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✪ SLIDE PUZZLE ✪ - HARD LEVEL by 11Sheep - Android App Featured Review

✪ SLIDE PUZZLE ✪ - HARD LEVEL by 11Sheep - Android App Featured Review   

To many people, people with kids that is, or even aunts and uncles, keeping the kids occupied is a pain in the XXXX. Kids have short attention spans, always seem to be on a caffeine high and never seem to sit in the same place for more than a minute.  

So, what to do with them? What can you do? You can bring a friend over for the child, or get him or her to play outside or even get him or her to paint for a total of three minutes in one of the numerous coloring books that never seemed so orphaned. And then, there's your Android smartphone and mobile device.  

Android smartphones and mobile devices are among the best gaming platforms ever developed. Their screens get better and better and there are millions of games available for download on Google Play, most of them for free. But the question remains, how do you select a good game for a kid?

Look no further because we have an answer right here for you. Slide Puzzle is a game optimized for kids on very many levels. First of all, it is completely violence free. We cannot stress how important that is. The second thing is the game uses colors and music that are optimized for kids, pleasant for them but not irritating for us adults.

But the main thing is the game itself. In a sliding puzzle game, a piece is missing and all the rest are mixed up, so the player must move one piece at a time to figure out how to return the puzzle to its arranged state. This is a thinking and problem solving game that has many levels to keep things interesting and many difficulty sets to keep the kids challenged.

In summary, Slide Puzzle keeps the kids occupied with solving problems and developing their minds and their skills and not the reflexes of their fingers, which does no contribute as much. Being violence free, this game is a great example for an educational game that the kids will love and will be challenged by it while the adults can take a few minutes of well deserved rest.

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Workout Bunnies - Android App Review

Workout Bunnies - Android App Review

We already mentioned on our featured review of workout bunnies some of the benefits of working out, from health to self esteem to aesthetics to finding a away to relax from all the stress our work and life in modern life brings about.

But we also talked about the difficulties. Starting to workout is very difficult and maintaining a workout regime for months or years is among the most difficult things one can try to do. This is a grave problem because more than once, just when the benefits are starting to appear, the one making the workouts stops working outs ...

Now, the best way to receive and maintain motivation about something like working out is through a community dedicated to the same thing, because you can be inspired by others, share triumphs and temporary defeats, help others and be helped yourself.

Of course, getting professional advice and remarks from experiences people is also very important, as is getting tips about fitness programs, workout plans, nutrition suggestions and even the right type of shoes that will be good for YOU. 

This is why Workout Bunnies is such a great idea. This app is in fact a social networking app that is intended to create a community of people dedicated to working out, and in fact will allow its members to enjoy all the benefits 

So, we gave the app to our reviewers and waited for their remarks.

First of all, our reviewers liked the app's interface. It is clear the app has been professionally designed and everything is very simple to operate AND pleasing to the eyes, which is just as important. In addition, our reviewers liked the fact that even though the app is a full social networking app, everything is simple and uncluttered, unlike other types of social networks.

Our reviewers also sent in a few tips and tricks to help us use Workout Bunnies to make our own workouts as good as possible. The first tip is to join the community. Make new friends online who also use the app. Find experts in the field. Befriend celebs who do the same workouts you do, who love doing leg's day or using TRX. 

The second tip is to actively participate. It is important not only to make friends within the Workout Bunnies social network but also share your experience, your workout plans, your goals in the future and even pictures of you working out. This is the only way to get feedback from friends, feedback that is what Workout Bunnies is all about.

The last but not least tip is to share not only your experience but use the app to make a kind of training blog. In the beginning, state your current condition and your goals and then post regular updates, including measurements and pictures. This is the way for you AND for your friends using the app to appreciate the effort and progress you made in your workouts. 

Our reviewers' overwhelming conclusion is that Workout Bunnies is a great idea that should have been made a lot time ago. As it is, it is a great motivational and professional help for everyone who wants to not only workout, but keep working out for months or years.

  • Score: 4.7. A social network for working out.
  • Description: An app that implements a social network dedicated for working out with the ability to share statues, plans and picture among friends and get tips and advice from professionals and even celebs ...
  • Good Points: Complete social network interface. Very uncluttered feed. Focuses on working out subjects. Professional and celeb advice available within the app.
  • Bad Points: Should have been done years ago ... 
  • Experience: Signing up is simple and fast. Making friends and searching for people who are interested in the same workouts you are interested in is also quite simple. All that remains is to share and share.
  • Longevity: Well, actually that depends on the outlook towards working out. Those are are determined to keep keeping and becoming lean will keep working with this app no matter what.
  • Link to Google Play

Workout Bunnies - Android App Featured Review

Workout Bunnies - Android App Featured Review   

It should come as no surprise to anyone that although our modern age has brought with it a lot of good things such as Android smartphones and mobile devices, it has also brought with it unhealthy working conditions, junk food, painfully short sleeping nights and too much stress.

This is why workouts have become so popular these days. They are healthy, they get the blood flowing, they help fight obesity and reduce the chance for diabetes and of course, they help getting us a beautiful toned body, lean and muscular.  

But doing workouts, although a lot of fun, is not so easy. An old Japanese Jen master was once asked what is the most difficult part in training in Jen (which has grueling training sessions hours long where the practitioner sits in one pose and meditates) is spreading the mattress before the practice session. Getting started to train is the most difficult part and it is something we must do twice or three times or even more even week. 

Motivation is the key to everything and Workout Bunnies is the perfect app to receive motivation and be inspired in our workouts. Workout Bunnies is a social network app with all the usual social network features such as sharing statuses and phones but the app concentrates on and revolves around workouts.

With Workout Bunnies the user can post his own workout sessions, get advice  and encouragement from friends, even some celebrities, post pictures of himself or herself and get tips and advice from professionals. In other words, Workout Bunnies represents a whole community of people all committed to working out.

With the community that is Workout Bunnies, you can not only get real help in your workout sessions with training and nutrition tips but you can join a community that revolves around workouts, which is not only the best way to insure you keep training, but is the fun way to go about it.

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Shelfie by BitLit - Android App Featured Review

Shelfie by BitLit - Android App Featured Review   

We live today in the digital world. Everything can now be had by a digital version. We no longer use VHS videos or music cassettes. We see movies in a digital (file ...) format. Our music is stored on our smartphones in a digital format (mp3 and mp4). And naturally, books are digital files now as well.

The advantages of digital files for books are almost too numerous to be recounted. No longer carrying and storing heavy tomes. No longer dedicating whole walls or rooms in our home to keep all the installments of the "Wheel of Time" series. And of course, carrying around all your library in your book and reading it on a Nook, Kindle or just your Android Smartphone makes reading that much more accessible and enjoyable. 

However, here lays our problem. We ALREADY have a library (shelf, wall or a whole room) of books we loved, picked and collected over the years. We already know that we read Lord Of The Rings once every two or three years. We DON'T want to stop reading or just to have the option to read our beloved books whenever we like!

Enter Shelfie, the app that will make our home library problems go away.

Shelfie's operation is simplicity itself. All you have to do is a take a good picture of your book shelves with the app and wait for reply. The app will contact its service provides and will send over digital copies of the books you own ready to be read on any digital reading device.

Of course, it is a LITTLE more complicated than that on several cases. You might be required to take a photo of the copyright page of the book and sign it to receive a private digital copy of the book or you might be required to pay for some books which are not free in digital form but the process of converting your books shelf into a digital library is simple and quick. 

With a growing library of books and with the growing popularity of the app, the clearing of our home and turning any books into digital form has never been closer and easier that with Shelfie. We think this is one of the unique apps that not only gives real benefit to its users but is also unique in concept and implementation.

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Photo Quiz - Guess Pictures - Android App Featured Review

Photo Quiz - Guess Pictures by Happy Zebra Games - Android App Featured Review   

Out of all the various games and entertainment apps on Google Play, trivia games are among our favorites. It's not difficult to figure out why. They are usually interesting, they help us learn new things (everyone who knows how exactly Melbourne's skyline looks like raise their hands ...) and they even allow some good quality time with the kids.

But it goes one without saying that in order to be good, a trivia game must be good. In other words, it must be crash and bug free as much as possible, have a nice and simple user interface and have interesting subjects on its trivia questions.

So, like everything else on Google Play these days, it becomes a question of finding the right and the good trivia games for our Android smartphone and mobile device out of the thousands of trivia games on there.

Well, it so happens we found a great trivia game and of course we want to share the news.

The game is called Photo Quiz, and it is a relatively new addition to Google Play but one that is fun to play. Photo Quiz is quite simple to operate and has a straight forward principle. All we have to do is guess the thing in the photo and presto, we're solve the puzzle and we're sent to the next photo.

Photo Quiz avoids a pitfall many other trivia games fall into by simply having a LARGE collection of items and photos. This means that the dozens of subjects and god only knows how many items per subjects (like cities, vegetables, house hold items etc) there are. There are literally HOURS of play in this game. 

The game also has several playing modes, depending on our competitive urge when we play the game, if we want to keep things sharp and race against the clock or if we are playing with the kids and want to take our time with each photo and actually teach them something about the world outside.

In our humble (more or less opinion), Photo Quiz is a great example of a trivia game. Photo guessing makes for a quick game that doesn't get tiring, the variety of subjects is refreshing and the various modes allow competing with friends, amusing ourselves on the way to work or just hanging out with the kids.

In other words, we like it.

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PixSmart Photo Filter by Gabriel Y - Android App Featured Review

PixSmart Photo Filter by Gabriel Y - Android App Featured Review   

One of the most important functions of a mobile office on Android smartphones and mobile devices is to touch up and beautify our pictures. What can we say? Ever since Instagram, people are quite justly mad with applying filters to their pictures.

And the results are quite spectacular. Depending on the picture, its quality and the things inside it, applying the right filter can turn it into a vintage photo, a psychedelic landscape, an angry red scenery picture or just a black and white filter to the background in order to highlight a pair of beautiful blue eyes. 

But there is a catch. There are a LOT of photo filter apps on google play, all with different functions and different pictures. How does one select one good photo filter app from all this great mass of apps?

Well, we will now present a photo filter app we think will fit the bill.

We are talking about PixSmart Photo Filter, a relatively recent addition to google play that already is making waves. First of all, PixSmart has a rich variety of photo filters to select from, greyscale, polar, invert and glow being just a tiny sample of its bewildering variety.  

But the thing we love the most about PixSmart is its simplicity. When working with a smartphone photo filter app, we don't want to photoshop an image. We just want to add a filter, and we need a simple to operate and fast working app, which is exactly what PixSmart does.

But, aside from its ease of operation, PixSmart also has the option of adding a frame to our picture to make it seem that much more respectable AND it has the option of applying a filter to a photograph just taken, removing the need for time consuming search in our picture gallrey.

To sum things app, PixSmart is Android Review Center's recommendation for anyone searching for a high quality and feature rich photo filter app that is also quick and easy to operate.

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FreshForm - Freshmail - Android App Featured Review

FreshForm - FreshMail - Android App Featured Review   

Android smartphones have revolutionized our lives by allowing us to do everything while being mobile, communicate, entertain and of course, doing our business by being mobile. And, as some of us are in the business of email marketing, we know the most previous thing we have is our email lists.

Of course, saying email lists are precious is one thing and really owning and adding to our email lists is another thing all together. Of course, we are talking about email lists of real people, not random collection of emails that don't serve any purpose but enrich the people selling those lists.

We are of course talking about the FreshMail concept, a web based platform for adding and collecting email lists and constructing marketing campaigns easily and quickly. We present here the FreshForm app, a mobile component that connects to an existing FreshMail account.

So, what is FreshForm app all about? Simple. The best (if the hardest) way to collect email addresses to our lists (again, we are talking about email addresses of real people who are actually interested in what we have to sell and offer) is personally, by reaching over and physically signing up the person to our newsletter, campaign or whatever. 

FreshFrom was built with this in mind, to help is in conventions, gathering or wherever we go to collect our addresses. It constructs a beautifully design form on our tablet, making it the ideal way to sign up people. We get 17 predesigned templates and we can add new ones, with our specific logos and design if we would so choose. 

We don't even have to be connected at the time we sign up people. FreshForm will remember the addresses we collected and the next time we will be online with our mobile device, it will automatically sync the addresses we collected with our FreshMail account.

All in all, FreshForm is a very elegant and effective way to address one of the main challenges facing campaigners, i.e. Collecting emails easily and simply.

FreshMail website

Google Play Link

Where Are You App Find People - Android App Featured Review

Where Are You App Find People - coANDco (UK) Ltd - Android App Featured Review   

In general, out of all uses of the our Android smartphones and mobile devices, which are mobile office, mobile entertainment center, mobile communications center and mobile security center, we tend to give the mobile security center the least amount of attention.

That is, until something happen. Then, everything else pales in comparison and security becomes our top priority but because we didn't pay it any attention before we are usually found unprepared when something happens and we DO need our smartphone's security features.

Well, this is what this article is all about, installing what we need in advance. Where Are You App Find People, except its unfortunate long name, is a major security app because it answers one of our basic security needs - to know where our loved ones are.

It is simplicity itself to make the app work. All we have to do is run it, select the person we want and the app does all the rest. Actually, what the app does is send an SMS to the recipient of the app who is presented with a form asking for permission to send location and the app then receives the location and presents it on a map for us to see.

This fulfills our security need to know where our loved ones are but the app has some nifty privacy and safety features. In a nutshell, the app does not require the recipient to install anything on his or her smartphone and everything is done with the recipient's consent through his or her browser with no additional tracking. This means that the recipient only sends his or her current location and privacy is wholly in our hands, with no background or hidden tracking of anyone. 

Out of all the possible tracking apps, Where Are You App Find People is probably the safest, the most harmless and the most friendly, since the recipient only sends his or her current location with his or her consent, without any further sneaky tracking of location.

And this is extremely useful, not to mention safe. Just think of all those who have kids to track who may find this app admirable, since even kids of all ages will consent to send their location if they know they are NOT being constantly tracked and THEY are in control of everything.

Where-Are-You app page.

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