do you combat stress? There are some classical methods, mostly from the far east. TaiChi Chuan is one classic effective methods of fighting stress. Meditations and Yoga are also quite good at reducing stress. Of course, the main drawback of these methods are the long time a practitioner has to practice in order to achieve some success. Think in terms of years ...

So, what does the Letting Go app suggest? The app is quite simple although it is based on quite complex principles. In order to user Letting Go properly, the user must dedicate half an hour each day of just sitting down in a quiet environment and listen to the techniques Tod MacLaren narrates in the app.

So, we talked to our reviewers almost two months after starting using the app and we wanted to know and understand what they could tell us about the effects the app had on them.

Reviewers told us they felt calmer. Of course this is a subjective feeling but it no doubt a step in the right direction. Of course we didn't measure blood pressure when the reviewers started using the app and now, but some reported that their friends had remarked that our reviewers now talked less and had less need to raise their voices.

Some reviewers reported that they were now much more aware of stress, its causes and its effects in their lives. That awareness enabled them to feel when their were entering a stressful state and prevent it or lessen its effects. One reviewer said he had a long talk with his boss and changed some of his boss behavior that had him stressed out before.

Other reviewers said that all they needed to do now was recall Tod MacLaren's voice in some stressful situation and MacLaren's narration, even if it was in the imagination at the time helped them handle the stressful situation better.

Android Review Center is not a psychological evaluation center and thus cannot scientifically testify whether Letting Go does what it is supposed to. However, our reviewers were quite enthusiastic about it and reported some major gains in the fight against stress, not to mention much greater awareness of it.

Link to Google Play

VideoJuke by TheAdJunkie Multimedia - Android Featured App

VideoJuke by TheAdJunkie Multimedia - Android Featured App 

Some of our greatest problems today come from the greatest and best things we have today. Let's consider youtube, one of the greatest and most comprehensive video and media library that exist today on the planet. Millions of songs, videos, and whatnot are on youtube, available for immediate playback right there on our android smartphones.

But that's exactly our problem. It is great that youtube has millions if not billions of songs, video and media files available for playback, but how do we find the songs we want to hear while driving to work, for example? And after we found a song by or favorite artist or band, how do we play the other songs in the album without starting a search (which is impossible to do while driving, for instance ...) ?

To solve these problems, we would like to introduce VideoJuke by TheAdJunkie Multimedia, an app that is supposed to solve exactly these problems.

VideoJuke is an app that turns the smartphone into a smart jukebox. To activate it, all the user has to do is select a type of music genre, from Hip Hop to Jazz to Pop to Country and a lot more and then just sit back and relax as four hours of music play themselves out, without any further need for additional user input.

Of course, the user of VideoJuke can compose and modify playlists of his or her own, with any artists or songs her or she is interested on. Of course, these playlists can be published and shared among VideoJuke users, allowing users who are expert at a type or genre of music to share their best playlists with other users.

The simplicity of VideoJuke is the beauty and the power behind the app. All the user has to do is start a search, selecting artist, song, genre or category. Then, the user selects out of the search results the songs and videos he or she is interested in and presto, a new playlist has been created in a few seconds. The app will automatically play all the songs one after the other, with no user intervention.

Of course, just like a real jukbox, VideoJuke will connect to devices through Bluetooth and will even strobe the smartphone's flashlight in tune with the music to create the perfect listening experience whether we are driving our car or relaxing at home.

Each genre has four hours of music and the user also has the ability to mix and hear genre after genre, in effect creating playlists of music thousands of hours long.

VideoJuke is a sorely needed app in our media saturated online world and it transforms our listening and is really an important step in turning our android smartphones into real mobile media centers.

Google Play Link

Inkifi - Print Instagram - Android Featured App

Inkifi - Print Instagram - Android Featured App 

First of all, let's get something straight. Even nowadays, in the twenty first century, we still need and use printed pictures. It is unavoidable. We use printed pics in hard copy photo albums. We use them on our walls. We send printed greeting cards to friends and families.

But it's not simple, printing our photos, even though we have all the technology of the 21st century at our disposal. We need to physicaly go to the shop. We have to select the photos we want. We have to transfer them somehow to the store by using usb cables or emails. It's quite irritating.

And then we can use Inkifi, an app for android smartphones that aims to make all that printing business much simpler, nicer and faster.

Inkifi implements the whole printing business in such a simple and helpful it's a wonder no one thought about it earlier. Inkifi allows the user to freely pick any images the user wants from the smartphone or an Instagram account.

Then the user can apply filters or create a collage and then the user sends the images through the Inkifi user interface face and they will come back printed in the mail, exactly the way the user selected. The app provides several filters and editing options for photo prints.

With Inkifi, the user can print greeting cards, photo albums, canvas photos, rectangular 4*4 photos and even Polaroid like photos. The printed photos will arrive by mail, free of extra charge, unless premium shipping methods are selected.

A quick rundown of features will include printing 4 x 4 inch - Square Prints, Vintage Prints, Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, Acrylic Prisms, Greetings Cards, Mini-Photo Books and more. A quick and easy interface to Instagram and the smartphone's own pictures and finally a simple pricing and premium features menu.

To sum things up, Inkifi provides a valuable service of creating several different types of printed photos, simply and.easily and of course, cheaply.

Google Play Link

geavi - Android Featured App

geavi - Android Featured App 

Android smartphones (and even the other kind ..) have quite a lot of uses, from mobile entertainment center to mobile office to mobile madia center. In fact, with today's huge collection of apps available on Google Play, there is actually nothing that can be done with our smartphones. But, what about security?

We're not talking about the smartphone's security, though this is an important matter in itself. We are not talking about protecting the smartphones from viruses, malware and various hijacking software. We are talking about the smartphone protecting us, our own personal security.

A unique and very original app called geavi does exactly that, using our smartphone to protect us.

So how does a smartphone app protect the physical security of its user? We cannot use the smartphone as a tazer, or a laser gun, or to just blind an attacker. What can be done? The geavi app does something else. It creates evidence. Once activated, geavi will record a video of everything that transpires near the smartphone through the smartphone's camera, no matter what other use we put the smartphone at the time.

How does that serve to protect us? Since geavi records everything all the time, it will record evidence of an attacker trying to assault us, a robber trying to take our bag or even a rude shop owner badmouthing us. Each one of those is another kind of attack and geavi records them all for future use. We can even use geavi to record what transpires when we drive, even while we use the smartphone to navigate.

But a smart attacker can demand that we erase the evidence of his or her assault but geavi has that covered. Videos and recordings creates by geavi CANNOT be deleted for 10 days, even if we want to. That means that even if an attacker tries to force us to delete the evidence, we won't be able to.

So, how does the fact geavi records videos can help us be more secure? Simple. What attacker would dare attack us if he or she knows a live video of his attack is being made at the time of the attack and being uploaded to a secure private cloud storage? The attacker might as well go to the police himself or herself and just confess everything he or she just did ...

Geavi's innovative security implementation creates secured evidence constantly, making our smartphone become a personal security device.

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