Star Wars Collecting Database

The ultimate Star Wars item database for collectors and fans alike.


Throw away your old carton and plastic ID cards for the ID card of the 21th century, fully customizable right on your smartphone.

Bubble Frenzy

Bubble Frenzy is the best and most addictive bubble shooter game in google play! Bring this popular shooting game that's full of bubble blast mania fun to your phone now!

Looks Good On Me

An instant social network app that lets you easily and simply get the opinions of your friends if that item you are trying on looks good on you!

Movie TV Tech Geeks News

The most informed, up to date, deep and comprehensive database of everything regarding movies, TV, sports and Tech. News, artciles, in depth analysis and much more.

Honey Heroes - A Special Puzzle Game

A great and imaginitaive game for young and adults alike. Solve the puzzles to let the bees get to the honey.

Good.Co: Workplace Culture Fit

An app that gets to know the user through a quiz and then finds the workplaces, companies and people that he or she will most enjoy working with.

Round Clock Widget - Specially configurable Graphic Watch

A clock widget that can be configured with beautiful graphics to suit EVERYONE's tastes.

Basketball Shoot by Kids Games Collection - Android App Featured

Basketball Shoot by Kids Games Collection - Android App Featured   

In our time and age, we have come to the point where we have more than one million apps and games on google play, all waiting to be downloaded and run on our android smartphones and mobile devices. On the one hand, this is paradise. On the other hand, this is a nightmare. 

The problem is choice, of course. Out of that huge number of apps and games, how do we find those that are really worth downloading? How do we find the apps and games that we can spend our free time with, not to mention spend our dollars on them, if necessary.

So, let's talk games. Games come in several different types and flavors. There are the over complex strategy games, where the player must invest weeks and run an empire to have a small three minute battle and there are the arcade games, quick, fast and instant action.

We would like to introduce a game of the other kind, a quick arcade game that is highly worth it. Basketball Shoot is quite simple in premise. The player must shoot a ball through a basket, using simple controls and depending on his or her hand to eye coordination.

Of course, the player gets to play in three game modes, challenge friends in scoreboards and hone in their basket shooting skills without having to break a sweat or put on their shoes. All the player has to do is open the game and start shooting balls at the basket.

We love sports arcade because they are so fun and Basketball Shoot is no exception. Highly addictive, instantly ready to play and with graphics that are simple yet fun to watch, this game is highly entertaining and well worth it for everyone who loves sports in general and basketball in particular.

Google Play Link

Sunshine - large file sharing - Android App Featured

Sunshine - large file sharing by Spika - Android App Featured   

Even in our own age of miracles, technology and android smartphones and mobile devices, there still exist problems, illnesses that afflict many users. Our own unique position as the writers behind allow us to sense that easily. 

And the problem we are now interested in solving is sharing large files. What can we do? With the yearly if not monthly advancement in technology, all files grow larger. Starting from family albums to downloaded movies, files become larger over time.

There do exist a few solutions to the problem of sharing large files, but most solutions usually involve other programs such as Whatsapp that are limited in the size of file they will transfer or cloud storage solutions, limited by the slow upload time.

So, what does Sunshine do? Sunshine is an app that specializes in transferring large files, from family trip albums (that can reach hundreds pf pics each a few megs in size) to MKV videos, more than ten gigs in size. Of course, Sunshine allows streaming files and not only sending, which permits us to use it to watch videos while they are being transmitted, and not wait for complete download.

The app connects devices directly, eliminating any third side parties, websites or the Internet. This, along with its propriety technology, helps it achieve great transfer speeds, as high as the devices in question can support over their communications channels.

Sunshine is optimized to enable all types of file sharing, from streaming video files direct to TVs and other devices over DLNA protocols to moving files between any types of devices and operating systems, from iOS to tablets to smartphones to PC.

In summary, large files are becoming common and sharing them is a problem that is solved admirably by Sunshine.

News in Shots by Lios Abarixo - Android App Featured

News in Shots by Lios Abarixo - Android App Featured   

In the western world, the problem facing us as people is time. We have all the resources, money, information and technology we need for almost every task but we lack the time to do anything with that. By the time an average person in the western world has some time for himself or herself (after work, kids and very little leisure time) there is no energy left for anything else.

This is exactly the reason web sites like Twitter have do so well. We need (or actually, we only have the time) for information that comes in little chunk, 140 characters in the case of Twitter. This is kinda sad, since with our android smartphones and mobile devices we access to the entire world but have no time to use it.

Enter the solution to some, if not all, of our problems. News in Shots is an app built to let us consume news (which is after all an EXTREMELY important part of our modern lives whether we acknowledge this or not) with minimum expenditure of time.  

How does News in Shots do this? First of all, the news items themselves are condensed by the editors into 60 word pieces, creating short items that contain all the important and relevant information but can still be read in under one minute.

In addition, the app itself has a specialized user interface which allows the user to pick his subject of interest (out of sports, world news, technology and more) and see the update news items that exist in that specific category that interests the user.

Last but not least is the notification feature, allowing the user to be automatically informed of important news items in the categories that the user found interesting.

The News In Shots app is perfect for the modern age. With short and carefully selected news items, specially designed interface and notification, a person can stay up to date simply, easily and most important, without expending much time.

Star Wars Collecting Database - Android App Review

Star Wars Collecting Database - Android App Review

Well, we're not going to describe Star Wars again. If you've just woken up from a forty years come, you can take a look here. Anyway, this review is dedicated to a very special app called Star Wars Collecting Database which is dedicated to all those people out there collecting Star Wars memorabilia and items.

The app itself is an Android version of the same Star Wars collection database that has existed since 1998. Yes, you've read it correctly. The app and the windows version database track and contain items for more than seventeen years. Yes people, that is called dedication. 

The app and the database behind it have a single purpose, to catalog every Star Wars collectors items, starting from special edition comics, to a limited series of B-Wing bomber model to cast metal figurines of sand people made over twenty years ago. Of course, games, posters, pictures and many more types of items are cataloged. 

You see the books the app is based on in part here.

The app has two main functions. One is searching for items, categorized by types and groups and even time based. The app provides the user with quite a sophisticated searching functionality together with browsing and and item viewing. 

The second main function is cataloging items. The user can modify an item, change details such as place of purchase, price, condition and of course, he or she can also create a new item and enter all the information available on the item at the time of input.

So, we gave the app to our reviewers and waited for their remarks.

Actually, we divided our reviewers to three groups. The first was composed of hardcore Star Wars fan who already had collection of Star Wars items for years but did not use the app. The second group was made of people who were fans of Star Wars but were not serious collectors of items. The third and last group was of people who were not fans and did not possess any items.

Well, the hardcore fans went berserk. We actually had a hard time contacting them because they became so engrossed with the app. One said he could finally catalog all his Star Wars vintage comics. Another was busy completing his battle droid collection and the third told us the app was great, she was tracking down a model of Darth Vader's advanced TIE and to not call her again for two weeks.

The second group of slightly saner Star Wars fans were quite enthusiastic. For them, using the app was delving deeper into the universe they knew but never visited for themselves. We heard praises about the search mechanism and the ability to save lists and collection for your self.

Actually, the third group was the most interesting, because they were the people who weren't fans of Star Wars at all. Their collective opinion was that the app was sophisticated and easy to use at the same time, its user interface has been clearly seen a lot of work to make it simple and actually at least half of the reviewer group found themselves searching for things they remembered they loved from the movies, AT-ST models being the most popular for some reason.

Our reveiwers also sent it a few tips and tricks. One of the important things to know (we had this piece of information confirmed by the makers of the app) was that the app already contained memorabilia from the three next films, even they they haven't come out yet! The app and the database are the only place information about them can be gleaned. 

Reviewers also recommended using the CSV and backup features of the app, to create backups of collections and wish lists you create because it is always a good idea to have a local backup of your collections.
Another important thing to remember is that the mind behind the app and the database has also create collectible resources here, which might be of great assistance. 

The last but all important tip is to use the community. There are a lot of people using the app and the windows based database, all eager to help and extremely friendly (unless you start the stupid argument of who is going to win, a star destroyer or the Star Trek's Enterprise). Use them to help you find and collect the item you need.

  • Score: 4.8. An almost perfect Star Wars Collecting Database App.
  • Description: An app that allows browsing, searching and updating Star Wars collecting database.
  • Good Points: EXTREMELY comprehensive database. Extensive searching facilities. Easy updating. Full information support for every collector's item.
  • Bad Points: A few reviewers felt that a simplified interface for beginners would have helped using the app in the first hour or so.
  • Experience: For experienced collectors, starting to work with the app is a breeze. In a moment they know already know what, how and where to look for the items interesting them. Beginners need half an hour to get themselves sorted out.
  • Longevity: All serious Star Wars fans swore this app will stay on their smartphones forever. Even casual fans found the app interesting enough to keep it installed for a long time.
  • Link to Google Play

Star Wars Collecting Database - Android App Featured

Star Wars Collecting Database - Android App Featured   

We actually thought about it but we finally decided to start with a REAL short introduction of Star Wars, for all those who had lived in a small village on the Amazon river without proper Internet. The other 99.99999 percent of humanity can skip the following paragraph.

Star Wars is a fictional universe created by George Lucas. In short, it is about a galaxy, far in the future, whose fate hangs in the balance as various power groups vie for control, some using technology while others using mysterious powers originating from the Force.

Without delving into the specifics of the Star Wars universe, we can only say that its HUGE popularity can be understood when considering the fact that six movies have already been done on Star Wars, without another three in the works, with two animated movies and two cartoon series already out. Star Wars is a huge thing.

And one of the most important hobbies centered on Star Wars is collection Star Wars memorabilia. This can range from thirty years old board games, X-Wing fighter models twenty years old or even old copies of the TIE-Fighter immortal computer game (that is STILL number one on the list of many simulator lovers, some of which have nothing to do with Star Wars).

For the serious collectors and the casual ones, for the people who live for Star Wars and for those who just want a nice Imperial Stardestroyer to loom over their desk, the Star Wars Collecting Database has been lovingly created by people who seem to live in the Star Wars universe for decades.

The app contains, maintains and displays a huge database of everything a Star Wars collector will need, from searches of specific models to item input to offering your own Star Wars collectors item for sale.

A Star Wars collector does not need anything more than the Star Wars Collecting Database. Just register, enter the community and use the app to enhance your collection. 

You can read a full review of this app here.

PhoneID - Android App Featured

PhoneID by Lanyards Tomorrow - Android App Featured   

What we love about our Android smartphones and mobile device is the many many many things they come in handy, and in fact revolutionize the way we do things, from navigating to shopping to staying in touch and much more.

Another thing we love is originality, and when it comes together with our previous passage about how android smartphones make our lives better, it becomes clear why so many people will give up watches and game consoles and laptops but will never part with their phone.

Enter PhoneID, a simple and FREE app which aims to solve one thing people on conferences, airports and on many other occasions need. An ID card. Whenever you to go a conference or on any other gathering of many people, it becomes a bother wearing your ID card, especially if it is one MORE thing to carry and fasten and remember to put on the second day as well ...

Well, PhoneID is here to solve this. But turning the smartphones (or other mobile device) into a large ID card, we can (again!) forgo our card and just use our smartphone to ID us, just making sure we tied it or otherwise attach it to the front of our shirts.

PhoneID is very simple to use and allows the creation of an ID card in a manner of minutes by someone who has never seen the app before. Horizontal or vertical, with an image or not, data fields to be represented an a scanning code appearance are the main options available with this app.

Of course, the uses go beyond just conferences. We can create a large greeting card for a loved one or someone from work we're supposed to pickup from the airport. We can use them on trips with the kids' classes so everyone will recognize us. We can even use them on kids' phones so if they get lost, people can help them be found again!

In short, PhoneID is a much needed app, original but simple to use that will finally retire those pesky only ID cards some of us had to wear on occasions. Well done!

NUSCH.ME - Android App Featured

NUSCH.ME - Android App Featured   

There are quite a LOT of uses for android smartphones and mobile devices (okay, and the other type too ...). This is exactly what makes these devices so useful. From mobile office to entertainment center, security center and communications center, these are just for starters.

But when we get really down to business, what we like most is apps that save us money,

What can we do? We're humans (mostly) and saving money is what being human is all about. The technology existing today on our android smartphones has come to the point where there exist apps (if you know where to look) that can save us money. A lot of money.

The problem is making calls when abroad, a well known problem. Since changing the SIM on the smartphone is a problem (because everything is so SMALL inside AND you have to keep your old SIM safe or you wouldn't be able to make calls when you return home) you have to use roaming charges, the really high charges when using another random cellular service operator aboard. 

Which is exactly what is here to solve.

This simple app helps take care of all of that. It allows you to rent a local number in almost any country you are in, and then make any call you want using local rates. shows you the number you use and you can choose between using your own number or the one offered by the app.

In addition, the app has another VERY useful feature which displays the call charges and the remaining credit at all times. Of course, this makes keeping expenses under control easier and simpler. Of course, the app displays your contact list and call history.

Everything with works in real time, so you can decide whether to rent a local number when you're already abroad and use your remaining credit, payable by paypal or credit card.

So, for a neat and easy to operate solution to the expensive roaming charges problem, you really cannot do much better than

Giraffe Adventure! - Android App Featured

Giraffe Adventure! by Mike's Fun Free Games! - Android App Featured   

Arcade and adventure games are one of the types of games most people love to play and the reasons are quite obvious. They are great for smartphones with average sized or smaller screens, they don't require long setup to reach the action and they can be played on every short break the player has.

Among the arcade games, side scroller are among the most popular games, simply because they are very simple to play, don't require many rules and yet are quite challenging, requiring quick eyes and fingers and even quicker minds that can multitask and plan ahead.

All of the above bring us to Giraffe Adventure!, the arcade game where the player gets to play an innocent young giraffe that is hunted by a malevolent hunter who wants the giraffe for his own zoo, disregarding the well being and rights of the wild animal. The player must help the giraffe escape the hunter and the other dangers in Africa, starting from poisonous frogs and working upwards. 

The player controlling the giraffe can run, walk, retreat, jump and even use its long neck to strike animals that threaten it. The game at first is quite easy but the difficulty and the challenge rise rapidly as the player moves up the levels.

What sets Giraffe Adventure! on different plane compared to other arcade games the sheer richness of the game, from the variety of animals and dangers encountered long the way, to the varied landscapes to the many abilities possessed by the giraffe itself.

But the crown jewel is the level designer incorporated in the game. Do you want to design a special level for your kids? Want to experience sheer mayhem with a particular type of predator? Want to arrange a challenging competition among players of Giraffe Adventure! The level designer allows you to do all of that. 

In conclusion, Giraffe Adventure! is a rich arcade games, with beautiful design and animations, lots of animals and of course, a level designer which is a rare feature indeed.

Terry Brival - Android App Featured

Terry Brival - Android App Featured   

Every one has heard of Terry Brival, haven't you? The French born singer with the magical and wild voice, whose debut album Désirs Brûlants has been followed by other great works such as "Chéri" Cocktail Dézil, Glimmer of Hope, "You and Me" and "I love You" and more ...

Terry is also an author and a songwriter and his music is partly soul and partly R&B, contributing some wild sounds to the world music. His voice has been said to be very similar to the late Micheal Jackson, Steve Wonder and Bob Marley. In other words, if you are one of the few people who haven't heard him singing, put him HIGH on your need-to-hear list.

For those fan of Terry Brival who already know him and for those that should know him and want to learn about him, the Terry Brival app presents the perfect solution. What it does is quite simple, concentrate and display and play all the relevant information about Terry Brival in ONE place.

The app can take the user immediately to see every thing about Terry Brival on Amazon, iTunes and Rdio, to see what albums, songs and other products by the singer are there, available for purchase without the need for lengthy searches. Everything is made immediately available. 

But what fan experience is complete without social networking? The app supports every kind of social networking that you've heard of, and some that you haven't. Are you connected to Facebook or Google Plus? The app will take you directly to Terry Brival's page to see the latest news and updates.

Last but not least, the app will connect you to Terry Brival's music directly, allowing you to select and play any song from any album of this very talented creator. Just select the song, or music video source and you're good to go.

This app is perfect in delivering Terry Brival's music, news and lyrics right to your smartphone, even allowing you to go over his clothing line, with a slick and easy to operate professional designed UI.

Looks Good On Me - Android App Review

Looks Good On Me - Android App Review

Android smartphones and mobile devices have so many uses (we generally refer to them as being mobile offices, mobile communication devices, mobile entertainment centers and security centers) that we tend to forget how new all of this communications and computing revolution is and we sometimes stumble on an app that makes our smartphones even MORE useful.

In fact, android smartphones and mobile devices are so useful because they have instant Internet communications and a LOT of computing power but if you really think of it, we haven't even started scratching the surface of just how useful these devices can be.

Just think of it. Our smartphones give us the ability to instantly communicate with ALL of our friends at once. We can enjoy their opinions, their intelligence and their knowledge and put them to use on our behalf, if only we the right app for the job.

Well, we found the RIGHT app for the job.

Enter Looks Good On Me, an app that helps you leverage all of that friend brain power on your behalf. What this app does is quite simple and it comes to solve a problem that is quite irritating, though not life threatening. 

The app creates a social network of friends and people whose opinions the user appreciates. Then, the app sends a selfi of the user to his or her friends to help him or her decide whether what he or she just tried on is a good fit, and does it look good. The app gathers the votes and comments of the friends and displays them to the user, to help in the buying process.

We gave the app to our reviewers and waited for their remarks.

Our reviewers loved the concept. The idea is quite innovative and the app is very useful as it gathers and distills the opinions of the friends into a clear and simple vote, and the comments. The app also has very useful notifications, that can be sent when entering a clothes store to let the friends know their opinion will be required.

The reviewers loved the interface and the design. The app is very well designed and is not only simple and easy to operate, but also nice to look out which is an important but commonly neglected feature. .

The premium version was also well worth it, as it makes comparing two outfits very easy, and we must not forget that comparing two outfits is really what we need while shopping.

Our reviewers also sent in several tips about using the app.   

First of all, notification. The app allows the user to send a notification to friends when entering a shop, to make them all ready to give their opinions. Our reviewers suggest to wait with the notification till we find two items of apparel to compare, because if we enter a store and find nothing, and our friends sat and waited with their smartphones to give opinions - this will NOT make them happy.

Another tip is to make the time to give opinions to others. If you want others to take the time and effort to give your honest opinions, you must make the time and effort to give as well as you take.

Another tip is to select people that will give you honest opinions, and be able to take in that opinion. If friends say that something is not for you, make the effort to understand why. People want to help, but you must be able to take that help in.

Last but not least tip is to follow the reviews of others to keep abreast of what is trendy NOW. Fashions change like the wind, and the app not only gives you the chance to review clothes on others, it also gives you the chance to see what is trendy today, which is even more important.

  • Score: 4.7. A social network for apparel selection.
  • Description: An app that allows friends to vote and review a specific apparel selection by the user, telling him or her if it looks good on her or him.
  • Good Points: Great idea! Simple to operate and very functional. Great UI design. 
  • Bad Points: None that really came to mind. We liked this app.
  • Experience: The app is really easy to use. The only snag is that you have to build your friends list for the reviews, but this usually takes mere hours to set up
  • Longevity: Everyone who tried it that wants to look good kept this installed. No questions about it.
  • Link to Google Play