Baby Phonic Video Baby Monitor

An easy to operate and versatile app that will connect any two mobile devices through WiFi router to keep an eye and an ear on your baby.

Chocolate Raiders Candy Puzzle

A beautiful puzzle solving game invloving a lot of chocolate goodness, a small chocolate raiding monster and an evil chocolate king that refuses to share the chocolate goodness!

Round Clock Widget - Specially configurable Graphic Watch

A clock widget that can be configured with beautiful graphics to suit EVERYONE's tastes.

Babylon Bob - A Special Platform Game

A unique platform game with quirky characters, special atmosphere that will challenge anybody.

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android

The Keyboard replacement app for Android that learns your favorite words and phrases and develops an uncanny way to write what you think. Just beware of inputing passwords through it!

MomentCam - a Cartoon creation camera app

An app that automatically creates high quality cartoons of whoever the camera photographs. Just be aware that there are a limited number of cartoon posibilites and limited editing features to this camera app.

Photography and Camera Apps

A collection of reviews for the most inetersting camera apps for Android, from MomentCam to Pic Collage to Cymera, Line Camera and Pic Grid. Many more will be added shortly.

Battery Life Android Tips and Tricks

Important tips and tricks for extending battery life for Android and really all kinds of smartphones, dealing with charging cycles, monitoring apps, battery health tips and really everything we need to know about prolonging smartphone battery life.

Candy and Balloons - Bus Game by little apple - Android App Featured

Candy and Balloons - Bus Game by little apple - Android App Featured   

We keep saying on Android Review Center that Android Smartphones are there to make our lives better, from work to play to safety to home and family. In fact, everything you need is right there on Google Play, an app for every need. But lately we gave little attention to the kiddy side of Google Play.

Actually, apps for kids are very important and not always from the reasons we might think. Apps for kids (at least, good apps for kids) help kids develop, from cognitive skills to hand to eye coordination, straight forward schooling and so on. Of course, giving tired parents a few moments to rest is also vital.

This is why Candy and Balloons, a new bus game by little apple is important, for parents and kids alike. It's a game for kids aged two to five, with kids even older than six also showing a keen interested for this completely free game (there is a small ad section, but that is unavoidable).

What is Candy and Balloons all about? This app has been made too appear in the form of interactive video, lovingly drawn in cartoon style. The theme of the game is the red bus that travels through the colorful scenes. In the background you can hear the beloved children's song, "The wheels of the bus ..."

The game hides a number of interesting and fun surprises. The player touched certain elements falling behind the bus and is awarded with funny and surprising interactions. The player touch or cuts like a ninja to destroy the candy, creatures and score points.
Avoid balloons and play as long as you have game life remaining. Collect crystals to unlock additional scenery..

This colorful game draws kids attention and its cartoonish style makes them glued to the mobile device, while developing their coordination, color and depth perception along with a sound track that is both entertaining and is a learning experience in itself. 

The game also teaches the kids about exploring, touching things and learning about consequences. The kids can touch everything and interact with almost everything in the game, starting from birds to candy to almost everything else.  

A game that draws children in, teaching them about exploring while drawing for them a safe, cartoonish environment with great children's soundtrack really approaches the ideal of a perfect kids game, for children and parents alike. 

Google Play Link

Fly Balloon Fly - Android App Review Update

Fly Balloon, Fly! by PopSoda Digital Commerce - Android App Review - Update

Games on Android Smartphones and mobile devices can be broadly and inaccurately be divided into two types. There are the complex strategy games that demand a lot of time and energy to play, with previous planning and after action reports and there are the games which are not necessarily simpler but that are configured for short and furious gameplay sessions. 

Now, the games that support shorter gameplay sessions mostly follow several rules in order to really shine out among the millions of games and apps on Google Play. By the way, the huge number of apps out there is a problem not only for developers but also for user and players because if the good games are not found and supported, the good developers will stop developing apps and games, to the loss of all.

So, what rules are there that good games usually adhere to? First of all, they should be exciting. Something important must be on the line or the player won't care what happens during the game. In addition, the game must be challenging with a logical challenge curve to let the players adjust. Finally, setup and game launch should be fast, almost instantaneous. 

All right, we now would like to introduce Fly Balloon, Fly! before we tell you what our review team thought about it. The game itself is quite simple. Our hero, the balloon rider, must adjust his flight to avoid the sharp and deadly obstacles on several exotic landscapes, featured desert towns, our space and more. Accumulate enough points and the rocket man will arrive. 

So, what did our reviewers think about this game? Since this is the second time we review it, we used a different team of reviewers. First and foremost, our reviewers liked the way the game is controlled. The balloon's course can be raised and lowered by only one finger need to control the game, which makes it very easy to play with one hand holding the mobile while the other holds a bus handhold or a bag.

The difficulty curve is also well adjusted. The game DOES become difficult and challenging but it takes time, making the player feel comfortable with the control and the way the balloon behaves before the real challenges arrive. Our reviewers also liked the graphics, which is far superior to other, similar games.

The rocket man upgrade was also very welcome and liked by our reviewers, since it really changes the game and adds new challenge in the way the game is played and controlled. 

And now for some tips and tricks for the game. First of all, planning ahead. It may seem strange, but planning ahead really does help. Try not to look only at the obstacles in front of the balloon now, but also at the obstacles that are about the arrive. This makes the flight much more easy.

Another tip may sound a little strange and difficult to do but it may help those that are having problems with the more difficult levels. The tip has to do with the look. Try not to focus on the balloon but un focus your eyes. It's a little like in real fighting or boxing. You don't look in the opponent's eyes, you look in his general direction. Try doing it with Fly Balloon, Fly! and we guarantee you will do better, if you keep doing it from the start.

The final word is that our reviewers really liked this game. Simple to operate, setup and control, with very pleasant graphics and with just the right amount of challenge, Fly Balloon, Fly! seems to have everything in balance. Of course, our reviewers added that working to reach the rocket man is really worth. Try it and you'll see!

  • Score: 4.5. A rapid, challenging one-finger-control game.
  • Description: An arcade game where the player controls a balloon rider's flight through several landscapes while avoiding deadly obstacles..
  • Good Points: Game which is easy to operate. Fast launch. One finger control. Ideal for a five minute break.
  • Bad Points: Nothing that we really noticed. Perhaps more variety in the obstacles would have made the game better. Perhaps not.
  • Experience: Everyone had the game up and running in no time. Of course, learning to defeat the tougher levels required some trying.
  • Longevity: The game's simple mechanics and challenge made almost everyone keep this installed for a considerable amount of time.

Explosion Valley - Android App Featured

Explosion Valley by Dutyfarm GmbH - Android App Featured   

All work with no play makes us really quite boring people, even here at Android Review Center. Lucky for us (and for humanity too, we firmly believe) Android Smartphones have been invented and along with them comes Google Play, a huge repository of apps and games, everything we need to keep us entertained.

Well, actually that is the problem. There are in excess of ONE MILLION games and apps on Google Play, some great professional games while others are made over the weekend by bored high school students with too much time on their hands and without really any understanding of what makes a good game.

So, what DOES make a good game? There are so many games and so many game genres with both genres and games multiplying as mobile hardware keeps getting better while Android development tools keep getting simpler to operate that outlying general rules becomes harder. Still, we can state some fairly obvious things.

A good game will challenge the player. A good game will not be terminated too soon. A good game must be interesting, whether the interest is in the story or in the gameplay. A good game must be exciting, making the player want to come back to it and give the player a rush whenever it is played.

Well, we at Android Review Center firmly believe Explosion Valley fills all of these requirements and then some, which is why we are presenting it here, of course. Explosion Valley is a puzzle game that still manages to be exciting, in sharp contrast to many puzzle games that are challenging but also boring ...

The premise of this game is quite simple. The player must demolish a building or a structure using a limited amount of explosives of different types. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, it is more complicated than this as the structures behave according to physical rules which means that the explosives must be placed in the correct location or the demolishing will fail.

The game is challenging because the player must also demolish the structure is such a way as to avoid it falling on the heads of innocent tourists sometimes standing underneath the building. The player must also make the building fall on top of various bonuses scattered on the demolishing site area. There are dozens of levels, and each one is more difficult and interesting than the previous one.

What can we say? We like taking things apart. In fact, EVERYONE likes blowing stuff up. If you add to it fires and explosions, a puzzle challenge that keeps getting harder, a very professional looking graphics and design, added to some quirky stuff and steady humor, all of this creates a good game that is really worth downloading and giving it a try.

Google Play Link

Uxur Taxi Upgraded - Android App Featured

Uxur Taxi Upgraded by Custom Android Applications - Android App Featured   

We live in a new age, an age where the entire sum of human knowledge resides inside the pocket of everyone of us, available at will through our Android Smartphones (and the other kind, too, we have to add). But Android Smartphones are not just information outlet, they are a tool for making our lives better.

There are many ways in which our mobile devices make our lives better. Let's start from the way they can act as mobile offices, mobile communications centers, mobile entertainment centers for playing games and consuming media and of course, they are also security and safety centers.

So, they takes one step further from just being media and information centers. They allow us to interact with the outside world through the Internet, that global communications network. So the next step, which should be obvious, is making our smartphones get from the Internet what we need.

We would like to present here a very good example of those apps that have the potential of making our lives better, and that is Uxur Taxi, by Custom Android Applications, a professional studio that specializes in making tailor made apps for diverse clients and needs.

What problem does Uxur Taxi tries to solve? Well, the problem is taxi. There is no shortage of taxi apps that all try to address the same problem, finding a taxi with an acceptable fare anywhere and anytime. GetTaxi and Uber are examples in point. Uxur is another Taxi app with several added benefits.

First of all, Uxur works with a specific Taxi company, Metrowest Orlando Taxi. This makes is less useful in other locations, of course, but in Orlando it is number one because you KNOW which company will answer your call, you know their high standards and you know that you won't get a taxi no one has ever seen or screened before, as can and does happen with other taxi apps. 

In addition, Uxur let's you calculate the tariff in advance, making sure you will never be surprised by strange prices and a taxi is always available, because the taxi company behind it is one of the major taxi companies in the region. 

We at Android Review Center like apps that make our lives better, and Uxur is certainly one of those. With a simple interface, very useful functionality (no more ripoff taxi drivers to take you from the airport!), a solid taxi company behind it and even high luxury rides available, Uxur is certainly an app to keep on your mobile device. 

Google Play Link

The Race by KSZ DEV - Android App Featured

The Race by KSZ DEV - Android App Featured   

The beautiful thing about our Android Smartphones is that they are so versatile. The limits to the things they can do only comes from the limits of the imagination of their users and the app developers. One of the places where we can see those limits being lifted is in the gaming scene. Here on Android Review Center we see and review a LOT of games, but not all are any good.

In fact, it is quite hard to point out a good game. It is harder to say exactly WHAT makes a game good. It should have a good story, though Flappy Birds had no story at all. It should be simple, though Clash Of Clans is one of the most successful games and is anything but simple. Perhaps a good game is one that gets the player's blood pumping and makes him or her excited. 

In fact, racing games are one of the best games in this regard, as almost no can remain indifferent when driving a car at high speeds on difficult tracks, racing cars driver by drivers as good or even better than the player is. Of course, with our smartphones we can take the game with is anywhere.

The Race is an excellent example for a racing game and also a great example for a game that makes the player's blood pump faster in excitement. The Race is all about racing cars, using realistic physical models to simulate the way cars, concrete and crazy tracks combine to create an extremely exciting and satisfying environment to race our car against AI foes. 

The Race has great AI opponents, drivers that won't give up and test any player's ability to the limits, because as anyone who ever played racing games knows, the trick is not just to press the pedal to the metal but to judge and execute turns professionally, something that The Race rewards players for doing.

But The Race is more than that. Adding weapons, defenses and upgrades, the games becomes a strategy game because it is not enough to try to beat the other players, now they will try to SHOOT you, so you have to evade them and fire in return if you want any chance of finishing the track, let alone winning it. 

As a complete game, The Race has three difficulty level, an achievements ladder and several game modes to suit every player and to suit the time the player has to play. Of course, the sound effects and the visuals will make any game exciting, even if it a very short one.

To sum things app, The Race is exciting, strategic, violent and fast, creating a kill or be killed environment where you have to be fast, smart and plan ahead to survive and win. In other words, we liked it. 

Google Play Link

2 Remember docs and Note taking - Android App Featured

2 Remember docs and Note taking by MOKOBI OOD - Android App Featured   

Modern life is a great thing. Really. We have taps with hot water, refrigerators, TV sets, a world wide web with all the information in the world and unlimited connectivity options called the Internet and of course, we have those marvelous devices called Android Smartphones that put all that power right in the palm of our hands.

Of course, not everything is perfect in our world, and we're not talking politics here. If you try to think of it, you will understand that modern people have a LOT of things to remember. In fact, so much things that need to be remembered it is impossible to list them all, let alone really remember them. Pay the bills. Take the kid to the Judo class AND take him back. Get back to Andy about that movie night proposal. See that place for a possible replacement apartment. Bring back two milk cartons back home. And this goes on and on and on ...

Now, the nice thing about Android Smartphones (and the other kind, too, for a lesser extent) is that Google Play is filled with apps, some of them being organizers and calendars and note taking apps, all designed to help the poor modern people cope with the things they have to remember in life.

But, we want to introduce you to 2 Remember, an organizer that takes quite a drastic approach to things, an approach that is probably the best solution possible to the problem of sorting out and organizing the HUGE amount of things we need to remember in our life.

So, what is 2 Remember? This app takes the approach that we may need to remember anything, thus it has featured to remember everything we need to. The app will take notes about media files, physical locations, audio notes, movies, songs, links, emails, written notes and many more things. In other words, the app can and will remember anything that we put in or through our smartphone. 

Then, the app helps us sort the things it remembers for us, dividing them into broad and narrow categories, adding locations, time limits and alerts, audio notes and anything else that needs to be added for the note and the thing we wanted to remember. To make sure we don't run out of place, the app will store (if we set it up to) everything we need to on cloud storage, keeping our mobile light and unencumbered. 

The benefits are truly remarkable. With 2 Remember, everything and anything we need to do, remember, plan and perform is right there for us, sorted and categorized, with a time alert. The app will inform us if we need to act on an email now, take the kid from class, do the laundry on Monday night and pick up the clothes from dry cleaning.

Used properly, 2 Remember really has the potential to make our lives much more organized, less prone to accidents and mistakes, and much more pleasant.

Which is exactly what a good app should do. 

Google Play Link

Dot Connect Pro - Android App Featured

Dot Connect Pro by GoPlay2Day - Android App Featured   

Dot Connect Pro is a puzzle game, simple in design but hiding sophistication underneath the hood. Its premise is quite simple. On each level, a field of colored dots appears and the player must connect the dots of the same colors without the lines touching each other, with a time limit.

Sounds quite simple, doesn't it? But a quick delve into the game reveals its true colors (if you'll excuse the pun ...). First of all, there are hundreds of levels, providing days if not weeks of fun (this game will not run out of things to do just as you're starting to get the hang of things!).

The levels grow in size and complexity, starting from a mere 5x5 level which is child's play till the humongous 14x14 levels which really require some deep thinking and acute spacial understanding. There being a time counter, limited number of moves and a global achievements ladder only makes things more challenging.

So, what's so fun in puzzle games in general and Dot Connect Pro in particular? First of all, puzzle games force you to use your brain and it may come as a surprise to many, but the good feeling that spreads inside you after solving a particular good puzzle is a special and delightful thing.

There's also the fact the puzzle isn't hidden behind some moronic story or characters or scenery. The puzzle is bare, right in front of you and waiting to be solved. Of course, this means that whenever you have some free time, you can whip out your smartphone and grapple with another, tougher level. 

Doc Connect Pro is the kind of app we like to see here on Android Review Center. Well made with HD graphics, professional designed menus and simple interface that keeps you from wasting your time and saves your time and energy by taking you directly to the game without delay.

For kids who need to develop their intellect and spacial understanding, or senior citizens that need to keep practicing their cognitive and problem solving skills or for busy adults who need a quick game to relax from their cluttered schedules, Dot Connect Pro is a game to have on your Android Smartphone. 

Google Play Link