Samsung Galaxy S4 GT i9500 Unlocked Smartphone

One of the fastest and most powerful smartphones of its time, the galaxy s4 has the latest hardware with the latest software, just be ware of bloatware and unnecessary features that will consume your battery.

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android

The Keyboard replacement app for Android that learns your favorite words and phrases and develops an uncanny way to write what you think. Just beware of inputing passwords through it!

HTC A9192 Inspire 4G Unlocked Smartphone

A high quality though outdated phone, perfect for those want a rugged but quality call phone and don't mind carrying a smartphone that is a little heavier and cannot run the heaviest apps.

MomentCam - a Cartoon creation camera app

An app that automatically creates high quality cartoons of whoever the camera photographs. Just be aware that there are a limited number of cartoon posibilites and limited editing features to this camera app.

Photography and Camera Apps

A collection of reviews for the most inetersting camera apps for Android, from MomentCam to Pic Collage to Cymera, Line Camera and Pic Grid. Many more will be added shortly.

Battery Life Android Tips and Tricks

Important tips and tricks for extending battery life for Android and really all kinds of smartphones, dealing with charging cycles, monitoring apps, battery health tips and really everything we need to know about prolonging smartphone battery life.

Latium Exchange - Featured Android App

Latium Exchange - Featured Android App 

One of the hottest things these days are the crypto coins, virtual coins that are NOT controlled by any bank or country, but they are controlled by a network of peers or by simple demands and request market forces, with the cryptographic processes insuring that not anyone can create out of thin air new coins, such as Bitcoin. Latium is a new kind of cryptocoin that is not mined through a mathematical process but is handed out on http://Latium.Exchange, a virtual coin exchange. Users be ware, there are virtual and cryptographic coin scams out there, so everyone do his or her own checkups for any type of coin he or she intends to use. 

Latium Exchange App is an informative app working with, the main exchange for the Latium coin. With the app, the user can see perfectly clearly what is the exchange rate for the Laitum coin when changing it into other coin types, as well as 'real' money. In addition, downloading and running the app wins the user 5 free Latium coins, which is always a good thing.

Latium Coin and the Latium Exchange App that comes along with it present an opportunity to gain Latium coins by installing the app, seeing the exchange rate and then enlisting people to join the Latium Exchange market. We don't know if the Latium coin will take off, but it presents an interesting opportunity as well as an interesting risk.

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Fly Balloon, Fly by PopSoda Digital Commerce - Android App Review

Fly Balloon, Fly! by PopSoda Digital Commerce - Android App Review

Fly Balloon, Fly! by PopSoda Digital Commerce - Android App Review. There is a reason games like Flappy Bird and Angry Birds were so successful. Actually, there were several reasons. Smartphones are there not only to provide communications and Internet access but for fun, and fun comes in several flavors. There is sophisticated fun, playing sophisticated games. There is the thinking fun, like the one we experience when playing word puzzles. And last but certainly not least, there is the simple yet addictive fun.

Enter Fly Ballon, Fly!, a new game by PopSoda digital commerce. On the surface, it's quite a simple game in which the player controls the up and down motions of a balloon in order to avoid getting impaled on horizontal sharp swords and traverse diverse terrains and background.  

The question that begs to be asked is this: Is Fly Ballon, Fly! as good and as addictive as the older and more famous games such as Flappy Birds and Angry Birds?

Our reviewers were more than happy to try their hands at a successor for Angry Birds and Flappy Bird so all we had to do was lean back and wait for their reports.

The first positive feedback came almost immediately. In sharp contrast to many other apps and games, Fly Balloon, Fly! does not require and special permissions from the Android operating system, putting those paranoids among us to rest (And as a side comment, it is always a smart thing to check what permissions an app wants, and rethink installing an app that seems to want too many permission than it really needs!).

The game play itself, according to most of our reviewers, is simple yet strangely fun. The player cannot really do anything more than allow the balloon to rise up or deflate its hot air to let it descend. However, this simplicity is deceiving since you have to develop both a keen eye to hand coordination and a clever strategy to make it past the first level and the menacing sharp swords that rise from the ground AND descend from the skies.

When letting your balloon rise, you have to calculate how long to let it rise, less it is impaled by the upper swords. You have to start letting your hot air escape and let your balloon start descending even when rising, calculating precisely where you're going to be in a moment to escape both the lower and upper swords. Later on, when hail and other balloons also appear, the game becomes even more complicated.

Our reviewers also lauded the simple yet handsomely implemented graphical user interface, reminding us of old fashioned cartoons, cute and attractive. The backgrounds and terrains are also very appealing and ad another level of attractiveness to this game. Did we mention that on later levels, the swords become lightsabers and not mere metal swords?

Our conclusion is that Fly Balloon, Fly! is a very attractive and addictive game, with cute and well executed graphics (thought not TOO slick!) which requires skill, thought and expansive mind to solve well. Perfect for the occasional break or for extended play, this game is certainly one of the games most of our reviewers liked the best. 

As a side note, we should say that this is NOT an easy game, so be prepared to be challenged!

  • Score: 4.5. An addictive game, suitable for any dull moment and a real challenge to most gamers.
  • Description: A social network platform based around chatting in chat room with a lot of exciting features thrown in.
  • Good Points: Cute graphics. Very nice backgrounds. Addictive game with fun control of the flying balloon.
  • Bad Points: Because of its difficulty, very young kinds (under 5, in our experience) would not play it for long.
  • Experience: Our reviewers had no problem installing and running Fly Balloon, Fly! Understanding the game mechanics was also fairly easy. Mastering it was a different matter ...
  • Longevity: Long. A perfect pastime for breaks and dull moments.
  • Google Play Link  
  • Google Play Score: 4.6

Funny Memes by Kristian Polso - Featured Android App

Funny Memes by Kristian Polso - Featured Android App


One of the best things about the Internet in general and social network in particular is humor, and nothing is funnier than memes. There are many reasons memes are amongs the funniest thing on the web. One reason is the way the original situation has been altered to suit the meme's creator. Another reason is the way the meme manages to hit a current political situation or even a romantic or domestic situation right on the head. Whatever the reason, everyone likes memes.

Here comes the app Funny Memes by Kirstian Polso and it is the perfect solution to solving some of the more difficult problems involved with memes. First and foremost, we never get enough memes to please our funny bone and Funny Memes comes complete with hundreds of memes. The second problem Funny Memes solves quite nicely is sharing our choses memes with our friends on the social networks, and Funny Memes solves this problem as well.

To get right to point, Funny Memes is the perfect app to browse through hilarious memes during a short break from work or to prove our superior sense of humor (and our skill at locating great humor) on the social networks by sharing the best memes with our friends. Of course, the fact that Funny Memes already has hundreds of memes with more being added every day turns this app into the best meme app for the Android smartphone.

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Emoji - Featured Android App

Emoji - Featured Android App


Sometimes the simplest things in life are also the best, and one particular feature on our android smartphones' apps is a special point in case. Chatting apps are amongst the most popular apps on our smartphones, because they help us accomplish that special thing humans crave, which is human contact. But chatting apps provide us with more than just the ability to write each other messages. They allow us to send the most important thing to each other, and that is our emotions. Emoticons are the preferred means to do that and they revolutionized chatting services when they arrived.

Emoji is an app that is designed to help us achieve that special goal, transmitting not only our thoughts but our emotions as well, helping us create a real link over our chatting apps. Emoji contains a huge amount of emoticons, suitable to every mood, feeling and emotion we want to convey. It's operations is very simple, just open it and tap the preferred emoticon whenever your want to insert an emoticon from Emoji to almost any chatting app. Emoji appears on your notification bar and disappears whenever you close down your chatting app and it is no longer needed.
The great thing about Emoji, except its very simple operation, is the great amount of available emoticons. There are over twenty categories of mostly cute emoticons (A reminder: sometimes we need to convey an un-cute emotions, and those un-cute emoticons are very important) and they are also continuously update with more and more emoticons. Of course, being the first to use a new and special emoticon no one else has on his or her chatting app is a reward in itself ....

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Passbook For Android by PassbeeMedia - Featured Android App

Passbook For Android by PassbeeMedia - Featured Android App


Coupons are a great because they serve two functions. The first and arguably the most important is the obvious one, i.e. giving discounts. Everyone loves paying less, even the wealthy, and coupons are a great way to save some of our hard earned money. The other function coupons serve is to make customers become aware of a service or product being offered, and this is important both to customers and businesses for obvious reasons.
 Passbook by PassbeeMedia is a very interesting coupon collection and managing app because of several reasons. The first is the way that coupon collection and storing becomes so easy with this app. Another reason is its location based alert which makes the user aware of a coupon being offered for the restaurant down the street just when the user passes nearby. This function, for instance offered by a store, can save a lot of money for a user. Yet another feature is time based alert, which makes the user of the app aware of a coupon whose expiration time approaches. Needless to say, this saves a lot of money and heartbreak, as users would be able to prevent their coupons becoming useless over time.

 In conclusion, Passbook is part of the best types of Android apps for the smartphone, apps that help you save money. Coupled with a beautiful user interface and an ever increasing number of businesses that offer PassbeeMedia coupons, our considered opinion is that Passbook For Android is a must have for any smartphone user.

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Passbook for Android by PassbeeMedia - Android App Review

Passbook for Android by PassbeeMedia - Android App Review

Passbook for Android by PassbeeMedia - Android App Review. Everyone uses and loves coupons, which is something you'd think only little old ladies would use. But research and real life experience shows that EVERYONE loves coupons, even the wealthy. Coupons serve two purposes. First and foremost, they offer discounts and special offers and everyone, ESPECIALLY the wealthy, love to pay less for the things they want. The second thing coupons offer is notifications of services and products. The very existence of a coupon for some product or service helps tremendously in promoting that product or service, which makes the discount negligible for the business offering the coupon, because of the added business.

But for us simple customers, it helps us learn of that this movie is now out, that the restaurant around the corner now offers a hot new Mexican meal and the summer fashion collection is now out. So, here comes Passbook, a coupon collection and managing app from PassbeeMedia.   
Does it work? Is coupon collection with Passbook worth it? Are there enough coupons to be collected by Passbook?

We mobilized our small army of reviewers and made them install and start using Passbook. Their reports started pouring in quite fast and we received quite a comprehensive idea of what is Passbook and what it is good for.

Passbook is an app for collecting and storing coupons that are created using PassbeeMedia. The coupons our reviewers collected were coupons for movies, restaurants, events, clothes stores, gadgets and cellular and much more.

There were several things our reviewers liked about Passbook. First and foremost, the app manages the coupons and pops out a location based notification whenever you are close to a place offering a discount coupon. Of course, this is quite a nifty feature because it tells you a service or a product exists close to your location and it helps you take advantage of the coupon offered.

Another feature our reviewers liked was time based notifications. Some coupons were time restricted or constrained, such as movies or events. The Passbook app will notify you that the time limits for some coupons approaches and will let you take advantage of these coupons. This is quite a valuable feature because it prevents you from storing coupons that will become valueless when their expiration arrives before you had a chance to use them.

Our reviewers also pointed out that collecting and storing coupons was also very easy and effortless, either using the app's button or the QR enabled camera. Managing, reviewing and collecting the coupons was easy and painless even for our less tech savvy reviewers, which would greatly help those people take advantage of these coupons.

It should be mentioned that our reviewers as a whole liked the design and the user interface of the app, which was well built, easy to use and very pleasant. It is quite apparent some serious effort has gone into the app's design.

Last and not least is the coupons' range. Does the app offer a large selection of coupons to be used? The answer is a pleasant yes. Our reviewers reported collecting and using coupons of all types, from movies to events to clothes to pet food to restaurants and the range and offering of these coupons keep growing all the time.

Our conclusion is that Passbook is the kind of app we like the most, because it uses our android smartphone to make our life better and pay less money for the things we need, which is always a great thing, especially as it is done by a lovely new app.

  • Score: 4.5. It would be a perfect 5.0 when EVERY business would offer PassbeeMedia coupons, which at the rate it is growing should happen in a few months.
  • Description: A coupon collection and managing app with time and location based alerts.
  • Good Points: Great design. Easy to use. Location and time based alerts for coupons.
  • Bad Points: As a brand new app, the selection of coupons is still not as wide as it should be, but we expect the selection to grow enormously in just a few months.
  • Experience: Our reviewers had no problem installing and running Passbook. Every reviewers found the coupons that appealed to him or her.
  • Longevity: Excellent. No one would uninstall an app that alerts them for new deals and lets them take advantage of them.
  • Google Play Link 
  • Google Play Score: 3.8

Ambivo Messaging - Featured Android App

Ambivo Messaging - Featured Android App



One of the great things Android smartphones and smartphones in general bring us is the Internet, right there at out fingertips. And one of the great things the Internet brings us is the ability to connect to each other. Thus, chatting apps like Whatsapp and Wechat are among the most popular apps people download and install on their smartphones. Enter Ambivo Messaging, yet ANOTHER mobile chatting app. The question that begs to be asked is: What does Ambivo Messaging has to offer other chatting apps don't?

Actually, Ambivo Messaging really does things no other chatting app does. First and foremost, it has a location based chatting called Street Chat, allowing users in a fifty miles radius to engage in community discussions. Another unique feature is Postings, a way of location based interaction where users can post ads, events notifications and almost everything they want, even sending each other eCards or electronic coupons. Yet another interesting feature is the option to use the app without registration and interacting with other users anonymously. Of course, the fact Amvico Messaging is also available as a web application on a desktop or tablet makes it that much more appealing.
In conclusion, Ambivo Messaging is chat app with gorgeous graphics and a LOT of useful features, from file sharing to multimedia sending, to working without registration, rich security and privacy settings to protect your identity, group chat, postings, offline messages and of course, no hidden costs and charging.

These features, along with many more we hadn't counted (sending eCards, events, locations based postings and much more) all come together to create what is undoubtedly one of the best chat apps today.

Link to Google Play

The Stupid Test - Featured Android App

The Stupid Test - Featured Android App



There comes a time when we want something smart to deal with, something to really test our intelligence. Flappy Birds and similar games are good and challenging, but sometimes we want to put to the test our minds and our fingers. Smartphones should be used as a learning tool and as a device that should help us develop or cognitive and problem solving abilities, and not just hypnotize us with the latest cat video.

The Stupid Test, despite its name, is here just for this, to help us develop our minds. It currently has 50 levels, with each level being a fiendishly clever riddle to test our minds and make us THINK, which in this day and age of instant gratification when the most important news item is the latest celebrity fashion fad, an app like The Stupid Test which not only exercises or minds, but also reminds us what perseverance and really challenges us is really priceless.

With colorful graphics, simple clear riddles with twisted and clever solutions that compel us to THINK, with 50 levels and more coming with each update, The Stupid Test is a tool for learning and development. Another great use for this well designed app is as entertainment and learning for kids, with age determining how much help the kid needs to solve the riddles. Won't you prefer your kid to spend his time with the smartphone actually learning to think rather than crushing more candy on some familiar zombie-making games?

In conclusion, The Stupid Test's cute and colorful graphics contain clever riddles to test anyone's mind. For the adult and the kid, this app is really something that should be on every smartphone.

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Subway Basketball Shots Arcade - Featured Android App

Subway Basketball Shots Arcade - Featured Android App



Basket ball is certainty one of the most popular sports today, and is gaining popularity all the time. It's easy to see why. To play a good game of basket ball, you need smarts and strategy, skills and shooting powers, team play and cooperation ability and naturally, sheer strength and aggression. This is all true of real world basketball play, but now Android Review Center has come upon an android game that manages to bring some of basketball's sheer excitement directly to your smartphone.

Subway Basketball Shots Arcade is a live motion virtual 3D-Basketball shooting game. You get to choose between a three-point shooting game around the three point line, or the a play free throw game, seeing how many dunk slams you can make. There are other game plays and you must work at your skill of making three point shots from all over the court.
Subway Basketball Shots Arcade is special in several way. It's graphic is quite breath taking, with smooth animation and colorful palettes. This android game has its own distinctive style and its is felt throughout the game. Subway Basketball Shots Arcade is not an easy game to play and honing your shooting skills is vital to reach the top in this unusual arcade game.

In conclusion, Subway Basketball Shots Arcade is a must for all basketball fans and also to all those who believe they want to challenge their motor and shooting skills is this beautiful and challenging game.

Link to Google Play

Fill-The-Words - Featured Android App

Fill-The-Words - Featured Android App



Crossword, puzzles and word finding games exist for decades, if not more. They are always fun, exciting and they tickle and help develop our lingual skills. Everyone does them, from the company's CEO while sitting with his coffee and paper in the morning to the blue collar working commuting back home on the subway after a hard day's work.

Enter Fill-The-Words, a brand new word finding game available to download for your android smartphone on Google Play. Fill-The-Words is a word finding game offering SEVERAL HUNDERDS levels of sheer intellectual and linguistic excitement. The point is to find the hidden the hidden words by selecting adjacent letters, and the game will tell you where to begin if you're having trouble. 

First and foremost, Fill-The-Words is a real beautiful. Every display and level have been painstakingly designed to please the eye. The game also has cute monsters, ready to aid you whenever the going get's tough and trust us, it WILL go tough as the levels become progressively harder, but that's the point of the game. Of course, the sheer number of levels will insure this game never get's old.

In conclusion, Fill-The-Words is a must for all those who love crosswords puzzles and hangman games, or just love to hone in those ever-so-important linguistic skill.

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Mingle - Mobile Chat Rooms - Android App Review

Mingle - Mobile Chat Rooms - Android App Review

Mingle - Mobile Chat Rooms - Android App Review. Current social networking platforms all have their problems and quirks, things that stop them from being 'Perfect', and making users roam to the next social platform. Facebook is the largest social network today but it is losing users rapidly now, mostly the teens, because it lacks several vital features and that 'Young' feeling.

Enter Mingle, a new social platform that has some nifty features that take social interaction and networking to the next level. Mingle's features combine the advantages from some older social platforms such as Snapchat, Tango and Facebook to create a new user experience.  

But, new doesn't always mean better. Does Mingle - Mobile Chat Rooms have what it takes to be a better and greater social networking platform?

We launched our small army of reviewers into the fray and told them to come back with their reports, fair but honest. Indeed, their reports started piling in sooner than expected.

First and foremost, this is a completely professional app, with a slick and premeditated interface with a gorgeous look. Mingle looks good! And the amount of features Mingle offers is astounding, especially considering the fact Mingle is free for download. In fact, it seems as complete a social network platform we've ever seen.

Mingle is based around chat rooms, which the user finds or is invited to and then interacts with the people inside the chat rooms, but this is only the start because Mingle offers a very rich set of features to manage its main function, social interaction. You can search chat rooms based on subjects or themes. You can be invited to join secret chat rooms no one else can see. You can block entrance to a chat room by locking it with a password or you can make yourself invisible and interact only with people you want to.

Mingle also has an additional set of very exciting functions. A good example is searching Mingle users nearby with the People Nearby feature. Another very interesting feature is matching, with the app automatically finding people to match, in private or public chat rooms. Of course, Mingle has a rich set of chatting functions, from group to private chat, to sending images and videos and much else.

So, what did our reviewers say about Mingle? The common consensus is that the greatest thing about Mingle is it's usability to virtually anyone. Elder people can find and use public chat rooms dedicated to themes and subjects they want. Younger people can use Mingle to social interact and meet new people while keeping total control in their hands. Family members use private group chat rooms to keep in touch with each other and the many other uses our reviewers found for Mingle were huge, not to mention one who found a match and is now dating him for several weeks now.

Our conclusion is that Mingle has huge potential to become the next big social network platfrom. It's got the functionality of other chat apps covered and in addition it added a lot of new and nifty features that make it really stand out. It's barely been out and already it's got thousands of users. We see great things in store for this app.

  • Score: 4.9. A great social platform. We would have liked to have some protection for kids, like limiting them to family chat rooms and blocking chat attempts at them from strangers.
  • Description: A social network platform based around chatting in chat room with a lot of exciting features thrown in.
  • Good Points: A huge amount of options in contacting, managing and creating chat rooms. People Nearby feature. Stealth features. Match making feature.
  • Bad Points: None, really. A very stable and mature app. We would have liked to have some protection for young kids (see the score section above).
  • Experience: Our reviewers had no problem installing and running Mingle. Every reviewer found the chat rooms he liked and the mode of operation that appealed to him.
  • Longevity: Excellent. People love to chat, at private or public chat rooms and the app's longevity will only improve as more people join in the following days and weeks.
  • Google Play Link - Mingle - Mobile Chat Rooms - Android App Review
  • Google Play Score: 4.6

Funny Animals - Android App Review

Funny Animals - Android App Review

Funny Animals - Android App Review. Our pride and joy, our hope for the future and the source of our current despair. Our children. Smarter than us, inquisitive, and with an attention span the length of a whole microbe, children can and will drive us crazy. So it is with great joy we bring you this review of Funny Animals.

Every parent to a kid aged over one, and sometimes even younger, knows that kids love smartphones. They love to touch and scroll and experiment and they delight with the sounds and the movies on the smartphones. So, naturally, if you're going to let them play with a smartphone, why not use it to advance basic and vital skills?

Funny Animals tries to do just that. This android app tries to use the children's curiosity and love of animals to teach and advance basic and vital skills. But, does it do a good job?

We gave our reviewers who are blessed with kids this app and told them to test it on their little ones. This review is a little different because our reviewers were only the watchers and the true reviewers were their children.

So how did the kids react? Our reviewers all said that their kids loved this app. Even kids who don't normally stay in one place loved this app so much they sat and played with it as much as they were allowed to. The reviewers reported that their kids, even those who didn't vocalize much before, now started uttering the sounds the animals make and those kids who were on the verge of speaking started saying the animals' names.

The app has three modes of operation. The first one and the most basic is touching an animal, watching a small animation of it and listening to the typical sound it makes. The second mode is when the app asks the kid where's the animal, and the child has to touch it on the screen. The last and most difficult was the puzzle mode, where you get pieces of animal scenes puzzles and the child must construct the whole image.

Our reviewers reported that most if not all kids loved the app, at different ages they loved different things. Younger kids (aged 1 - 2) loved the first mode, where you touch an animal to hear the sound it utters. Older kids (aged 2 - 3) loved the second mode, where the app asks you where an animal is and the kid has to find and touch in on the screen and the oldest kids (3 +) loved the puzzles.

The overwhelming majority of parents reported the kids were over joyed with this app, which was cute and cuddly and did not have rapid scene changes like many kids' TV programs have, which have already been said to have an adverse effect on kids. This app, in sharp contrast, has a very relaxed, slow and calm nature to it, which is something parents loved to have their kids interact with. 

Our reviewers found varied uses for the app, every one according to his own parenting method. Some just gave the app to kids to learn and improve their skills, a half our or so every day. Others used it on trips or on doctor visits, i.e. when the kids must be occupied for some time and stay put. Still others used it as bonus and prize for good behavior. Other parents used it to help brothers and sisters interact, the older helping and educating the younger.

Our conclusion is that Funny Animals is a great android app, and comes to help us with our most difficult and important task ever, raising our kids.

  • Score: 5.0. A very helpful app to occupy our kids and help them develop basic skills.
  • Description: An app that helps kids develop basic skills by using three game modes with cute and cuddly animals.
  • Good Points: Very cute and cuddly design and animation. Three game modes for kids of different ages.
  • Bad Points: Just having to make sure the right kid plays the right mode, or it will get frustrating for him or her.
  • Experience: Our reviewers reported that kids learn to use and operate the app very quickly and soon became so good at it no parental help was necessary.
  • Longevity: Excellent. Kids could play with it for hours, though we do recommend limiting their daily smartphone interaction and providing additional activity outside the smartphone ...
  • Google Play Link - Funny Animals - Android App Review
  • Google Play Score: 4.0

3d Anaglyph Experience + Xtras - Android App Review

3d Anaglyph Experience + Xtras - Android App Review

3d Anaglyph Experience + Xtras - Android App Review. As of now, 3D displays are not readily available and the few smartphones that boast 3D displays do so with a lot of limitations, starting from expensive glasses to very fragile screens and incompatible apps. 

Enter 3d Anaglyph Experience, the app to allow you to get all your 3D experience you want right there on your current smartphone, right now and even on 2D images you have already taken.

Too good to be true? Viewing even 2D images as true 3D? Let's see what our reviewers had to say about this. 

Okay, so our reviewers tested the main app, the 3D viewing app. Truth be told, this app does need special glasses but they come real cheap at and 3d Anaglyph Experience even has a tutorial for making these glasses at home. So, the glasses weren't really an issue.

Now, for the 3D viewing experience itself. For our moderate surprise, the app does a very decent, even a very good job of presenting 3D images. Our reviewers were mostly very enthusiastic about the images. Most reported that scenery, nature and structures are presented extremely well on the 3d Anaglyph Experience app but people are seen slightly less in 3D, i.e. the 3D effect is less recognizable on portraits (though a minority of reviewers reported the human portraits and images were every bit as good as the structure and nature). 

Now, for the extras, the 3D images making app which comes as an addition for the 3d Anaglyph Experience app. They work very well together, with it converting every kind and type of image to 3D. This gives the whole thing a much better usability because now you have the ability to convert every one of your images to a 3D anaglyph and see it in 3D.

Experience showed that to make good 3D anaglyphs you have to think a little bit differently, pay more attention to contour lines and put in more depth in your photos, i.e. take pictures where you pay attention to the surface close at hand, the middle distance surface and the far surface.  

Our reviewers found varied uses for the app. First and foremost, teach kids about 3D and perspective, which is something that is never to early to learn. Then, a lot of uses in house decorating suggest themselves. Finally, having that ten or twenty percent of the images made during a trip and converting them into 3D create a very special and memorable way to remember that special trip or excursion.

Our conclusion is that 3d Anaglyph Experience app is very usable, very simple and even our most tech challenged reviewers had no trouble using it. It creates great results and the slide show functionality adds even more to this very interesting app.

  • Score: 4.7. A very original and usable app that brings 3D experience right to your smartphone!
  • Description: An app that allows you to convert and view every image from your gallery or your camera on your smartphone in 3D.
  • Good Points: Very professional and slick design. Simple and easy to use. Great results!
  • Bad Points: None, really. Perhaps will add full 3D in a future update ...
  • Experience: Working with the app was very easy, and reviewers learnt to make the images that are viewable best on 3D.
  • Longevity: Very good. People learn to use it in trip images, home and nature picts to bring out the best in 3D display.
  • Google Play Link - 3d Anaglyph Experience + Xtras - Android App Review
  • Google Play Score: 3.8

3D Image Converter - Featured Android App

3D Image Converter - Featured Android App



Sometimes the most complicated things can seem simple and just entertaining. One of the great benefits of android smartphones are their cameras, with ever increasing resolution and overall image quality. But, for now, all those cameras take only 2D flat images, no matter how gorgeous they may seem. And we always need the 3D perspective. To understand the contours of a building, a structure or just for fun. 

Enter 3D Image Converter. A simple android app but what it does is actually quite complex and sophisticated, though all the complexity is nicely hidden away. 3D Image Converter takes your 2D images and creates 3D glyphs of these images, in red or cyan colors.


This app is very simple and easy to use. The glyphs it creates are very clear and precise, even though the app has at its base only the 2D image, from the camera or the gallery of your android smartphone. This can be very useful, from explaining 3D concepts to kids, to help organizing or decorating homes to just simple fun and entertainment.

In conclusion, 3D Image Converter is one very interesting app, which is also completely free. For anyone wanting a feel of 3D and converting his or her pics to 3D, this is a must.

Link to Google Play

Lebron James NBA Champion Game - Featured Android App

Lebron James NBA Champion Game - Featured Android App

Lebron James NBA Champion game seems like another flappy birds clone at first, but the game creators have taken the basic flappy birds game mechanic and added several addicting new layers. Lebron James takes on the rest of the NBA in this exciting and addicting flappy birds 2.0 game. Other NBA superstars of today and some all-time legends such will randomly challenge you to a game of 1-on-1. 

Beat their score to unlock them and play as them. Almost all of the major NBA superstars of today are included: Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Tim Duncan and more. It was also cool to see the creators included some all-time legends from the past such as Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal. It’s significantly harder to beat these better players and we imagine it’d take quite a while to unlock all the characters in the game ... 

The game mechanic is pretty addicting and we found ourselves playing for hours without realizing it. The app makes could have introduced differing coin sound effects, and the world-wide high scores are really high – good luck getting in the top 10. Overall this is a pretty solid, addicting Lebron James NBA sports game

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Homework Help for Students - Featured Android App

Homework Help for Students - Featured Android App


Don't believe what they tell you about the Internet. The Internet is there to help us and the Android smartphone is there to put the Internet at our fingertips, all the time, all the way. So, what better than to use the smartphone to find people over there, across the Internet, to help you solve your problems? And now, students of every kind, age and type, do we have the app made especially for you! 

Homework Help For Students is really a unique type of app, and believe us, we have seen our share of apps. With this app, your homework problems are a thing of the past. All you have to do is take a picture of your task, send it with this app and Presto! You get a price offer for your homework in fifteen minutes and all you have to do is approve it. Then, a team of experts will get busy doing you homework and you will receive it in almost no time.

The really nice thing about this app is that you remain anonymous (there is no way to know who or what you are), a number of experts in the fields of science, essay writing, biology, English, grammar and more are all waiting for your task. You will get a guaranteed original essay or report or whatever you need and no one will ever know. If that's not cool, we don't know what is. Just as a side note, you will STILL have to learn whatever you learn to pass the exam. This app will only help you with your HOMEWORK.

In conclusion, Homework Help for Students is a priceless app for those needing a little help in their studies. Frankly, don't we all? Just remember, this app works with English countries for the time being.

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YouRoam Free Call Text Roaming - Featured Android App

YouRoam Free Call Text Roaming - Featured Android App


You'd expect science to be able to solve some of our problems so far, and one of the problems encountered by many people is making calls when roaming, i.e. when abroad. The problem with roaming is money, of course. Any and all carriers charge huge amounts of money to anyone making or receiving calls when abroad and the IP based solutions such as Tango or Skype are usually too complicated and cumbersome for anyone to use on his or her smartphone (just try to teach your grandmother to use one of those ...).

Enter YouRoam, a free calling app to get rid of roaming charges. YouRoam is a mobile application for international travelers that enables users to receive all their calls on their phone number anywhere in the world without paying roaming fees. With YouRoam, users can make and receive unlimited calls to any number in the US and never have to use App to App calling. All calls are routed through a 3G or WiFi data connection, saving users hundreds of dollars in roaming fees..

In essence, YouRoam does 4 things that no one else does:
    1. Calls are to a user's cell phone number and not a username so the other caller doesn't need the YouRoam app to call the YouRoam user.
    2. YouRoam uses Smart caller ID that shows who is calling even if the person isn't in the YouRoam user contact list.
    3. Missed calls are shown even if the phone is off line or turned off.
    4. Data tracking to see how much data was used in WiFi and 3G during the call. 

    In conclusion, YouRoam is one of those apps that really make our smartphone work for us and save us money, and this is what Android App development is all about.

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