Honey Heroes - A Special Puzzle Game

A great and imaginitaive game for young and adults alike. Solve the puzzles to let the bees get to the honey.

blabel messenger app

A beatifully designed messenger app with tons of features, starting from the common ones like media sharing to new ones such as pokes, media searching and location sharing.

Good.Co: Workplace Culture Fit

An app that gets to know the user through a quiz and then finds the workplaces, companies and people that he or she will most enjoy working with.

Four Year Trip

The COMPLETE college and university info tool, from basic data to enrollment forms, reviews, pics, fairs and everything that is needed to select a college AND everything that is needed for student life WHILE studying.

Baby Phonic Video Baby Monitor

An easy to operate and versatile app that will connect any two mobile devices through WiFi router to keep an eye and an ear on your baby.

Chocolate Raiders Candy Puzzle

A beautiful puzzle solving game invloving a lot of chocolate goodness, a small chocolate raiding monster and an evil chocolate king that refuses to share the chocolate goodness!

Round Clock Widget - Specially configurable Graphic Watch

A clock widget that can be configured with beautiful graphics to suit EVERYONE's tastes.

Vegas Wheel Slots - Jackpot

Play the most popular slot machines in Las Vegas right on your device! Vegas Wheel Slots brings you all your favorite slot machines in one place with an authentic and fun gameplay with an added spin the wheel bonus.

Why Smartwatch-Based Mobile Gaming Makes Sense

Five or so years ago, after years of domination by both games consoles and PCs, the way that people gamed underwent a massive change. Smartphones and tablets, with their processing, memory and graphical rendering capabilities, brought forth a new age in gaming, and soon the pastime was not merely the preserve of enthusiasts, geeks and teenagers. Mobile devices had suddenly brought gaming, kicking and screaming, firmly in to the mainstream. But a new device is peeking its head over the horizon of the mainstream; smartwatches. Will these new devices signal a new mobile gaming craze? The answer is yes, but not in the conventional sense.

Sony Smartwatch 2

According to industry pundits, games being produced for smartwatches won't be akin to conventional mobile games. Instead, new experiences, based around oft-touted but rarely realised notions such as augmented reality, could be the focus of innovation and development. Virtual treasure hunts, Pokemon-like adventures and the like could all become intriguing and popular ways to play over a mobile device. Geolocation software, built around the everyday world; it's something we've see talked about before but is a thing yet to take the public's imagination. The utter flop that was (or is?) the Google Glass was based around similar ideas, but the self-consciousness that accompanied the product proved a huge hurdle to surpass, but smartwatches may prove inconspicuous enough for the idea to work.

Lots of current games will indeed likely work with the new crop of smartwatches, however. If a title runs on android, and has display scaling built in to its design, you'll be able to at least try to play the game on the rather reduced screen size. Sites such as SlotoCash might even find this makes their games more accessible. Slot games only really need a few small buttons, plus the slot machine graphics themselves, and one could easily conceive this fitting in to a mini screen. The same goes for puzzle games that simply require small swipes from the player. Sudoku on a smartwatch sounds like the perfect panacea to a boring commute, that's for sure.

The likely syncing that will occur between watches and smartwatches will likely also become a big thing in the world of watch-based gaming. Players of RPGs, strategy games, sports titles and shooters via smartphones might, in the near future, be able to play around with their loadouts, characters and squads on scaled-down versions of their games whilst they're out and about.  

Will smartphones prove the next big thing in gaming? Only time will tell, and in the end it will be the public who dictates the success of the idea.

Wrath of Obama - Android App Featured

Wrath of Obama by Ankaar Productions - Android App Featured   

Innovation is the true key for success and apparently some game studios would go to any lengths and leave no stone un turned to make a truly innovative and refreshing game. Of course, as gamers and users of Android smartphones and mobile devices, this is what we love. 

The Wrath of Obama is truly an innovative game, actually making an alternate history version of the Earth where a Lenin demon creates hordes of communists undead and Obama and Putin unite to combat this new and unorthodox threat to humankind. 

The game itself has a really interesting and surprising plot, while the gameplay varies between several types of action game. The graphics are quite good, even great at times and the interface as a whole is very slick and easy to use.

To sum things up, this is a game for those looking for thrills, deep and surprising conspiracies and straight and furious action. Then again, you get to play not one but TWO of the most powerful men on earth ...

PatPat by Interfocus - Android App Featured

PatPat by Interfocus - Android App Featured   

The great thing about Android smartphones and mobile devices is the apps. There are already millions of apps on google play, all ready to be downloaded and run instantly on your mobile devices. These apps can be broadly divided into several types, from mobile office apps to mobile entertainment apps, gaming apps and last but not least, security apps.

But actually, the apps EVERYONE love the most are those that save us money. What can we do? We are all people with limited funds and everything that saves us money is welcomed. Of course, saving money is also fun, regardless of the amount saved but doubly so if the amount is substantial. 

Well, we decided to dedicate this article to one app that allows us to save substantial amounts of money in the are we need the most. Moms. As everyone who had a baby (or has had a baby born in the family or to a close friend) knows, babies (and moms!) are expensive. There is no end to the things you need to buy for them, starting from a carriage to diapers and bottles and the list goes on endlessly and VERY expensively.

This is where PatPat comes into play. This app helps moms do the shopping they need for the babies and themselves by presenting every day deals and sale events from quite a lot of manufacturers and online retailers. The user needs only to open the app to see which items are on sale and where, with savings reaching up to ninety percent, not including various giveaways.

The app also has a search function to help the user find sales on things he or she needs and notifications on especially interesting sales and events appear on the smartphones notifications bar. More useful features are the "pat" button which lets the user share the news of his or her purchase among the PatPat users (and receive credits for the share) and the ability to share on Facebook good purchases info, and receive credits as well.

PatPat is exactly what is needed to save money for purchases for the mom and baby. More than just an app that brings you news of sales, PatPat is a community of users, selecting together the good sales and products, all designed to help us find what we need and be able to purchase it as cheaply as possible.

Of course, this app is a must for any seller of baby and mom stuff, but's that for another article ...

Honey Heroes - Android App Review

Honey Heroes by Game Gurus - Android App Review

Today, the amount of games available for Android smartphones and mobile devices is truly staggering. There are literally millions of games from all types and genres, just waiting for you to download. So, the problem becomes not one of finding a good game but selecting from the multitude a game that is right for you and your needs.

Google play games for Android can be broadly divided into several types. Strategy games, simulators, arcade and action games. Of course, a very important type is puzzle and the various mind games. This review is of a puzzle game called Honey Heroes by Game Gurus. 

Honey Heroes is a puzzle game with several twists. First of all, it is very graphic intensive in contrast to most other puzzle games. In addition, the game is not a standard match 3 puzzle game but each level presents different puzzles and different requirements for finding a solution. A last difference is the fact that this game is VERY professional in its concept, design and implementation.

We've sent the game, like we always, do to our small horse of reviewers and sat back and waited for their input. One of the advantages of puzzle games that is represented well in Honey Heroes is that the game appeals to reviewers of all ages, professions and aptitudes. 

So, what did the reviewers say? 

First of all, most if not all the reviewers commented about the design and visual appeal of Honey Heroes. Like we wrote earlier, our reviewers were very impressed with the graphics and professionalism of the user interface and the visuals of the game, from the animation to the menus to the design of the characters themselves.

The game itself is both challenging and interesting. The various puzzle types are all different and require thought and concentration of the part of the players. The variety itself is very refreshing as playing through dozens of levels remains interesting and challenging, which is something not all puzzle games succeed in doing.

Our reviewers also liked the variety of characters and different heroes in the game, as the players play with bees, butterflies, dragonflies and more, all done beautifully with exquisite detail. Another thing our reviewers liked was the way the game is almost self explanatory. A new player can just start playing the game, without the need for long help documents and sessions. 

Our reviewers sent several tips. The most important of all is about the game and kids. The game is very suitable to kids, with cute characters, no violence and is actually beneficial as it makes them work the muscles in their head and like it at the same time!

Another thing our reviewers pointed out is about the puzzles and the powerups. Even though the powerups are important, it is best to save them for the harder levels where you'll really need them. Last but not least tip is to survey the puzzle carefully before starting to solve it, even though time is of the essence when solving the puzzles in the game. 

Android Review Center's conclusion is that Honey Heroes is one of the best puzzle game we and our reviewers saw. Beautifully designed, challenging and constantly intriguing and interesting, Honey Heroes is a puzzle game suitable to all ages.

  • Score: 4.8. A well designed and interesting puzzle game.
  • Description: A puzzle game with different puzzles, centered around honey and cute insets.
  • Good Points: Different and original puzzles. Great design, animation and menus. suitable to all ages. Can be played from different devices and even PC with the same account.
  • Bad Points: Couldn't really find one. Perhaps making it a little less cute would have appealed more to teen age boys.
  • Experience: The game is very easy to play, as it is almost self explanatory.
  • Longevity: As there are dozens of levels and puzzles and the game can be played from different devices, people will keep playing this game for long.
  • Link to Google Play

Galaxy Wars: Space Defense - Android App Featured

Galaxy Wars: Space Defense by Psycho Sandwich Studios - Android App Featured   

Android Review Center is a professional review site for articles and reviews about any and all apps and games for Android smartphones and mobile devices. Okay, how do you differentiate between the professional and amateur review sites? Well, it is quite simple, really. A professional site and article writers adhere to a strict set of rules when reviewing an app. 

In other words, it is not enough just saying we like an app or a game. We have to say WHY we like (or dislike it) and then use the same set of rules or guidelines when reviewing all apps.

Well, what about Galaxy Wars: Space Defense? It's got spectacular graphics but is it any good as a game?

Galaxy Wars: Space Defense is a space shooter, an action game where the player gets to pilot a ship (or space fighter, to be exact) and fight against hordes of enemies, all shooting back with missiles, beam weapons, mines and a lot more ... The game is has a 2D setting where the player looks from above on the unfolding action and pilots his or her fighter with finger swipes across the mobile device's screen.

This game has a lot of things going for it. Its graphics are amazing, crystal clear and vibrant, even in the midst of furious battles. The fighters the player use can be upgraded and the enemies along with the bosses are many and varied. 

Well, our rules for reviewing games and apps state that each app and game must be measured up against the goals its type of app or game aim for, and Galaxy Wars does great job. The game is simple to operate and the player gets right to business, to the combat. Control is simple and easy and even the various upgrades are simple and easy to operate.

Psych Sandwich Studios create an action game that is ideal for those who want quick and furious combat RIGHT NOW and those who want to test their minds by coming up with various strategies and not only their reflexes, though in this game both will be tested sorely.

A great action game, varied and colorful, Galaxy Wars takes a seat of honor among the space shooters on Google Play.

Ninja Dude - Anroid app Featured

Ninja Dude by head in the clouds - Anroid app Featured   

Here at Android Review Center we review apps and games for Android smartphones and mobile devices. In our five years in the business, we have come to develop a theory of our own of what makes a good game. There are more than a million apps and games on google play, but only a few can be really considered good. 
So, what makes a good game? First of all, let's consider the different game types because a good mutliplayer strategy game is very different to an arcade or action game. A good action game must be quick to setup and launch (because the player usually only has a few minutes to play and he or she won't want to waste precious time on setting up before the action!).

A good action game must be simple. It can have various elements but the concept and the things the player must do should be simple because players who play action games need to focus on the game itself and not hundreds of ways to configure your character. Last but certainly not least is the challenge. The game must be challenging to be interesting! 

So let's check out Ninja Dude, a new action game. The premise of the game is quite simple. The player plays a ninja, a character who has two punches and two kicks, one for each side of his body. Our ninja is attacked by various objects coming at him from various directions and the player must kick and punch them away before they hit the ninja.

First and foremost, the game is simple to launch and operate, ideal for those who want to have fun but only have three minutes to play ... The game is also quite simple to play (no upgrade options and different kicks and punches, just the bare basic). Last but not least (again), the game is quite hard to play.

At first the objects (donuts among other things ...) that hurtle towards the ninja come in slow and steady but the pace picks up rapidly as more and more objects fly together from different directions at once and the difficulty rises steeply quite fast.

Ninja Dude does everything right. Therefore, it is a really good action game.

Will it rain? Weather alerts by Smartcode Software - Android App Featured

Will it rain? Weather alerts Smartcode Software - Android App Featured   

In our modern day and age, one of the most unpredictable things that has the greatest impact on us is the weather. Let's face it, our choice of clothes, the protection we bring to our devices, whether or not to bring along an umbrella and a rain coat may all depend on the whether. And it's not just a comfort thing. Decisions such as whether to drive, what to plan to do with the kids or where to take our date all depend on the whether. 

But the most important thing we need to know about the whether is about rain. Everything else can be managed but rain is the factor that may decide for us what we do and what we plan. There are on google play quite a lot of apps that report the weather accurately and comprehensibly, so what do we need another weather app for?

Will it rain ? Weather alerts does something which is both simple yet very necessary. After installing and configuration (of location and things like that), the app stays dormant and only pops up a alert whenever it knows that in the configured location it is going to rain tomorrow.  

Such a simple functionality is nevertheless very important. We already said there are quite a lot of weather apps for Android smartphones on google play but the problem with most of them is the wealth of information they supply, from two week forecast to satellite weather maps to temperature in famous locales, to specify just a few.

The obvious result of this is that our user, who only wants to know how to dress and how to plan his day tomorrow, will usually be too lazy or busy to wrestle with the weather apps to get the info he or she needs.

That's why Will it rain? Weather alerts is so useful. It notifies the user without making the user search or work, whether it will rain tomorrow. And that is the most important and most useful piece of information the user needs to know.

Time With Words by Rooster Media - Android App Featured

Time With Words by Rooster Media - Android App Featured   

All work with no fun makes us dull and uninteresting ... This is more than just a saying. Games are meant to entertain but the best of games also serve another function. They improve our skills and our capabilities, whether they improve our coordination, our math skills or our linguistics skills. Or are important. 

But just developing our skills is not fun. We require something that will pleasure us, make us feel fun, at the time we're playing it otherwise it will just become homework and we KNOW that's no fun. So, in order to be fun a game must be challenging with a gradually increasing difficulty. We require it be entertaining and be simple to operate.

Time With Words seems to have everything pat down. It is a simple word guessing game where the user is presented with a hidden word and then has to guess what it is. Every few seconds another letter from the word is revealed and the total score for the word is decreased. After reaching enough points, the next level with even harder words is made available. 

Time With Words has several things going for it. First of all, it is very easy to operate and quick to run. There are no complex menus to operate and many options to select. The player just has to open the app and start playing, which makes it ideal for those with just a few spare moments here and there who want to relax.

The gradual increase in difficulty in the game makes it easy for everyone to pass the few first levels relatively fast while giving the players a warm up time to get their skills in shape before the more difficult words arrive. Even with the more difficult words, the game gives the player a few seconds before it reveals a letter, giving everyone a fair chance to guess the word.

To sum things up, Time With Words is a simple, quick to play yet quite challenging word finding game. With simple yet satisfying graphics and a large word database with several difficulty levels, Time With Words is the ideal game for those who have a few moments to play now and then, want to have fun and brush up on their linguistic skills. 

blabel by Vetrya - Android App Review

blabel by Vetrya - Android App Review

Since the old days of ICQ and the advent of the android smartphone (yeah, yeah. the other kind too) instant messenger and online chatting has become one of the most important and popular apps in use everywhere and by everyone. In fact, a lot of people now use chatting and messaging more than they use old fashioned talking. 

Why is that? Well, there are several reasons and most of them revolve around the way people think and behave in the 21st century. First of all, we don't have as much free time as we used to. Everyone is hurrying to class, to work, to gym, to Thursday's night poker game. Everyone is busy, and instant messaging is the perfect solution to sending short message without the hassle of a long conversion.

There are more reasons why messenger apps are so popular, one of them being groups. The ability to send and receive messages from a group really revolutionized the way people communicate, as now creating a group, communicating with it and sharing stuff has become the normal way to communicate.

Last but not least is the ability to share stuff aside from messages. Today, most messenger apps will allow us to share pics, videos, songs and almost everything else. In effect, this means we can now share not only messages and texts, but we can now actually share moments and pieces of our lives.

But, since there are so many messenger apps, the questions begs to be asked, which is the best one ? Which one should we use?

Well, a very good candidate to answer that question is blabel, by Vetrya studios. 

We made our small army of reviewers download the app and start using it, and then we just waited for their opinions and remarks.

First of all, and something that came from the vast majority of reviewers, was the design. Apparently the design has been made in Italy and it shows. Everything in the interface is soothing and pleasant, from the colors to the shape of the buttons to the different background the user can select. Everything gives a very pleasant feeling when using blabel, which is something quite unique among other messenger apps. 

In addition, our younger reviewers especially loves the song searching and private messaging features with self destruct messages though we didn't ask what exactly they did with them ... Our older (and more serious minded reviewers) loved the way locations can be shared among people and groups.

Our reviewers who fell between those two groups loved the way people can use the app with the same account on several devices and even on the web. This opened a whole new world to those who could use the app comfortably even while at work and even when they switched devices, from tablet to smartphone to laptop.

Tips our reviewers sent were mostly about use and functionality. Switching and upgrading devices with blabel is MUCH easier than with other messenger services, just remember to format your old device so people won't be able to hack your account. Pokes are also a great feature our reviewers loved, though when using them for the first time with someone, make sure they understand what exactly they are.

So sum things app, blabel is an exciting new messenger app with security, encryption, self destructing messages, locations and media searching features, in addition to poke functionality. In other words, it can do everything other messenger apps can do, and then some, and everything in blabel is also beautifully designed. 

  • Score: 4.7. A beautiful messenger app with tons of features.
  • Description: A messenger app with security, self destructing messages, location and media sharing, chatting and group management.
  • Good Points: Self destructing messages. Pokes. Media and location searching and sharing. Beautiful design. 
  • Bad Points: None really. As a new messenger app, not everyone has it installed yet. 
  • Experience: The app is very easy to use and no one had any trouble starting to work with it. The multifunction main button took some getting used to.
  • Longevity: People installed this app for good, as even migrating from smartphone to smartphone became SO easy with blabel.
  • Link to Google Play

blabel by Vetrya - Android App Featured

blabel by Vetrya - Android App Featured   

Android smartphones (and the other kinds too ...) have several main functions or features. They serve as mobile offices, mobile entertainment centers, mobile security centers and last but certainly not least, mobile communications centers. That last feature is important because let us not forget that smartphones have evolved from phones, and communications was the main if not only function phones served.

But we must not forget another important thing. We are in the 21st century now and talking on the phone is so ... 20th century. Now we text, and instant chat, and share movies and songs and files. Communications now is so much more than 'just' talking. We share feelings, moments, pictures. Actually, we now share pieces of slices of our lives.

This is what instant messenger apps are all about. But, Google Play has so many instant messenger apps, from Whatapp to Wechat to Tango to the current Facebook messenger app. Where is the innovation? Where is the instant messenger app that does more than the others?

Well, we would like to introduce babel, an Italian designed and American produced messenger app.

blabel has all the functionality a good messenger app should have. People can send text messages, chat, send media files from pics to videos. In addition, the app supports sending voice messages from device to device and all the obvious group functionality, from group creation, deletion and so on and so forth.

However, blabel has some very interesting additions that make us forsee good things for this relatively new messenger app. First of, the design and UI. It is quite clear where the Italians have pitched in their ideas and outlook as blabel is perhaps one of the better looking and better designed apps we have seen lately, with buttons, menus and background blending in to give a great user experience.

But the app really shines when we come to consider its special features. First and foremost, blabel allows us to hook several devices into the same account and that can make life SO great, as we can chat with friends and don't miss on conversation even if we are now surfing the Internet on our tablet while our smartphone is charging.

blabel also supports web interface (i.e. chatting right from our desktop!), self destruction messages and pokes, searching and sending songs and a lot more, with everything packaged into a beautiful, easy to use interface.

Did we already say we see great things in the future for this app?

Wolf Online by 1Games - Android App Featured

Wolf Online by 1Games - Android App Featured   

Did you ever hear the call of the wild? Did you ever want to throw away the shackles of civilization and connect to your own wild, untamed side? Did you ever want to nurture a pack of wild beasts, every bit as savage as you are (on the inside, of course ...) ?

With Wolf Online, you can do all this.

Wolf online is not only the ideal hunting game, but is really lets you rip and glorify in savage hunting, fighting and conquering. You get to select to play as one out of three types of wolf in a wild and savage setting. You have to survive and thrive in hostile conditions, hunt for food, fight other predators and defend yourself from enemy wolf tribes.

Of course, the interesting part of the game comes from the fact that you not only have to care for yourself but for your pack as well, calling them to help you fight large and dangerous play. Online playing is a major theme in the game, whether it is to fight other players or join forces to bring down huge prey.

Wolf Online has that special quality that calls to the player, letting him or her immerse himself or herself in a fantasy setting that is just as interesting as the real world, though with much more teeth and fantastic monsters!

Keep Inside - Android App Review

Keep Inside by Emre Rothzerg - Android App Review

Games come in many types and flavors but they can be broadly divided into two types, complex and simple ones. Complex games require a lot of preparation, time and energy while simple games just require that the user whips out his or her smartphone and start tapping away.

Every game type has its own advantages and benefits. Complex games really allow the user to submerge himself or herself into a vast world, whether it is a strategic or simulation game while the simple game allows the user to relax whenever he or she have a few moments to spare. Of course, both game types have their own merits and fans, and people can love both types of games.

Keep inside is a good example of a simple game. Just a reminder, simple does not mean easy ... The goal in Keep Inside is to keep a dot or a ball inside the large circle and the user has two simple controls to move a section of the circle to prevent the ball from leaving the circle. Sounds simple? It is. 

So, let's see what our reviewers had to say about Keep Inside.

Fist of all, our reviewers enjoyed playing with a game that was simple, that doesn't require weeks to learn to use all the different options, and powerups and upgrades. With Keep Inside, you launch the game and start playing. You learn to play it in five minutes.

Our reviewers also commented about the difficulty curve, saying it was just right. The game starts out easy and gradually becomes more difficult, allowing the player to gradually get accustomed and hone his or her reflexes before he or she really have to start working.

Another thing the vast majority of out users enjoyed very much was the graphics and UI. Keeping it simple, the studio that made Keep Inside made the game very easy to operate and made sure the graphics were both high quality and simple, creating a game that was ideal for a few moments of relaxation without having to encounter anything complex.

Our reviewers had several tips for players. First of all, plan ahead, think not only where the ball will be when it bounces off the 'bat' but where it's going and be there with the 'bat' before it arrives. Planning ahead is the only way to win.

Another thing our reviewers recommended was concentration. The game really is a game of concentration, so make sure you can concentrate on the game while playing. Of course, trying to keep your concentration while in a distraction rich environment is also a great exercise, just be aware that it will detract from your score. 

Last but not least was the tip to try to play it on a tablet or large screen mobile device, to see exactly how the game and the ball behaves there. 'Training' on a large screen device might completely change the way you play on a regular sized screen display.

  • Score: 4.6. A good solid game and a great example for a simple, high quality app.
  • Description: A game where the user must keep a ball inside a circle by using a 'bat' to keep it inside.
  • Good Points: Very simple game and design. Very addictive. Launches and plays really fast. 
  • Bad Points: We would have liked to have more shapes and scenarios in future game updates.
  • Experience: All reviewers enjoyed the game and none had any problem understanding how to play and how to win.
  • Longevity: People who loved the simple concept and who need a three minute break now and then kept this game installed for a long time.
  • Link to Google Play